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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Out Of Debt And Control Of Your Life

Posted by patrick

By Jennifer Schimdt

Debt chokes the ability for you to prosper and have a financial future, and until you deal with the problem you will never be free. Do you ever think about the amount of credit cards you own, and then think about the amount of interest you are paying on those credit cards every month? I bet it is a staggering figure. Most people dont even think about it because they dont want to know how bad they are hurting financially.

When, I first started to look at my debt and made a decision that I wanted to be debt free it looked almost impossible. I was paying anywhere from $300-$400 a month in interest and did not know how I was going to pay of the maxed out balances on my credit cards, and then one day I found a radio show that talked about how to get debt free. The host of the show said you knock out your smallest debts first, and then move up the latter until you tackle you big debts like a student loan or car note.

This made perfect since to me so I bought his book, and stop spending more than I made, and even found myself leaving on a budget. Then, I started paying debts, and am almost debt free, and I can tell you that if I had not done this, I would not be able to pay my bills today.

When you are debt free you have all that cash you pay out every month to the credit card companies to build wealth with. This means you invest in real estate or mutual funds, and then you let your money make you money.

Dont let you children be left with you debts and no inheritance. Now is the time to start to work to pay downs those debts, build and emergency fund, and invest for the future. When you do this you are also securing a future for you family, and go have peace that you family is financially secure for the future.

Getting out of debt is the best thing you can do to secure your financial future, but you have to sacrifice, and live on less than you make, eat at home, and even pass up some vacations, but at the end of the day it is worth every bite of the sacrifice, dedication, and time you put into it, because now you are free and in charge of your finance destiny.

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3 Ways Do I Locate A Good Bill Consolidation Company

Posted by patrick

By Frank Froggatt

When a troublesome circumstance comes along and you discover yourself suddenly unable to pay your debts there are numerous places to look for help with debt reduction. You'll do anything short of trading an internal organ or two; or your children, you just want those creditors and collectors to cease phoning your home, your business, your boss, your parents, and you wish you could get that burden off your shoulders.

Consolidation debt help may be the answer. First, you need to understand what consolidation debt help is and whether or not it can assist you. Even if you don't determine to go with consolidation debt help, you want to do something else to get yourself out of debt or else that stress will take its toll.

Finding A Company

There are numerous consolidation debt help companies out there. There are advertisements on the radio and on TV and there are even consolidation debt help Internet sites that you can subscribe to.. Go on-line and do a search for anyone who has tested these services before and read their opinions.. You'll often find Internet sites committed to other individuals in debt venting their frustrations or announcing this or that company for how quick they helped get that individual out of debt. More often than not you will run across an Internet site that has a bunch of people in the same situation as you either praising or flogging the chosen company, these are crucial places to get a feel for a companies repute. After you have located the company that you wish to use, either call them up or login to their web site and fill in your info. They will contact you briefly after that.

Who Do You Owe?

The way consolidation debt help works is all of your debt is combined. That signifies all your charge card debt, your doctor bills, and everyone else you know; all of this debt will be merged. Then, your income will be added. Make sure you're entirely honest with the individual aiding you so that you can effectively get the consolidation debt help.

Once all the calculations have been prepared, the representative will yield you a sum to pay each month. Your debt company will make certain that the money is spread out among your creditors and you will be given an estimation of the time it will take you to be debt free. Most often, it will require three to five years or more to get you out of debt with consolidation debt help. But often the consolidation debt help can get you out of debt faster than you ordinarily would.

The Downside

The greatest downside to getting this aid is the fact that, in the future creditors will consider this and believe that you are not responsible enough to take care of your finances yourself. You will be viewed as as a risk even if you don't have any debt left. If this fact doesn't trouble you because of the desperate spot you are in today then this could truly be a great choice for you.

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Do Celebrities Know The Cosmic Ordering Secrets?

Posted by patrick

By Janette Stretens

Cosmic ordering has become more and more in prominence lately and the idea has been endorsed by many celebrities. Just place your order with the universe and after a short wait, it will be yours!

Check out all the people in the world who are getting what they really want. You already know, though that it doesn't work for everyone. What are celebrities and other successful people doing that the rest of us not? Does the cosmic ordering service really exist?

