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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Is Chakra Balance Essential For Everyone?

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By Donna OCallaghan

Whether it is our protective environment, our guiding mind or the chakras of our body, it is essential that all things be in balance for the best performance. We each have a physical body and a spiritual body that is our soul, spirit or consciousness.

Regardless of what we may do, it is essential that both of our existence perform most favorably by being in balance. The survival and balance in growth of our physical bodies call for such essential elements as water, air and food. Meanwhile, the seven chakras are responsible for the active functioning of our spiritual existence. It is essential that we maintain balance in our chakras.

After performing any type of chakra cleansing exercise, it is essential that you follow with a chakra balancing exercise. During the process of cleansing, you release the negative energy of your body and draw in positive energy, which generates from the movements of the planets as well as other heavenly bodies.

It is imperative that you balance all your chakras rather than just a few of them. Doing so enhances the best working condition of the chakras while increasing an overall good health for the body.

Each chakra influences a particular vital organ of the body; therefore, it is essential that they all be in balance. Little problems of any vital organ can make for very uncomfortable living for anyone.

One essential ingredient for cleansing and balancing the chakra is an ample amount of water. Drink lots of water daily while also bathing regularly and be sure to enjoy other water activities such as swimming. All of these will help align and balance the chakras.

Since each chakra corresponds to a specific color, various colors are essential to our lives and wellbeing. Therefore, it is essential to bring into your life the corresponding color to any chakra that suffers an imbalance. Color therapy is an effective means of treatment.

You can relax your inner body by the means of using different methods of meditation. Get an ample amount of sleep, since this aids the physical body with relaxation as well as recharging the body. You can maintain chakra balance by getting enough sleep. Meditation methods can help you get rest for your soul, while increasing focus and refreshing your soul. It offers your soul the relaxation that it needs on a regular basis.

Sleeping is in fact a means of meditation since it can provide the body with the relaxation it needs while also recharging the chakras with energy. It is vital that your body gets the sleep it requires.

All of these techniques are essential. Another essential ingredient is including a regular exercise routine into your daily life. This will help you to keep your chakras in balance on a more physical level. Exercising also helps to keep the body fit and is therefore essential for avoiding any damage to your tissues. There is no need for hour-long exercises in order to maintain the balance of your chakras. A simple workout regime of about 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient.

Chakras can also suffer imbalance because of the foods you consume, such as when someone is does not get enough nutrition as well as those who may eat too much, both of which can cause problems within the body. Never skip or avoid meals as this can become dangerous to your health, rather you should choose to eat smaller meals more often.

Obviously, chakra balance has makes an immense impact in the optimal performance of all our daily activities and therefore helps to ensure that your chakras are in balance.

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