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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chakra Healing A Non-Invasive and Natural Healing Process

Posted by patrick

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

What is Chakra According to the ancient Hindus?

A chakra is an axis point in the human body that receives, connects to and conveys life force energy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means a continuously spinning wheel or sphere of mans aural energy. Although traditional Hindu writings assert that there are more than 88,000 chakra points in the entire human body, the most important of these chakras are the seven energy axis from the base of the spinal column to the top of the head.

These seven major chakras are root/base chakra, sex/navel chakra, stomach/solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow/third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. These major chakra points in our body take in and transmit energies to and from the general surroundings including the people and elements around us. As such, they directly influence and affect an individuals corporeal, psychological, intellectual/emotional and spiritual/mystical activities.

The seven major energy points of our body are the root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown and they are located along the length of the spine. These energy points continuously receive and transmit life form energies resulting from their direct and indirect interaction with other elements and life forces of our environment and are believed to have a direct bearing on our physical, emotional and spiritual makeup.

Since the chakras are constantly in motion regardless if we are awake or not, their constant activity influences our bodys structure and appearance, glandular processes, physical disorders, even our thoughts and conduct. Therefore when one or more of our chakras malfunction due to any number of reasons, the result is an imbalance that becomes manifest in all aspects of our being.

Since each of the major chakras corresponds to a particular endocrine gland in our body, any variance in their normal function or behavior directly affects our health as well.

Maintaining Chakra Balance Using the above as our starting point, we can then safely conclude that most of our major illnesses and ailments are chakra related. Although there may not be enough physical manifestations of the illness or imbalance (yet) there may be emotions and concerns from way back our childhood that affect us today physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Since not all of our illnesses may be physical, they can also be on the emotional level brought on by repressed incidents that brought us undue pain or disappointment during our lifetime to eating the wrong types of foods and being obese for example. Lack of self confidence and self esteem can also be considered an illness in the broadest term. Certainly, there is only one way to combat these illnesses and that is to remove their physical or emotional triggers from our system.

Advantages of Chakra Healing What most people are not aware of is that we have the resources to control and manipulate our energy points to our advantage. By knowing how to influence and manipulate the functions of our major chakras we can then control how they function so that we can achieve the benefits of balance and harmony, not only within us but with our surroundings as well.

Some people prefer to attend yoga exercise classes as the breathing and physical exercises used in the practice of yoga are beneficial to maintain chakra balance in the body.

For example, the practice of Yoga and directed meditation are but two of the commonly used healing methods to align and enhance our energy points in order for us to achieve total relaxation and concentration regardless of where we are. This is very helpful in relieving stress and enhances the bodys natural healing processes.

Another important factor to consider is that although our chakras can not be seen nor touched, they work on their own to support our body. We have to keep them healthy too.

The human body has to be healthy and fed properly in order for us to have balanced chakras. There are foods that help maintain the balance of each of the seven primary chakras.

Root-type vegetables, protein-rich foods and spices nourish our root chakra. The sexual and creativity (sacral) chakra needs sweet fruits, nuts and cinnamon, vanilla, sesame and caraway seeds; the stomach/solar plexus chakra which is responsible for enhancing our self-confidence and self-love are can be nourished by eating breads, pastas, cereal, dairy products, yogurt and minty spices.

Our energy points that affect the heart and throat are sustained when we eat green, leafy vegetables, drink plenty of liquid, green tea and fruit juices.

On the other hand, our third eye chakra is get nourishment when we eat blueberries and grapes and drink wine or grape juice. It is equally important to nourish this chakra as it makes feelings and senses sharper.

The spiritual and emotional center (our crown chakra) of the human body however does not need nutrients but requires detoxification by means of fasting.

These everyday methods, which admittedly are vey simple since they are an extension of what we already perform daily are some of the basic ways we can heal our energy points so that we can reap the benefits of possessing a healthy functioning chakra for a more productive and healthier life.

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TheiPhoneDVD - Download The Top iPhone Applications and Extras

Posted by patrick

By Mark Cable

HOOT! How could you choose? The long awaited release of the Apple iPhone 3G, with it is open support for third party apps, showered us with hundreds over of new selections in iPhone software and iPhone applications. The iTunes App Store opened with over 500 licensed applications. They ran the gamut from simply fun stuff to business to travel to the weather to highly scientific applications and every thing else in 'tween. And that was just opening day! Latest iphone apps are being developed and released as we speak. So picking the top 4 iPhone software and apps is a tricky call. But we will give it a go, merely so you will be in the know about the newest!

Our Top Pick is an entire set of iPhone software and iPhone apps all on one DVD. It's the supreme entertainment package from How anyone ever got this much stuff into one DVD is a feat in itself, but it works! And you get to savor the results of their tough work. Check it out:

You get the greatest software on the market nowadays to convert your DVD movies to your iPhone. Converting your movies is prompt and easy with their 1 touch graphical interface. It just could not get any simpler than this. You can convert your whole library of DVD movies to iPhone movies in record time. Need a break? Watch your favourite movies right on your iPhone.

Other software on The iPhone DVD clears your dilemma regarding how to unlock your iPhone safely, legally, and without having to utilize AT&T for your carrier if you don't want to. Utilising this iPhone software, you could connect to whatever mobile carrier service you want.

The iPhone DVD also carries the largest collection on the planet of iPhone wall papers, ring tones, graphics, animations, sound effects, and video clips. With this package, your days of being drained even for 1 minute are in the past.

Put a few pizazz into your life with The iPhone DVD!

Our next 3 Top Picks are several of the latest iPhone applications from the iTunes App Shop.

One of the hottest rages on the Net is Twitter. Individuals all over the world are following each other on Twitter, and getting a big kick out of it. Therefore, Twitterific is our favorite pick from the iTunes Application Store. With this iPhone application you can continue your twittering right from your iPhone!

Another fun iPhone application from the iTunes App Store is PhoneSaber. This cool app turns your iPhone into a light saber. You even get sound effects! Relish the enjoyment and excitement of Star Wars wherever you would roam with PhoneSaber.

Our last pick combines the memories of past times with todays high tech lifestyle. Its the Rotary Dialer iPhone application from the iTunes Application Store. This app turns your iPhone into a rotary dialer. Dial your calls the old-fashioned way, and brought back the good times, with the Rotary Dialer.

So that is your Top four iPhone software and apps. Be sure to check out the to see how the ultimate entertainment package could bring you full customisation of your iPhone and nonstop entertainment all in one.

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Look Good in Contact Lenses

Posted by patrick

By Dewey Finn

People with vision problems can be found throughout the world. There are many reasons for vision deterioration ranging from heredity, old age, disease of the retina, cornea etc. To set right vision impediments spectacles were and are used even today. But with the advent of contact lenses and new improvements in contact lens manufacture and technology, people have started to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are now the most preferred method to correct vision problems.

Perfect vision and Imperfect vision. Perfect vision otherwise known as 6/6 vision, means the rays of light fall on a particular spot on the retina. This enables the person to have a clear view of things. Imperfect vision or defective vision means the person is able to view things in a hazy sort of way. This is due to the light rays scattering and not falling on the particular spot in the retina.

Imperfect vision generally falls under two categories short sightedness and long sightedness. Other forms of imperfect vision are presbyopia and astigmatism. All these problems can be set right by using spectacles, which rectify the vision, or by using contact lenses. Contact lenses technology has grown in leaps and bounds and is the most preferred method as it not only addresses vision problems but also makes you look good.

Feel good factor many people who start experiencing vision problems do not like to wear spectacles. Psychiatrists and experts who have studied this phenomenon feel that more than 50% of the people do not like wearing spectacles as they feel it is a source of embarrassment. A common grouse is that they would be the butt of jokes and would not be able to gain respect among peers. However, with the advent of contact lenses, people are able to overcome this so called embarrassment and at the same time are able to view things clearly. Buying contact lenses , according to psychiatrists is a huge motivating factor for people who wear spectacles and feel depressed all the time.

Varieties of contact lenses:

With extensive studies conducted by doctors and physicians over the years, the contact lenses came into being more than a century ago. Contact lenses were originally made of glass and inserted into the eye on the corneal surface. Due to the hardness of glass, it was difficult for the person to keep wearing it for long durations. Hence scientist invented a softer better form of contact lens, the hard plastic lens. Nowadays, contact lens manufacture has come a long way and you can find soft contact lens at every dealer. These are soft on the eye, as they are made of plastic and contain water; they also permit oxygen in the eye.

Contact lenses are of the following types:

Polymethylmethacrylate lenses or PMMA lenses: These are made of PMMA plastic and are cheaper than other lenses. The only drawback being, oxygen is not allowed to reach the cornea. Many contact lens users however still prefer these types of contacts.