If you've ever grumbled when you saw someone else win a great prize or get a promotion, then without realizing it, you placed an order to your cosmic ordering service. Envy and distain at another's success reinforces the fact that you believe you'll never have that success and invites the ordering service to bring you more misery and poverty for your lunch.

Think about going out to dinner. If you see someone with a great dinner, do you get angry? Chances are, all you do is order what they're having! You'd be happy for them and hope that it would be as good for you whenever your dinner shows up.

If all that is true, why would you not find joy in another's success? You can delight in the pleasure that they receive knowing that your success will be just as sweet. If you get bitter, angry or disappointed it only means you don't believe you can have it too. At that moment, you place an order for failure.

Lots of world religious out there tell us that the power of prayer can get us anything we want, although we need to think about how belief fits into that. More and more scientists are finding that quantum physics is a lot like a belief system and all the evidence is pointing to religious dogma as being true.

What makes this possible is the application of the mind's energy. Don't think about this as something that takes away from religious doctrine, but in fact reinforces it.

If you are just using positive affirmations, the problem is that there is a lot that can stand in your way. Past experiences can negate your new hope, and this can get rid of a lot of the good that you are doing. Remember that while this can work, it can take time to really root out the old beliefs.

What do the cosmic ordering secrets have to do with this? Start with a through house cleaning of your mind before you move forward. Remember that it is okay to accept the gifts that the universe wants to give you and start with a clean slate.

There are many different methods that can let you start off fresh. Just like a vacuum cleaner is a better tool for removing dirt on a carpet than a small tooth brush, look around for the tools that will really suit you and that will let you get the life you want.

Look at self-hypnosis, subliminal affirmations and binaural frequency waves to help you move forward. These tools are great when it comes to helping you get the results that you want, and when you use them, you can understand your own subconscious a lot better. This will help you avoid sabotaging your own attempts at success.

Remember that your mind hates change. It will fight tooth and nail to keep you at the same place, so make sure that you use the cosmic ordering system to get your needs met. You'll even find that you can "trick" your mind into going along, to becoming more dissatisfied with things as they stand.

The cosmic ordering system can give you whatever it is you want. Pick out your order and then find a way to make it a reality!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Brain Training - Working Memory Is Key

Posted by patrick

By Martin G. Walker

Like the mainspring in a clock, working memory provides the power for forward motion that keeps the brain ticking. Any shortfall or weakness in our working memory will have a serious impact on our cognitive ability. And, conversely, a particularly strong and effective working memory can supercharge our thinking skills.

Working memory plays a critical role in thinking-we use it when we're solving problems, when we're listening and reacting, when we're reading, writing, planning, reflecting, and deciding. All mental tasks use working memory to some degree. But we reach our working memory capacity fairly quickly. Capacity varies a little depending upon the kind of information, digits being easier to remember than words, for instance, but most adults can hold in mind just five to seven pieces of information at once.

Just a few working memory points then can mean the difference between a so-so working memory and an excellent one, but this margin has a considerable impact on academic performance, career success, and emotional stability. People with poor working memory find it hard to process information, solve novel problems, focus attention, and follow directions. Research indicates that working memory provides an ever greater correlation to academic success than intelligence.

In one fascinating and ingeniously simple piece of research, participants were asked to choose between a healthy salad and a piece of cake. Overwhelmingly respondents opted for the healthy salad. But when given the task of remembering a set of words before being asked the question, respondents more often than not chose cake. When we overload our working memory, our emotional responses surface quickly.

With so much riding on this one facet of mental ability, it comes as a relief to discover that we can increase our working memory with just a short course of diligent training. Scientists from the Universities of Michigan and Bern designed a novel working memory training protocol to strengthen visual and aural working memory at the same time. Participant's working memory scores rose by about sixty percent in less than 20 days, and the training also transferred to fluid intelligence (the target of the study) producing a forty percent increase there, too.

To be able to stimulate the brain change necessary, this training must be demanding. A challenging task that demands extreme focus causes the brain to produce new nerve cells; these cells then bolster the parts of the brain that maintain our working memory. Using brain scans a team from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden recently recorded these changes with before and after scans that clearly show the generation of the new brain cells from working memory training.

