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Monday, November 30, 2009

Attracting Brides for YOUR Wedding Planning Business!

Posted by patrick

By Tonya Shadoan

Let's face it; the hardest part of the Wedding Planner business is finding brides. We all want to have a foolproof way of attracting them and even though there really isn't one, I'd like to share a few thoughts on how I keep my business so successful.

I would like to share a little insight I've acquired on how we lose our energy. There are people out there I like to call energy-thieves. These people are well-meaning and can be anyone from co-workers to family. They come to you in their times of need or with a crisis that needs attention and expect you to pull them through. In the process, you invest yourself into the problem. It takes your time, your thoughts, and your energy and leaves you feeling exhausted and a little blue.

The trick for keeping your energy is recognizing the energy-thieves and protecting your energy from them. The way to recognize them is to evaluate how you feel after you've been around them for a little while. If you feel tired, a little depressed, or lack your usual motivation, then you have just had your energy stolen from you. Another way to recognize them is by how negative they are. You know the type, never having anything good to say about anything or anyone. Just being in the vicinity of these types of people wears you out and leaves you drained.

It takes a lot of self-motivation to be in business for yourself, and you have to keep talking yourself up, you don't have the TIME to let others bring you down. Believe me; once you've given your time/energy to someone, your brides will know it and they will lose their enthusiasm for utilizing your business. They are PAYING you to make their wedding the most memorable day in their lives. They won't want to do business with someone who isn't as enthusiastic as they are. So, take a tip from a VERY successful Wedding Planner, be positive, happy, interested, and excited to be part of every bride's very special day. It works; you'll attract brides like bees to honey.

Over the course of my career as a successful Wedding Planner, I have had many occasions to feel completely void of energy and pressed for time. Fortunately, I relied on my Higher Power to pull me through and teach me how to handle them better the next time. Now I'm able to recognize the negativity I see in others and not let it affect me. By practicing these techniques and relying on my Higher Power to see me through, I have become more successful each year while still finding time to spend with my wonderful family. I have even had the extra time to open a Dcor Division!

Remember, your brides expect you to be just as thrilled and happy about their Wedding Day as they are! If you can take this advice and become more energetic and able to keep that energy, then you will draw brides to you in droves!

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Prosperity Prayer Any Man, Woman And Child Can Use

Posted by patrick

By Zoe Smith

Let me tell you a truth that changed many lives for the better-abundance and prosperity is God's desire for you. I'm not talking about barely getting by; I mean extravagant blessings overflowing in your life. Where did I get this information? A very reliable source called the Bible. You might ask, is there a special prosperity prayer that come with it? I'm sure you want your prosperity today.

First of all, understand that it is not the prayer but you that touch the Father's heart. It is His desire to show Himself mighty for your sake so scratch whatever plans you had about groveling. Notice the world. When was the last time a sunset took your breath away? It was created for you. You have to know this because an intimate knowledge of His heart will make you put your faith in His divine providence.

We have established that God wants to bless your life with abundance and prosperity. Now you need to be in agreement with His promises in the Scriptures. Declare these promises over your life and receive it as His child. Nothing is more powerful than His Word and when you speak it out in faith, a prosperity prayer is made. Here is an example of one:

Abba, I glorify You for who You are to me. There is no God like you, holy and mighty above all, (Luke 1:49) Nothing is too difficult for You. (Jeremiah 32:27) You have given earth to man; (Psalm 115:16; Jeremiah 27:5) And You only want the best for me. (Matthew 7:11; Luke 11:13) To prosper me is your desire (Proverbs 28:35) Because You called me Your beloved. (Jeremiah 31:3; John 1:17; Romans 8:31)

So here I stand claiming your promises; You are God and You cannot lie. (Titus 1:2) You make a way when no way is visible to us, (Joshua 2:10) And you empower me to produce wealth, (Deuteronomy 8:18) Beyond anything I could ever imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

Your very Word is power, (Hebrews 1;3) You have framed the world with It. (Hebrews 11:3) And I expect the same for my own world. Thank You Abba, You are faithful and I trust You. Amen.

Remember, do not feed the negative energy that will come against you in whatever form it chooses to take. When you feel frustrated and impatient that you don't see anything happening in your life; think of things that you are grateful for and start being thankful for all that you have, even with the smallest blessing. You will find peace of mind and increased favor in all the areas of your life.

You don't have to get down on your knees but pray the prosperity prayer as often as you are able. It is not some magic chant to get you your prosperity; this prayer serves to further establish faith in your heart for the blessings that are sure to be manifesting in your life. Change or add scripture verses that you think are more personal to you. What is important here is that you have started in your journey to an abundant and amazing life ahead.

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Natural Cure for Excessive Sweating - Stop Sweating and Start Living

Posted by patrick

By Ricky Wallick

Are you looking for a natural cure for excessive sweating? If you are, you might be suffering from an excessive perspiration condition called hyperhidrosis. In normal cases, people sweat because it is part of their body's reaction to increased body temperature. In the case of hyperhidrosis sufferers, their body sweats much more frequently, even in cool temperatures.

Sweating is a normal process of the body to regulate body temperature and keep the body cool. However if you suffer from excessive sweating, you can start sweating even when your body does not need to cool down. It is caused by the overactivity of nerve cells in the sweat glands, and is usually a genetic problem.

Hyperhidrosis can take many forms, with underarm perspiration being the most common. Other sufferers may also sweat excessively in their feet and palms. Excessive perspiration is known to cause many negative social effects for the sufferer. They are extremely embarrassed when people notice their sweat stains, and may start to avoid social contact for the sake of avoiding embarrassment. Body odor is another effect of excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating can be prevented, with the most popular method being the use of deodorants and antiperspirants. I do not particularly like these treatment methods, because they only serve to mask the effects of sweating, instead of treating the causes.

There is a natural cure for excessive sweating that has been recently discovered, but it needs to be repeated consistently for several days. It involves using readily available products at home that are applied every morning and night. You can find out more about his method by following the link below.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, you should look to treat it immediately, or it may lead to other illnesses. Sweat also damages and rots fabrics; therefore it should be treated early rather than ignored.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advice for Guys Who Want to Learn How to Pick Up Women

Posted by patrick

By Brad Jackson

Before we get to the tips on how to pick up women, let's discuss what goes down when you go to a bar and you meet ladies. Usually, you latch on a girl and spend most of the evening talking to her. You put all your hopes in that one girl and feel depressed when she blows you off. If you're lucky, she might give you her number and you feel like you scored. Only, you realize that you didn't meet anyone else on that party and you find yourself sweating at the thought of calling the ONE girl you met.

Here's the thing. If you focus your attention on a girl who may just blow you off anytime, you're letting go of the other women you could meet, date and get to know. A party is for socializing. A conversation with a girl is fine, but if it takes all night to get a single phone number, you're doing something wrong. Here's what you can do... say your goodbyes and mingle with the rest of the crowd.

Those men who have learned how to pick up women know that seduction is a numbers game. The more women you meet at a time, the higher the possibility of getting dates off every interaction. The only problem is entertaining a group of women and keeping their attention...

How to Pick Up Women By Keeping Them Fascinated - Two Tips

1. Use Openers During the Conversation

Openers aren't only for introducing yourself to a group of ladies. You can use openers several times, particularly when the atmosphere is tense or when the talk has gone stale. You can also use openers to introduce a friend who happened to walk by, or to banter with the more timid members of the group.

2. Prepare some magic tricks

2. Learn Some Magic Tricks

Magic tricks can be used to entertain the women you want to date. Not only will they wonder how you learned magic, they will also marvel at how fun it would be to spend each day with a guy like you. If you want to learn some advanced pick up methods, go to PUMA skills for more information on how to pick up women.