Gas Permeable lenses: These are made of silicone or other types of plastic, which allow oxygen to reach the cornea. These lenses provide better comfort to the eyes than PMMA lenses.

Soft Contact lenses: These are made of plastic and contain water. Soft contact lenses have a big following now and is the most preferred type of contact lens throughout the world. Since the lens is water based it allows oxygen to pass to the cornea and is very easy on the eye.

Disposable Contact lenses: This is the new craze among contact lens wearers. Disposable contact lenses are good as they decrease the possibilities of a contact lens wearer getting infected with allergies of the eye. Protein deposits on the lens is comparatively lesser than in other lenses. These lenses are to be used and discarded weekly or monthly as the case maybe.

Toric lenses: Patients who are diagnosed with astigmatism are normally prescribed toric contact lenses.

Many companies manufacture contact lenses. There are many major brands and some of the famous brands are: Acuvue, Biomedics, Focus, Optima, Proclear, Soflens, Sureview and Versaflex. Each company is vying for a huge piece of the contact lens market and is trying to go one up on the other. Hence, new technologies are being used to come up with lenses that are softer, lenses that are able to breath etc. Many websites provide free shipping of contact lenses.

Healthy contact lens wearing practices:
Make sure your hands are clean before touching your contact lenses. Wash your hands with soap and then touch the contact lenses, as it will prevent any infection occurring to your eye.

Make sure that you clean the contact lenses with the solution provided along with it to ward off infection and to cleanse it of protein enzyme deposits. It is advised to sterilize the lens case by boiling it in hot water once a week or once every two weeks. Solutions once used should not be used again as the chances of infections rise. Water should not be used as a storage medium for lenses. If a lens gets torn or damaged, replace it immediately. Do not apply any eye drop on the lens unless specified by a doctor. If any irritation occurs or if your eye gets swollen contact your eye doctor immediately. Proper lens care is essential for a healthy eye bereft of infection and for that instructions of the eye doctor should be followed as specified.

Contact lenses may not suit persons who are prone to eye infections. People who are allergic or who work in dusty environments should avoid using contact lenses. Some people do not generate tears as others do, and this is generally due to tear glands not functioning properly. Their eyes do not get moistened enough and if they wear contact lenses it could lead to problems.

You should consult your eye doctor before wearing contact lenses. Your doctor is the best judge and he will recommend or dissuade you from using contact lenses.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Understanding the Universal Law Of Attraction

Posted by patrick

By Vlad Stivenson

What the Universal Law of Attraction says is that the things that come into our life are a result of our thoughts being focused on them so we can attract good or bad things.

Usually we do not plan to attract things into our life. Our daily thoughts are focused on the issues we are dealing with and we are trying to work through the problems we have. When we focus on our problems and that is where are thoughts are always at we are likely to attract more of the same into our lives.

It's like your mind is a magnet and you can't help but attract things, good and bad things. Magnets also do not try to draw metals to them, it just happens. We are always attracting things into our lives even if we are totally unaware that it is happening. This is even true when we are sleeping. The things we attract are those that we are focused on. If you focus on the things you do not have than you will have more experiences of NOT having those things. If you focus on the things you love instead than those things will be attracted into your life.

Your mind is a very powerful thing and when you use it to focus on the things you want in your life you have the power to draw these good things into your life.

For example, if you want to change something in your life, if you want to become more attractive, confident or creative, if you want to attract love or wealth into your life- download and use Subliminal Flash software. It imprints positive affirmations in your subconscious mind. Subliminal Flash users are like walking magnets, they attract prosperity and success.

Have you heard the old Proverb from the bible that says "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"? The unique thing about this proverb is how the refer to thinking with the heart when we are used to thinking with our minds. If you think with your heart you send out signals to the Universe and the Universe will respond to your thoughts and desires.

The heart is where your power really is because that is the part of your body that can communicate with the Universe. The heart is magnetic and draws to it what it wants and focuses on.

It is like we are a radio and we are changing the station frequently. When we leave the radio, or our heart, on a specific station, that is the signals that go out into the Universe.

To get less of the things you do not want in your life, you need to be on the correct frequency so your signals to the Universe are about things you DO want.

The Art of Deliberate Attraction can be broken down into three items:

1. Understanding and really knowing what it is you want in your life. 2. Tuning your heart and mind together so they send out the right signals to the Universe. 3. Being open to receiving the things you ask for.

Many of us miss the chance to use the contrasts in our lives to fine tune our thoughts and desires and focus more on the things we truly desire. You should pay attention the the contrasts in your life and use what you learn to refine your focus. It is not easy because we are used to talking about and thinking about the things we are unhappy with in our life not focusing on the good.

Being open to receiving the things you ask for is sometimes the hardest part of all. We often miss opportunities to get the things we want because we do not believe in ourselves or in the power of the Universe. We hang on to negative thoughts and emotions.

The thing we all need to do is to open our hearts and minds and believe in the power of the Universal Law of Attraction.

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Chakra Color Therapy For a Better Life

Posted by patrick

By Jonathan Benjem

The attainment of inner peace does not require any external force. There is a huge energy reservoir within our bodies that is sufficient to fulfill all our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. All thats required is to channelize and balance the movement of seven primary energy centers, or chakras, in the body.

These seven Chakras each have a distinct color associated with them, which governs its movement " balanced or imbalanced. If there is an imbalance, you can correct it by employing Chakra Color Therapy to the relevant imbalanced Chakra.

A brief description of the primary chakras and their associated colors is enunciated below:

1. The Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with our basic survival needs, vitality, and courage. The associated color is Red, which is known for its qualities of vitality, and provides energy on all levels.

2. The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) is situated in the lower abdomen. This second chakra is associated with second basic needs, i.e., our sexual drive and emotions. The color associated with this chakra is Orange. The attributes of Orange color for the body includes conviction in ones actions and the art of thinking independently.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) is situated in the stomach region. This third chakra is associated with lending power, will and identity to the individual. The color associated with this chakra is Yellow. The attributes of Yellow color for the body include thought clarity and self-worthiness.

4. The Heart Chakra (or Anahata), situated at the center of the chest, is associated with love, relationships, and compassion. Green is the color associated with this chakra, which empowers the body with the sense of forgiveness and intimacy.

5. The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha, is located in the throat area. This chakra is associated with expression and communication. The associated color is Blue, which is known for its qualities of clarity in communicating the feelings with others, self-identification, and creativity.

6. The Brow Chakra, or Ajna, is located between the eyebrows at the third eye position. This chakra is associated with intuitive power of the body. The associated color is Indigo, which is known for its qualities of understanding, self-responsibility and visualization.

7. The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) is situated on top of the head. This seventh chakra is associated with knowledge and wisdom. The color associated with this Chakra is Violet. The attributes of Violet color for the body includes spiritual awareness and self-knowledge.

Chakra Color Therapy refers to simple practices of using and incorporating the relevant colors in our routine lives in order to correct the imbalanced Chakra. For this, the first obvious step is to identify the Chakra whose movements are disturbed and thereby, inviting an adverse reactions from the body.

The next step is Color Breathing. This is simple exercise of relaxation with all the seven (colored) cloth swatches besides you. After identifying the disturbed chakra by going through the events of the day, take the colored cloth swatch, and lay them on the body part associated with the affected chakra. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and visualize the color being absorbed by the chakra. The constant practice of this process for 5-10 minutes should be enough for the balancing of the affected Chakra. If more than one Chakra is out of balance, repeat the process for the imbalanced Chakras.

This simple exercise daily for 5-10 minutes will help in maintaining the chakra balance in your body. So, if you are having any bodily, mental or spiritual problem, you know Chakra Color Therapy is the easiest way out of your misery.

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Psychic Zodiac Signs - Understanding The Whole Picture

Posted by patrick

By Gina Belling

Lots of people are curious to know what their sun signs mean. They may want to have a little synopsis of each of the zodiac signs for their reference. What does me as a Scorpio sun sign mean? What about having a moon astrology sign of Aries? And will someone be extra psychic if they are a rising sign of Pisces? Let's look below for a bit more detail about zodiac signs meanings, and focus on a particular one as well.

The simple truth is that one planet's sign is not going to describe you. What it does is describe a specific part of you. That part which the planet symbolizes has the energy of the sign that planet is in. So for example, let's look at if you are a Pisces Moon sign - that means you have a Moon in Pisces on your birthchart.

Pisces is a water sign. The water zodiac signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. But in fact each of the water signs has a different flavor. This is because Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Pisces is a mutable water sign.

