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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Online Courses for Doctorate Degrees - A Sensational Opportunity!

Posted by patrick

By John B Maxted

People who have performed research into post graduate degrees have surely stumbled across the following term: PHD. These letters are representative of a doctoral degree that is known to be the most prestigious degrees a person can attain. Through the completion of a doctoral degree, one has established mastery in a field based on the most stringent standards of academic research.

Of course, it goes without saying that there is a great deal of work involved with achieving such a degree. This is why the development of means for acquiring online doctoral degrees is such a huge positive. Online doctoral degree programs allow prospective students the ability to acquire an advanced degree while maintaining the flexibility of a distance learning program. This means online doctoral degree programs provide a pathway to those that otherwise might not be able to undertake a doctoral degree.

Why Would Someone Want to Undertake a Doctorate?

There are many advantages of possessing a doctoral degree. Clearly, having an accredited university affirming the graduates brilliance, innovation, and expertise in a subject will enhance a person's professional standing.

It has been said that all education is a valuable resource. But the education attained through hard work and rigid requirements is even more valuable. A doctoral degree is certainly a confirmation of the stringent education required if you ask the holder of this degree. The occupational skills developed from attaining this degree are invaluable.

Why Undertake A Doctoral Degree Program Online?

As previously mentioned, flexibility and inclusiveness are among the most beneficial attributes of online doctoral degrees. In the past, when the only option of acquiring a doctoral degree centered on attending class "in person", those that could not commit to a rigid schedule would need to slowly chip away at their degree requirements for several years.

Then, there were those that were left with no options. They simply could not partake in a degree program at all. Through the advent of online degree programs, the ability to actually complete an advanced degree becomes a viable option for many. The ability to do the research and study within a flexible schedule allows an online doctoral degree to be completed whilst continuing to meet current work and family commitments. There are many other reasons why online bachelor degree courses make online learning an attractive alternative.

What Selection of Doctoral Degree Programs Are Available Online?

There are no differences in the type of doctoral degrees available online than the ones that would be pursued in a typical classroom setting. The availability of liberal arts and sciences are present in some form online. There are however, some programs that will have to be taken in a classroom ob laboratory due to their diversity. But at least part of the programs are accessible online.

Will it Be An Advantage To My Career By Completing a Doctoral Degree?

Since this is the highest achievement in education, the prospective employers for those with a doctoral degree are many. This degree is looked upon as proclaiming you an expert in the field you have chosen. Making you a valuable asset to a prospective employer, there are many jobs in state as well as federal government for those with a degree such as this. Teachers with a doctoral degree are highly sought. PhDs are required by institutes involved in research and policy. The prospects for those with doctoral degrees are infinite and along with this the earnings you are able to command are quite substantial as well. This is the reason this degree is one of the most valuable assets you can have.

As you can see, possessing a doctoral degree can open many professional doors. Now, online doctoral degree programs make access to such a degree much more inclusive. There are many fully accredited and highly respected schools that offer doctoral degree courses online and for most online programs financial support is available.

As a result, anyone with a desire for achieving excellence in their given academic field has the opportunity to do so. Are you ready to pursue the prestige, respect and opportunity that comes with completing your doctoral degree?

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Tips to Get Back Together with Your Boyfriend

Posted by patrick

By Ricardo d Argence

You have determined your boyfriend is worth getting back together with and you want you and your boyfriend to get back together. Perhaps, you are tired of feeling so lost and alone without him by your side. You miss him terribly now that he is gone.

Consider changing your approach towards him and the relationship if you want you and your boyfriend to get back together. He may have panicked if the relationship moved along to quickly and marriage was on the horizon.

It could very well be that he felt smothered and didn't have enough space or didn't feel like he was in control, of his future. It could also be that you are pressuring him too much now and all he wants is to be away from you.

This may or may not have been the case, however if you push too much it very well may become so. You must be aware of this, if you want you and your boyfriend to get back together again.

Men thrive on their independence and do require space now and again. Perhaps he did consider the issues of commitment and marriage and found them appealing. However, then reality set in for him and he felt trapped in the situation. He feels more comfortable when he is in charge and in control of his path and the relationships, he may involve himself in.

If things start getting fast they don't feel so in control anymore. Once marriage or long term commitment starts getting discussed it is easy to feel that you are getting sucked into something if you don't feel ready. If they feel they aren't ready, they most likely aren't. If they feel like they are getting pushed down a road they don't think they want to go yet, they may push themselves away.

If he has pushed himself away and you really want you and your boyfriend get back together you are likely going to have to be secretive and sensitive about it. You will have to decide that you don't want to force him down the road. You want him to just walk with you and let him feel he is taking the lead. He needs to feel like he is choosing this direction.

You are dealing with a break up right now, since there is no direction. However, now is a good time to get back on that path? He may be free and clear of you to an extent.

If the two of you are still on a friendly basis and he wants to talk, be available. However, you should not be too available. When he calls, do not be readily available. When he wants to make plans, turn him down the first time but ask him for a rain check. You want him to pursue you, allow him to hunt.

Keep in mind that sometimes the things you want the most are those things that are the hardest to get. Let him hunt you. Men most often hunt for those things that are hardest to find. Allow him to go in for the kill and you will both be happy.

You must be someone worth hunting for, so allow yourself to be the prey, although not so easily caught, when you want him to commit. Perhaps doing this will help you and your boyfriend get back together.

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Solid Steps On How To Get Over A Break Up

Posted by patrick

By Nikki Frost

Learning how to get over a break up is by no means an easy process. You may have heard that time heals all wounds; this is particularly true in the case of getting over break up. Without allowing yourself the appropriate time and space in which to heal, you will not be successful in knowing how to get over a break up and move on.

A break up will make you feel a whole host of intense emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and resentment. It is normal to have these feelings after a break up, so if you are feeling some or all of them, consider yourself normal. So many others have taken this beaten path before.

In order to allow yourself to let go of these feelings, you must first accept them. This involves allowing yourself to feel each emotion, and to act on each in an appropriate way. An appropriate way of acting out may include crying or screaming into your pillow. Do not prevent yourself from acting out in a healthy way to get over your break up depression.

It is important, however, to prevent yourself form acting out in an unhealthy way. Do not seek revenge by embarking on a mission to hurt or spite your ex partner when learning how to get over a break up. This will get you nowhere and will ultimately end in you feeling worse than before. Remember, just because you have been hurt does not give you the right to hurt others.

Whilst you are allowing yourself to feel these emotions, it is important to keep sight of the objective- to ultimately know how to deal with a break up. Many people easily lose sight of the objective and find themselves wallowing in their emotions without being able to give them up.

Give yourself time to feel the emotions, however remain aware of just how much time you are taking to do so. You will have good days and you will have bad days in coping with a break up, so take each day at a time and dont resent yourself if you find you are having an extremely emotional day, remember, this is perfectly normal.

If the break up was quite recent, you may be feeling like your life is over and that you will never be happy again. But do not give up hope so soon. You never know what life has in store while getting over a break up. Just because you are single now, it does not mean that you will be lonely for the rest of your life. It just means the relationship was not meant to be.

So in learning how to get over a break up, you should concentrate on the future and looking forward to meeting someone new. Yes, this may be hard to do, but as they say, "behind every cloud, there's a silver lining".

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Selecting CompTIA A Plus Training (110509)

Posted by patrick

By Jason Kendall

The CompTIA A+ training program covers four areas of training; you're seen as an A+ achiever when you've passed the test for half of them. This is why most training providers only teach 2 specialised areas. You'll find that you're advised to have the teaching in all areas as many positions will require the skills and knowledge of each specialist area. It's not essential to take all four exams, but we would recommend you at least have a working knowledge of every area.

