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Friday, December 18, 2009

Think About the Process of Dating

Posted by patrick

By Alan Bentley

The process of dating can be very frustrating and can often lead us to consider whether it is worth bothering with at all. However, if you look at it logically there are several stages that you need to complete before you will be able to achieve success. Lots of people go through this frustration and wonder whether they are ready to do it all again and seek out answers to their questions wherever they can find help.

The process of dating involves five steps and they must all be followed, or failure is all but assured. Each stage is a logical progression from the next, but can often be overshadowed or blurred when we are all caught up with in the excitement of meeting somebody new.

The first step in the process of dating is the initial attraction and this is the most exciting time of all. Your heart is sure to skip a beat as you wonder whether he is the right one for you and vice versa. Where is he in his book of life and what are the prospects for success, this time? Excitement dominates this stage.

As a relationship begins to form, elements of uncertainty are bound to follow. These ups and downs are an essential stage of the process of dating and you must not rush through them and decide that they do not count. They have every bit of right to come into your thought process, to help protect you both from getting into something too quickly, especially if it is not destined.

Attraction and uncertainty are usually followed by exclusivity. This is a mutual decision between both parties, based on a general agreement that things might work. This is essentially the start of the process however and don't forget that you cannot ignore the previous two stages.

By being exclusive for a certain amount of time you will naturally open up the door to the next stage of the process of dating. This is when you become much more intimate and really get to explore each other personally. Mixed signals are possible here again, but the biggest decisions are also to be made during this stage.

If you have developed all the other stages, you will be ready to engage. Now this process should not be taken lightly and if you missed out on any of the other stages then you should be very wary indeed. Essentially when two people engage at this point, they are fully accepting of each other and willing to make a lifetime commitment together.

Skipping any of the necessary stages during the process of dating is taboo, even if you meet the most gorgeous guy next Saturday night. Don't ever try and rush these things and enjoy the journey.

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