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Some Valuable Internet Dating Advice

Posted by patrick

By Aaron Scott

I've been using the Internet to meet potential dates for a long time now. There are many benefits of dating online, but you'll need to know a few guidelines to follow in order to succeed.

A few tweaks in your strategy can go such a long way. They'll make much more of a difference than you'd ever think. Avoid the mistakes that others make, and you'll be really far ahead of the game.

You might not even notice what you're doing wrong, as most people don't. I know that I didn't realize a single thing until I tried doing things differently. From there, it was all smooth sailing.

The first thing I'd tell you to do is to read the profiles that members of the same gender create. I know this sounds weird, but think about it logically. This is your competition and you need to know what you're up against.

If you were starting a business, would you disregard what any competing businesses were doing in your space? Of course not! Online dating should be treated no differently. In doing this, you'll know exactly what all of your prospective dates are looking at all day, and you'll know how to stand out.

The worst thing you can do in the online dating world is to blend right in with everything else. By not standing out, you'll be minimizing your chances of getting contacted.

Therefore, you should definitely take measures to make yourself seem more interesting than everyone else. Have some fun with your profile and speak to them like you'd speak to a friend. Otherwise, you'll simply blend in.

Doing these things can make a much bigger difference than you'd ever imagine. Try it out, and you'll see for yourself.

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Tips on Prospecting To Generate New Leads

Posted by patrick

By Pate Wilkins

Proactive prospecting can be much like physically exercising regularly. It's something that you know is good for you and will produce predictable positive results, yet is something that most sales people always seem to avoid!

We need to have a starting point. Begin by blocking out one or two hours per day to prospect. Yes, we have put it off long enough. Start by using your sphere of influence to prospect. Prospecting, like anything will require commitment and discipline. This time is yours and you are important. Once you start you will feel more important and this will be a positive projection of your attitude when you talk with your sphere of influence.

Have a specific message. Everyone needs to hear the latest news of markets conditions in your area. It's likely that they have some misinformation and you can become the expert to help them get a more accurate picture.

Sales have always been a "numbers" game. You want to touch as many people as possible. Defining your target market and being organized will help you obtain your goals.

Before you start prospecting, gather a list of names so you don't spend valuable time you are using for prospecting. Get an idea of how many customers you plan to call in your allotted hour or two and have at least a one month supply of names.

Work in a private and quiet area so there are no disruptions. Do not answer calls from other clients or colleagues. Believe me, they will wait an hour or two for you to call them back. Remember, this is your time and will put you on the path to success. Get in the habit of doing this daily or at least every other day. As time progresses and with each call, your expertise will increase. The more we practice anything, the better we become.

Consider prospecting during off peak hours when conventional prospecting times don't work. Some of your best work will be done between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM, and between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM. Vary your call times. We are all creatures of habit. So are your prospects. In all likelihood, they are attending the same meeting each Monday at 10:00 AM (or whatever time you can't seem to connect with them). If you cannot get through at this time, call this particular person in your sphere of influence at other times during the day or on other days.

Don't stop. Persistence is one of the key virtues in selling success. Most sales/valuable contacts are made after the fifth call, and most sales people quit after the first.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips On How To Stay Motivated

Posted by patrick

By Ted Johnson

Have you every wished you could take back an action and produce a different result? You can't take actions back, but you can take control of future actions. All actions are a result of emotion; emotions arise as a reaction to a thought. If you think you can't do something, change your thought about it and you will begin to feel differently. Our thoughts are the powerful driving force behind our actions. So, motivation begins with a thought. Your job is to distinguish whether what you perceive is real or an emotional response to what you believe is real.

It is human to respond when the going gets tough by going the other direction. We want the easy way out. The path we choose, however, will have an impact on our future. We will either be challenged to overcome or we will drawn into negative habits which are unhealthy and bring undesirable results. Even when the path of least resistance feels right and comfortable, it usually is not.

We must stay motivated and active, producing positive outcomes in our lives, to do that we have to identify what drives and motivates us. Eliminate anything negative. Negativity is not a motivator. I asked a successful friend the secret to his success and he told me, "I do that which strengthens me" - Bob McMinn. That's a good policy by which to live.

Your mind is powerful, powerful enough to conceive things which you perceive and believe. The power of your mind is unfathomable.

Dark clouds come in times of hardship and trouble. You must fight the urge to feel helpless against this darkness. If you allow it to, this will become a negative force that will begin a downward spiral. What you want is a positive flow in your life for positive results.

Synchronicity enables the fusion of happy events into a happy life. Once positive energy becomes a part of your life it surrounds you and blesses everything you touch. The Law of Abundance will begin to bless you. It is worth it, therefore, to take time to learn to control your thoughts and emotions out of which flow your actions. As positive energy becomes a driving force you will find your motivation returns.

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This Is How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

Posted by patrick

By Trevor Johnson

If you want to learn how to get rid of procrastination today then this article will help. Procrastination has been known to cause a large number of problems. People put off doing things that are very important when they procrastinate. Procrastination distracts us from doing the jobs that need doing and so we find reasons to do other jobs rather than the one we have been putting off. The good news is that an individual holds the power to beat procrastination and with work it can be overcome.

It is important to get to the root of the problem and find out what is causing you to procrastination. If it is that you dislike doing something then the sooner you do it the better. For example, a person might hate doing their housework, but the more they put it off the worse their housework gets to the point that they feel that they cannot cope with the mess and have no power to overcome it.

The sooner procrastination is overcome the better chances of the problem not spiralling out of control. Once of the best ways of dealing with procrastination is making sure you don't have any distractions. If it means either putting the phone off the hook or ignoring it for a while then all very well because at least it means you are not procrastinating. Also you might want to tell people not to disturb you and not answer the door if someone rings.

Try to tackle your belief systems and the way you have been thinking. Procrastinators get into bad habits or thought patterns and need to change them before they can change their behaviour. Cognitive behaviour therapists believe that by changing thought processes then actions can be changed.

It is difficult to break habits especially ones that have been there for a long time. Try to cope with one task at a time and be pleased with what you have achieved. Procrastination in itself is a habit that needs to be broken. However it is going to take work on your behalf to achieve success.

Take each day as it comes and if you are making changes then you are getting nearer to where you want to be. Try not to rush, but do things gently and slowly. As long as you are making the changes then you are progressing. If procrastination has been a part of your life for a long time then it is going to take time to change things, but you can do it with time.

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Getting To Know Chinese Name Symbols

Posted by patrick

By Vicky liu

Chinese symbols have come a long way to discover a new found magnificence in modern western civilization. Although the Chinese language has evolved into a far more official form of writing the ancient symbols that were initially used by the people continue to receive popularity.

The Chinese symbols served a double purpose of being a means of communication for the people as well as expression of art. The major reason why these symbols still have a world wide appeal is because they are so beautiful and extremely simple form of expression.

The recognition of the Chinese symbol in the west is growing day by day and those who have them is considered to be hip and trendy. It has become a latest fashion in the western society to have names of the individuals written in form of Chinese symbol on pictures or posters or on the personal items and accessories or get it tattooed on the body.

Once you are familiar which Chinese symbol stands for your name it is easy to get them on any object you desire. It has not only to do with fashion but it is about discovering your personality too. As long as you know what the symbols mean you can easily explain to others when asked.

What draws the people to translate their names to Chinese symbol is the physical beauty of these symbols. Once people get to understand them they like to apply these symbols like a logo which can be used for various purposes describing their personality.

The universally appealing Chinese symbols are bound to be appreciated by anybody from any culture whatsoever. Such is the artistry behind this ancient art. It is however imperative to confirm the meaning of the Chinese name symbol that you intend on using for whatever purposes.

Do not judge the symbols only by their artistic form and get them written for you as each symbol has its own specific meaning and it could become rather embarrassing if you get it done without knowing what it means.