Once you start your A+ training program you'll become familiar with how to work in antistatic conditions and build and fix computers. You'll also cover fault finding and diagnostics, through both hands-on and remote access. If your ambition is maintaining networks, add the excellent Network+ to the CompTIA A+ training you're doing. Including Network+ will put you in a position to apply for more interesting jobs. Alternatively, you may prefer the Microsoft networking qualifications (MCP, MCSA and MCSE).

It's irrefutable, the computing sector shows marvellous possibilities. Yet, to fully investigate, what are the questions we need to pose, and which are the areas we need to look at?

Students looking to get a career in IT generally haven't a clue which direction they should take, or what market to obtain accreditation for. What chances do most of us have of understanding the tasks faced daily in an IT career when we haven't done that before? Often we don't know someone who is in that area at all. Reflection on many areas is essential when you need to dig down a solution that suits you:

* Personality factors plus what interests you - which work-centred jobs you like and dislike.

* Are you aiming to accomplish a specific objective - for instance, being your own boss sometime soon?

* Where do you stand on travelling time and locality vs salary?

* Some students don't fully understand the energy expected to get fully certified.

* You need to take in what is different for each individual training area.

Ultimately, your only chance of covering these is via a meeting with a professional that knows the industry well enough to give you the information required.

One thing you must always insist on is full 24x7 support with expert mentors and instructors. Far too often we see trainers who only seem to want to help while they're in the office (9am till 6pm, Monday till Friday usually) and nothing at the weekends. Look for training where you can access help at any time of the day or night (irrespective of whether it's the wee hours on Sunday morning!) Make sure it's always 24x7 direct access to mentors and instructors, and not a call-centre that will take messages so you're parked in a queue of others waiting to be called back during office hours.

The most successful trainers utilise several support facilities around the globe in several time-zones. An online system provides an interactive interface to seamlessly link them all together, no matter what time you login, help is just seconds away, with no hassle or contact issues. Always choose a training company that is worth purchasing from. Because only 24x7 round-the-clock live support truly delivers for technical programs.

Traditional teaching in classrooms, utilising reference manuals and books, can be pretty hard going sometimes. If this sounds like you, find training programs which feature interactive and multimedia modules. Many studies have proved that much more of what we learn in remembered when we involve as many senses as possible, and we get physically involved with the study process.

Interactive full motion video utilising video demo's and practice lab's will beat books every time. And you'll actually enjoy doing them. Every company that you look at must be able to demonstrate some samples of their training materials. You're looking for evidence of tutorial videos and demonstrations and a variety of interactive modules.

It is generally unwise to select online only courseware. Because of the variable quality and reliability of all internet service providers, make sure you get actual CD or DVD ROM's.

A lot of training academies are still using one of the most out-dated training concepts - classroom lessons. Often sold as a benefit, following a chat with most students who've had to attend a couple, don't be surprised to be lectured on several if not all of these issues:

* Frequent centre visits - quite often 100's of miles or more.

* Accessibility to workshops; usually Mon-Fri and two or three days in a row. This can be difficult to get the days away from work.

* Most of us end up feeling 4 weeks off each year is barely enough. Spend at least half of this for educational classes and see how much more difficult it makes things.

* Training events usually become way too big.

* Tension is sometimes created in many classes where most students want to move at a pace comfortable for them.

* Let's not ignore the extra expense of travelling or accommodation either. Often, this will cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds extra. Sit down and add it up - you may be surprised.

* Most attendees want their training to remain private and therefore avoiding all repercussions in their job.

* Who amongst us hasn't avoided posing that question we were dying to ask, just because we wanted to maintain the illusion that we did, in fact, understand?

* Typically, workshops become virtually undoable, in cases where you live away for part of the week.

It would be better to simply watch and be trained by instructors one-to-one through videoed lessons, working on them at a time that's convenient for you and you alone. You could study at home on your desktop computer or use your laptop to enjoy the sun. Any questions that pop up, just utilise the 24x7 Support (that should've been packaged with any technical type of training.) No matter how regularly you have to re-cover a topic, on-screen teachers won't ever lose patience! And don't forget, because of this, note-taking becomes a thing of the past. It's all there for immediate use. Could it get any simpler: A lot of money is saved and you avoid all the travelling; and you get a more comfortable study atmosphere.

Massive developments are flooding technology as we approach the second decade of the 21st century - and it only gets more exciting every day. It's a common misapprehension that the technological revolution that's been a familiar part of our recent lives is cooling down. All indicators point in the opposite direction. Terrific advances are ahead of us, and the internet significantly is going to dominate how we conduct our lives.

Wages in the IT sector aren't to be ignored moreover - the income on average over this country as a whole for the usual IT worker is considerably better than average salaries nationally. Odds are you'll make a whole lot more than you would in most other jobs. Because the IT market sector is still growing with no sign of a slow-down, it's looking good that demand for qualified professionals will continue actively for decades to come.

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Hypnotherapy: Is It a Scam Or the Real Deal

Posted by patrick

By Michael Heart

If someone were to bring up the topic hypnotherapy, would you roll your eyes or listen with intrigue? Many people would roll their eyes and say that hypnotherapy is just a scam for people who couldnt become doctors to get rich. There are other people who will testify to how real hypnotherapy is and how well it really works. If youre sitting on the fence about this subject, its high time you learned some facts about hypnotherapy that just might help you decide if its real or a scam.

Defining Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that makes you breathe and keeps your heart beating. To understand what hypnotherapy is, its best to understand what it isnt. So what isnt hypnotherapy? Its not a means for someone to take control of your mind. Actually, hypnotherapy is when someone helps you to obtain control over your own mind.

What hypnotherapy does is make you relax and concentrate to overcome the fear, habit, etc. Hypnotherapy allows you to focus on just this one thing while staving off the 50 other things you may be thinking about.

An example of what hypnotherapy strives to do is to break a habit. A habit is defined as something done repetitively without thought (subconsciously). Hypnotherapy will help your mind focus on just that habit, where that habit resorted from and how to find a way to overcome that habit.

Understanding What Hypnotherapy Is Used For Hypnotherapy isnt a means for curing everything that is fearful or a habit in your life. Hypnotherapy is used to control the subconscious mind. Anything being controlled by the subconscious mind can be helped by hypnotherapy. How? Remember that hypnotherapy allows your body to relax so that your mind can understand your reactions and/or obsessions. From there, you can see how you can fix those issues within yourself and overcome the paralyzing fear or bad habit.

Discovering What Hypnotherapy Is Hypnotherapy is used to control people to do things they never thought they could before. This is a false statement. Hypnotherapy is used to help people overcome habits, fears or other subconscious ailments. This is a true statement.

Many people have been able to recover from various conditions with the help of a hypnotherapist, with far less sessions than if the person had gone to a psychologist and talked about any number of problems that could be the hidden culprit.

People who are more visual will be more susceptible to a hypnotic state. Why? The subconscious mind works with images so being visual is a stimulant to hypnotherapeutic assistance. This allows you to better see yourself overcoming your issues.

Using hypnotherapy as a means of overcoming fears, pain or other ailments of the subconscious mind can help you live your life more fully. You can overcome public speaking, flying, acting or you can be helped with arthritis pain or other pains. Some people undergo a hypnotic state to diminish pains for before, during and after surgery. A hypnotherapist isnt skilled in just one area of fear or cures but in many, if not all, areas of fear and cures.

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Bring Your Office to Catalina Island!

Posted by patrick

By Heather P. Harvey

Corporate team-building is a key element to growing a successful company. Satisfied employees are more creative, productive and work more effectively in groups. The payoff from holding a corporate team building even is obvious; increased productivity!

Your employees spend day after day together working in the office, but they rarely get to know each other in a social setting. Stepping out from behind the desk anb playing interactive games creates a whole new dynamic for your employees. Activities like this are crucial for overcoming sterotypes and breaking free from everyday routine thinking.

