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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Theories About Getting 6 Pack Abs

Posted by patrick

By Dante Solaris

Time and again, expert studies have shown that total body cardiovascular exercises are most effective in eliminating excess body fat. There's no way to bring out the striations and contours of the abdominal muscles to show a 6 pack unless the belly fat is reduced enough.

Exercises that build muscle tissue speed-up the body's metabolism, making it easier to get rid of stored fat. Total body aerobic exercises that keep the heart rate at raised levels burn calories and reduce body fat effectively. There is some debate however as to what intensity levels the heart rate should be at.

Cardiovascular exercises can be done at low intensity and high intensity. The latter is more popular as a method of losing fat and getting 6 pack abs because first, it's easier to do. The physical effort in doing low-intensity cardio exercises can actually be done by novice exercisers and people that are extremely overweight.

The second reason low intensity cardio exercisers have a larger following even in expert circles is because study after study has proven that these are most effective in targeting body fat as the sole source of caloric energy. When exercising at high intensity levels, the body starts to access glycogen stores in our muscles.

The body absorbs carbohydrates from the food we eat and stores it in muscle tissue as glycogen. Supporters of the low-intensity theory say working-out too intensely can cause the loss of muscle tissue because some glycogen is used for energy when doing hard workouts.

Experts who swear by high-intensity cardio exercise for forming 6 pack abs say the sheer amount of calories burned working out hard offsets glycogen loss which can be replenished through post workout food. Of course, the faster the calorie-burn, the shorter the workout sessions.

Some experts argue that although they're more difficult to do, high intensity exercises in fact build more muscle tissue because of the hard effort. They also kick the metabolism up to high levels and keep it going hours after a person has stopped working-out.

There are two different opinions when it comes to cardio exercises- both with pros and cons. Low intensity exercises have to be done for longer periods and this means more hours spent in the gym. High-intensity cardio workouts can have you out of your sweaty clothes in half an hour but they're not for beginners, elderly and the extremely overweight.

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