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Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Everyone Should Try Having A Past Regression

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By John Paul Harding

As reincarnation gains ever more acceptance in our society, you may have been hearing about something called past life regression. This is exactly what the name implies; and it is something that a growing number of people are interested in. When we know more about our past lives, it gives us insight into our lives in the here and now.

If you would like to try past life regression, the best first step is to keep a journal of your past lives. This journal will be your workbook as you put together the pieces of your former lives. It can contain any of the thoughts and emotions which you see as being out of context in your present life as you know it; even the seemingly most trivial of things can actually be important clues. Your emotions are an especially strong indicator. If you have any fears which seem irrational to you or you are inexplicably drawn to certain places or things, these are likely to be very important details.

A past lives journal could begin as a list of things you like and do not like, fears, favorite foods, places and other cultural details. You should also note any predispositions and talents you may have - anything which says something about who you are may turn out to be important as you decipher the clues to your past lives.

You may also want to write down some of the details of your dreams in your journal; but remember that much of what appears in your dreams is likely to be taken from your present life.

Past life regression is another option.

Often, this will mean a session with a professional past life regression therapist. These people are trained in using hypnosis to guide you through a regression experience and help you to understand the information you gain from the session. While many choose to go to a professional, self-hypnosis may also work for you.

Meditation is another technique which is used to learn about past lives.

Many of us find it difficult at first to experience a past life regression through meditation. Since we are aware that our minds can play tricks on us and often skeptical about the idea of regression, it is not uncommon to have to learn to overcome your tendency to disbelieve yourself.

If you are new to the practice, meditation may feel much like daydreaming; but the images and other information receives about past lives as you meditate can be accurate and valuable. You should write down everything about your experience in your past lives journal so you can compare this against the rest of your notes.

Those who have some difficulty meditating often find aids including visual focal points, incense or relaxing music or sounds to be helpful. There are guided meditation tapes you can try as well as recordings of relaxing natural soundscapes.

Binaural beats are something else you can try.

Binaural beats are an audio technology which uses certain frequencies to attune your brainwaves to achieve a deep state of meditation in a short time. Whether you choose this or another aid to your meditations, you do need to select a quiet place to meditate which is free of distractions. Lie down or sit and get comfortable, keeping your thoughts positive as you relax your body.

You need to relax your muscles and clear your mind. When one of those thoughts of your everyday concerns comes through, simply acknowledge it and move on. It may take several tries before you can successfully meditate, but you will get there - and the answers to your questions about past lives may start coming to you.

Using past life regression techniques can also assist you in dealing with problems you have in the present day. Many people find that they have had the same people around them in more than one lifetime; the past may hold clues to managing interpersonal relationships in the present.

A large number of the world's religious traditions include reincarnation among their beliefs, particularly the Karmic religions of South Asia. Jains, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists all believe that your actions in every lifetime influence the circumstances you will be born into the next time around. What this teaches us is that having an understanding of your past lives can be the key to living better right now.

Regression has to be done with an open mind to the possibilities the practice opens up. You need to be willing to take in what comes to you and open to learning from your past mistakes to change your current life for the better.

Experts say that re-experiencing some of the events of a past life can be a powerful tool for overcoming mental blocks and giving you a better outlook towards your life and the world around you.

Learning about past lives lets you prevent yourself from making the same mistakes all over again - and use what you learn to improve not just your own life, but the world around you.

Another benefit of regression is that you may, as have many others, discover a talent you never knew you had! Seeing yourself doing something in a past life may be a clue to a talent you need only to bring out of its latent state to share with the world.

As long as you have an open mind and are ready to learn from your past lives, there are many benefits which past life regression may hold for you.

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