If you're interested in investigating working memory training for yourself or someone you know, it's very important that the program uses an effective training protocol. The Michigan / Bern researchers developed a particularly effective working-memory training protocol called "dual n-back." (I was so impressed by their study that I employ the dual n-back method in my company's brain training program, Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro.)

Unassuming, often overlooked, but critical to good thinking, working memory plays a pivotal role in every mental task from calculating the tip on a bill to choosing a life mate. With a small investment of time and some rewarding effort we can use brain training to help us do all of those things a whole lot better.

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Get 7 weight loss gifts from Joshua Seth

Posted by patrick

By Joshua Seth

By Joshua Seth |

Of course, you thought it was likely to happen. This week, millions of people will give up on their New Years weight loss resolutions and resolve to lose weight next year instead.

To help with overcoming this growing problem, Joshua Seth, author of the new book The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution is giving away seven weight loss gifts so that this year those new years resolutions will finally succeed.

People make big resolutions to lose weight every New Year, said world-renown hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, without changing the way they think about food and eating these resolutions are forgotten almost as quickly as they are made.

When resolutions involve losing unnecessary weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle there are proven ways to make weight loss resolutions stick, without diets or even willpower.

To help ring in the new year, author Joshua Seth is giving away 7 weight loss gifts including a food journal, a self-confidence boosting MP3, and the first 40 pages of his new book The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution at

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Shoveling Snow in the Modern World

Posted by patrick

By Douglas Cordell

The world marches ever forward, and as it does, we find ourselves struggling to keep up. Ironically, by moving as fast as we can, we end up not moving at all. We are stuck in our desk jobs doing whatever it takes to eke out our existence. As a result of this, our physical capabilities slowly become lackluster.

As this type of lifestyle slowly becomes the standard for the majority, we begin to loathe the physical tasks more and more. However, we find that we simply cannot be rid of some physical tasks, such as the task of shoveling the snow when winter comes around.

If you are from one of the colder climates, then you will most likely have experienced the displeasure of shoveling snow. Those who are unused to physical tasks find this activity most frustrating. But it cannot be ignored, as studies have shown that shoveling snow is an excellent exercise. Go through thirty minutes of this each day, and you will stay healthy.

Health is extremely important for us to be aware of in this day and age. Our work stunts our muscle growth, and activities like snow shoveling will at least keep it used. However, suddenly exerting physical strain may do the exact opposite; you may injure your back, or even suffer a heart attack.

Avoid this by taking things slow. Before shoveling snow, exercise for a little. Get your body to realize that you will be exerting effort for the day, and then, start the exercise. Make sure you keep your back straight; bend your knees when scooping snow instead.

Lastly, I must ask you to resist the urge to do things the easy way. Do not buy mechanical snow blowers! They may seem like a good idea, but, like the majority of modern life, it does you no good physically. If you must insist on using the new innovations of our age, instead look for snow shovels whose design has been improved on by technology. it will make the whole exercise simpler and safer; all for reduced cost.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop Snoring Home Remedy - This can Work?

Posted by patrick

By Siegfried Spink

Solutions to snoring have been around since "adam was a boy". Snoring can cause a sleeping problem for the partner or significant other of the person with an excessive snoring issue. With a little digging, such as searching the internet, the one suffering from the excessive snoring can find a number of solutions to the problems associated with snoring. Many are simple home remedies.

Shedding any extra weight is one way that can help with snoring. There is a linkage between snoring and obesity and one way to stop snoring is to lose those pounds. Generally speaking your health will improve also.

Refrain from drinking alcohol before sleep is advised. A person who consumes more alcohol before bed will be more likely to snore than a person who did not drink alcohol. If your partner notices you only snore when you drink alcohol this would indicate that less drinking before sleep is the answer.

Quit smoking. A little known fact is smokers tend to snore more than non-smokers because of increased congestion and a build up of mucous. Most smokers breathe through the mouth and take shallow breaths when awake. When they sleep smokers breathe through the mouth causing snoring from the vibration of the soft palate or tonsils.

Snoring can be a regular nuisance. If so visit your doctor to ascertain if there is any other reason medically for your snoring. If the doctor establishes the reason for your snoring problem as lack of air flowing through your airways, this problem can be corrected through surgeries which are straight forward.