Once your employees are on a level playing field, free from their hierarchies and job titles, they begin to understand the importance of being an interactive team, capable of reaching goals as a group. This is never made simpler then by picking up a ball and having some fun.

Catalina Island is an exciting destination for your corporate team-building event. The island is set up perfectly for these type of events, and it is just a short drive and ferry ride from San Diego or Los Angeles. Following are some great ideas to add to your list of team-building events, all waiting for you on Catalina Island:

Catalina Island Golf Cart Road Rally

This is not your ordinary road rally! Four person teams take to the streets of Avalon in a one of Catalina Islands famous modified golf carts, armed with a colorful local area map and a booklet of Avalon trivia. Drivers and passengers discover Catalina's rich history while exercising their teamwork skills. Each milestone is documented with a polaroid camera and points are scored as each team meets their goals. The road rally is a perfect way to explore the island, learn, and makes a great team-building experience.

Catalina Island Super Beach Sports

Get your game on in front a private beachfront club a hundred yards from the beach. The private club is capable of fully catered lunches and dinners for large groups in its restaurant. Events can include pigskin relay, gunny sack races, hula hoop toss, croquette, volleyball, Frisbee, horseshoes, water balloon toss and beach scavenger hunt. Activities can be easily customized to suit your taste. This is a great place to take over and make your own for a day!

Catalina Island Kayak Relay Races

Paddle towards victory with your partner! Easy to maneuver two-person sit-on-top ocean kayaks provide the vehicle for this popular team-building event. The safe, calm waters of Avalon Bay provide the perfect venue. Kayakers are challenged to complete sklilled maneuvers like backwards paddling while navigating a watery course. Of course, each two-person team must work together to achieve their goals. The colorful kayaks, friendly competition, sunshine and crystal clear water brings out the kid in everyone involved!

Catalina Island Golf Tournaments

No Golf Pros here! Bring the whole office to the fairway and get ready to tee off. Enough said? Golf is fun no matter who you are Unless you hate golf, in which case you get to drive the cart and have a beer " everyone loves that!

Catalina Island Mini-Golf Tournaments

Maybe golf is too much like your plans for the weekend. Then hold your event at the Catalina Island Mini-Golf course. Putting through the challenging course is a silly way to compete and have a laugh with your co-workers.

Catalina Island Jet-Ski competitions

Perhaps your employees need to be shaken up a bit! Organizing a Jet-Ski competition is something they wont soon forget, and is guaranteed fun!

Catalina island is both affordable and easy to get to, making it a prime location for your corporate event. Everyone is sure to love the ride over and a fun-filled day of unique "Island-Style" activities, delicious food and drinks.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

What to Do to Rebuild a Relationship After Domestic Charges Have Been Made.

Posted by patrick

By Chuck R Stewart

Domestic abuse is a serious charge. If you have been charged with domestic abuse because you turned on your spouse in anger, you need to do two things immediately. Your first action must be to contact a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney. This will have a strong impact on your future whenever any type of criminal charge has been made against you, but it is particularly important in the case of domestic abuse. If you love your spouse and want to rescue the marriage, you need a Las Vegas domestic abuse attorney to minimize and mitigate the lifelong effects of a single incident. The second action needed to preserve the relationship is to see a counselor or therapist for anger-management training.

Retaining a competent lawyer that specializes in domestic abuse cases is important because the issue is so serious. All possible steps must be taken immediately to prevent further abuse from occurring. In many parts of the country, Nevada being one, domestic violence is an enhancement crime. This term means that, for each subsequent conviction, the penalties become much more severe. Besides stricter penalties, you may lose your Second Amendment right to own a firearm. Also, in a child custody case, a conviction for domestic abuse can prevent you from being given even partial custody of your children.

While assistance from a domestic violence attorney is vital in the present when a charge has been filed, counseling and anger-management training is needed to prepare for the future. If you want to repair your current relationship or have a chance for a successful future relationship, you need to learn to express your anger in healthy and loving ways. While computer-based anger-management training is available, it can be most successful with the help of a counselor or therapist in live sessions.

Dr. Tony Fiore and Dr. Ari Novick have published a book called Anger Management for the 21st Century. In this book, Drs. Fiore and Novick explain eight techniques to help you to take control of your anger. These techniques can be boiled down to one concept, which is to think before you react. These techniques can be summarized in this way:

1. Recognize stress. A lot of anger is caused by stress. If you can recognize that you are experiencing stress, you can use various stress-reducing techniques during times when you are feeling no anger.

2. Develop empathy. An empathic person can feel and thus understand the feelings of others.

3. Respond instead of react. Reacting implies acting without thinking. When you feel angry, don't let your first reaction come out without thinking it through first.

4. Change the conversation with yourself. In your self-talk, analyze how you react when you are angry and why you hold onto it.

5. Communicate assertively. When you communicate assertively, you stick up for your beliefs and for yourself without being hostile or aggressive.

6. Adjust expectations. Nobodys perfect. Figure out what you can accept in your family without expecting perfection.

7. Forgive, but don't forget. Don't let resentment build up over past actions. Learn to forgive.

8. Retreat and think things over. Before you react with violence, step away and think things through so that you can respond and not react.

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Coaching and Growing

Posted by patrick

By Bart Icles

Organizations might have different coaching methods but there is one model that can best provide guidelines on how coaching sessions should be handled. It does not recommend a certain coaching style; instead, it gives coaches an idea of the key areas that need to be kept in mind while carrying out the coaching process. Most management and marketing theorists refer to this as the GROW model.

GROW stands for goal, reality, options, and wrap-up. The GROW model counts as one of the most typical coaching tools that helps coaches in structuring a coaching session that would hopefully deliver remarkable results. The GROW model suggests a simple four-step structure where the coach can start with giving ideas on why a coaching session is called for, the areas that need to be covered, the scale of the problem or issue, and the significance of making improvements to the achievement of long-term goals.

Coaching sessions that follow the GROW model start with the discussion of goals. The coach and the person being coached should agree on specific long term goals. They must also agree on specific coaching session objectives and particular topics or areas of concern that need to be discussed during the session. Coaches must keep in mind that although long-term goals are being defined, the coaching session is not a detailed discussion on how these long-term goals can be met. Coaching sessions are there to address specific issues that have an impact on the achievement of long-term goals.

After the goals have been laid out, the coach and the person being coached should give room for self-assessments and other methods of evaluation to have a clear picture of the topic of the coaching session. Giving effective feedback is important in this stage. Coaches should avoid making assumptions or if they cannot, they must review their assumptions have these checked with the person being coached, so there can be comparisons of what is perceived, what is actually happening, and what was intended to be done. In doing reality checks, it is important to note that irrelevant history should be discarded.

A coaching session must also provide options for the person being coached. Suggestions from the person being coached should be welcomed, and these are best elicited through having the coach ask effective questions. In this stage, coaches should assume the role of mentors who can help learners find their way towards making the right choices.

The last step is to ask commitment from the person being coached - the learner should be committed to doing actions. It is also important that learners are able to identify potential obstacles and ways to overcome such impediments. The coach should also agree to give support should the learner experience difficulties in carrying out actions. The coach and the learner should also keep in mind that steps or actions that need to be done should be specific and time-bound.

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Do I Have A Chance Of Winning My Lover Back?

Posted by patrick

By Isaac Asimov

Having a positive attitude will help you in getting your ex back. But most of the parted couples do not understand this.They do exactly what they should not do. Thats actually because you are in a state of emotional turmoil right after the break up. You can win back your ex, if you follow these 3 steps.

Take a break: Yeah, you need a break after your break up. Your break up being fresh, Taking decision regarding your future of your life will always be wrong, mainly decisions regarding love and relationship, especially planning anything to get your ex back. Stop thinking about all those love and feelings now. Unwind yourself Give a diversion for your mind to other things like hobbies, games, work, friends etc. Seriously you need a break.

