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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christian, Christianity And The Fate Of Christians Around The World

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By Samuel Brown

Christianity faces a battle that it must win but can lose if the Christian community does not comes together. Over the last two thousand years we have experienced attacks and we have survived.

Why are we at risk of losing this power to fight back? Well, people are more prone to question the authenticity of the bible and the relevance of the Christian faith than they had in the past.

Over recent years there has been a lot of information in the form of movies and books that have had a significant impact on the Christian faith. Their attacks are packaged in a way to taint the Christian God and replace it with a modern view.

They tend to attack the bible, the main source of the Christian faith, by writing scholarly works that point out the incorrectness of the gospels. They argue that the gospels were written long after the crucifixion and therefore legends would have already developed by the time they were written.

New age books and movies vilely attack the Christian faith and the bible by diverting from accepted truths and pointing out new ways of looking at scriptures. These new ways are clearly not accurate and are designed to destroy rather than support the historical Jesus.

These new age scholars, writers and producers are shaping the way the public perceive the Christian faith. They are becoming successful because of the information age which makes it easier for them to provide their opinions especially on the Internet and crowding out traditional scholars.

Modern scholars are discouraging Christians particularly those who are educated. The goal is to debase the Christian God to irrelevance and finally claim victory over this long religious odyssey.

The school environment has always been our home court where we could influence what our kids learn. Now they are being forced to accept Darwinism over creationism through curriculums that have been specifically designed to demote Christianity.

We have to take a stand against these assailants and as a group fight for what we believe in. It is a fight that's worth the price and we cannot afford to lose such an important battle.

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