So as a mutable or changeable water sign, Pisces energy is very susceptible to the ebbs and flows of change. If your Moon is in Pisces, then yes, you may be extra sensitive to emotions and feelings of others. Whether said or unsaid. This could be deemed as being psychic or more intuitive. You may have trouble keeping your emotions in check. Pisces energy often goes way out of bounds, because water knows no bounds and will always seek out ways to spread out and find new levels.

So yes, a Pisces sign could be one that is deemed a "psychic" sign. More so than a Capricorn sign in a broad sense, because a Capricorn energy is all about defining limits and establishing boundaries. But it's much more that this as you can imagine. A full overview of all planets like the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus is needed. They all contribute to why you are doing what you're doing, your fate, and your tendencies. And of course they are each in their own zodiac sign.

This Moon in the Pisces astrology sign is not a pure direct form in most charts however. Perhaps it's got a hard aspect from a Mars in the zodiac sign of Capricorn that will help give some discipline and limit to the outpouring of emotion that otherwise would flow overboard. The house location plays a big part too. If the Moon is in the 1st house near your rising sign, it will affect you quite differently than if it's near the Midheaven or floating in the middle of your fifth house. All parts of the chart interact to form a cohesive whole.

Astrology is not an excuse to give away your authority in being responsible for your actions and decisions. This is key to keep in mind at all times. "Since my Mercury is in Sagittarius, that totally explains why I can't talk with this person ever..." Or example B or C. Astrology should be used and gained from in an exactly different way!

Yes it's true, your Aquarius Sun or your Ascendant in Leo does alter the way you act relating to self-expression or the attitude and look you give out to the world. But knowing the tendencies of the planet can allow you to slow down and think to yourself, "Hey, this is the way I usually act, and it's not been going so hot. Because of my chart knowledge, I know that I tend to behave a bit like this, but I can change this with a better attitude and plan". This is a benefit to learning about zodiac signs - to make a better you.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Becoming A People Person

Posted by patrick

By Laura Brighton

We all know a person who is just a natural at being friendly. They go by many names, but are more commonly known as a people-person. The reason that these people-persons can achieve so much success is because of the people that help them get there.

Because he has helped so many people, he has a line of people willing and ready to help him in return. And there are quite a few people on that list. This gives him the power to be nearly unstopable. He got this power by being a social butterfly.

What these people persons went through to reach this level is what you call self empowerment. If I were to define self empowerment, it would be to push yourself to such a great improvement that you would become more happy and successful. If you can obtain this, then happy and success are sure to follow. Now, how to get to that point?

Start off by being genuine. Hypocrisy will just bring you all the way down. Be genuinely nice and interested to people. Once they perceive that you are Mr. Hypocrite with selfish intentions, you might as well say goodbye to self-empowerment.

Laughing out loud is also a good thing to do. Do not do one of those fake luaghs at something that isnt funny, that is not what I meant. What I meant was to lossen up a bit and find funny things in the game called life. People that can do this little step can acheive so much, as Im sure you have noticed.

Dont overlook being kind to people. You dont have to go into debt for charity, but you know what I mean. Just doing little things for people in need from time to time can go a long way. As kids, I think we saw a lot more kindness as little kids tend to get treated a little better. Why not bring them back?

Track down some old buddies of yours. In todays world, finding old friends has become a lot easier. You can also go through one of your old yearbooks and maybe find some familiar faces. These people are a good place to start in building up your friendships because they were already your friends at one point.

You cant go through self empowerment without working on your personality. Would people describe you as a negative or grouchy person? I dont think that is a good way to be branded in life. Now is the time to remove those characteristics and move on. That could be why you dont have too many friends right now. And some more important things to think about would be working on confidence and self control.

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Discount Luxury: Montgomery Alabama Hotels

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

The County of Montgomery is rich in history and tradition. Founded in December 1816, it is the fourth largest county in the state of Alabama. Life in some parts of Alabama is relatively laid back making it ideal for vacations.

Historical museums and memorabilia of the past, plus modern amenities such as parks, zoos, airports and malls blend in beautifully in the region's landscape. Hence, one will surely appreciate both the old and the modern qualities of the place.

Montgomery County has a line up of hotels catering to all kinds of clients visiting either for personal or business reasons. They have rooms big enough for the family, conference halls with amenities for business meetings and conferences, different sports facilities, amenities for the physically-challenged persons, pet-friendly hotels and most of all, affordable-to-the-pocket hotels.

Here is a list of some cheap hotels in Montgomery County:

Americas Best Value Inn This hotel is located in the West South Boulevard, very near the Gunther and Maxwell Air Bases as well as the Montgomery Airport. It is a pet-friendly hotel with room varying rates, depending on the added amenities.

Days Inn Montgomery Midtown Being located in Zelda Road, this hotel has amenities for the physically-challenged persons. The prices of its rooms depend on the number of occupants and featured amenities.

La Quinta Inn Montgomery With its location along Eastern Boulevard, this inn offers standard, affordable accommodations. Its local attractions include the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Civil Rights Memorial.

Pets are allowed but with restrictions. If bringing pets along, please contact the hotel before your arrival.

Quality Inn Montgomery Quality Inn Montgomery can be found in Carmichael Road. It is accessible to the Hank Williams Senior Museum and the Dannelly Field Airport. They offer a flat rate for all rooms.

Quality Inn and Suites Situated by the East South Boulevard, Quality Inn & Suites Governors House Convention Center is conveniently located near the Montgomery Regional Airport, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery Mall, Alabama Old Towne, as well as the Alabama State Capital, Joe Reed Acadome, Montgomery Speedway and Victoryland Greyhound Racing. Pets are welcome in this hotel.

Econo Lodge & Suites The Econo Lodge & Suites can be found along Monticello Drive. It is just a 15-minute ride from the Montgomery Zoo and the Alabama State University. It is also near Auburn University Montgomery and Hotel. They also welcome pets.

Comfort Inn Montgomery

Located at Northchase Boulevard, this hotel is near the Dannelly Field Airport. Visitors can easily go to local attractions such as Betsy Ann Riverboat, Jasmine Hill Gardens, as well as the EastDale Mall, Montgomery Zoo and Capitol Complex. It has special facilities, particularly for the hearing-impaired persons.

All of the above-mentioned have standard hotel amenities such as fully air-conditioned rooms, coffeemakers, television with cable services, dataport, telephones and laundry services.

Likewise, it offers services of free internet access, free parking, 24-hour front desk, safe deposit boxes, non-smoking rooms, and rooms equipped for the physically challenged.

Some of the hotels have gym/sports equipment, a spa and restaurant among others. Although some of the rates seem pricey, most of them can still be classified as affordable even to the budget-conscious tourists and travelers.

Thus, being cheap does not necessarily mean scrimping on the amenities and conveniences of hotel living.

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How to Make Up With Your Ex, It Is Possible

Posted by patrick

By Ricardo d Argence

Have you just break up with your girlfriend and falling for the usual mistakes? Following her around trying to find out what she is doing, getting drunk and calling her late at night or calling her endlessly day and night with no results? Let me show a step by step to get start your making up success.

Call your ex and let her know you agree with the break up and wish her well. Now before you go crazy, hear me out! What you're doing here is using reverse psychology to give the ex the impression that you're over her and have moved on.

Yes, this is not the true because you want to get your ex girlfriend back, but you know that women and men want what they can't have. So, this will make your ex girlfriend feel attracted to you again.

If you give her the impression that she can't have you back, you will notice how her reactions change and she will start wanting you more. This is because everybody wants what they can't have. Remain cool at all times and she will be more attracted to you.

After you have called to tell her that you agree about breaking up, wait some time to call her again. The more you wait, the more her interest will rise, so don't rush things.

When she senses that you've moved on and aren't interested, 95% of the time she will want to get back to you. You must display confidence and independence from her when you initially speak to her. The better you do this, the better the effect and the longer you do not call her after, the more she will want you back. She'll call, you'll see (if you do it right).

If your ex girlfriend calls, keep the impression that you are not interested. Don't jump at the first meeting she offers. If you do, she will notice that nothing has changed and lose interest again. Keep things calm and agree to a meeting once you notice she is eager to see you.

In these three steps you've prepared the path to win her heart back. Remember, this is the beggining. There's still more to do.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stop Panic Attack Without Medication

Posted by patrick

By Dr. George Best

Many sufferers of anxiety, panic attacks, and panic disorder have tried to control their symptoms with medication, but unfortunately, this is not an ideal solution. For the majority of people, the commonly-prescribed medications don't fully control symptoms, and side effects ranging from mild to severe are often a problem, and may result in the person having to discontinue the medication.