Getting your name changed into Chinese symbol will not pose any problem as there are number of ways to get it done. Once the name is translated to Chinese however the sound of the name changes with it. It will be useless to try and pronounce your name in your own way as it will have no sense what so ever.

Such sounds will in actuality have no meaning whatsoever. The real deal is that when your name is transformed into a Chinese symbol it will only be a roughly similar pronunciation of your real name. This is opposite to what most people conceive which is that they think the symbol is an actual translation of the name in the Chinese language. It is however the meaning that the symbol takes on which is of utmost importance.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Build Self Confidence With Ease

Posted by patrick

By Trevor Johnson

The question of how to build self confidence is an issue that has been around for an eternity. For as long as people have interacted with others, the need for oneself to feel assured has been a constant concern.

In this article, I will look at the many different ways in which a person can increase self-confidence. I will touch on a variety of methods in hopes of assisting those in need.

Success: Finding something that you are good at can help you with your overall level of confidence and improve your feelings of self-worth. If necessary, start small and work up, Praise yourself even if no-one else does!

Maintenance: Taking care of yourself is one way to feel good about who you are. This includes good hygiene, grooming, and an up to date fashion sense.

Seeking out positive acquaintances: Friends who are complimentary are certainly preferable to those who offer subject you to excess criticism.

Eating and drinking healthy: Avoid large amounts of sugar and alcohol and - of course - caffeine. Ingesting healthy items will improve your energy, and attitude. Also, this type of lifestyle can defend against a premature aging.

Physical fitness: Proper exercise can improve your mood, help to rid you of excess stress, and improve your overall physical appearance. If the idea of visiting a gym doesn't appeal, even just walking a bit further will help. Or use the stairs rather than the elevator.

Attitude: Thinking positive thoughts learning not to obsess about things in life can also improve confidence. Being more relaxed will lead you to accept who you are with greater ease. Also, an easy trick to improving your mood is simply to smile more. People will react more pleasantly to you, and you in turn will be a more pleasant person.

The suggestions above are many and may prove to be daunting for those looking to improve their self-confidence. However, by following these guidelines, people can not only become more self-assured, but can transform their lives into a more positive way of being as well.

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Does the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide Deliver?

Posted by patrick

By Will Manning

Credit card debt elimination by non-payment sounds too good to be true, but it is true. Mel Thompson, the author of the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide, who put his credit card debt behind when he could not pay it, shares the techniques he learned from lengthy research into consumer protection laws and other people's first hand experiences.

Credit card debt relief cons abound. In fact, they are covered in the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide. These techniques, however, do work.

The Credit Card Debt Survival Guide covers all the credit card debt elimination strategies including debt settlement with a negotiated monthly payment or lump sum, beating debt collectors, avoiding or winning lawsuits and arbitration, finding help, credit repair and debt relief scams. Its main emphasis is helping those who cannot pay eliminate their credit card debt.

This e-book's 76-item table of contents makes navigating its 240 pages easy. It provides in-depth coverage of the realities of eliminating credit card debt without paying it. The book is well researched. The author studied and participated in online consumer forums to learn first hand of other credit debtor's experiences, which he shares and links to in the guide.

To legally eliminate credit card debt, the author emphasizes how important it is for consumers to first lose self-defeating feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness by digesting the information presented in his guide.

The Credit Card Debt Survival Guide is at for $47.00. The author offers a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee. In addition new readers get the Credit Card Debt Survival Newsletter and free updates for six months.

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Weight Loss Motivation - Staying Positive

Posted by patrick

By David Thomas

Having a positive mental attitude is key to keeping your motivation for weight loss. It's a fact of life, positive people tend to have more successes in life, they tend to be happier, more fulfilled and worry less. With the right positive attitude, your chances of succeeding greatly increases. You have to pay as much attention to what's going on in your head as what's on your plate. Like they say in tennis, it is 80% mental, 20% skill. So how can we stay positive such at such a daunting task?

Here are a few things you can try:

1) Shorter goals

Have shorter term goals so they are easier to achieve. Examples may be: not eating meat for one day, or running 5 minutes longer than the last day, or biking to work for a day. You get the rough idea. Setting shorter term goals makes it easier for to achieve them and therefore we are able to celebrate more often. This provides good motivation and a feeling of progress.

2) Try easier, not harder.

Keep in mind that weight loss is a conscious decision made by YOU, not someone else. You have made this choice and it is going to benefit you the most. So why make it hard on yourself? If going to the gym 5 times a week is too hard of a goal, then change it to 3 times a week or even once a week. Whatever you do, it should be a pleasant experience. It's easier to keep up motivation and be positive when you feel better about the whole experience.

3) Finding support

Finding support from other people can also help to keep you positive and motivated. Having other people just knowing you are on a diet makes it feel like you are not doing this alone. There are many ways to find a support buddy. It could be a co-worker, friend, or family. There are lots of social websites that help link people to do activities together. You can also try joining some outdoor activity groups such as biking or hiking group.

So keep your head up and spirits high, and remember that a positive attitude is half the battle.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

End Your Soda Habit With These Healthy Drinks

Posted by patrick

By Chris Mariosa

My drink of choice has been soda for as long as I can remember. I know that it's not good for me, but I can't help myself. I enjoy a good soda more than anything else, and I've had plenty of them during my life.

I also really enjoy the fact that soda is sweet. It gives me my sugar fix for the day, and I look forward to drinking them. Unfortunately, I've come to accept the fact that it's something I should cut down on.

I can go on for hours about all of the reasons not to drink soda. Many experts believe that it's one of the leading contributors to obesity, and I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, I've gone on a soda hiatus. Surprisingly, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.

Try out any of the following drinks that I'm about to discuss for a change. While you may not enjoy them as much as you like your soda, I think you'll come to appreciate the benefits that you enjoy over time.

Go for a seltzer if you still need some bubbles in your life. Sure, it won't be as sweet as soda, but they make flavored versions that you might enjoy some more. The best thing about seltzer is that it has no calories.

Some people simply need a little more flavor in a drink. If that's the case, try out any of the carbonated juices offered by Izze or Fizzy Lizzy. These are both great treats that have become wildly popular during the last few years.

Yet another possibility is green tea. This will give you a more holistic experience, but there are some great health benefits that come with the drink. If you don't like the thought of drinking something hot, make some iced green tea.

Give each of these a shot for at least a week if you're serious about changing your habits. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what a difference it makes

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How To Get The Best From Famous Inspirational Quotes

Posted by patrick

By Trevor Johnson

There we are, happily gliding along through life when, BAM!, something unexpected crops up and knocks us to the floor. Whether physically, mentally, literary or metaphorically, we have all experienced something that has put us on our back feet. At times like this, we need support and help. This often comes in the shape of our friends and family, but occasionally, we need the help of something personal, of our own, that we can hold on to. This is often where famous inspirational quotes can be used.

We all know the quote, "There is always someone worse off than yourself", or indeed variations on this theme - such is its renown. We all know this quote, because it is true. And it is this fact that makes famous inspirational quotes their longevity. Because they hold so much truth, we can really seek help from them.

It is not always clear where these famous inspirational quotes from as their origin has been lost in the mists of time, but that doesn't matter. Whether from the great Albert Einstein, or a street urchin on the road to Delhi, if the time is right for the words, then the words are right.

Many other motivational speakers take a lot from a most respected member in their field, Zig Ziglar, who once said, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." Words like this can carry groups forward who, despite having already achieved milestones, need encouragement to continue. It's seemingly small differences like this that make big differences to what people achieve. Just creating this extra edge for yourself can make a major change in your life for the better.

Whatever you need famous inspirational quotes for; whether to motivate or provide a lift, there are many websites out there to help find funny, serious or emotional words to move you. You can either browse these online or do as a lot of people choose and get one sent to you daily.

