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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweets Enjoyed Yesterday and Today

Posted by patrick

By Michael Parker

You always fill your cart with wholesale sweets but have you ever asked yourself of their origin? When you eat these delectable treats, do you ask who their inventors are? Since the day that you were born, you were surrounded by candies, gums, chocolates and lollies that were all made of sugar, cocoa and other traditional flavors. For sure, your young life has been surrounded with sweets that your day isn't complete without the thought of it. Your parents for sure had the same experiences as you did and maybe even your grandparents. If these sugary treats made such an impact in your life, do you ever wonder who made the first candy?

Candies have been around since the cavemen days. These people first made candies made of honeycomb dried in the sun. Looking back, it was like their organic and naturally processed candy. Same sweet delight but definitely healthier.

From then on, the idea of sugary treats to eat has been passed from generation to generation. Today, to see honey-flavored candies among the packs of wholesale sweets are nothing new. However, to taste them is still a delightfully reeling experience that never gets old.

There are different kinds of candies in the market today. Every flavor, shapes and colors you could possibly think of are existent. From the usual milk chocolates, all kinds of nuts, and different refreshing and tingly flavors of fruits, all of them are available. However, aside from these normal flavors found in wholesale sweets, there are also booger and even earwax flavored candies. Either for pure fun or creativity, these flavors are nonetheless amusing.

Candies came to be because of the creativity and innovation of men. Some of these inventions were accidental but others were intentional so as to fulfill that nagging idea. Wholesale sweets of today are filled with tootsie rolls which are invented by Leo Hirshfield and Juicy Fruit which was by William Wrigley Jr.

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