Physicians who prescribe medication for panic attacks and anxiety disorders will often not take a patients concerns about side-effects seriously or they may deny that what the patient is experiencing is even a possible side-effect of the medication. This may be out of denial on the part of some physicians that what they prescribed could possibly be doing harm, or it may simply be that they feel the side-effects are a good trade-off if the drugs help with the patients panic attacks and anxiety. Either way, many doctors will avoid dealing with patient concerns about side-effects if they can.

The lack of communication about the potential problems of medications between doctors and patients can lead to frustration for many patients. Some sufferers of panic attacks and anxiety wind up giving up hope for a real solution and resolve themselves to tolerating the side effects as best they can in the hopes that the medication will keep their anxiety and panic symptoms to a tolerable level.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. There are several methods for effectively handling panic attacks and anxiety without medication. Techniques that can be utilized in either a self-help or professional counselling setting can often help individuals prepare for situations that might trigger panic attacks and train them to calm themselves down quickly and effectively. These methods include neurolinquistic programming (NLP), cognitive therapy, the Sedona Method, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

While each of these methods has its own unique strengths and one technique may work better for a given individual than another, they all provide tools to help panic attack sufferers to take control of their minds. Through these methods, the vast majority of people are able to make panic attacks and anxiety a thing of the past and resume activities that they might have otherwise avoided because of fear.

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Top 5 Ultra Modern Hotels in Europe

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Looking for chic ultra modern hotels in Europe? There is a great range offering fantastic funky furnishings, art, music and food to delight the senses on all levels.

While in London the place to stay is the Sanderson, London. Located in the West End this hotel has been absolutely transformed by Phillippe Starck. From the funky seats to the stained glass wall in the billiard room, the Sanderson truly offers modern luxury within a stone's throw of the best that London has to offer. Even the music hits the right notes with tracks by the Arctic Monkeys, Super 700 and Mark Ronson. From your special private fitness area to the elegant Egyptian cotton sheets, the Sanderson creates a combination of extravagance and pure simplicity. Suka Restaurant, nestled at the end of the Long Bar, combines both British and Malaysian foods and was created by the celebrated chef Zac PelaccioIt. After a sumptuous meal, retire to the Courtyard Garden and relax amid the flowering plants, mosaics and fountains. The Sanderson is a truly surprising and sensual experience, nestled within the heart of London.

A protg of Starck, Christophe Pillet created a contemporary hotel with absolute harmony of space at Hotel Sezz in Avenue Fremiet, Paris. With its acid colours, masculine furniture, leather and chrome beds and oversized bath tubs built for two, he has melded modern funk with comfort and luxury. When you first enter The Sezz, you are met by a personal assistant to make your stay enjoyable, instead of a clerk behind a desk. The Hotel offers personalised visits to the Veuve Clicquot cellars, accompanied shopping and gallery visits. Spend some time in the Jacuzzi and steam room before heading over to the bar with its incredible grey and fuchsia intimate seating. A short walk to the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero Gardens, The Sezz offers authenticity with its natural fibres and rich woods.

Over in Rome, the Aleph is home away from home. With its rich colours Adam D. Tihany has performed magic in this old bank building. A few steps away from the Via Veneto, the Aleph offers minimalist design and an eclectic Italian design. With Tihany's larger than life photographs of a day in the life of Rome, the senses are delighted. The gourmet food in the Maremoto Restaurant is basic Mediterranean style, superbly cooked and presented. Savour the fiery red accents along with your food. The old bank vault is now a pleasurable paradise of massage and body treatments, thermal pool, sauna and Turkish baths.

Arne Jacobsen let himself go in his work at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, nestled in the middle of Copenhagen. A landmark building of the jet age, this Hotel stimulates the senses. Its recent renovations have kept the contemporary Danish design.

With its funky swan and egg chairs to the individual check-in platforms, the lobby sets the scene for a truly remarkable experience. The sweeping glass and chrome staircase sits amid the twinkling lights. Your room oozes comfort and appeal and you may book a room overlooking the famous and fabulous Tivoli Gardens. The innovative Scandinavian design is apparent everywhere you look, from the classic beds to the bathrooms. The suites are spacious, with contemporary Danish furnishings.

Athens has produced some exciting hotels since the Olympics. The Baby Grand stands out if fun and funky is what you are after. This five star hotel offers everything you expect and then some. Stay in one of the quirky deluxe graffiti rooms where different artists have created different themes for each room. They range from cartoon characters and Chinese landscapes to jungle scenes and Japanese street art. When you enter the lobby you can't help but notice the book-in desks are two vintage Mini Coopers. The modern twist of the Meat Me Restaurant to the decadent Spa Carita and the in-tune Moet and Chandon Bar gives you everything you want at your fingertips. The Baby Grand is a short walk to the Plaka, the oldest section of Athens which sits in the shadow of The Acropolis. On the other side, this vibrant hotel, in Kotzia Square, is a stone's throw to the trendy Psirri area with its modern night clubs and bars.

Wherever you are in Europe, you can find the hippest hotels to make your stay enjoyable.

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Cancun Cheap Hotels

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Being a world famous tourist destination, Cancun has been able to provide the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the large number of guests that visit every year. This is especially true with regard to hotel rooms, as the most recent count shows that Cancun has about 26,000 hotel rooms for guests. However, the large number of hotel rooms in Cancun has made the search for the right hotel room a bit more challenging, as visitors may have to do a substantial amount of research on most of the hotels to find the right room for them. This is very true, especially for those looking for more practical options with regards to budget accommodations. There are accommodations to fit all budgets, but if you are looking for really cheap rooms, make sure you check them out carefully. Conditions in cheaper accommodations tend to change day to day.

Other ways to save on hotel accommodations are to book at least six months before your trip. There are discounts for booking early, as well as special travel discounts that you can find out about by checking with a travel agency. If you want to spend a lot of time on the beach, you'll find accommodations near less crowded beaches are less expensive than the more popular beaches.

As noted, most of the cheaper hotels are located downtown Cancun, away from the beaches. If you know some Spanish, you are in luck, because you can bargain for better deals in these downtown hotels. In order to get downtown, you have to be willing to spend $10 to $20 for taxis from the airport.

You might also consider renting a vacation home or a beach house. These are less expensive than staying at a beach resort. Also look for cancellations in some of the more expensive hotels. If there are empty rooms, the management will give a discount in order to fill the space.

A few of the cheap hotels in Cancun include the Caribe Internacional, City Express Cancun, Imperial Laguna Cancun, Imperial Las Perlas and the Maria de Lourdes. They are located downtown or in the Lagoon area, and a few are found near the beach. The average rate for these hotels is around $25 to $50 per night.

Cancun is a place that has hotels that cater to every requirement and every budget. However, due to the large number of hotels in Cancun, finding the right hotel can be a challenge, so do some research before you take your trip.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Get a UK Visitor's Visa for your Thai Loved-one.

Posted by patrick

By Owen Jones

Applying for and obtaining a UK visitor's visa for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is very stressful, especially the first time. It is also harder for some people to get in than others. Unfortunately, here as elsewhere, money counts and people from poorer countries have to provide evidence that they will not be a burden on the state. This applies to Thais It may appear that the embassy staff are against you at times. This is not true, they are doing their jobs: they are looking out for the interests of the British people and it would benefit you not to get personal with them.

Please remember that if you are successful in obtaining a UK visitor's visa in Bangkok, it is valid for multiple entries into the UK over a period of six months. However, the embassy is loathe to give a UK visitor's visa to a Thai the first time round as they know that not many Thais could afford to stay there that long without working. So you will be asked to state when you will arrive and when you will leave. You have to sign this note and it will be stapled into your passport. You must aide by this self-inflicted limitation, although your visa is sill nominally good for six months.

Your UK visitor's visa strenuously forbids you from claiming any money from the state, free help from the hospitals or doctors or working. It is not a work-permit! Many Thais are refused a UK visitor's visa because they dither when asked why they want to visit the UK. You must be clear about why you want to go there. If it's to visit a friend or lover, say so. It really is not a problem. But you must be prepared to prove your relationship. It must have lasted at least 6 months although this is not really 'official government policy'.

So, how do we provide proof of a 'continuous long-standing relationship'? well, it's not that hard if it is true. Keep photos, mementos, hotel bills, bus tickets, ATM receipts, phone cards, letters and such like. Don't exaggerate how long you have known each other besides the stamps in his passport there are other ways of becoming suspicious too. Do you know the names of any of his family? Do you know what he does for a living or where he lives? Is his father still alive? Get the picture? You must prove to a doubting Thomas that you are having a relationship (of over six months to be safe). They have seen many Thais try it on over the years.

