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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do You Have a Long List of Dating Tales?

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By Alan Bentley

Do not worry if you have a long list of dating tales, as you are in good company. We all have had encounters that we would rather forget as we go down the road trying to find the perfect guy. Sometimes you are convinced that you have finally scored only for something really unusual to take place, adding another tale to that sorry list.

Trying to meet guys online is very challenging, isn't it? Is his description and photograph accurate? While we have this question in our mind, we nevertheless start to build up a picture of what he looks like. When we actually get to meet, it is almost always a letdown. This is a fact of life when it comes to Internet dating, but it is nonetheless a great way to break the ice to start off with.

Have you ever wondered to yourself about the sanity of some of those guys that you meet? We have all heard about the girl who goes out with a guy who will not stop talking about how he missed days gone by. His constant reminiscing really made the whole evening rather depressing. He should have left his dating tales at home and as he was rather attractive, another date might have ensued.

If you have an overly large stock of dating tales, maybe you should make some preparation for the future. Did you know that smart phone applications these days can be programmed to call your phone at a predetermined time? The call, including caller ID appears to be from a real person and if your date is not going well you can use it so that you are "called away" urgently.

If you have ever been on a blind encounter, you undoubtedly have dating tales to tell. In future, only trust your closest friends to set something like this up, as they will surely know what you're looking for and whether he fits into this picture, in advance.

The Internet is a great source of information and advice and may be able to help you crack the guy code. You might not like to use those Internet chat rooms because of the dating tales that they lead to, but you can pick up some information which might enable you to find great success the next timeout.

Never be tempted to compromise, in what you really want out of life. It can be difficult sometimes as we all get lonely if we are left to our own devices and might opt for someone who doesn't really fit into our ideal picture. Never try and force a match, as you'll end up with so many dating tales that you do not know what to do with.

If you are upbeat, positive, smiling and outgoing, then you will not be despondent about a nonexistent love life for long. The great guy is out there and he is looking for you when you least expect it.

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