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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Human Pheromone Spray For Dating

Posted by patrick

By Sebastian Thomas

Human Pheromone is an aromatic blend of chemical compounds that is released by one person and affects the sexual behavior or physiology of another person. This is why pheromones attract the opposite sex in ways that are most intriguing. Doesn't that sound nice?

My experience with using a human pheromone on my body has been quite phenomenal, to say the least. I have already noticed an increase in attention, affection and other things that I can't mention here. But you know where I am getting at, right?

Many times we wonder what we can do for ourselves to attract the opposite sex in the most alluring and sensual ways. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man. Pheromones on your body can produce the ultimate effect of attraction and can be quite appealing and alluring to wear.

Let's face it, everyone gives off their own type of natural human pheromone from their body. But, most of the time, their effectiveness on the body is worn off by taking a shower by using soap or body wash. That is why so many people depend on the use of pheromones to give them the cutting edge in any situation.

Human pheromones give off a scent to the opposite sex that they find quite appealing and alluring. The essence of it brings people much closer together and increases the chances of intimacy and affection, at the same time.

That is why over time, their use has been quite accepted in today's society and culture. Pheromones come in many types of oil bases and sprays that are available to use on the clothes or body. You can even mix them up with your own favorite cologne or perfume of your choice.

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