No ex for now:

Most of the people think that the best way to get back with their ex is to ring them up a numerous time and tell them I can't live without you and love you a lot. This will be the most inefficient way for you to win your ex back. If you initiate the contact with themthen you lose your prestige before your lover This will throw you out of their hearts. Don't get desperate. Things when done desperately will not happen.

Steps to concentrate:

Now examine the hullabullos which caused your relationship to cease. Develop the areas where yourex needed you to improve. This surely impresses them a lot because action speaks better than words.. Change first, by this you will automatically impress your ex.

After making sure that you have changed yourself completely and dethroned all your bad activities, you can call your ex now. It would have taken some time for you to redefine yourself and you should have lost all those desperateness for him/her. If still you are a bit nervous contact them after some time.

When calling back your ex, just start up like an old friend greeting them and asking to hang out for a coffee. Dont talk about your previous love life. Talk about all those things in this world except your relationship. If your ex feels comfortable with this sort of relation then you can talk about your intention to start a new life with them

So you had got your answer for how can I win my ex back?

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Microsoft SQL Career Training In Interactive Format (110509)

Posted by patrick

By Jason Kendall

All of us are short of time, and most often if we desire to study for a new career, training in addition to a 40 hour week is our best way forward. Microsoft authorised training could be the answer. It's a good idea to find advisors with experience of the IT industry, who could offer counsel on what sort of job would suit you, and what sort of duties are suitable for a person with a personality like yours. When you've chosen the career track for you, a suitable training program needs to be picked that's is in line with your skills and abilities. Make sure it's well designed for your requirements.

Seeing as the IT industry grants some exceptional job opportunities for everyone - then what are the questions we need to ask and which areas are important to consider?

Beware of putting too much emphasis, as a lot of students can, on the accreditation program. Training is not an end in itself; this is about gaining commercial employment. Stay focused on what it is you want to achieve. Imagine training for just one year and then end up performing the job-role for decades. Ensure you avoid the fatal error of finding what seems like a program of interest to you only to spend 20 years doing something you don't even enjoy!

You must also consider your feelings on earning potential, career development, plus your level of ambition. You need to know what (if any) sacrifices you'll need to make for a particular role, what particular qualifications they want you to have and where you'll pick-up experience from. Seek out help from an experienced industry professional that understands the sector you wish to join, and who can give you 'A day in the life of' synopsis of what duties you'll be performing day-to-day. It makes good sense to discover if this is the right course of action for you long before you jump into the study-program. After all, what is the point in starting to train and then find you've taken the wrong route.

A lot of commercial training providers will only offer office hours or extended office hours support; very few go late in the evening or at weekends. some companies only provide email support (slow), and telephone support is usually to a call-centre which will just take down the issue and email it over to their technical team - who'll call back sometime over the next 1-3 days, when it's convenient to them. This is all next to useless if you're lost and confused and only have a specific time you can study.

The best trainers use multiple support centres around the globe in several time-zones. An online system provides an interactive interface to provide a seamless experience, any time of the day or night, help is just seconds away, without any contact issues or hassle. Find a trainer that cares. As only true round-the-clock 24x7 support truly delivers for technical programs.

Those that are drawn to this type of work are often very practical, and don't really enjoy classrooms, and struggling through thick study-volumes. If this could be you, opt for more involving, interactive learning materials, where learning is video-based. If we're able to involve all our senses in the learning process, our results will often be quite spectacular.

Locate a program where you'll get a host of CD or DVD ROM's - you'll begin by watching videos of instructors demonstrating the skills, and then have the opportunity to practice your skills in interactive lab's. Every company that you look at should willingly take you through a few samples of their courseware. You should hope for instructor-led videos and interactive areas to practice in.

You should avoid purely online training. Always choose CD or DVD based study materials where available, enabling them to be used at your convenience - you don't want to be reliant on a quality and continuous internet connection.

Some training schools are still offering the slightly musty old method of classroom lessons. Often sold as a benefit, if you talk to a student who has had to attend a few, don't be surprised to be lectured on several if not most of the following problems:

* Periodic travelling - hundreds of miles usually.

* Mon-Fri access with classes is typically the case, and getting two to three days out of work can be difficult for many working people.

* Don't disregard the lost holiday days. We typically get twenty days annual leave. If over 50 percent is used in classes, then there's very little left over for us.

* With the high costs involved, most schools fill the classes up to the brim - which is not ideal (and with less one-on-one time).

* Tension is sometimes created in classes because most students want to move at a pace comfortable for them.

* The growing costs associated with travel - arranging transport backwards and forwards to the training college plus several days accommodation can start to get expensive with each visit. If we just assume five to ten workshops costing 35 pounds for a single over-night room, plus 40 pounds petrol and food at 15 pounds, we arrive at 450-900 pounds of hidden costs on top.

* We all enjoy our privacy. We wouldn't want to run the risk of losing any lift up the ladder that could awarded to us just because we're retraining.

* Who amongst us hasn't shied away from raising a hand in the air, because we didn't want to look stupid?

* If your work takes you away from home, it's apparent that days in-centre can often become very hard to attend - but unfortunately, the money has already been paid.

The perfect situation comes from viewing a pre-made lesson - having instructor-led teaching on hand whenever you wish. You can study from home on your computer or out in the garden on your laptop. If you've got questions, then utilise the 24x7 Support (that you should have insisted on for any technical study.) It really doesn't matter how often you would like to re-take a quiz or test, on-screen instructors aren't ever likely to rush you! And remember, in this situation, there's no need to take notes. It's already there for quick access. The upshot: Reduced stress and hassle, more money in the bank, and you've got no travelling to do.

Most of us would love to think that our jobs will always be secure and the future is protected, but the likely scenario for most jobs around the United Kingdom right now is that the marketplace is far from secure. Where there are escalating skills deficits and high demand areas however, we almost always reveal a newly emerging type of security in the marketplace; as fuelled by a continual growth, employers just can't get the number of people required.

Taking the Information Technology (IT) sector for instance, the most recent e-Skills investigation highlighted a skills deficit in the UK around the 26 percent mark. Put directly, we can't properly place more than just three out of 4 positions in the computing industry. This single truth in itself highlights why the country desperately needs many more workers to get trained and get into the IT sector. It would be hard to imagine if a better time or market settings will exist for getting trained into this hugely increasing and developing industry.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward-Hire a DUI Attorney.

Posted by patrick

By Chuck R Stewart

It is very unfortunate that we only think of getting the services of a competent Cincinnati DUI lawyer only after we have been slapped with a formal charge for DUI offense. In fact, we only know of their existence only when we need the services of one. Another notable view point which lawyers themselves make of most of their meetings with clients facing DUI clients is that they seem to be at a loss and dont know the questions to ask. Here is a brief rundown of what to expect from a DUI case and when the services of Cincinnati DUI lawyers are needed.

Your initial encounter with your Cincinnati DUI lawyer is generally a DUI consultation. A most of these professionals are not charging fees for this initial meeting with their clients as these meetings normally dont necessitate the services of the lawyer. This consultation serves as an initial assessment by the lawyer of the case at hand and where you, as the individual going to court, stand. From the initial assessment, the DUI lawyer will be able to figure out how he can assist you with your DUI case and come up with avenues that he can take in representing you. This stage of your relationship with a DUI lawyer is basically a feeling-out stage where you decide whether you take your DUI lawyers services or not.

Finding a perfect Cincinnati DUI lawyer is not easy. However, getting the services of a competent legal counsel should not be all that difficult as well. Being charged with a DUI felony is a serious case and you have to get the services of a good DUI lawyer very quickly. You have to make sure that you get the services of a legal counsel who has the expertise in handling DUI cases. It is important that you retain a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases in order to get the best legal advice for your defense.

