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Friday, December 11, 2009

How Funerals Are Managed

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By Vanessa Mahoney

Death is an inevitable reality all of us have to confront eventually, but organizing the funeral of a dear one can still be very disturbing. However, like most unpleasant things in life, it must be faced, and you will need to make some preparations for the funeral. Many funeral homes will help you through the process and help you in making arrangements, but it is better to know some things in advance.

The deceased person's life and beliefs are reflected in the funeral and thus, it is essential to conduct it well. Most funeral homes are willing to compromise upon their standard procedure for funeral services for including certain cultural or religious preferences of the deceased and of his or her family.

Visitation is the first stage of the procedure and it can roll over from a period of a few hours to many days. Here, the dead person is fondly remembered by his family and friends. Then come the formal funeral proceedings, which can be held in a chapel, a mortuary, a church or any other place that can serve as an appropriate memorial for the deceased person. A hearse or funeral coach will have to be arranged if the funeral is to be arranged in an outdoor location.

Once this is done, the family and others arrive at the cemetery for the next phase of the funeral. This can be managed by either a family member of the deceased or the clergy based on the preference of the family. You also have to take care of various other things like the kind of flowers you would require for the service, if you want to display an image of the deceased and who will ultimately lead the service.

The final phase of the proceedings is the burial, and the spot for it can be any place as per the preference of the family or of the deceased person. The deceased can be buried in plots owned by the family or in mausoleums, or be cremated and have their ashes spread where they had intended.

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