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Secrets Of Happiness And Law Of Attraction

Posted by patrick

By Simon Ward

Happiness and Law of Attraction in fact have a strong correlation with each other. If you haven't heard of the Law of Attraction, no problem. It's very easy to understand, actually. It's quite similar to positive thinking, and basically embodies the idea that if you want a positive life, your thoughts must be positive, too. In turn, this can attract all things related to happiness and wealth into your life.

The Law of Attraction isn't a new concept and in fact has been around for a long, long time. It really works. When you think positive thoughts, the Law of Attraction isn't far behind. Think about this for a minute. Do you know someone who seems to 'have it all,' and is relaxed, carefree, and comfortable in his or her own skin? That's because they live by the adage that positive thoughts mean positive things. In other words, if you think negative thoughts, that's what you're going to attract. If you think positive thoughts, that's also what you're going to attract.

Your thoughts are made up of energies, which is also what you are. If you are thinking positive thoughts, then you are made up of positive energy and abundance in your life will follow.

They Law of Attraction is powered by happy thoughts. How do you do that? Begin to talk to yourself as though you are wonderful, confident, beautiful, wealthy -- everything you've always wanted to be. Do this all day, every day, even if you don't feel like it's 'true.' These are positive affirmations, and they can help you fix any problems you might be having.

Some examples of positive affirmations include: 'I am friendly and love people, and they love me back;' 'I am grateful, and find MORE reasons to be grateful everyday;' or 'Opportunities are endless and I have unlimited choice in the world.' Choose several affirmations to use throughout the day, every day.

This type of affirmation work is especially important when you don't feel like doing it, by the way. The Law of Attraction works on this, too. If you become discouraged, frustrated, sad or angry, don't worry about it, but change your attitude as soon as you recognize it and think of something positive. You'll ultimately need to change the way you deal with life and banish negative thoughts in order to use the Law of Attraction to your best benefit and to be fulfilled in your life.

In fact, your mind is your only to limitation to having the life you want. Do you think you can't live a life that's happy and abundant? Why not? Other people have certainly done it. Dwelling on the negative is only going to get you more negative, so don't do that.

The key is to go with the flow. At any given moment, you must be completely convinced that there is positive energy flowing into your life in some way or another.

Once you begin to recognize that happiness and law of attraction are connected, everything will begin to come together in your life.

If you feel bad, you'll be unmotivated, or even worse, negatively motivated. You may become depressed, watch depressing movies, or call up and 'commiserate' with friends who are negative. If you don't watch out, your life itself could be full of negative circumstances and you won't even realize you've built your life that way.

The wonderful thing is that you can remove bad luck from your life by using positive affirmations and law of attraction techniques. The worst thing you can do is give up. Continue to reassure yourself that you are the happiest person alive and watch the opportunities come pouring in!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Applying The Law Of Attraction Today

Posted by patrick

By Trevor Johnson

The Law of Attraction has different meanings. Supporters of the law of attraction tend to say the law has its basis in quantum physics. The basic definition of the law is if you think of something long enough and dwell on it your thoughts have enough energy to attract what is in your mind. And applying the law of attraction can be beneficial to some.

Using this law in everyday life can be hard. It doesn't sound hard. It sounds like all you have to do is think and a pizza will arrive at your door. Well the pizza might arrive, but you have to make the call and pay for it.

One of the minor details of the law of attraction people tend to forget is to believe. If you think of what it is you want, you must believe it is possible to achieve. This takes practice. Negative doubts in the thought process could derail the attraction between the thoughts and the object of your desire. Whatever your desire, that is not the issue.

Once you have that part down, there are more things you need to accomplish to apply this law. You must act, and also feel as the object is already yours. So, go head day dream about it. It helps the process.

Worrying about the outcome of what you want is the wrong thing you can do. The law states you must not do that. Sadly, worrying about the outcome is apart of our human nature. We all do worry at one point or another about the outcome of your plans, or what you have been thinking of.

The last part of the law can be considered the fun part. And that is to receive. You must be ready at all times. The law predicts that there will be messages and signs to direct you or let you know you are on the right path. That you are on the path to receive. And once you are ready, the object of your desire is yours.

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Advantages of Taking Skiing and Snowboarding Gear on Rent

Posted by patrick

By Kevin Gillett

So, you are planning to go on a snowboarding or skiing trip but you have still not made arrangements for your equipments. While buying your gear is a more convenient option, it is also too expensive. If you have never done skiing or snowboarding before, then renting the gear may be a more feasible option for you.

Hiring the snowboarding or skiing gear is much more affordable than purchasing the new one, especially if you cannot spend several dollars on purchasing them. By renting these equipments, you will also not need to carry them all over your trip in your car or on the plane. You never know what your body will be like the next year. It may go slimmer or fatter and can you really afford to buy a new one every year. Keeping all these things in mind, hiring the equipments is undoubtedly the better option than purchasing a new one.

Once you have decided to get your equipments on rent, you have to reserve it much before going out for your trip, especially if you are going out during the peak season. If you wait till the last minute, you will need to search a lot for the appropriate equipments and sizes.

If you have decided to rent the equipment at the mountain itself because you do not want to carry your gear all up to the mountain, you need to arrive at least an hour before you are planning to snowboard or ski. This will give you enough time to get your gear and fit in well. But if you are planning to rent it elsewhere, it is good to get the gear at least a day before your schedule.

The type of ski and snowboard equipments that you hire depends upon the weight of your body. The gear has to be of the right weight and your shoes should be of the right size.

While signing the contract for hiring the equipments, the company will also offer you insurance over the gear, the cost of which is usually a single dollar for a day. This comes to 3-4 dollars for one trip. This cost is much less when we compare it to hundreds of dollars we will have to spend if we damage the rented snowboard or ski.

All the above mentioned tips will help you in deciding which snowboard or ski equipment to hire, so that you can go on our adventure with everything ready.

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How to Become Expert at Skiing and Snowboarding

Posted by patrick

By Kevin Gillett

Skiing and snowboarding provide great fun and recreation to the participants. You may be the one who has never tried skiing or snowboarding before but learn to do so now. Then first of all, you need to prepare yourself for some initial struggles, even if you have a perfect athletic physique. You may fall many times while learning the sports and even get yourself injuries and bruises, but you should learn what mistakes you did and how to fall without getting hurt.

Do not give on the very first day of your learning. Instead of spending your entire vacation in a whirlpool tub, you should give it some more tries and you will surely become comfortable with the ski or snowboard soon.

It is very important to take a professional lesson from qualified instructors on the mountain itself. Your spouse and your friends may be very good, but it would be less frustrating for them if you learn the sports from professional instructors.

Secondly, you will also need the right equipments. Because you are just starting out and you do not know how successful you will be at learning the sports and how often will you ski or snowboard, it is better to rent the gear instead of purchasing one. It would be better to tell the equipments store people that you are a beginner at the sport so that they can give the right kind of equipments to you.

Take your time to learn the sports. There may be several 8 year old children around you on the slopes but it is more important to build your foundation, so that you can start sliding down the slopes with confidence and ease. You have to spend time on your behind at first and then, give attention to balancing your entire body properly. You may take some time to learn this skill but the time that you spend will be worth the pleasurable experiences you will get afterwards.

In the day's end that you spent in the cold snow, what can be better than having a bath or shower? Your frozen fingers will become thawed and your sore muscles will be more relaxed in the warm water. However, you may find it hard to motivate yourself to go back there the next day; you will definitely get attractive rewards in the end.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Astral Project Yourself To Another Dimension

Posted by patrick

By John Pereira

Everyone is born with the ability to perform astral projection. The only difference between people who do it often and the ones who do not is practice. The art of astral projection is ancient in the same way as yoga or meditation and deserves respect. It is known by many different names and types. There are also various ways to accomplish astral projection.