Checking the background of the lawyer can be of great help. In some instances, you can just ask the prospective lawyer some background information about his practice and experience during your initial consultation. These are normal preliminaries that are expected by lawyers from their new clients. In this way, you are able to ascertain whether the lawyer you choose is the perfect person to represent and handle your DUI case or not.

In most cases, you are not made to decide about hiring the services of a Cincinnati DUI lawyer during and even right after the initial consultation meeting. On the same point, the DUI is not also obligated to make his decision to represent you in your DUI case or not. Nonetheless, he shall give you an overall perspective of how the situation is with your case and what to expect if you are going to his services. However, this does not preclude the possibility of the DUI lawyer deciding not to provide his services to you. This is the top reason why it is necessary for you to seek out for the services of a DUI lawyer at the earliest possible time. Delaying your decision may mean losing out on opportunities that may have helped you in your DUI case had you availed of the services of a competent DUI lawyer early.

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Elementary Teacher Degrees Online - Such A Fantastic Career Opportunity!

Posted by patrick

By John B Maxted

Online elementary teaching degrees are popular for many different reasons. Completing a teaching degree online permits you to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career. You will be able to give back to the community and assist in the education of our country's children. You will also enjoy a flexible career that allows for personal time and a fantastic life outside of work.

There are many other reasons so many people are doing online bachelor degree courses. One of the major reasons to do this is the savings versus a conventional course. Traditional university programs can set you back an inordinate amount of money. Online programs cost a lot less, which means this is not such a barrier to enrolling and progressing your education.

If its a quick online degree you are after, online courses also allow you to to cut serious time of your education. Accelerated programs are setup for working adults looking to complete their degrees quickly so they can advance their careers. If you take courses year round it is possible to complete your studies in less than 24 months. This is significantly shorter than is possible by completing an in person program.

After you acquire your online elementary teaching degree, the usual career path is not surprisingly to become a grade school teacher. This could have you end up teaching the full array of general courses including math, science, english, geography and so on|etc, or you could be focusing on more specific coursework depending on the school you are working at and your specific skills. For example you might focus on teaching a second language, or on teaching the arts or music.

But you won't be restricted exclusively to teaching, and you don't need to be a teacher with a diploma in this field. For example, there are people who don't want to teach but certainly want to be involved in children and education. This includes the full field of school administrators, curriculum developers, principals and superintendents and even school counselors. You may be surprised to discover how many alternatives you actually have with a teaching degree.

When you take on an online elementary teaching degree program you will be studying and learning about many different things. To start with, classes could include learning how to interact with kids, how to lead them and how to grade them properly. Classes will also incorporate how to develop appropriate lesson plans, and how to teach different subjects and different age groups. You may be able to specialize in classes that concentrate on particular age groups or specific subjects.

A career as a teacher or pursuing employment in the education system provides many benefits. There is hardly employment that provides better hours or more time off. Plus you'll be in a satisfying and respected venue. These are just more reasons why online elementary teaching degrees are increasing in popularity in recent times.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strong Communication Skills Lead to Easier Conflict Situations

Posted by patrick

By Doug Couch

'Integrity' is a word that makes us often think of truthfulness, honesty, and altruistic morals. What integrity also represents is a highlighting of strong communication skills that make us better communicators. Even if we consciously try to live our lives with the highest level of integrity possible, it can still often be a challenge. In the heat of the moment, our emotions can take control and we say things we really don't mean. Apologizing after the fact can be difficult, yet with certain communication skills, we can better maintain our relationships by authentically resolving our mistakes positively and without added drama.

The Four-Part Apology is a great tool to maintain clear, open communication that will maintain our integrity for strong relationships when we have to apologize for a wrong-doing. This model allows us to acknowledge what we did, take responsibility for it, and look beyond the actual incident to the consequences of our behavior. By verbally acknowledging these consequences and choosing a different behavior, you can help the person you have affected move from feeling angry or resentful to being thoughtful and supportive. You can remember the four parts by this phrase: "It's All About My Relationships!"

The "All" stands for 'Acknowledge'. By using 'I' statements, we take responsibility for our actions by admitting them. "I acknowledge that I didn't call you when I knew I was going to be late for lunch."

"About" represents 'Apologize'. State the cost or damage your actions caused. "I apologize for making you wait for me, which caused you frustration."

"My" is for 'Making it Right'. Deal with the consequences of the behavior and offer to make up for it with a solution. "What can I do to make it right?" This is where we listen in to find out what the other person needs in order to feel a sense of closure to the situation.

Lastly, "Relationships" stands for 'Recommit'. Make a commitment to take the steps necessary to mend the relationship. "I agree from now on to call you if I am running behind so that you know what's happening and you don't feel stood up."

People often think that they lower themselves when they apologize for something they did or didn't do, as if they are voluntarily giving up their own credibility. Consequently, this causes frustration. How many times have you been on the giving OR receiving end of an "I'm sorry" that felt empty or incomplete?

Using the Four-Part Apology cleans up our mistakes and realigns our integrity. At one nationally acclaimed summer enrichment camp, students learn this technique and are encouraged to practice it on a regular basis. This helps promote a positive learning environment that easily and effectively cuts down on drama and peer-conflict. Consequently, when students take this learning home with them, parents have claimed that their teens are much more effective communicators and quarrels between parents and their teens has been cut down significantly.

Outside of the home, the Four-Part Apology can be used in all other aspects of life, whether it's at work, school, or even with people we don't know. By using the Four-Part Apology model, we have allowed ourselves a clear channel of communication that upholds our integrity for positive relationships.

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Your Cheating Spouse - 5 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Posted by patrick

By Marc Sandford

Do you suspect that your partner has been cheating? You may be experiencing a troubling intuition that things aren't right with your relationship. Our intuitive feelings about relationships are surprisingly accurate.

In fact, studies have shown that our suspicions about a cheating spouse tend to be correct. It always helps to have some objective things or signs to look out for that give support to our suspicions. After all, a false accusation can be very damaging to a relationship.

Here are five telltale signs of a cheating spouse.

1.) Unusual cell phone calls.

Look for unusual phone numbers on your partner's cell phone. An affair can't happen without communication and the cell phone is perfect for this kind of illicit communication. Check for numbers with frequent calls made at odd hours of the day or night.

2.) Increase in time spent away from you.

Has you partner been away at lot recently? How about a sharp increase in time spent at work?

Perhaps "business trips" lasting several days? What's important here is that the time spent elsewhere has increased dramatically, showing no sign of letting up.

3.) Greater money consumption.

Is money being spent on things that you never see or at restaurants that you haven't been to? If you have receipts with dates, can you place where you and your spouse were at the time? Were you together or apart?

If apart, do the receipts agree with where or what your partner said they were doing? Has there been an increase in cash withdrawals?

4.) An improvement in dress.

Has your partner's wardrobe suddenly increased? Is she or he buying clothing suited for social occasions? Outings that you never experience?

Is your spouse too well dressed when seeing a "buddy"? Maybe your spouse is overdressed when going out to the "usual places".

5.) Discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Do your spouses words and actions add up? Does your spouse change the details of his or her activities?

Lies are hard to keep up with. The liar will eventually slip up with their excuses and explanations. When you're alone, record specifics and details for your own reference.

Being cheated on is a very painful experience that can leave deep scars. Before confronting your spouse, make sure that you have your facts straight.

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The Healing Wonders of Acai Berry

Posted by patrick

By Cherry Dick

Acai berry is a purple, round exotic fruit found in the Amazon, proven to be a good source of antioxidants. The berry grows on a shrub and can be eaten right after picking. It has caught the attention of the western world, many companies buy the fruit to process it into acai berry extract, made into powder, juice or capsules. The most popular is the acai berry juice mixed with soda or other juices which makes a perfect, healthy treat.

