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Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Reports SKF At The World Expo 2010 In Shanghai

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By Tian Li

On May 1 the gates will open on Expo 2010 Shanghai China, heralded as the biggest World Expo in the 150-year history of such events. 70 million visitors are expected!

About 200 nations and some 50 major international organizations such as the United Nations, the Red Cross and a few mainly Chinese companies, appointed as official sponsors or suppliers, will participate with own pavilions in the Expo. Other companies, including SKF, will share in their home countries' ventures.

World Expos date back to'59, when the first World Exhibition took place in London. Numerous such "world" events have followed, giving rise to landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, built for the'89 World Exhibition in Paris. World Expos are regarded as the Olympic Games of economy, science and technology.

The official theme for Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life", reflecting the fact that half the global population lives in cities, and that the challenges of urbanization are well known. Although Sweden is not facing the magnitude of problems associated with mega-cities, its efforts to create sustainable urban environments can serve as inspiration.

Sweden will participate with a 3,000-square-metre pavilion and SKF is one of the main partners in the Swedish effort. The pavilion is being built in shape of a plus sign, with alleys between the houses. On the top floors of three of the pavilion's blocks will be a large multipurpose conference area; on top of the fourth will be a terrace for receptions, dinners and so on.

The theme for the Swedish participation is "Spirit of Innovation". In the pavilion there will be an exciting and attractive exhibition open to the public all six months. SKF will be integrated in the exhibition and our brand and some products and solutions will be exposed to the 3 to 4 million visitors that are expected to pass through the pavilion. During a few days in May and a week in September SKF will arrange customer meetings, seminars and conferences with special exhibitions in the conference area.

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