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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Psychic Divination: Fact or Fiction?

Posted by patrick

By Tana Hoy

Despite the many testimonies of witnesses and the strong defense brought by evidence, there are still a lot of people who really question the existence of psychic powers and the paranormal phenomenon. There are many speculations, especially about the psychic sphere of divination.

Does psychic divination really exist? To start off, let us define what divination is. Psychic divination is the special talent to know the future, solve problems, and finding lost items. Divination also refers to the production of information through unaccountable means; and because the source of information cannot be explained, people have always questioned this ability.

Truth is, divination has been existing as long as man has walked this Earth. There are many records throughout history that show evidence of psychic divination. Psychic practices have been used in different civilization and cultures. Psychics took the forms of shamans, witch doctors, priests and oracles, and many other psychic personalities; and they all have used the power of divination.

In earlier civilizations, these psychic "divinators" were regarded as big assets of the community. They are asked to help in the affairs of the state, in wars, in dealing with poverty and drought - basically, in almost anything related to the community. Even as early as those times, psychic individuals were known to be very good advisers. They were assigned by the kings or rulers of the land to foretell the future or bring solutions to problems. Some gifted individuals are even hired to interpret dreams and communicate with the spirits in the afterlife, or even of gods.

The psychic act of divination is still being used up to this day. There are many approaches to do divination. The different divination methods includes tarot cards, dowsing with a pendulum, crystal balls, palm reading, the I Ching, and the reading of tea leaves. Using these tools, the psychic will interpret the signs to predict the future, or to seek information that will solve a problem.

As you can obviously see, psychic divination has been thriving for as long as men has lived. The fact is, psychic divination exists. Although the church may oppose such beliefs, claiming that these are forms of sorcery, society has ever since been trusting the ways of psychic divination, and have been using it to make the world a better place. Science may also contradict with the concept, but we know for a fact that there are things which do not have much of an explanation for, but they are real. Like air for example; we know it is real but no one can explain what and how it came to be.

Divination like any other psychic ability is a wonderful blessing. When you exhibit any of these extraordinary gifts, you have great power that can allow you to make a difference. Your psychic power can be used to help others, to solve a growing problem of a person, a family, a community, or even a nation -- you have the power to make the world a better place.

Most people are not aware, but everyone has a degree of psychic ability to some extent, though the strength varies for every person. There are many ways to unlock your inner special power. The secret to start unleashing your psychic potential is acceptance. Once you embrace your special gift. After you have embraced your gift, once this is paired with dedication and hard work, you will have the great power to change the world.

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