Aside from being the biggest source of antioxidants, acai berry also supports the free radical theory -free radicals that are responsible for various kinds of diseases in the human body that are being combat by the foods with high level of antioxidants.

Acai berry is made up of 10% pulp and 90% seeds and must be handled with care before processing. The berries are put in a machine where the pulp and the seeds are separated, resulting to a thick acai puree. The seeds can be made into fertilizers that increase the growth in plants. There really is no waste!

Acai berry must be handled with care before processing because it is made up of 10% pulp and 90% seeds. The berries are put in a machine where the pulp and the seeds are separated, resulting to a thick acai puree. There really is no waste because the seeds of acai berry can also be made into fertilizers that increase the growth in plants. It is loaded with many vitamins and minerals - all the B vitamins, Vitamins C and E, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and includes omega-6 and omega-9 fats, anthocyanins and flavonoids.

It brings about many benefits because of the ingredients that make up the berry. It keeps the body firm by toning it. Athletes in Brazil have well-trimmed bodies because of taking acai berry with milk and honey.

The acai berry primarily strengthens the immune system. It cleanses and gets rid of dangerous toxins in the body. Harmful bacteria are removed from our system. By supplying essential vitamins, it helps in mental development, thus preventing Alzheimer's disease. It also improves one's vision especially those who suffer from night blindness.

Upon taking any acai berry product, a person can sleep soundly and improve his or her sex life. The berry has also been proven to fight carcinogens, which are cancer-causing substance. It increases blood circulation therefore, allows the heart to function properly.

Anyone can take acai berry. The acai which tastes like red wine and chocolate, is both favorable to young children and adults. However, pregnant women and children are advised to check with their doctors before doing so.

Due to increase demands, many health companies have come up with various products to sell because acai berry supplements are best for our well-being. Pills, juice, powder and other types are somewhat different from one another. The pill is the easiest form because you can drown it with a glass of water, but it takes longer to absorb to the blood stream.

Vitamin D is added to some supplements to help calcium absorb into the bones. Some other additional nutrients are mixed with the already existing ingredients of the berry, to make it work more effectively. Researchers have been conducted to determine what other elements work best with acai.

A big number from the celebrity world like Oprah Winfrey, have chosen to take acai berry for weight loss. It contains cyanidin, which helps trim down fat in the body. It actually drains the fat from the body. After a short duration of time, you lose those unnecessary pounds. Isn't this great news?

Many have resorted to acai berry to turn their unhealthful lifestyles around. The growing number of deaths due to heaviness and the diseases it brings about, has worried many individuals. Diets and exercise do not work at all for most of us. It may be the wrong diet or the wrong exercise. It may be a slow metabolism rate of the body. But there is one product that can miraculously change your life and build up your self-esteem and confidence, it's the acai berry.

The acai berry supplements will keep you well and disease free, prolonging your life and enjoying it for as long as you live!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Are Your Best Asset

Posted by patrick

By Scott Darrohn

In these trying times that a good many of us are experiencing, just having a job has become our best asset. Only a couple years ago people were looking for large bonuses, higher salaries, and whatever they could to capitalize on a growing economy. But now the tides have taken a serious turn.

Many of the same workers right now would be happy to make a small percentage of the salaries they were not happy with. But, due to such large layoffs and downsizing of companies throughout the country they are left with nothing.

Many people should feel worth in the fact that they are still employed while so many unfortunates are not. Things may be tough, but at least your largest asset, your job is still putting bread on the table. Be proud and feel secure in knowing that you have stability and an asset such as yourself that you can rely on.

While a few years ago many people were refinancing to get the car of their dreams or buying that vacation home that they simply could not afford. Today, things are far different. Instead of taking a tour of Europe many families this year will be going on a family camping trip.

So now it is back to the basics! As it should be, where we can create our own fortunes and misfortunes based on our best asset, ourselves.

Scott Darrohn

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Four Steps That Prove Women's Health Can recover with Age

Posted by patrick

By Louise J Brian

Health and body fitness is one of the focal concerns of women these days. Women always desire to stay healthy and smart. Many people believe that health always declines with age; however, this is not completely true as it has been established by medicinal research that health can in fact improve with age. The popular idea has been formed because of various observations which show that the body generally becomes weak and deteriorates with age.

However, people fail to observe the various factors that are involved in the formulation of this universal observation. People disregard past fitness problems and malnutrition in their youth, and blame old age for their failing fitness. It has been proven by various other explanations that those who worry about their diet and other factors linked with good health in fact live longer and healthier than others.

First of all, our lifestyle and habits are the main driving force behind our health conditions. If the lifestyle is not properly balanced and our habits go against nature and do not fulfil the requirement for proper development and healthy growth of the body, then such habits and lifestyles definitely lead to failing health in the future.

On the other hand, if the standard of living and habits are appropriately managed and contain normal healthy exercise and reasonable nutrition diet, then such way of life definitely result in a favourable and healthy future. Many people have habits such as smoking, laziness, lack of exercise, etc these habits may even be found among women, and are thus a major cause of their swiftly failing health. Similarly, overburdening the body with heavy exercises of work might also result in adverse health conditions.

The second most important thing for a healthier future is a balanced diet. It has been a common observation that those who stick to natural foods and try to avoid synthetically manufactured and junk food have a healthier life than those who do not avoid the consumption of these products. Also, many people fail to get the proper nutrition in their diets and, thus they require supplements to fulfil this need.

Those who are not capable to take these supplements or disregard them normally have pitiable health. For example, omega 3 is a fatty acid which is one of the two necessary fatty acids required by the body for apposite function and healthy development. Lack of this fatty acid can cause mental deterioration and may even cause brain impairment.

The third most considerable step for healthier aging is movement. Generally, women who are house wives do not find adequate opportunities to uphold the essential amount of movement for a healthier life. Especially due to the creation of up to date technology, most of the work is done by machines and does not employ much physical exertion. Therefore, such women should maintain proper exercise to ensure regular movement of their joints.

The fourth most momentous facet involved in healthier aging is psychosomatic health. Those who take too much psychosomatic pressure for one reason or the other lean to have faster decline than those who live a tension free life. Therefore, you should give adequate worth to mental relaxation as well. Regular excursion trips often prove out to be helpful in relieving mental stress.

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Energy Therapy Healing:Can It Improve Your Relationships?

Posted by patrick

By Donna Burick

If you are facing relationship problems, as most people do from time to time, energy therapy healing can help. Offering a unique and therapeutic way to deal with persistent relationship problems, this type of therapy can provide a new way of looking at old problems. Combined with whole life coaching it offers a well rounded approach to relationship therapy.

Relationship difficulties arise from a variety of things. Often the best way to begin dealing with conflict with others is to take a look at how you might be impacting the situation. If you can begin to figure out what you are doing that might be triggering a problem, its easier to fix.

You are not necessarily the cause of the problem, but you can be the one to find the solution. When you turn your attention to your part in the conflict, you will find you gain a new perspective on the situation as a whole.

Energy therapy healing focuses on a persons energy flow and looks for what might be blocking that energy. Blocked energy creates emotional, physical and spiritual problems for an individual. These problems have an impact on relationships. If you are feeling insecure in some way about yourself this will likely show up as a problem in your relationships.

Energy healing therapy opens up the flow of positive energy. This helps you get in touch with your feelings and spirituality. You will discover how what your feelings and actions may have been a factor in your difficult relationships. Energy healing therapy will help you feel more positive and you will begin to think, feel and act differently. As a result, you will draw more positive energy toward yourself and your relationships.

The goal of this type of therapy is to help you take the necessary steps to improve your life and your interactions with others. By removing the blocked energy, you will discover who you really are and what you want.

