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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Having Sleep Issues? Get the Facts You Need to Sleep Better Now

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By Ash Derbe

Insomnia is the inability to stay asleep for a sufficient duration to feel fully rested. Consequently you are overcome by a feeling of fatigue and sluggishness during the day. Impaired mental clarity causes weakened performance caused by insufficient sleep.

Overall, folks putting up with insomnia are unable to sleep despite feeling tired. Though they attain a light sleep, it frequently results in feeling tired in the morning or waking up way too early.

Insomnia causes are being studied and there is controversy on whether the condition is a sympton of another physical or psychological ailment or whether its a primary ailment of its own.

Generally, insomnia produces the following symptoms:

1. Waking from sleep too early and the inability to fall back to sleep

2. Reliance on drugs and/or alcohol to go to asleep

3. Being tired is a constant complaint during the day

4. Complaining of headaches often

5. Having a short fuse or being easily irritated

6. Short attention span, not able to concentrate

7. Waking up tired and not energized

8. Drifting off to sleep takes more than an hour

9. Repeatedly waking up during the night

People that have insomnia are called insomniacs. Insomniacs are often not able to close their eyes and make their minds still for any length of time. This author knows the feeling all too well, going to bed with a mind that continues to be very active.

We coexist in a world brimming with stress and we are frequently plagued with partially completed to-do lists that drive our active minds at bedtime. Some of us have trouble placing those partial to-do lists to the side when it's bedtime.

Some artistic personalities swear they create their best ideas just before falling asleep while laying in bed. A famous philosopher once said, "If a man created as many great ideas in the daytime as he does suffering from insomnia, he'd be a millionnaire!" Although there is some truth in every anecdote, sleep issues can affect a person's health for the worse.

The most menacing thing insomniacs face is their longing to go to sleep but for some reason just can't. Insomniacs are not able to quiet their minds sufficently to acquire the rest they need. The following day, insomniacs are fatigued and seemingly unable to function optimally.

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