One type of astral projection is lucid dreaming. This occurs when you are dreaming and know it. When your conscious mind knows you are dreaming you can astral project very easily. Get into the habit of telling yourself 'I am dreaming' when you are having a lucid dream.

You can do anything you want once you wake up in your dream. This may be a little too random for beginners to be successful enough to astral project.

You need to accept the fact that astral projection will work. It is something that happens to everyone, you are just not aware of it. Have you awakened from a dream still fresh in your mind, which seems as though you really lived the experience? These dreams are an actual experience of astral projection.

The key to success in astral projection is to believe you can do it. Any doubts or fears you have will only hold you back and make it harder for you to astral project.

Learning to relax and meditation is another helpful tool when learning to astral project. Your mind and body needs to be prepared to achieve astral projection. Meditation is a great preparation for the experience. Find a meditation you like and practice it.

Find a quite place to relax, a comfortable chair or lie down, making sure you will not be interrupted. Clear your mind of all thoughts, picture a blank screen. Pay attention to your breathing, take slow deep breathes. Imagine all your troubles leaving your body when you breathe out. This will put you in a deeply relaxed state that will enable you to astral project.

The next step is to go into an altered conscious state. Keep focusing on your breathing, your problems are gone, your mind is blank. Breathe slow and deep, in through the nose and out the mouth, becoming more relaxed with each breath. It is time now to get your body relaxed as you breathe slower and deeper.

Begin with your toes and move on up your body telling each part to relax. When you breathe out, tell each part of your body to relax. You can also tense the muscles up first and then relax them, whichever works best for you.

The best way to describe what you are going to feel is heavy it is going to feel as though all of the energy and tension is slipping away from each part of your body. You will know it when it happens. Once you have relaxed each part of your body it is time for you to move to the next step that is going to help you astral project.

By now your mind and body are ready for sleep, you need to stay alert. To do this many practitioners recommend that you come up with a line that you can repeat to yourself such as I fly, I fly, I fly, you decide what you are going to say as there isnt a right or wrong thing.

Your mind may want to drift off and cause thoughts to start flowing through it. You do not want this to happen. You need to keep your focus on a phrase to keep these thoughts out. You will have to end the session and start over if you lose your focus.

There are different ways to achieve a state of altered consciousness. You can repeat your chosen phrase or do it another way. Imagine a glowing light, and then imagine you entering it and transforming yourself into this body of light. This is referred to as the body of light technique.

When you begin to astral project three things will happen to let you know. You will have a feeling of movement. You will notice different colors and lights in front of you. Your eyes will be closed as you are still in your chair or bed. When you see the lights this is when you are passing into the astral zone. Voices will tell you to go on and encourage you or tell you to stop now as a warning. When you hear these voices, it means you have succeeded in astral projecting.

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Fort Hood - What Nidal Malik Hasan's Name Reveals

Posted by patrick

By Tania Gabrielle

Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a rampage at Fort Hood, Texas - an Army base six times the size of Dallas - in early November, 2009.

Fort Hood is the most populous US military base in the world, located just outside Killeen in the rolling hills of Texas.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends affected by this terrible tragedy.

Hasan killed- people and injured 30. He's a psychiatrist who had a hard time advising Muslim American soldiers what to do when they expressed confusion in fighting other Muslims abroad.

Hasan reportedly gave away all of his furniture along with copies of the Koran to neighbors before the shooting.

Many clues are revealed when we look at the names, dates and numbers.

The date 11.5.2009 adds up to' - a number symbolizing materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature, and social upheaval or war. The warning with this number is to watch for deception from friends of enemies.

As for Major Malik Hasan there are many numbers activated for him right now. Remember it is always the whole recipe of numbers we must consider when it comes to major events.

Currently, Hasan is 39 years old. 39 reduces to 12 - the victim or victimizer vibration.

Hasan was born on an 8 Day.

He goes by the current name 'Nidal Malik Hasan' - a 22/4 name number. When you have an 8 or 4 in your birthday, like Hasan does, combined with an 8 or 4 current name - you automatically attract fateful people and events into your life.

November 5 was a 35/8 Personal Day for him, acting as a trigger.

Notice that- people were killed, and- reduces to 4, also tying into the fateful 4 and 8 combination.

The name 'Fort Hood' is a 44/8 current name, which would attract fateful events.

Another number is reflected in the 43 total casualties. Notice President George W. Bush was the 43rd President. This number is very challenging because it symbolizes revolution, upheaval, conflict and even war. It indicates failure and disappointment - the keywords for Bush's time in office.

More mysteries are revealed in Hasan's current name.

I created several lexigrams using the letters in 'NIDAL MALIK HASAN.' Remember he was known as a kind, gentle man who was conflicted about his role as army psychiatrist. He was despondent about being deployed to Afghanistan.

Some lexigrams for Hasan are -

"Hasan Hid in Hills and Had Mania."

"Ill Man Kills."

"Mild Man Had Mask."

"Man Is An Island."

"Kinsman Aids Hasan."

"Kind Man ails, damns mainland."

Truly remarkable insights into the mild-mannered man who was stationed in the rolling hills of Texas.

Believe me, most lexigrams are not this negative. They give you stunning insights into every facet of your life - spiritual, emotional and physical.

In Nidal Malik Hasan's case, I would have highly recommended that he change the spelling of his name to a fortunate number. With a fortunate name, these negative lexigrams would have had far less influence on him.

Make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones by having a spelling of your current name which is fortunate.

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Should I Try Dating Older Guys?

Posted by patrick

By Alan Bentley

As individuals, we are all different and have our own tastes, interests and motivations. It takes all types to make a world, as we are told and that is what makes living so much fun. There are no rules when it comes to companionship and we don't have to choose and select from a narrow range, thankfully. Different incomes, different social statures and ages can be attractive and some women think the dating older guys is a definite advantage.

Forming a meaningful relationship is no walk in the park, no matter who he is, where he comes from or what he expects. When it comes to dating older guys you have a whole different set of issues to comprehend. These are not necessarily stumbling blocks, but you nevertheless need to be fully understanding of implications.

If you find yourself falling for somebody who is a lot more mature than you, there is a good chance that he may have children already in his life. If he is divorced or separated, then the mother may well have custody, but you can fully imagine that he will want to keep up with his visitation rights and you must be ready to embark on a relationship with "pre-existing" conditions.

As you get older, you become a product of your upbringing and life experiences and tend to get more set in your ways as this develops. When dating older guys you will certainly find that they are somewhat less flexible than people much younger than them and you should understand that they are less likely to change as time goes by.

The age gap, if significant, can mean many cultural differences between the both of you. This may not be a big deal to you, but every now and again you will want to share a particular cultural experience or reference with him and find that he does not fully understand what you are referring to and vice versa. This can be "cute" in the beginning, but bear in mind that it may become a little frustrating as time goes by.

After the age of 30, men typically peak when it comes to sexual activities. You may not think this is an issue and may also believe that what they may lack for naturally can be more than made up for by the experience that they have gained!

Finances can be one of the biggest problems in any kind of relationship. When dating older guys they are likely to be more established financially and this can have a significant bearing on the stability of the relationship as you go forward.

If you are able to give and take and understand the differences that you may face when you were dating older guys, you may also be able to celebrate the differences between you and make them the core of your relationship as you go forward and fall more in love.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Feng Shui Your Home

Posted by patrick

By Adrian McCluskey

Is your house a "Home SWEET Home?" If it's not, you can use the principles of feng shui to create a strong center in your home. Start with one room and work your way around the entire house.

Clutter is the number one problem to remove when planning a redo of your home. Dust, tidy up and removing junk will go miles towards getting the positive energy flowing in your home.

Give it to charitable causes, sell it at a yard sale or just plain take it to the landfill. It doesn't matter how you get rid of it - like Nike says, just do it. It's the place to start.