Energy therapy healing will give you a more positive outlook. You will feel energized and your negative mood will slowly disappear. When you come to understand life more clearly and those around you, you will draw more positive energy toward you and leave little room for the negative.

You can become a positive person through energy therapy healing. It promotes change and personal growth and can help you reach the goals you want to reach. As you begin to reach your own goals and begin to obtain those things in life that you want, you will influence others to do the same. Your life will change dramatically.

If you are interested in results through energy therapy healing, you will have to put effort into the process. It is not a quick fix. A few people experience changes in their life from the very first day, but most discover it takes to for the healing to work. But whether its fast or slow, if you put enough time consistently into the process, you will see results.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Importance of a Regular Chakra Balance

Posted by patrick

By Jai Dahalli

A common belief says that most things perform the best when they are provided a well balanced condition, excess or scarce of any factor leads to undesirable conditions and that holds true for the centres of energy in our body as well. Also we need to understand that other than the body we also possess a soul which is not seen but is an important element in our existence.

Anything that we do requires an apt combination of both sides of our existence and while nutrition plays the role of the energizer for our body and provides us with the strength and the power, the chakras play a similar role for the comfort of our soul. Hence the maintenance of chakra balance is highly critical.

Chakra balance is a follow up after the cleansing of the chakras is completed. Once the chakras are able to free themselves of the negativity and bring in the positivity their cleansing process is said to be over. The heavenly bodies are said to play a significant role in the exchange of energies in this way.

Only after each of the chakras is in a state of equilibrium and hence all the chakras put together form a balance in the human body, chakra balance is said to be achieved. It implies that the human body is free from any kind of problems or uncomfortable situation.

As one would know that there is a specified organ linked with each one of these circles of energy and hence you need to take care that all the chakras are in a balanced state or else a small disorder in a critical body part could lead to quite a few health problems.

One of the major ingredients of chakra cleansing and chakra balance is water, making it a major part in your diet as well as regular bathing; swimming etc helps to keep your chakras balanced.

Our surroundings are very inspiring and colorful and these colors also have an impact on our chakras. All chakras have symbolic colors and these are very helpful to maintain the balance of the chakras in our life.

For years people have been highlighting the advantages of meditation, it not only gives you peace of mind but also provides a channel for your spiritual self to reinvent itself. As important is sleep for the freshness of the outer body, equally important is meditation for your inner self.

Sleep has also been identified to be a form of unintentional mediation as the body goes into a state where in it loses awareness of the environment to an extent. This provides a relaxing sensation to the soul and also helps to intake spiritual energy.

One of the most common methods of maintaining chakra balance is by keeping all your body parts in proper shape with the help of correct exercises. Inclusion of exercise in ones routine means that the chakras are physically shuffled and also this helps to ensure chakra balance. Though the exercises done are not for a long period of time, they need to be done daily.

Your food intake also has a role to play in the maintenance of your chakra balance, it can happen so that inapt food habits can lead to disorders and also many problems can be caused. It is better to have small meals at intervals rather than eating too much at a time.

So it can be said without a doubt that chakra balance has tremendous significance in the smooth performance of our daily activities and hence ensure that your act of balancing the chakras is in place!

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PrimaCard - Prepaid MasterCard

Posted by patrick

By Laura Stenson

A prepaid credit card is convenient because it is an alternative to carrying cash or writing checks. The PrimaCard gives easy purchase transactions, it can be used to make free long distance phone calls, withdraw cash from ATM's, transfer money, and pay bills.

When you make a deposit to your card it is then ready to use just like cash. You can reload it at any time and for any amount.

You can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted, including online retailers and merchants. You won't have the hassle of writing checks or having to carry cash to cover your expenses.

Phone Calls

One of the features is that you can use it to place free national and international long distance phone calls. There will never be a need to worry about carrying a phone card again.

When you reload it by depositing cash to the account, you earn free phone calling value. All it takes to start using your accumulated phone time is a call to our toll-free number. You then dial your long distance number and talk to your family and friends.


You can arrange with your employer to have your paycheck deposited directly into your account. No more trying to get to your bank before it closes or waiting in long lines.

Your money will be ready to use for bills, groceries, or other necessities when you need it. You can also reload at any Green Dot Network location. The Green Dot Network includes cash locations and well known retailers, such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.

Cash from ATM's

If you prefer to use cash for your expenses, you can use one of the thousands of ATM's. You will need to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for withdrawals.

Bill Paying

If your creditor or utility service accepts MasterCard payments, you can simply call the business and pay over the phone. Another option is to call the toll-free customer service telephone number and make payments that way. You can also make payments from your account online.

Cash Transfers

If you need to send family members cash your account can be connected to additional cards, and you can transfer funds at any time. This is a great idea if you have a college student far from home or a family member who is traveling. You can rest assured they will have access to cash immediately.

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Bereavement and Grief Recovery Counseling

Posted by patrick

By Maurice Turmel PhD

During my practice years I saw numerous individuals who were dealing with the loss of a loved one, be that a spouse, life partner, child, friend, parent or close relative. The grieving person usually showed up in a state of shock not knowing what to do with all these feelings that were emerging from within. At one time I had two couples on the caseload where one of the partners had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and only had a few months to live. Each of these situations were difficult and challenging in their own way.

The case of these latter couples was really no different than any case of grief and loss. In essence, both partners had to deal with their feelings. Once the terminally ill partner accepted the inevitability of their death, they seemed to have an easier time addressing this necessity. I saw this happen in my own family when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few years back. He has since passed away. It was my sister who suffered the most. She had to go on and manage life for her and their daughter by herself. In my experience, the surviving partner always had the most difficult time.

The goal of counseling is always to listen and reflect back to the client what they are expressing at a feeling level. With experience, identifying the feelings behind the words became second nature to me and my reflections were mostly accurate. I would take what the client said and translate it into something like: "So what you're saying is that you feel scared, disorganized, confused, angry and perhaps sad all at the same time?" Then I would ask them to check "inside" to see if that was accurate. It usually was and thus began the exploration of their feelings.

Then I would instruct them to pay attention to that particular feeling and tell me more about it. They would then describe their feelings in detail along with whatever physical reactions might be attached to it. Tears would begin to flow as they related the physical and emotional reactions they were experiencing. This was the essence of my counselling approach for persons in grief, no matter what the precipitating circumstances.

It was not unusual for clients to ask about Stages of Grief and/or some theory they had heard about in their research on the matter. As interesting as this might be, I would point out that anything that distracted them from their feelings was a waste of their recovery efforts. In contrast, anything that helped them focus on feelings would always be the most beneficial. After a few challenging sessions, where painful feelings were addressed and released, the client would realize that this was the path to recovery. Not only that, but learning to identify, describe and release feelings as a general practice, would have benefits far beyond their successful grief recovery.

Externals, such as stages, theories, charts and graphs can help illustrate important points about a particular experience or grief event. These make for good news reporting and the plethora of self-help books available today. Grief recovery resources and counseling focus on Internals such as emotions, feelings and associated physical reactions. They focus on our Heart and Feeling center because that is where we experience the quality of our life and the pain of a major loss. Once an individual becomes engaged in the process of "looking in" they have a new tool with which to manage their life. Journaling, writing letters to the deceased, listening to soothing music and reading grief related poetry will put you in touch with Your Heart, and that's where healing takes place.

A well written grief recovery book can become an excellent counselling companion as long as it is designed to put you in touch with your feelings. A fully narrated grief resource can take you even further. Since the feelings associated with grief and bereavement are so intense, youre practically there. Just a little push and the guidance counselling resource book and youre on your way. For most of us, all we need is Permission to Feel. Our heart and soul will take it from there because we have engaged our body and feeling natures innate healing capability.

