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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer

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By Fantasia Moore

The great thing about personal fitness trainers is that their training prepares them to assist others in realizing their personal fitness goals. The first step is to fill out a medical questionnaire with a personal trainer so that he can complete a fitness evaluation before beginning an exercise routine. Besides the establishment of goals, evaluating previous injuries and sporting experiences, and assessing current levels of activity, this questionnaire also serves as a tool for risk assessment. If the client does not pass this initial assessment, it will be necessary to obtain a physician's release prior to beginning a fitness plan.

Next you will need to complete a fitness assessment requiring you to do a series of exercises that will assist you in the establishment of your present weaknesses and strengths. An exercise plan will be developed by your trainer utilizing your goals, time frame, and identified strengths and weaknesses. This is accomplished by taking measurements of the body including the folds of the skin, your weight, and how tall you are, and taking your age, flexibility, and posture into account so your progress can be tracked to determine if your exercise program is working.

Keeping a detailed food diary throughout the program is necessary so the trainer can analyse your diet. Because trainers have expertise in nutrition and diet, you will learn from them if your diet is not healthy, and they can provide information on healthy choices for you.

You should be certain that any fitness trainer you employ is both certified and covered by insurance. The ideal method for doing this is asking them to give you the number and expiration date for their fitness association membership, and if it is current they probably are insured and have the standard First Aid Level 2 certification. If you want to verify their credentials then you can contact the fitness association they are registered with.

With luck, this article has been of help to you, and meanwhile I hope you will be able to find the ideal personal trainer to assist you.

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