After collecting the proof, it is time to get the Uk visitor's visa application form (VAF) from the embassy in Wireless Road, Bangkok or its website (Google it). Their website is very useful actually; especially for detailing what you should enclose and how much the fee is (about 75 these days). don't forget the sponsor's letter.

So the sponsor is very important here. It is really up to your sponsor whether you get your first UK visitor's visa at the first attempt. He has to guarantee that he will take care of you and provide you with somewhere to stay and the embassy staff will have to be convinced that he is up the job.

Your sponsor will have to prove that he has sufficient funds to support you. This can be a letter from his employer or a letter from his bank. If he has offered you accomodation, he must prove that he has somewhere for you to stay. A lease, letter from the mortgage provider or from the council will suffice. Marriage or divorce does not seem to be an issue for rejection, but some seemingly weird things are:

"the applicant for a UK visitor's visa has never been abroad before " this is a very simple matter to remedy, just go to Burma, Cambodia or Laos for a short trip.

"the Thai person applying for this UK visitor's visa does not have strong socio-economic ties to her country of origin" They don't believe that you have enough to return to Thailand for. A letter from your boss, doctor, solicitor or village elder, your house book; proof of children or living parents and proof of property are all very useful.

Take your time over the application - if you get it wrong, it'll cost you at least six weeks before you can reapply. Consider why you really want to go to Britain. They will ask you and you don't want it to come as a surprise. The answer may seem obvious to you now, but in the embassy you may not feel comfortable giving it. Above all, behave like a lawyer and provide irrefutable evidence for everything you say.

Make sure you know the answers to questions about your sponsor: about his family, town and work. You will be alone in the embassy, but don't let that make you nervous. Some questions will be in English, but if you get stuck it's not a problem, just speak Thai.

Tip: ask for a longer stay than you need because the visa runs from the day it's granted and you will have to book flights. You could be delayed coming back too. If you have to cancel you UK visitor's visa, don't arrive back on a Friday unless you want a few nights in Bangkok.

The best advice you'll ever get is: don't lie in the embassy. The staff are trained to spot liars and you will be refused a UK visitor's visa point blank.

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Discount Hotels in Rome

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Finding cheap hotels in Rome is not at all a time taking matter. Because through the internet you can search the Discount Hotels In Rome and that is why it's just a few clicks away from you. It will be a thoughtful deed if you book the hotel in advance before your scheduled trip to Rome.

The eternal city Rome has something to offer to everyone. The city's open-air museum with its mausoleums, monuments and piazzas are the center of attraction for the tourists since time immemorial. Moreover, the Pantheon is one of the world's most beautiful buildings despite the fact that it has lost some of the gilded bronze roof tiles. In fact, one of the seven wonders of the world the Colosseum is the pride of Italy.

If Rome city is your dreamland and you are worried about the huge expenditure and expenses then the greatest solution of your problem would be minimizing the expenditure by staying in one of the budget hotels in Rome. It is the best way to curtail the extra expenses during your tour to Rome.

Cheap Hotels In Rome includes 2, 3, 4 star hotels. There are some of the hotels which can be named: 2 star hotels such as Hotel Luciani, Hotel Rubino, Hotel Vibel, Hotel Soggiorno, Hotel Adas, etc. 3 star hotels like Hotel Arcadia, the Strand Hotel, Osimar Hotel, Hotel Madison, Hotel Select, etc. 4 star hotels are Hotel Hermitage, Hotel Palatino, Hotel Forum, Hotel Mercure Delta Colosseo, etc.

The above named star rating luxury hotels of Rome offer the room facilities like central air conditioning, safe deposit box, telephone, TV, satellite TV, central heating, smoking and no smoking rooms, rooms for disabled people, minibar, hairdryer, etc.

Further, the property facilities of the hotels include conference room, meeting room, tourist information, bar, reception 24 hours, access for disabled people, restaurants, fax service at the reception, etc. However, the arrangements for parking area are also there.

Discount Hotels In Rome display their won distinct charm of life with a beautiful ambiance and provide necessary services to their visitors. Hence, it is advisable for the budget travelers to make their stay at Budget Hotels In Rome.

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Womens DENIM GUIDE - Fashion Consulting

Posted by patrick

By MyImageExpert

When it comes to fashion, I am the hardest person to shop for. Being a fashion consultant and a fashion designer, I am often disappointed with the clothing options available in retail stores (unless their mine, of course). I often struggle when shopping for pants. I dont have many curves, so it is crucial to emphasize the ones I do have. Fitted pants are a great way to accent my hips but I am only 56. I know when wearing a slimming style, I will need a lengthy heel to elongate my legs and balance my frame. Any woman knows the price you pay for wearing 3 heels, so when I need to give my feet a day off, I go for a wide legged pant. This is great because I can wear a fitted top and accent my top curves (chest) while wearing a comfortable shoe or boot. Wide leg pants are great for pretty much every body type when paired with the right style top! Personal style is clearly not universal, but certain wardrobe items are.

Jeans have become the main item for both male and female wardrobes. It is the denim centerpiece which we build the rest of our outfit around. Ten years ago, it was once unheard of to wear denim to a formal event, whereas these days, you are more likely to see people dressed up in a crisp pair of skinny, boot cut, straight leg, or wide legged jeans. With so many different denim options to choose from, sometimes it is hard to find an affordable pair that will flatter your figure! It can be harder for women to find a pair of a jeans that fit them, are affordable, and flatter their assets! A great pair of jeans can easily be found with anot so great price tag. With so many options to choose from, spending $300 on a pair of jeans seems senseless! Many stores like JCPenny and Target cater to the less frivolous shopper. They provide affordable designer jeans at a fraction of the cost. With limitless styles including: cut, color, and name brands, you are sure to find the perfect pair of jeans! Below is a cheat sheet to get you started? Denim guide:

NO MUFFIN TOPS. If you turn into a muffin top when you put them on, put the jeans back. NOW and go up sizes until the effect goes away. Its not the size of the pant that matters, it is the fit! Theres nothing worse than having a ring around the waist effect. It's bad on your skin and cuts off circulation! NEVER BUY TAPERED JEANS OR MOM JEANS AGAIN, EVER. Especially Mom jeans... they make your private part look like it's the size of the Holland Tunnel. Lee brand is notorious for this out of date style. These pants usually come up to your belly button and well lets just say it is not a flattering look for anyone! BUY THE CORRECT INSEAM. Jeans should ride all the way down to an inch above the floor, or to the bottom of your heel without shoes on. If you're walking on fabric... the inseam is too long. If we can see socks when you are standing, they are too short and sometimes referred to as, "high-waters". For style reasons, some women's jeans are cut at Capri-length... that's an exception to this rule. When wearing a heel, the entire should not show! Only of the heel on your shoe should show! CHECK THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU BUY. Girls... the jeans need to NEED to fit your thighs. If you have thick legs, or J-Lo thighs... get the jeans that don't violate rule #1 and make sure they are not tight around the thighs. Girls usually violate this rule and try to get ass/thigh-huggers which cause their shape to deform. Check the mirror before you buy. Your jeans should always fit the widest part of your body first and foremost! No acceptations. Other areas like length and waist can be altered for $5.00

Rules 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be followed until you are 6 feet in the grave.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Discount Priced Hotels in Ocean City, Maryland

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Ocean City is one of the most visited places in Maryland, USA. The city takes pride in their wonderful beaches, good ocean views and other attractions. The place is for the whole family. Even children will love the outdoors. They will hardly notice the time pass as they walk along the streets of this beautiful city.

In every vacation, there is always the accommodation to think of. Most people are on a tight budget, especially those with children tagged along. Good thing in Ocean City, there are a lot of hotels that can meet your needs and preferences at very affordable rates.

Three-star hotels in Maryland are generally mid-ranged in prices. These Star hotels have larger rooms compared to two-star hotels.

One three-star hotel is the Rodeway Inn Oceanfront. It offers economy beachfront accommodations. It is about 30 miles from the Wicomico Country Airport and approximately one block from the Ocean City boardwalk. Its property amenities include free morning pastries and coffee, free parking, an indoor and outdoor pool, an ice machine, beach access, interior corridors and a safety deposit box.

They have standard rooms with amenities including cable television, iron boards, iron, air-conditioning, a telephone and a mini-refrigerator.