It is worth noting that your health may rely upon seeing the doctor for a total checkup if you're unable to stop this problem on your own. When you see a doctor, it's a good idea to be accompanied by someone who's witnessed the snoring. You may find it difficult to answer all the questions about the snoring. The chances are you don't know how or when you are snoring, but somebody who has seen you can explain on your behalf.

A lack of sleep may cause a serious medical issue. When your body is not given the right amount of time to recharge fully, you will not be very effective in daytime and could even fall asleep when it would be danderous to do that. Snoring can actually be a far more serious concern than most people would believe.

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Making Your First Tattoo Go Smoothly

Posted by patrick

By Pat Johnson

The planning process involved in getting your first tattoo can be quite detailed and involved. You want to be sure that you take your health and safety seriously as there can be dangers and risks involved. By taking care of any loose ends in advance, then you will be best equipped to have a positive first experience.

Where to get your first tattoo done is an obvious, but no less important consideration. Many opt to get it done in their neighborhood or home town, while others will have it done while they are traveling so that they can commemorate the experience. Which ever you choose, be sure to make certain that the establishment is clean and sterile.

Be sure to ask the tattoo artist what his qualifications are. Find out if he is experienced or just learning. The best situation is if you know somebody who can give you a referral to a place where they had work done and were pleased with it.

Some tattoo parlors will offer a guarantee. While this is not the case across the board it is valuable to check into none the less. That way you will know that if you are not pleased with the outcome for any reason then you can go back to them to have it fixed to your full satisfaction.

You may be surprised to discover just how expensive tattoos can be. In fact even the small ones can get up there in price. For that reason, call around for prices ahead of time so you know what you will be dealing with. But don't choose where to get it done based on who's cheapest. They may be priced that way for a reason.

Feel comfortable asking questions. If your inquiries are brushed off or not taken seriously then you do not want to get your tattoo done there. This could be a red flag of the time and attention you will be given when it really matters.

If you heed the tips I have provided above then there is no reason why your first tattoo experience can't be a positive and rewarding one.

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Foot and Hand Therapy: Reflexology

Posted by patrick

By James Gilbert Pynn

Though I run the risk of coming off as an adherent of New Age philosophies, I feel I have to make the case for something called zone therapy, otherwise known as reflexology. I know what youre thinking: James, you've done it again. Yes, perhaps I have. But so what? This ancient therapy does not require the use of any special crystals or ethereal pan flute music. All that's required is a semi-open mind and your bare hands and feet.

It's essentially a hand or foot massage, yes. But reflexology is more than that. Well, it kind of depends on the intentionality of your masseuse. A reflexologist is trained to correspond points on your hands and feet (and sometimes ears) to certain organs or functions of the body. For instance, the hollow of the foot is said to correspond to your stomach. Have a bad case of Tennis Elbow? Have that part of your foot rubbed.

I know this may all sound like poppycock, but even the esteemed journal, Neuroscience Letters, claims that there is indeed a neural link between the brain and the foot. Of course, I would say, how else are we able to walk? Thanks, I'll be here all week! But seriously, folks, there is something to be said for this form of therapy. I know because it worked for me. My chronic headaches, which bordered on migraines, have abated since I started getting my hands rubbed.

Weird, sure. Creepy, maybe. But the bottom line is it works for me. It could work for you. It's like Tai Chi -- some people swear they can feel the chi running through their bodies. Other people punch people like that in the stomach and laugh. It's hard to say and I do sympathize with those of you who are creeped out by other people touching their hands and feet.

To that end, I recommend a handy, dandy foot massager. You can find models that are electric (and hence vibrating) or wooden (and do nothing but get mashed into your soft spots). The vibrating ones get the job done and even come with warm water jets and DVD players. I'm just kidding about the DVD players. Either way, it's something that may work for some people out there, and if something works, why not give a try?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Speed Reading Course Lets You Get More Accomplished

Posted by patrick

By Kim Allarie

If you struggle to find the time to finish a book, read all the documents you have to read for work, pore over research material for school, or even just keep up with the news, then you may well benefit from an Evelyn Wood speed reading course.

Once you've taken a speed reading course, you'll have dramatically improved your reading speed and comprehension levels. You'll at long last be able to finish up those books you haven't been able to manage to read.

