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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maui Jim Sunglasses Are Engineered To Stand The Test Of Time And To Be Noticed

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By Julie Manther

If you want to make a statement with your eyewear, you can do nothing better than to investigate the Maui Jim sunglasses line. In your search for sturdy but stylish sunglasses, you may find other brands that make huge claims about style or hardiness. But Maui Jim has been recognized by the industry and by customers as a long wearing, attractive product.

Maui Jim sunglasses were specifically engineered as a response to a perceived need on the Hawaiian Islands. Noted for its outdoor lifestyle, Hawaii was the focus of consumer concerns about UV rays during the eighties. Everyone was becoming better informed about climate change and some were expressing new fears about the long term effects of sun glare on the eyes. The technicians at Maui Jim's set out to invent a technology that would address these concerns. Their prototypes soon led to the patenting of their special process for lens construction. They stated that they had designed their new lenses to combat the glare problems and that it worked from every angle. Their glasses were designed to cut off any possible attack of the sun's harmful rays. This was an ambitious claim, and they were under scrutiny by the marketplace.

Tourists returning from Hawaii with Maui Jim sunglasses soon found that another trip was necessary if they wanted to buy try on another pair. The option of ordering by mail was available, but with glasses, the trying on session is an important part of product satisfaction. Fortunately, a change in ownership occurred in the nineties and the distribution problems were over

If you usually buy your sunglasses at the Dollar store you may initially balk at the average two hundred and fifty dollar price tag hanging from these fancy specs. But how often do you need to replace your dollar store gems because they scratch and chip? How do your eyes feel after prolonged wearing? From a fashion standpoint, are your dollar glasses trend setters?

Because of their popularity Maui Jim sunglasses make a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. They are a token of your care, showing that you care about their precious eyes. They are also a sizzling hot fashion accessory which is demanded by people who appreciate quality.

Do you have a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses? How many of your friends on a pair of these glasses? If you look around you will see that they are being used by many people around you in testament to their quality.

There is no doubt that Maui Jim sunglasses are going to be a fixture in the marketplace for the foreseeable future. That is because they fulfill a real need for quality sunglasses that have style and attitude to spare.

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