Next is theSea Bay Hotel. It is in the thick of midtown Ocean City and about one block from the beach. The Baltimore International Airport is about 150miles away from the hotel. Some of its amenities are a meeting room, game room, outdoor pool, wireless high-speed internet access, laundry facilities, safety deposit box and free parking. It also offers oversized rooms that are fully equipped with refrigerator, microwaves, coffeemaker, wet bars sink, hairdryer, irons and ironing boards and private balconies. Children under 17 years old are free if accompanied by an adult. Otherwise, regular rates apply. It is a non-smoking hotel.

There is also the Quality Inn and Suites Beachfront. It is miles away from sandy beaches and 20 miles away from Salisbury-Ocean-City-Wicomico Regional Airport. It is only a short walking distance to the Jolly Rogers Amusement Park. It is also approximately five blocks to the Ocean City Convention Center and five blocks to the boardwalk.

The hotel features a sauna, spa, as well as outdoor and indoor seasonal pools. There is also an onsite restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also take advantage of their guest laundry facility, gift shop, exercise room and game room, along with their banquet room, handicap room, coffee shop, and newsstand.

They have oversized suites and rooms, featuring a balcony in every room, kitchenettes, VCRs and air conditioning. There is also free high-speed internet access, whirlpool baths, cable satellite television, hair dryers and free local phone calls.

You can also choose to stay in The Comfort Inn Boardwalk. It is a big hotel with 84 guest rooms in all. Aside from being beautifully decorated, all units are equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioning, cable television and king sized bed. It also has an indoor and outdoor pool. The hotel also offers free deluxe continental breakfast, delivered right to your room.

As another option, there is the Fenwick Inn, an ocean city landmark conveniently situated one block from the beach. It has 201 oversized guest rooms, fully equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and 27 inch colored television. Rooms also have either one king or two king double beds and a private bath.

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Butt Exercises

Posted by patrick

By Jayna Davis

What is the butt exercise for? Why should we do the butt exercises? Simply put, we want to have a butt that is properly shaped and toned.

We can all admit that a bigger butt is sexier to look at. And whatever attire you wear to an occasion would always look perfect if your butt is round and toned. It can also provide protection during a fall if you land on your bottom.

So, how can we attain or maintain a properly toned and rounded butt? Yes, it can be done with exercise. You can try any of these several exercises as discussed one by one.

Running and Walking

The simplest and easiest exercises for your butt are walking and running. They are mostly part of our daily activities. Let's take up walking first. Do brisk walks regularly to burn more calories. With regular brisk walks, you will tone your legs, thighs and, definitely, your butt.

Running is also a good way to burn off calories and tone your legs, thighs and butt. Compared to brisk walks, though, the effects of the whole process is doubled with running exercises. Another good side to these simple but great exercises is that they are also good for your lungs and heart.


One of the best and most famous exercises is the squat exercise. There are a lot of variations to the squat but the basic is done by simply sitting on the air with your feet spread a little farther apart. With this position, your knees and thighs are somewhat pressured and your butt muscles will stretch and contract.

The great squat exercise should be done for a few sets adding more intensity to it as you go on. Use barbell or dumbbells for a more effective result.

One-Legged Dead Lifts

In this exercise, put all your weight on only one of your legs. This can be quite difficult and will require some practice. While standing on one leg, put the other leg at the back of the leg that supports your body. Then, bend your body shifting your weight to the supporting thigh.

Although this is good for your butt, legs and the rest of your lower body, you should never try this if you have a back or similar injury as it will only worsen the situation.


Do the step-up by placing one of your feet onto a step or platform then pushing your body down toward the step with the knees of the other leg bent to a 90-degree angle or less. Apply your weight to the stepping leg for best results. Prior to doing the exercise, make sure that the platform or step is secure to prevent accident. Step-up is like repeatedly stepping on one of the steps of a stairway.


If you are not used to lunges, it is a bit tiring type of exercise. This is a workout that is also done by basketball players. It is good for the butt, knees and lower body. You may use dumbbells to intensify the workout making it more challenging.

Although this is one of the most common and easy exercise, you are still cautioned against doing this if you have knee or back problems. Always seek clearance from your doctor when you do this type of exercise.

You do it by stepping forward with dumbbells on both hands. Let your back foot rest on its toes and maintain your back straight. Try to lower your knee on the back foot as much as you can. The knee cap of the front foot should be at a 90 degree angle. Stay on this position for a few seconds and reverse your feet position afterwards. Repeat it as much as you can for faster results.

These are the most common and effective butt exercise, among several others. As you have observed, whenever you get your knee, thighs and feet worked out, you conditioned your butt as well.

Without the proper diet, discipline and dedication, butt exercise may not work effectively as expected. If you desire to look sexier, consistently do these butt exercises to make your butt bigger and more toned.

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Cheap Hotel Rates - Travel Packages

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Cheap hotel booking with transport, accommodation and rental cars? Is that what you are looking for? Unwind yourself from your busy schedule in an ambience you would never want to come back. Enjoy every moment of your travel package, combined with it is cheap hotel bookings. Avail a complete travel plans along with sight seeing and meals, not merely a basic transportation. The internet is a wonderful resource for finding awesome hotels and travel package to suit your varied needs. Travel packages that suit your budget and offer all that you were looking for. It is an ideal thing to opt for tour packages online, so that it enables you to see a lot of places in a limited time. Plan your vacation, want to go to an exotic place?

If you are finding it strenuous to fins the right tour package, choose the online option. A gamut of options with a variety of travel plans and travel tips can be made yours with a simple click. You can even opt for a travel guide, who will make your vacation plan a simpler yet enjoyable one. Holiday with ease, by opting the right tour package for you and your loved ones.

Your business tours need not be a boring trip any more, make that interesting too. Travel hassle free and Save a lot of time dealing with details about travel packages. You can make your trip adventurous too, by opting for scuba diving, parasailing, skiing, or spend time in the lush and green lakes, sea side hotels and relax! Make your travel plans a creative one, by taking ideas from travel guides online.

Opt for a discount travel packages, get the most by paying less. This will help vacationers who are in big numbers, when it's a larger family.

There are couple discount tour packages too available. Booking online and finding a variety of cheap hotel bookings is at your finger tips, try now!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Essentials for Taking Proper Care of Your Sunglasses

Posted by patrick

By Debra Brian Hunt

All those people who have by blunder broken a pricey pair of sunspecs, or damaged a lens while cleaning it are aware of the fact that it is actually important to provide appropriate care to your sunglasses to ensure you can use them for a long time.

The most important thing to do is use a carrying case for your sunglasses. Hard cases will provide more protection to your sunglasses, but a softer case is easier to carry as it takes up less room.

These cases defend sunspecs from getting broken while in bags, or getting scratched by items like keys and pens. Also, you can store shades in a case when they are in the car to keep them away from heating up too much.

Use proper cleaning materials while cleaning the lens. Try and get a cleaning solution, or make your own by using a light solution made from dishwashing liquid and water.

Use a soft fabric when cleaning the lens, and dip a small piece of the fabric in the solution and use a light hand to wipe this over the lens and clean it off softly with a dry fabric after. If you have sunscreen or other marks on the sunglasses, use the same process to get rid of these.

To clean the nose pads, since this is where the most dust accumulates, dunk the glasses in water and leave them there (making sure, of course, that water won't harm the sunglasses like with a polarized pair). After a half hour in the water, the dirt will have softened and you can use an old toothbrush to brush away the dirt and gunk.

If your sunspecs have a plastic lens, keep them away from high temperatures as the plastic will get smashed because of heat.

If you have a polarized pair of shades, make sure you keep them away from water, especially salt water, as the water can leach between the layers of plastic and obliterate the lens. If these sunspecs get wet, dry them straight away and if you get salt water on them then use new water to rinse them and dry them out with a fabric.

Check your sunspecs regularly for loose screws or staining so that you can clean and repair them at the first signal of problem. If the glass looks like it is not properly aligned, go to a professional to get it fixed and do not try to repair it at home or any warranty if you have will be cancelled.

If you are spending a lot of money on your sunglasses you will surely want to take good care of them to get your money's worth out of them. But even if you did not spend a lot of money you might want to take good care of sunglasses since it is not easy to find a pair that really suits you and you do not want to have to start the search again. With just a little bit of care, you can keep your sunglasses in great shape for years.

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Dementia Diagnosis Symptoms: What You Should Know

Posted by patrick

By Irene Mmari

Age may bring wisdom but the downside to this is a tendency to forget things more easily but when this situation worsens, it may be a case of dementia. Other changes in mental functions are involved which can mean it is difficult to carry out everyday tasks in addition to problems with an erratic memory.