Now you need to create the bagua which is a map of your home that determines the energy points. The geographic points are of course north, east, south and west and those are further broken down into north east, north west, south east and south west. Every one of these areas has a corresponding element and color to be used.

Did you ever walk into a home and instantly get a feeling of minor depression or unease? Every once in a while, if something is wrong in the home it needs an energy cure. Feng shui philosophy maintains that a combination of essential oils, representations of the elements and a selection of crystals can be used to return your home to a positive and stable energy flow.

Using the Chinese New Year as a guide, determine the element that works best for all the members of your family. Use this element predominantly in the bedroom of that person to bring a sense of harmony and peace.

Each feng shui color has an element associated with it. In the common areas, bring all of the elements together in balance through furniture, artwork, flowers and other features. Using miniature fountains is a great way to bring water into the picture.

Where you place things in the various rooms also makes a big difference. Energy must be allowed to flow without exception for your home to have positive energy. After you've spent hours getting rid of clutter, the last thing you want to do is re-clutter your home by over filling it with furniture. Remember, in a feng shui home "less is more" is the way to go.

You can consult an expert in feng shui for guidance on the amount of a single color to use in a particular room. Be open to what they suggest and you'll be successful in creating positive energy throughout your home.

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Get The Best Sleep When You Wear A Sleep Mask

Posted by patrick

By Bill Glover

Only few are aware of the benefits that one can enjoy during his or her sleep hours. It is unfortunate that some people are going without the right amount of sleep. On the other hand, there are also some people, who wish to sleep, but are facing quite a few problems with regard to staying asleep or falling asleep. In fact, this is where the importance of the sleep masks is realized. As a matter of fact, there are many health benefits associated with sleeping well.

There are a lot of reasons that sleep masks can be so important. Here are some of the reasons. You will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed when you have slept with a sleep mask even if you didn't get the nightly required amount of sleep. It acts as a blinder for your eyes and will ensure you many hours of sleep. This will help you feel great and refreshed for the day to come.

Sleeping gives you more healthy benefits. During the sleeping hours, your immune system will be encouraged to enhance its performance i.e. tackling the illness or diseases in your body. Sleeping is very much required at least to boost your body to face all sorts of illnesses and diseases. As well as that, you entire body will be repaired and refreshed when you sleep. It is a fact that energy levels in your body will be recharged with a good nights sleep

Getting enough sleep also balances the different chemicals your brain produces. You should know that you mental power will be refreshed when you get enough sleep. It also help you cope with different types of stresses .

Since, the main reason why people can not fall asleep is because of the interference of light, wearing a sleep mask could be your solution, as light cannot penetrate through the eye mask. Sleeping is also broadly classified into different stages; each stage has its own set of benefits. An eye shade or eye mask could help you to make the most of all these benefits.

By wearing an eye masks for sleeping, you will be quite focused on only sleeping and nothing else. This will help you make the most out of your day.

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Reinventing Your Image

Posted by patrick

By Rachel Quilty

Reinventing Yourself

Have you all ever wondered what is real and what is not? There is a time in everyone's life when they begin to question everything in existence, even themselves. When people come to that point, it usually signifies that it is time to start again. People change constantly throughout the course of their lives. You all will probably never meet somebody who has stayed the same from the time they were a teenager till the time they were a fully grown adult with their own established values, beliefs, and morals.

It is normal to go through a period of questioning and change. For many, the process of reinventing themselves does not occur until they are in their late 30s. Some reinvent themselves much sooner than that. In almost all cases, something happens in a person's life that causes them to open their eyes and personal appearance at things differently. It doesn't necessarily have to be something bad. It could be the birth of a child or an inheritance.

If you have ever attended a high school reunion, you most likely didn't recognize a good bit of people. When people are teenagers and young adults, they are easily influenced by their circumstances and peers. They will often dress the same as everyone else and sort of follow the pack. When you see someone years later, they may look different, speak differently, and not dress the same as before.

When a person reinvents themselves, it is literally like they are a new and improved individual. One of the things that someone can do to reinvent themselves is to look at their life. Ask yourself if this is where you want to be. Look at the people in your life as well. Your job also has a big impact on who you are.

Some people have said, if you all want to change your circumstances and life, you all must also change your people, places, and things. Meaning that it is easier to make a few changes in life if you all want to reinvent yourself. Decide what it is about you all that you all like and do not like. Write down these things down on a piece of paper.

Think about the ways in which you wish your life was better. Take a look at all of your bad habits, and make it a priority to break them now. Write down one spiritual goal, one physical goal, one financial goal, and one mental goal. If you can think of any more goals, write them down also, but beware not to write down too many because you do not want to become overwhelmed. Once you have composed a list, think about the things you can do in order to reach those goals. Also write down any other obstacles in your way.

Fool-proof your plan. If there are any obstacles, think and imagine of ways that you all can overcome them. Is there anything else that could get in the way of reaching your goals? If so, then do something about it now. You all should also keep a daily journal of your progress. Write down down something you all accomplished every single day that helped you all get closer to reinventing yourself. For example, if part of your overall plan is to lose weight, write down down that you all walked a mile. If it is to make better money, then write down down your efforts of creating a new and improved resume.

Most of all, you must stay positive. Anyone who has ever reinvented themselves never came out with a negative attitude. Believe in yourself and visualize that everything you want is already yours. The more you believe it has already happened, the sooner it will happen. Take time out each day to meditate upon what it is you want. Really sit down and believe all of it will come to pass. Think of yourself as a new and improved individual. If you do this, it will all come naturally and easily.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can You Date More Than One Man?

Posted by patrick

By Alan Bentley

You may feel that you are just wasting your time when you go out on those dates, as they invariably seem to lead nowhere and you end up spending a lot of your time and months of your life with no real results. Couldn't you consolidate all this time more effectively and try and date more than one man at a time? This is surely going to give you better odds of success, right?

Be careful if you decide to date more than one man, especially if you think that you are just hedging your bets. At the end of the day you need to be very realistic about what you are doing and fair to all parties involved. If you don't stick to some rules and directions then it could all turn into a real mess.

You may very well be using your time more efficiently, but if you really are going to date more than one guy you need to ask some very hard questions of yourself. Other people will undoubtedly criticize you and is your skin thick enough to be able to cope with this unconventional position?

Be selective about your suitors. If you make the decision to date more than one man you are going to have to allocate a lot of your spare time. Are both guys really candidates for the long-term? If you feel that they have equal merit, then you may go ahead.

Don't jump into bed with each guy! This is not the time for intimate relationships and the process you're going through is merely a process of selection. Anything else is very unfair.

Because you're likely to run into people who you know, try and avoid going to the same venues with each guy. To a certain extent you are going to have to have different worlds, or be prepared for some awkward encounters.

Before you begin to date more than one man, let each of them know what is going on. Honesty is definitely the best policy here and you want to be sure that they are fully accepting of the situation. If they find out the hard way there will be fireworks for sure.

Don't try and create a different personality when you date more than one man. You need to be yourself across the board, as there may be a tendency to try and manipulate a certain type of behavior because you think that particular gentleman likes you that way. If you're not careful, you will create so much confusion in your mind you will end up with nobody!

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Becoming A Remote Viewer - Are There Really Any Secrets?

Posted by patrick

By Jason Faux

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be the remote viewer, especially if you have never taken a remote view or at least remembered being a remote viewer.

A remote viewer can see anything anywhere and at any time. You're not limited by distance or even by time! You can see into the past and observe the earliest dinosaurs in the Triassic era or look into the future to see how the world will be in a few decades' time as well as what's happening on the other side of your block right now.

Anyone in the world can be a remote viewer however, for many they seem to have forgotten or lost their extra senses of perception. There are many different types of extra senses that the majority of humans have let go to waste or perhaps they never had the opportunity to learn more or practice their innate and natural mind powers.

