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Monday, December 28, 2009

Regression Hypnosis - What Is It All About?

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By Richard Lumb

What is regression hypnosis? It's a form of hypnotherapy that helps you go into your past and discover things that you may know in your subconscious, but will not recognize in your conscious mind. Oftentimes, you can use this therapy to help you figure out negative experiences from your past. If you want to rediscover your past lives, you can also use regression hypnosis to do this.

What is past life regression and how does regression hypnosis work?

Regression hypnosis works similarly to other types of hypnosis. The subject of the hypnosis is put under hypnosis by a trained therapist. The subject is then led back through a past life with careful suggestion, done by the therapist.

Hypnosis can help you unlock your subconscious mind's memory, because it helps you go "underneath" your active conscious mind. You can see, then, what is held in secret within your own mind.

Relieving Trauma through Regression Hypnosis

Regression hypnosis is often used to help people work through a traumatic experience in their past. People who have suffered from something traumatic may feel a lasting impact that can cause problems for them throughout their life.

With regression hypnosis, you're hypnotized by the therapist and then are taken back to the event in your life. At that point, you are led through the event such that you can come to terms with it and then get on with your life.

Regression hypnosis can help a person to build their self-esteem, fix emotional problems, heal from abuse, release pent up emotions and stop fears or phobias. It can be a very powerful process that allows people to come to grips with something bad that happened in their past.

Seeking Past Lives

Regression hypnosis can also help you find out more about past lives you've lived. Called "past life regression," some therapists don't accept this as a mainstream therapy, but it's still relatively common among therapists as a practice.

People sometimes want to search or discover their past lives in an effort to help them understand their current life. People who believe in past lives believe that these past lives are connected to their current life and have a profound effect on what is happening to them right now.

These people believe that by discovering their past lives they can learn what they need to do in this life to avoid mistakes they made in the past or what they need to do in this life to prevent repeating what went wrong in their past life. Through regression hypnosis they explore their past lives and learn about who they were and what happened in these past lives.

Regardless of why you are interested in using regression hypnosis, there is plenty of proof that it can be very helpful. People use regression hypnosis often to help them uncover things that happened in their past or their past lives and then use these discoveries to improve their life right now.

Even though hypnosis still isn't completely accepted as a viable form of therapy, it hasn't shown to be very effective and may indeed be beneficial to you if you think your past is holding you back from a better life, now.

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