With any recovery process there can be many distractions along the way. In the case of grief recovery these can come in the form of stages, charts and graphs that are intellectually interesting but have no value in terms of your recovery. Most religions, even though well-intentioned, fall short on this matter as well. A good grief resource, counselor or support group can help you focus on the heart of the matter which is your feeling nature. Externals, even when interesting, can detract you from the task at hand - healing your broken heart.

You now have what you need to heal your grief. You will recover from this tragedy and great loss. You will become intimately acquainted with your Heart and Feeling Centre. You will come to a point where you can think about your loved one and smile. Because when the hurt is finally healed, what remains with you is the love you carry in your heart, and that is forever.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My dream terrace roof!

Posted by patrick

By Scott Rodgers

I have planned a small sitting arrangement on the terrace of my house. I am planning for being able to sit and work on my laptop even if it is raining. I am trying for a low steep roof for the same. In fact I am actually planning for the glass walls. I have planned the same within the next few days, as I am eager to see the end result as early as possible.

The idea sounds quite good. However, I would need apt hands to do the job. I am expecting the work to be perfect. For the same reason, I have planned to bring on board the well-known city roofers.

I have spoken to many contractors in the town. I am finding it very tough to finalize the best roofer. After all there is a huge roofing market. I am not counting on the amount of pennies that I need to shed, however I want the best and perfect results at the end of it. I have a couple of friends who are in the same business.

My friend is in a renowned roofing company. After he showed me a blueprint for my requirement. I decided and finalized them for my dream work. The ideas that they have given are simply wonderful and I am expecting very good results

They are expected to initiate the work in the next two to three days. They are very organized and have given me a ballpark figure for the money I need to spend on my roofing work. I am quite happy about it. The work might take ten days. However I am proud that I made such a good choice.

Finally roofers have started the work. My father is planning to make a video for the same. I have taken one-days leave to see that it all goes well. My kids are really enjoying it. It seems like a dream come true.

My roof top glass room is ready for me. I cannot explain it in words. The roofers have done a commendable job. I am thankful to my friend also who has done this magical work. The rainy season is about to come. And I am extremely thrilled about it.

I have penned down some good words about the whole roofing experience, while I was making my roof top personal area. Rest you will like it even more when you read this whole article.

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The Link between Thinking and Doing: How to Make Money a Reality

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By Ina Hikmatullah

In difficult economic times, especially in a climate as tough as the one that exists today, any attempts to embark on a new financial endeavor can seem challenging. However, with the advent of the internet, there exists more avenues for income than ever before, such as residual income. Residual income refers to steady income that requires little to no maintenance, such as rent or royalties.

There is no such thing as a right time to start on a new business opportunity; any time can work if you have the proper mindset. Instead of worrying whether or not the time is right, consider whether or not you are ready to pursue a goal. To be able to turn your thoughts into dollars, you must have a clear plan on how to make it work. It does not matter if you are seeking a new business opportunity or want to find a new job. Residual income opportunities require a dedicated focus, no matter your reasons.

There is NoTry

Whenever you start a new project, you may find it difficult to obtain the proper motivation to begin. Outside factors can make it even more difficult, such as having financial difficulty or relationship troubles. Keep in mind that you are your own biggest obstacle. While this may have become clich thanks to self help books and life coaches, the theory still holds true.

In fact, some of the most popular life coaches and self help books deal with this theory successfully. Consider the law of attraction, as promoted by "The Secret." According to this belief, if you want to have a desire realized, then you have to do more than just ask the universe for it " you must also believe that the desire will really come to pass. Philosophers throughout the ages have quoted similar ideas. To be successful, you must not only decide on what your goals are, but you must work to achieve them. If you go about it only halfheartedly, you will only see halfhearted results.

Motivation and Innovation

You can take whatever motivation you need from whatever sage you prefer, but once you have established your beliefs, it is time to focus on the goal of building a source of residual income. If you are not afraid of trying something new, then business opportunities abound. A popular choice for those who have some investment capabilities includes real estate. This tried-and-true method does require some time and cost put into finding the appropriate rental and fixing it up. However, once the initial investment has been put into it, you can see a steady monthly income generated from the property with little to no effort on your own part.

Now if you do not have startup cash, real estate investing may not be the best option for you. However, you may find that you have a wealth of other assets, including your passions, knowledge, and experience. Think of any money making projects that you have put off, such as writing a book or looking into pay-per-click advertising or even marketing a new invention. Whatever you choose, put your heart into it to help you to achieve real residual income. If you have the energy and the desire to pursue new opportunities, then the world is limitless. In todays struggling economy, you need to be the one to put your ideas and skills together into a plan that will generate a constant stream of income for your future.

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Celebrities Understand Advanced Cosmic Ordering

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By Khristy-Belle Strand

What makes celebrities successful? Many of them have started to admit that much of their success comes from cosmic ordering.

If you have seen the film 'the secret' or have heard about the law of attraction, you will know something about this, but cosmic ordering allows you to decide specifically on things that you want in your life.

What if you had a cosmic ordering service and all you had to do was request something and like magic, it would appear before you. Wouldn't that be wonderful? The most amazing thing is that we already have this power and yet all we choose to order is more of the same.

It's as though you have a menu for everything in the Universe but all you can see are two lines and they're water and bread crust. You don't order anything else because you don't believe that you deserve anything else.

Imagine that you are fabulously wealthy. Picture yourself doing all of the things you've always wanted to do with no worries about anything. Imagine a permanent vacation, travelling by means of your private jet.

You would wear only the finest clothing and always look incredible. If you can visualize this and keep it in your mind for a few minutes, you are already on your way to achieving this goal. Most people have a very hard time imagining this kind of life for themselves and the idea of cosmic ordering seems like something which they will never be able to accomplish. So what is this cosmic ordering anyway?

Advanced cosmic ordering is really for the majority of people who have not yet been successful at cosmic ordering. It basically means reprogramming your subconscious mind to clear all the negative programming which you have been subjected to since you were a child.

Most of us simply internalize this negative thinking and as a result hold the belief that it is just not possible for everyone to live the good life. Feeling like you don't deserve success is terrible; and envying others' success only makes it worse.

When you think that you don't deserve to do well, you shouldn't be surprised when you don't do well.

Quantum physics shows us different ways to think about the Universe. Unlike the physics you had in school, the rules are new. It answers questions why some people get more than others do.

Your mind emits energy which capable of affecting the state of the smallest particle known to us; the quark. When a quark moves form one energy level to another, this is known as a quantum leap. By changing levels, the quark changes the properties of the atom containing it. If you can affect this change, then you can do absolutely anything!

Most people don't believe that changing your mind changes your circumstances. That's because they tried it once and watched and waited, half-heartedly believing. In the laws of quantum physics, the observer changes what they observe just by watching it. If you watch a process and don't believe it works but continue on out of duty, the process never turns out the way you want. You are the observer and changed what you observed, but not in a positive way.

With the right instruction and practice, you can get anything you want from the cosmic ordering system. The ancients knew it existed, every religion emphasizes belief to make prayers come true, and yet in this enlightened world, most people listen to neither science nor religion for the answer but continue blindly down the path of poverty.

Training your mind to order the best for yourself is the right thing to do but you need help to clear away years of negative and poverty thinking. There are many aids today to speed the process and help you eliminate the failure pattern of the past and make room for the success of today.

Advanced cosmic ordering uses new audio technologies, including binaural tones. These sounds help attune your brainwaves to the correct frequency to communicate with the universe. This is the very state which Buddhist monks spend years in meditation to reach.

Combined with self-hypnosis and subliminal affirmations, the new technology allows you to clear out the old patterns faster so you see the results at a more rapid pace.

Advanced cosmic ordering works. Once you have mastered the technique, everything you want really can be yours, but it will take some work on your part too.

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