Remote viewing often takes place with the remote viewer focusing on a target which they are completely unfamiliar with. In remote viewing studies, subjects practices remote viewing with no frame of reference as to what they would be viewing other than a codeword referring to the location's coordinates on a map unknown to the subjects.

However, this does not mean that you cannot remote view in an area that you are familiar with although you are not in that location at the time of the practice or test session of remote viewing. Many governments have poured millions of dollars into investigating the power of the mind such as remote viewing. Remote viewing is a term that falls under the umbrella term of paranormal or psychic, as does lucid dreaming, astral travel and other psychic abilities.

Remote viewing really isn't as odd as it may seem when you first hear of it. It's something which every single one of us can do as long as we work to develop our latent psychic talents. Once you learn how to access these mental capabilities, you can use your abilities as a remote viewer anytime you like.

What Do You Do To Enhance And Develop Your Natural Remote View Abilities?

Remote viewing, like all other psychic abilities are based on your mind power. You need to condition your mind to use its untapped potential and there are several different techniques which can be used to learn remote viewing. Meditation and guided visualization can help you to achieve the necessary state of mind to use remote viewing.

Remote viewing begins with relaxation. You need to relax both mind and body; try out different visualization techniques and meditations to find what works the best for you. Like developing any skill, it will take some time to become a remote viewer. Be patient and keep at it and you'll progress step by step.

When you're practicing remote viewing, choose a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Since you need to relax and focus your mind in order to remote view, you'll want to be certain that you won't be interrupted as you train yourself to use your natural remote viewing abilities.

As you practice, take notes on your results in a notebook. This remote viewing journal will be very helpful to you as you track your progress towards becoming an expert remote viewer. Make notes of your exercises and any images which you see as you attempt to remote view. Your notes can help you decide which techniques are bringing you the best results.

Every human being has these natural psychic abilities, though the numbers of those who actually work to develop these abilities so that they can be used is comparatively small. With the proper training, these latent abilities can be brought to the surface and learned to the extent that they can be used at will.

When you're a remote viewer, the entire universe opens its doors to you. You can see into any place at any time and explore distant galaxies or even find out what's going on next door. There are no limits to what a remote viewer can see; everyone can benefit from developing this inborn sensory ability.

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Some Tips To Succeed At Body Building

Posted by patrick

By Ricardo d Argence

In the last 30 years, the world has changed radically. And along with those changes, our attitudes about life and our lifestyles have changed dramatically, too. More emphasis seems to be placed on looks and outward appearance than every before. Everyone is very concerned with looking good!

It used to be said that, "First impressions are the last impressions." That seems to be even more true today than when it was said in years past, because these days everyone wants to make a perfect first impression. That means they want to look their best all the time and also have the perfect body. And that means that suddenly everyone is focused on exercising, getting healthy, and creating beautiful bodies.

That's just one of the reasons body building is more popular than ever. Many men have been consumed with the practice of working out, toning muscles, and building strength-and then flaunting their physical appearance-for years. But more recently, some women are also embracing body building to do the same.

Body building is basically building up muscles by the use of different techniques and competitive body building is the same thing only the body builder presents himself to judges and then he is evaluated for his aesthetic looks and a lot of other different categories. Body building was highly popular in the last few decades and there are a lot of professional body builders who tone up their muscles as a profession and take part in various body building competitions.

If you're interested in body building, here are a few tips that will help you develop your muscles. First, you'll want to include weight training in your regime. However, you should know that weight training for body building needs to be very specific and should be focused.

For example, too much weight training may damage your muscles. So all weight training must be focused on specific muscle groups, done for the proper duration or number of reps, and done properly to avoid tearing a muscle or doing some kind of irreparable damage. Weight training-and the way it is done-is critical to body building success.

Nutrition is also vitally important to body builders. You need to eat properly and focus on getting adequate nutrition to become successful, too. This also means getting good variety and not eating too much of a specific food.

Consumption of a diet rich in carbohydrates helps with muscle growth and provides the energy your body needs when working out a lot. Fiber is also critical to building muscle strength and helping muscles recover quickly, particularly if you tear a muscle or are experiencing muscle aches and pains. Therefore, a body builder's diet should also include lots of fiber.

Dietary supplements are also advised for body builders and these supplements give the body extra energy and also provide muscles with the right kind of nutrients which are essential for their growth.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Three Ways To Improve Your Memory

Posted by patrick

By Ian Yang

Many people will experience memory loss in their life. It is often a very frustrating experience and often a very discouraging occurrence. Luckily, a good mental workout each day is all it could take to improve your brains mental ability. Here are three surprisingly fun ways to keep your mind in shape.

Perhaps one of the more well known games that can both help improve your memory and prevent you from losing it in the first place is crossword puzzles. Perhaps the most famous crossword puzzle is that found in the New York Times newspaper each day. If you are not familiar with crossword puzzles and then stay away from the one in the New York Times. It's notoriously difficult. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a beginner or intermediate book of crossword puzzles. Completing just one of these each day is all it takes to give your mind a daily workout it needs.

Another effective strategy to improve your memory is learning a new language. Learning a new language really gives the brain a total workout. It is not important which language you learn. The key is to choose a language that you are interested in. You want to make sure that you will be able to maintain interest over the long term. Do not think that you have to actually develop the ability to speak fluently in the language, although that would be an added bonus. The result is not as important as the daily process of studying. Of course, you want to make enough progress so that you remain interested.

One of my favorite ways of giving my brain a challenging workout is a game of sudoku. Sudoku is a numbers game played on a grid. Sudoku puzzles come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels. Many people claim that sudoku is highly addictive. If you get bored of doing crossword puzzles or learning a new language, then start completing a sudoku puzzle everyday. Your brain will not know what hit it.

Now that you get the idea of what it takes to improve your memory and keep your brain in shape then you can start looking around for other kinds of puzzles that interest you. Another good one is jigsaw puzzles. And, there are dozens and dozens of other puzzles debt will be just as effective. Go to the bookstore and skim through a puzzle book. Since any puzzle will do, all you need to do is pick one you like.

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Implementing Motivation and Discipline in Ourselves

Posted by patrick

By Holden Roberson

The term motivation has many definitions. In the simplest of terms, motivation is goal oriented actions which produce a desired end result. Motivation typically begins with an incentive based feeling or idea.

By one definition, discipline is an activity, exercise or regimen that develops or improves a skill. Motivation is defined as an inducement or incentive. These are two completely different meanings yet they seem to be very closely associated.

You are what we think about all day. If you impress your mind with negative and unfavorable thoughts, eventually, these beliefs are what we become. If you impress your mind with positive information and reiterate your action plan, these beliefs are what you will become.

The source of motivation is derived from a need or want. Whether it's losing weight, quitting smoking, making more money or achieving balance in one's life, the feeling must come from within you. It cannot be someone else's idea or thought.

Sometimes we don't know how we feel. We haven't stopped to examine exactly who we are and more importantly, who we want to be for ourselves. We know who the boss, the kids and the family want us to be but too often we overlook making ourselves a priority.

Once you've laid the foundation and are clear as to the course you'd like to move, put your thoughts or actions on paper. This becomes your motivational guide. You will refer to this daily to keep you in line with what you are trying to accomplish.

Several times a day, review your plan. Remind yourself why you are changing a previous course of action or learning a new thought process. Doing this several times a day will enable you to stay motivated. Remember, motivation is prompted by thought. Take some time to think.

As you begin achieving your desired results, reward yourself. Make sure you know you're heading in the right direction. As you begin to see and feel the transformation happening within yourself, this will motivate you to the next level.

