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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loss Of Weight? With A Bit Of Luck We Can Assist You

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By Neil Baulch

With shows like the Biggest Loser hitting prime time, more people than ever are really starting to take a look at their diets and their obesity and trying to do something about it. However, with an emphasis constantly being put on weight, people are losing the focus as to what fat loss is really about. While weight is a component of it, it is not the only thing that you should be checking.

One of the first things you should have done is a body fat test. This will calculate exactly how much of your current weight is from the fat in your body. Generally, to be in good health, a woman's body fat percentage should be under 31%, while a man's should be under 25%. However, a woman that is considered fit should have less than 24% and a man less than 17%.

Once you have determined your body fat percentage, you can then best determine how you are going to concentrate on the fat loss. What you must realize is that you can control the amount of fat going into your body with your diet, but the fat already accumulated on your body must be lost with exercise. If not, you will find that you can also lose weight by loosing much needed muscle.

For those that are new to this, you will want to get a program that is mixed with cardio and weight training to be the most effective. It is always a good idea to get help with this to make sure that you are not doing too much too soon. Things could get a little rough in the beginning, but if you stay at it, you should be successful.

It is also important to understand that your body does need fat to survive. Those individuals who completely cut all fat out of their diets are depriving themselves of the benefits. Make sure that you are getting at least 10% of your calories from fats or you may find that your skin becomes rough and you lack the energy to continue with your exercise regimen.

It is tough not to want to change your lifestyle when you start to see how unhealthy you have been living. While you do not need to go to the extreme of having a supermodels frail build, we should be in reasonable shape or we will be faced with some major difficulties later in life. If you are not happy with the image in the mirror, it just may be time to start a fat loss program to get back in shape.

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