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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Small Closet Organization Tips Anyone Can Do

Posted by patrick

By Doug J Smith

Small closet organization can be terribly difficult. Without knowing the proper steps it can be almost impossible. All closet organization schemes require discipline. If you wan you closet to be organized and stay organized you must hold true to the fundamentals and believe in the basic tenet that closets generally hold too much stuff.

Everybody could benefit from a little less clutter in their lives. Some people would benefit a lot from de-cluttering while minimalist people would tend to benefit only slightly. However, everyone will benefit at least slightly by making an effort to de-clutter. People simply unintentionally gather too many belongings. As we gather we are reluctant to part with this hence clutter. We need to acknowledge that clutter is a direct impediment to being organized.

First things first. We must reduce the clutter. The very first crucial step in closet organization is to reduce the number of items we feel the need to store. This can be a difficult first step. We often are very attached to our clutter. Examine the closet contents and be ruthless. You need to reduce your belongings by approximately 20%. Of course the figure varies from person to person. Some might need to reduce by 50% while others need only reduce by 5%. You know what type of person you are. Reduce the clutter, reduce the junk.

After reducing your belongings you can move on to phase two of closet organizing. Thankfully phase two is much easier than phase one. Although easier, phase two is equally important. Phase two involves structuring the contents of the closet into distinct categories. Each closet can hold a number of categories depending on the size of the closet. Smaller closets can hold a category or two.

One category could be recreational equipment. You could gather your racket, tennis balls, biking shoes and helmet and Frisbee and store them all in one cupboard. These items could be strewn in various corners of your house. Gather them up and put them in one spot. Another category could be batteries. There are different sizes of batteries all over most homes. There are often batteries in every room that has a remote control appliance. Gather the batteries and put them together. Life is easier if you know in an instant whether you have a double aa battery.

If you need some help you can explore purchasing a closet organizer. There are some reasonably priced closet organizers that can assist with small closet organization. Do a quick internet search on your computer. If you are disciplined you will be able to get a handle on small closet organization.

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