As dementia is a progressive disorder, it often goes unrecognized for some time as it is often confuse with the general aging process but it is actually a range of symptoms that are the result of other often completely unrelated conditions. In some cases, the dementia can be treated because the cause is treatable although in some cases where the person may appear to have dementia, a severe depression can be causing the symptoms. Owing to the number of different conditions that can cause symptoms of dementia, it means that there are occasions where it can be treated and sometimes it might not even be dementia but a condition that mimics the symptoms like severe depression.

The importance of accurate diagnosis cannot be underestimated as even hormone imbalances, certain drugs and alcohol can cause the dementia so to treat this, it needs to be caught early on. According to the National Institute on Aging, there are at least one hundred different types of conditions that may result in short-term dementia, many of which can be treated and about ten percent of all cases of dementia may be treatable.

Dementia in the elderly can take on two different forms; reversible and chronic so when symptoms are reversible, the short-term dementia has been caused by another illness or disease. Elderly people face a tremendous amount of change in their lives, sometimes this change can be abrupt like retirement, loss of a loved one, divorce, or change in location for example. Events like this often distress the person involved and lead to stress or depression, both of which their physician needs to know about.

Electrolyte imbalances, hypoglycemia, hypocalcaemia, hepatic diseases, pancreatic disorders, renal failure, or liver failure are all metabolic disturbances which can also cause confusion and effect sleep, appetite, and emotional balance. Of course, medical conditions like hypoglycemia, liver and kidney problems, electrolyte imbalances and hypocalcaemia can all create problems that affect sleep, appetite and cause confusion. As we age our hearing and eyesight start to deteriorate and this may happen progressively so an elderly person may not notice or care to admit they have trouble seeing and hearing which may appear to another person that they do not appear to be fully aware of what is happening around them.

It is a common complaint amongst the elderly that they no longer enjoy their food which can be due to ill fitting dentures or a loss of taste and as a consequence they do not receive adequate nutrition. Head injuries can also affect cognitive functions along with other mental illnesses like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and these too must be investigated.

When diagnosing dementia, the use of scanning equipment like CAT scans and MRI's are necessary which can also indicate whether the incidence of dementia is a treatable one or not. The main difference when it is a case of irreversible dementia is the need for adjustments to be made where the person lives to avoid situations that are dangerous but continuous training in behavior methods should also be carried out.

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Achieve Your Goals With Self Hypnosis

Posted by patrick

By Chet Mawar

It is a little known fact that self hypnosis can help you attain your goals in any aspect of your life. Self hypnosis can help you stay on track of your goals in life. In addition, it is a pretty simple technique that helps in making big strides in your life.

The power of self hypnosis can help someone the day they begin to try it out. If the accept the belief that it works results of motivation shall follow immediately.

All too often we feel discouraged about our chances of fulfilling our dreams. If you have been trying to achieve a certain end for a long time, it can feel like you have run out of the kinds of ideas and tactics, or simply the motivation to continue working towards your objective. Self hypnosis can help you over any number of hurdles that may be standing in your path.

If youve only just started imagining what it would be like to reach a personal goal like losing thirty pounds, having more energy, quitting smoking, earning more money at work, or finding love that will last a lifetime, it can be tough to know how to get started. Self hypnosis can help you at every step along the way.

Although self hypnosis may help someone immediately, it doesn't mean that they'll reach their goal any faster. Like with anything, it takes time and dedication, but self hypnosis can help you stay the course with only 15 minutes put aside each day to self hypnosis.

What does self hypnosis do? Well it brings you to a state of physical relaxation and psychological openness.

As you continue self hypnosis each day for about 15 minutes, the clarity sessions become more clear and you'll have more positive energy throughout your day, feeling as if you can take on whatever life has to offer.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Budget Friendly Hotels in Pigeon Forge

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Pigeon Forge is one among the many well loved vacation destinations in the US. Aside from the shows it is famous for, nature parks and historical sights abound in this region. For families, couples and groups traveling to Pigeon Forge, getting into cheap but high quality service hotels is a tough task to pursue.

Amidst the cheap rates, you will know if a hotel is perfect for you with the facilities and amenities offered. Aside from that, you should also check on the area attractions and activities you and your family can take part in. After all, most of the time, you will be out of your hotel room and enjoying the great outdoors of Pigeon Forge.

Here are some of the budget friendly hotels in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee:

Comfort Suites Pigeon Forge This is a first class hotel situated among the Great Smoky Mountains. It can provide all the comforts of a hotel and exciting nature settings and views. It is very near the acclaimed Great Smoky Mountains National Park in historic Sevierville.

Aside from the 3 outlet malls nearby, there are also 3 dinner theaters and several entertainment venues. When traveling, you have the option of renting a car of by riding their local trolley which connects to Gatlinburg and Dollywood. Their rooms are noted for its cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness.

Some of the facilities and amenities include a sauna, fitness center, spa and pool. They also provide non-smoking rooms. You can get rooms that have either mountain or hillside views. The rooms also have complimentary hi-speed Internet, Cable TV, free local calls, as well as a microwave, refrigerator, clock radio and a coffee maker. You can also add cookware, hairdryers, iron with ironing boards, sofa bed and jetted tubs.

Hotel Pigeon Forge This hotel is previously known as Laurel Grove Inn and Suites. It is situated on Pigeon Forge's Theater District, along the central parkways. It is near attractions and establishments like Dollywood, Country Tonite Theater, NASCAR Speedpark, and Dixie Stampede among others.

Their standard rooms are guaranteed with coffee makers, hair dryers and iron with ironing boards. They also provide complimentary breakfast, internet access, local calls and lobby newspapers. Standard rooms can accommodate up to 4 people with 2 double beds or 1 king bed.

This Howard Johnson Inn is ideal for couples, groups and families planning to tour the acclaimed Smoky Mountains. It is situated within the central part of the town and near the popular Red Roof Mall. You are guaranteed to be near local attractions and activities.

Area attractions include Dollywood. It is a large amusement and theme park operated by none other than the legendary Dolly Parton herself. Aside from Dollywood, she is also the operator of Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show which features a 4-course meal with dancers and singers. Another attraction nearby is Elwood Smooch's Old Smoky Hoedown Country Music and Bluegrass Show and the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival.

Guests are provided with a refrigerator, microwave oven, tea/coffee maker, hair dryer and iron with ironing boards. You can get 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. Moreover, complimentary wireless internet, voice mail, local calls, satellite/cable TV, sofa bed and an air conditioner are standard in every room.

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The Stars - Hotel Ratings Demystified

Posted by patrick

By Chris Linch

Simply put, hotel classifications are not a unified system. Many big chains, from budget options to luxury hotels, are allowed to apply their own classification systems based on the size and facilities of each of their establishments. They are not monitored by anyone except their own internal managers. And to make things more confusing, even chains change their "star criteria" from country to country!

As there are variations worldwide in the quality, size and design of different hotels the classification systems vary from nation to nation. This often means that what one would expect from, say, a three-star hotel in one country may be very much under-achieved by a similarly-rated hotel in another. Five-star hotels, for example, are expected to have the very finest of every facility made available, from restaurants to spas and other amenities, a high ratio of staff to guest and a superior location. However, France - arguably the greatest supplier of fine hotels in the world - doesn't even have a five-star rating as even the Ritz and similar "palaces" stick to the four-star rating to avoid heavy taxes! Not to worry, as President Sarkozy is coming to the rescue of holidaymakers in Europe at least...One of his goals is to standardise the hotel rating system to ensure fair judgement and balance decision making.

Broadly speaking, star ratings should break down something like this... five star hotels (or most four and all four star luxe in France) are, as mentioned above, expected to provide everything you need at any hour of the day or night, four stars should mean formality and quality but without the very height of opulence, three stars should mean good, clean service, two stars are generally privately-owned and forgiven their faults and one star should not be considered unless you're desperate to get inside! There is only one record of a zero star hotel, which is a converted nuclear bunker in Switzerland. We would only recommend staying there in a "dire emergency/when you hear the three-minute warning!"

But can you ever trust these ratings if they are, at best, locally judged and, at worst, self-awarded? How can you guarantee that a luxury hotel really is aluxury hotel ? A number of bodies rate accommodation providers, including the AA, the RAC, the tourist boards of various nations and, of course, independent travel guides such as Michelin, Gault Millau and Mobil. But, we've all had experience of disagreeing with what we've read or even basing our choices on reviews which are dangerously out of date.

