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Friday, December 18, 2009

Travel Ventures International, Would You Rather Be Rich, or Right?

Posted by patrick

By Tom McMurrain

You know them, every time a new network marketing or home based business comes out, they seem to be the first ones to find it. Network marketing junkies as I call them are always looking for the next big deal, greener grass, the fastest way to riches and stardom. I have such a friend who we will call Sid, really because that is his real name. Sid signs up for no less than two or three network marketing opportunities every year. He is an insatiable window shopper and when he earns big, he lives big. Sids life has been the roller coasters of roller coasters. He has made more money and lost more money than 100 people do in a lifetime. Sids latest deal of the month is a company called Travel Ventures International, a private travel membership travel club that was going to make us rich, rich, rich. Same pitch, without the rich as I like to say.

I have to admit, I tossed $250 at my network-marketing friend, and showed it to a few friends to get my two enrollments just so I could get rid of Sid. In truth, I really wanted Travel Ventures International to fail because it would give me a reason to tell Sid to go away. I did what I was supposed to do, I invested $250 in my international travel membership and I sold two other memberships that qualified me for the $10,000 board whatever that means? In reality, I felt like someone should have hit me upside the head with a 'board' for saying yes for buying this ridiculous international travel venture membership.

I learned a saying from Harv Eker that says "would you rather be rich or would you rather be right?" and I think in life most people would rather be right than rich. In the case of Sid, he would rather be rich than right. For a long time I never understood my insatiable little buddy's dreams and his desire to be rich, rich rich...but now I do. I think deep down inside I wanted to be rich instead of being right. A few weeks after signing up for Travel Ventures International I recieved an email that said that I had made $500. It looked like my friend was on to something. I had my money back, I had doubled my money and I had a 7/6 night vacation, and do not forget the tax deduction. Is it possible that this could be the winning lottery ticket? Was I on my way to earning $10,000 like Sid said I would.

So I am sitting at home and the phone rings; it is Sid. Now mind you since I signed up for Travel Ventures International, Sid has pitched me on an energy deal and a voip deal, so I am thinking Sid has found the new website deal that I had already heard about. Well, I was wrong what Sid next floored me. I had earned $10,000 and a European vacation worth $5,000. I had hit the lottery. It was that simple, I paid my $250 to get started, I signed up me two people and now I was rich instead of being you Harv Eker.

What is the moral of the story; being rich is much more fun than being right. Dreamers live and doubters die. Hmmm. Travel Ventures International re-ignited my dreams and my buddy Sid was finally on to something. Now my family is able to travel and earn money with me! TVI Express has provided us with an opportunity to live again and to create our own lifestyle all thanks to my network marketing junkie friend, Sid.

Travel Ventures International is easy to understand, it is affordable to join and the product is what everyone dreams about. I love to travel and earn money. I do not have to fill up my garage with an auto-ship product, I do not have to pay a ridiculous monthly fee for a website and I do not have to attend weekly meeting to hang out with a bunch of "fake it 'til you make it chain smokers" people. Today, I am promoting private travel memberships with TVI Express and my dreams are coming true because of Sid. This is a great company! I am so glad that my network marketing junkie friend Sid proved me wrong because deep inside I had the same dreams that he did, but I had suppressed them.

If you want to realize your dreams, believe again, find a company like Travel Ventures International and enroll two other people who want to dream again and you very well could be rich rather than right. As my one of my mentors, Dr. Stephen Covey says, "find your voice and go help others find theirs".

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