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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Date Dating Tips for Men: Guarantee To Have a Second One

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By Janine Hanson

First date dating tips are certainly one of the most important things you should know. Because of the fact that if your first date is not successful the way you wanted to be, you might not get another chance for a second date with her. By making your very first date pleasurable and delightful, there is a chance that you can have a long term relationship with her. Instead of not returning your phone calls by her after the first date.

These are the things you should keep in mind to have a successful first date:

Step No.1: Place for a good first date

Similar with real estate business, a good place is very important for a good first date. This first step is very essential for your very first date but a lot of men do not pay attention to this. Forget the idea of having your very first date watching a movie in theaters! If you really want to have a good conversation and get to know each other well, sitting next to her for 2 hours in silence and just gazing at the movie screen won't help you at all.

Pick a location where you can actually chat and have a good conversation. You shouldn't plan going into a club where the music is too loud that you have to shout so that she can hear and understand you won't either help much, same with planning to watch a movie on your very first date. Going to restaurant or a caf is really great for your first date. This is the where you can have a good conversation.

Tip No.2: Choose a time which is not too stressful

On your very first date to the woman you are really interested with; a daytime date feels is not that stressful. Lunch or having some coffee is more comforting than on dinner time, and it really gives you other options. If it really goes well, you can extend your day. Now if it things are not going well, you can ask for a few more hours and your evening is still free.

Pointer #3: Have an alternative plan

What is the first date dating pointer you didn't think that you will need? Is having an alternative plan in case your first date doesn't go well. I just hope that you will never fall into this kind of problem. Just be prepared with a great back-up plan, you will score huge points with your date.

Tip No.4: Say what you really think

It is not spontaneous to ask some controversial subjects to a woman at your first date. You will just give her angst around you. And when you are setting up your first date, let her know what type of dress she will wear appropriately for your date. Let her know what you're going to be doing, where you're going and what you'll be wearing. Something she is comfortable wearing and not overly dressed.

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