The two paths left to the discerning traveller on the hunt for the truth are as follows. The first is to cross-reference every piece of literature you can find on the subject of each hotel, comparing the reputation of the brand (if applicable) with the designations for their rating and coming up with a fair picture of what kind of quality you are to expect. The second is so obvious that we need not even say it...Recommendations. Whether this comes from a friend or an agency doesn't matter, as long as you trust the source. Agencies that specialise in luxury hotels and the upper end of splendour, base their reputations on customer satisfaction and separating exceptional establishments from the pretenders. As it's in their financial interests that you are content with their choices, you're almost certain to be directed to the experience you want, whether it's a no- expense-spared five-star+ to the relaxed charm of a family-run chateau. To summarise, until the system changes, forget the stars and go with what you know you can trust. Or else be ready to "gets what you pay for".

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Horoscopes for Beginners

Posted by patrick

By charlie reese

I never get involved in a new relationship without first looking at some compatibility horoscopes. It used to start out as a gag. I was a pretty whimsical teenager, and I looked at the compatibility horoscope merely as a joke when I got involved with my first boyfriend. Surprisingly, it told me that we had nothing in common and shouldn't get involved. I expected an compatibility horoscope to tell you what you want to hear, so it was strange to get such a negative message. At the time, I was completely in love with him, so I figured that It was just an idle piece of superstition. There was no reason for me to believe that compatibility horoscopes were right, after all.

If I had listened, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. Wouldn't you know it, that love horoscope was absolutely correct. This wasn't one of those daily horoscopes that goes for everyone either. It was something put together by a semi-professional astrologer for my benefit alone. When she told me what she told me, I was hard pressed not to laugh at first. In the long run, however, the joke was on me.

For the next couple relationships, I was sure to get compatibility horoscopes when they started. In both of them, the astrologer told me that they would last for awhile, but wouldn't go on forever. I was dating people who were sort of half compatible with me " good enough to have fun with, but not enough to form a lifetime partnership with. I was okay with this. I just wanted fun at the time.

The next couple relationships after that were different, however. I really liked my partner so much that I almost decided not to go in to get a compatibility horoscope. All of my compatibility horoscopes so far had seemed to doom my relationships, and I was worried that this would happen again. I wasn't worried in vain. One of them was, according to the astrologer, a complete mistake. The other one would be fun, but not very deep. In both cases, she turned out to be right.

By that point, I had reached a state of complete faith in compatibility horoscopes. I did not have a particularly strong feeling about astrology in general, but I knew that this particular astrologer knew all about my love sign. That is why I was so surprised when I went for my latest reading. She was off the charts positive about it. She told me that I would fall in love, stay with this guy for ever, and live happily ever after. I was a bit incredulous, but I thought I'd give the relationship a try anyway. Two years on, we are still dating and are thinking about getting married. Needless to say, I'm pleased.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for the Craft Muse

Posted by patrick

By Melissa Hartwell

I can't find my muse. She's been gone for months and months now and I can't find her, no matter how hard I try. I went out on a variety of vacation trips, but even that didn't seem to help. It follows, that I couldn't do my arts and crafts as much as I wanted to.

I'm one to do arts and crafts. In a world that doesn't stop to take a breather every once in a while, I believe that one should periodically stop and think about the important things in life. It is my hobby to make crafts out of mundane objects; small trinkets and such from things other people would classify as trash or junk.

But lately, my crafts only look like glorified trash. Sure, there is a discernable design to them. Unfortunately, when one looks at some of my latest works, they cannot forget the raw materials where it came from. The idea of my craft is to make something that looks like a work of art in and of itself, and not simply an attempt at recycling.

So, on a whim, I decided to try harder at finding my inspiration and creativity once again. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to coerce her to show up, she stayed hidden from me and no amount of forcing would make her show up. Out of sheer frustration, I finally decided to just give up my beloved hobby. I took up all my crafting tools and materials and put them into storage up in the attic.

But, my muse was a tricky one. The very next day, I went about my business of household chores, when I suddenly felt that familiar itching in that part of my brain where my muse resides in. Immediately, I dashed up the attic and grabbed my materials out of storage, and prepared to make something new once again. I am pretty confident my muse is back to stay.

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French In Three Months Using Audio books

Posted by patrick

By Erik Q. Astrand

Like a lot of other people, I took a few years of French classes in school. However, I never thought Id really find myself needing to speak the language " so I didn't pay attention and learned next to nothing. Well, Id never use it anyways, right?

How dead wrong I was.

I was sent to France for work; I found myself wishing Id paid attention in my French classes. Its not that easy to find someone in France who speaks English fluently, it turns out. You'd have better luck finding a Finnish speaker in Portugal (well, almost).

Needless to say, I had a tough time getting around since I hardly spoke a word of the language. I decided Id never go back to France and decided never to even attempt to learn the language again!

Well, I returned home only to find that I would be going back in a few months. Not only was I going back to France, I was going to be there for a few weeks this time! Id been beaten I knew that I was going to have to learn French quickly.

I happen to be a big fan of audio books, so I ran out and picked up a bunch of downloadabel French language classes. I listened to them in the car, at home and on my iPod as I rode the train to work each morning. I immersed myself in the material.

At first it didn't sink in; but within a few weeks, I found myself starting to catch on with these French language audio books. I found the English translations of French words and phrases to be extremely helpful.

Little by little, I started picking up the language. About 6 weeks later I found that I could speak French passably; I even had a brief conversation in French with my boss and managed not to lapse into English at any point. I think I surprised her there!

She asked me how Id managed to learn so much French so quickly. I informed her that I had audio books to thank for my achievement. She was impressed with my taking the initiative to learn the language and chose me as the leader of the group representing our firm on the upcoming trip. Not only that, she told the rest of the delegation to use the same audio course as Id used.

My second trip to France went much better, needless to say. I could speak pretty passable French and Id done it all without taking classes, hiring a tutor or even looking at a French tutorial book!

All of this was possible within 3 months from just listening to French audio book lessons. Do you know what was most intriguing about this? I did this all in my "free" time. I didn't commit any special time to this, but the same time I had wasted in the past.

Now, if a poor student such as myself could do this in only 3 months, anyone can. You can learn any foreign language you need by doing things as I did, by using audio books.

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Get The Facts Straight About Hypnotherapy and Motivation

Posted by patrick

By Ray

If you need motivation for any aspect of your life, hypnotherapy may be the way to achieve it. Admittedly, hypnotherapy is a field riddled with controversy, but if youve already tried everything without success, why shouldnt you take a chance on it?

The Truth about Hypnosis: Although hypnosis is occasionally used by practitioners in the field of science and medicine, its effects " and its existence even " are still questioned. The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, however, has a fairly good explanation for the theory.

According to the said organization, hypnosis occurs when a person is relaxed to the extent that his attention can be directed and limited to the suggestions being made by the therapist.Bearing that in mind, if those suggestions were focused on motivation then the person under hypnosis might find it easier to achieve motivation because from that point forward, his unconscious will work on his goals whether he likes it or not and whether hes aware of it or not.

How Hypnotherapy Works: Hypnotherapy, in various ways, can be considered as a type of psychoterapy. Hypnotherapy commences when a patient is induced into a state of hypnosis. When a person is hypnotized, he isnt unconscious but he isnt fully conscious either. Rather, his subconscious is awakened and his awareness is enhanced. More to the point, his awareness is programmable, and thats when hypnotherapy comes to play.

If, for instance, you have certain fears you wish to be extinguished, a hypnotherapist will work with your subconscious to find the source of fears and the solution for it. The same goes for therapy. A hypnotherapist will work with your subconscious to give you whatever you need in order to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

What You Should Know about Hypnotherapy and Motivation: Hypnotherapy cannot work for everyone, even if your goal is to simply make a person more motivated. It is imperative that any misconception about hypnotherapy be rectified in order for the therapy to work.All kinds of hypnosis work.This is patently untrue. There are different ways for a hypnotherapist to put a patient under hypnosis.

Consequently, the effectiveness of the method will depend on the patients personality as well as the nature of his problem and the required solution.Sometimes, a patient may respond more when the hypnotherapist is offering certain rewards when the desired action is performed. In other cases, a patient may prefer to simply hear words of encouragement.

Not everyone can be hypnotized.Surprisingly enough, everyone actually can be hypnotized but the level of which their subconscious is awakened varies. Several factors could be the reason behind this. For one thing, the wrong choice of environment or setting may make it more difficult for a person to become and stay hypnotized. Naturally, the amount of experience and degree of expertise of the hypnotherapist is also important.

Hypnotherapy has something to do with the occult.Again, this is untrue. REM or Rapid Eye Movement is a process that helps you sleep and hypnotherapy simply and deliberately utilizes the same technique to put you under hypnosis. It may not be an exact science but neither does it have anything to do with the occult.

Ultimately, the only way for you to find out whether hypnotherapy can give you the motivation you need is to try it out for yourself. When you do, you probably wont regret it.

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