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Some Astranomical Facts

Posted by patrick

By Colin Jones

How many facts are there to be known or learned about all the objects and phenomenon in our entire universe? Just think: there are about 1 x 10 ^22 stars in the universe, that's 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars; then there are many of those stars that have planets in orbit around them. Then consider the moons that orbit those planets and the comets and asteroids, the galaxies these stars form, the nebulae and black holes and everything else that's out there. The amount of information and data is really quite mind-boggling. This article definitely will not contain every fact about astronomy, but they are very interesting facts nevertheless.

Shall we start by taking a look at a small aspect of astronomy: which are the brightest stars seen from the Earth? - except the Sun, that is, which is just about 250,000 times nearer than the next closest star. In fact, it is so bright that when the sky is viewed from the Earth, it's light blinds out all the other stars in the sky during a phenomenon called daytime.

Remember that according to the scale for the magnitudes given, lower numbers are brighter. Our Sun would be about -26.73, while the full moon is -12.6. So, with that in mind, here are the top 5:

#5 is Vega, which is in Lyra, and which means 'falling eagle' in Arabic. It's about 25 light years away from the Earth, with a magnitude of 0.04.

When you are thinking about these astronomical facts, please bear in mind that the 'brightest from the Earth' doesn't mean 'largest' or 'brightest'. The Sun is not the largest or brightest star in the universe or even the galaxy, yet it seems so bright to us because it is near compared to the other stars.

#4 Rigel Kentaurus is a very bright, bluish-white supergiant star in the constellation of Orion. It is a binary star, with an average apparent magnitude of 0.12. It's scientific name is Beta Orionis. 'Rigel Kentaurus' is Arabic for the 'foot of the centaur'. It's about four light years from Earth.

#3 is Arcturus. The name means 'guardian of the bear' in Latin/Greek. This star is about 37 light years from us. It is to be found in the constellation of Bootes near the Great Bear. It has a magnitude of 0.00

#2 Canopus. Of the top five, Canopus, the Greek name for the pilot of the ship Argo in the stories about Jason and the Argonauts, is the brightest, but because it is 313 light years from Earth, it's only second on this list of the five brightest stars seen from Earth. It has a magnitude of -.62.

#1 is Sirius, which translate from the Greek as 'scorching'. It's also sometimes called the 'Dog Star' because it is the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Major, which means 'The Big Dog' in Latin. It is situated only 9 light years from Earth, which makes it easily the second closest of these top five. It has a magnitude of -1.44, which makes it very easily the brightest star that can be observed in the night sky.

These facts don't even scratch the surface on the subject of astronomy but it's something to think about anyway the next time you look up into the sky at night.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Essential Nature of Attitude

Posted by patrick

By Bob Proctor

Do you know people who always seem to get the short end of the stick in every situation in their life? On the opposite end of it, there are some people who just get more and more prosperous no matter what they get into. Why do you suppose that it? Granted, some already had wealth waiting in their family's trust funds-but a lot of extraordinary people started from nothing and have become rich. What do they have that makes them a success? It's called attitude.

Attitude is the manner by which you deal with the situations at hand. More than that, it is a stand you decide on in spite of however many opposing factors challenge this decision. Everybody will experience bad days; but turning these into opportunities for good is possible so long as you have the right attitude.

It is essential that you assume the right attitude every day in life. Instead of just struggling to make money, you can have the six figure income everybody wants to attain. Yes, that six figure income is a reachable dream as long as you understand and correctly practice the principles of wealth management.

So are you ready to find out the secret on how to change your life today? It is as simple as it is infallible-the law of attraction. The law of attraction will directly support the path that your attitude has begun to set you on. Latch on to a positive mindset to substantiate your careers goals-no matter how high it may seem to you. The universe will be compelled to abide by the 'vibrations' that your attitude is transmitting.

With how the economy is going nowadays, most people think to achieve their career goals and become rich is as elusive as catching wisps of smoke. That is erroneous thinking. Money is always available for the individual who wants it enough to pursue it stubbornly. You can improve your quality of life and have wealth whatever the economic climate you were born in. The secret rests in your attitude-this will make you act towards the fulfillment of your convictions and attract other people to believe in you as well.

On the other hand, if you have a negative mindset in life the same principle will apply. People looking for ways to make money without improving their mental outlook will fail in their attempts to gain financial prosperity.

Begin to set goals and train your mind to accept that it will come to pass no matter what. It may be in areas of finance or personal-whatever improvement in your quality of life can be yours if you are immovable in your faith and act in support of it.

Remember, attitude is the point where in your mind, will and emotions come together in how you approach life. Use the strength of your will to change your feelings to respond positively to whatever circumstances you have to face. You know how to change your life-it is as simple as changing your attitude. Expect the best and begin living your best life today.

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Dental Braces Can Reconstruct Your Self-Pride

Posted by patrick

By Joey Burnett

Not all people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Dental misalignment can affects people's appearance, and lower their self-pride. Those people with perfectly aligned teeth have also the inclination to get them misaligned for some causes. Thus, several people need dental services that can keep their teeth alignment .

The effective solution to keep and acquire perfect dental alignment is to use dental braces. Dental braces are the great way of aligning the teeth perfectly, hence, rebuilding someone's self-esteem.

Now, modern society has some criteria of accepting people. Some people set certain measures in order for them to receive someone as their friend. One of these criteria is having good looks. Many people treat you good and accept you if you look beautiful, but if don't, you might find that you don't belong. Unlike old human societies where people accept you for who you are, the modern society made their first impression based on someone's appearance.

This society's rejection can make a person lose or lower his or her self-esteem. Although self-esteem is a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth, it also depends on the feedback a person gets from the society. If you constantly get bad feedbacks from others through rejections, these will most probably get in to your nerves and pull down your self-pride.

Many people with great looks have perfectly aligned teeth. If not that good looking, a person with a pleasant smile is most likely accepted. Beautiful smile can give you good aura and enhance your looks.

Therefore, for people who get rejection because of misaligned teeth, dental braces are the answer to reconstruct their shattered self-esteem. Naturally you should observe your dentist's advise on how to use braces properly. The repaired teeth alignment will be acknowledged by people and most likely give positive feedbacks.

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Benefits of Teamwork

Posted by patrick

By Bart Icles

Teamwork is very essential in the workplace. Through this, all of the employees will become united and work as one - thus becoming very productive. Another advantage of having teamwork in the workplace is the warm and friendly ambience this projects. Because of this, everyone will feel comfortable with each other and will be able to function with each other well. With these effects brought about by teamwork, it is a no brainer that having this is really very important.

There are companies which are fortunate enough to have teamwork instilled in their working attitude right away. But, there are also a lot of companies who need help in uniting their workers together in the workplace. Those companies who have difficulty with getting everyone to connect with each other hold teamwork workshops to enhance everyone's relationship with each other.

The purpose of these workshops is to bind everyone together. Communication is given much emphasis and the team members are taught how to relate effectively with each other. Each others' talents are recognized and the team practices teamwork by thinking how to maximize these talents to their full potential. The teamwork seminars are similar with team building because they strengthen the group and teach them how to handle trials which they will probably face in the future.

Another thing that teams could benefit from teamwork trainings is the added knowledge regarding building a high performance and being able to maintain it. They will be given tips on how to do just this. This training will not only focus on improving team spirit but it will also give specific attention to the individual members of the team. It will try to encourage the workers to improve their individual team building skills so that it could work for the benefit of everybody. This training should not consist purely of boring lectures. Although, there may be some lectures, there should be plenty of activities which will challenge the participants to take part in the workshops actively.

To determine that teamwork training is effective, the participants should be able to gain new insight on working as one and becoming more productive after the activities. They should understand how each individual member of the team is important in achieving success for the team. They should also recognize just how vital good communication is and know the different approaches of doing so. Team members should be able to know various methods of how to solve conflicts among other members. Creativity and resourcefulness should also be given importance in the team.

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