Although the Evelyn Wood speed reading program is successfully used to help people quickly glean information from academic journal articles and textbooks, it can be used to read any sort of material. Even a casual reader can benefit from the skills taught in this course.

When you take a speed reading course you are introduced to the different ways to approach a variety of reading material. Reading an academic paper, reading a magazine, and reading literary books require different approaches.

When you read an academic paper, you are primarily reading for information. You can search for specific types of information by scanning headings and subheadings and skimming for appropriate information. Magazine and newspaper articles are generally easy to scan, however you want to enjoy every page of a good novel.

A speed reading course can teach you the skills to navigate these different reading materials. You will not only be able to read academic texts quickly with good comprehension, you will also be able to read fiction far more quickly while still enjoying the meaning and atmosphere created by the author.

Speed reading has the remarkable ability to transport you into the world of the book you are reading. You are going along with the action of the characters. This is an exciting way to read as you can experience the things being described in the book when you are reading quickly.

On a strictly useful level, this skill is a tremendous study tool. A speed reading course will let you find significant information much more quickly. You'll also discover how to take good notes, which is crucial for exam studying and composing high quality essays.

By utilizing the skills learned through this course, you'll be able to glean what you need from any type of reading material.

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What to expect from a online psychic reading

Posted by patrick

By Steve Bloomstein

Are you facing some tough decisions in relationships, were to live or some other major question that you are not sure on how it will affect your future? Getting a psychic reading has helped many people getting a more clear direction in life.

Most people are not familiar with psychics, however, and are not sure what to expect during a psychic reading. Before you get a psychic reading online it is important that you know what to expect so that you can prepare your questions and go in with realistic expectations.

It does not matter what your questions might be, no psychic is right all the time, and a psychic that claims to be is most definitely not genuine.

You cannot expect to get answers to questions if you are not entirely honest with your question. Many people withhold information or do not ask a question in the most honest way which can affect a psychics ability to give you and accurate reading. Always be upfront with a question and ask it in the most straightforward way as possible.

A psychic reading will give you answers to your questions and tell you what is likely to happen if you stay on your current path in life. A psychic can, however, not tell you what to do or give you advice.

A psychic will not tell you how you should handle a specific situation or relationships, just give you possible outcomes. In the end it is always up to you to use the information and take action in your own life.

A genuine psychic will not help you with requests such as putting curses on people, bringing back love or affecting other people.

A genuine psychic connects to your energy too see the different possibilities in our future. If your psychic claims to be able to cast hexes or bring back lost love, be wary, that is a big red warning flag for a psychic con artist.

Psychics vary in their abilities and they may or may not be able to give you specific answers to questions in which you ask for information such as names, dates, places, and specific events.

How detailed the psychics answers are also has to do with how well they are able to connect to you and the type of questions you want answered. Some psychics just sees the specific details and others get a more general feel for the question.

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How to Manage Your Anger

Posted by patrick

By Mark Spencer

It could make a lot of difference to your life if only you know how to control your anger. Rancor felt strongly usually damages your health and adversely impacts your career, your social circle and your family like as well. Think about it, no one likes to be around someone who is flying off the handle and rage usually separates any company. Many find it tough. I hope this article will help.

Means to control your anger: Know the source " you can fully bring anger under control if you as a first step know the source of such irritation. What is it that drives you off the handle? They could be just about anything under the sun, but at least know them. Of course you are making efforts to control your anger otherwise you would not be glancing through this article, and so it is natural for me to believe that you do have a few issues in mind which make you raving mad.

Sometimes when a situation makes us angry we can not fathom why. Usually the root cause can be found when you think really hard so you have to probe deeper and cull out the reasons which upset you during situations which you have enumerated in step 1. Now you begin to see things for what they really are and not what you thought them to be. Make a commitment to yourself - Each road you take starts with you! You have to unyielding and tenacious if you want to control your anger.

You have to be single-minded in approach to ultimately control your anger. You can do it because you weren't born angry, but this may be a difficult process and you need to be willing to put a lot of yourself into it.

Make an oath to those you care for " It is not rare that our loved ones are the most hurt when we are livid. Get all of them together as part of your healing process and they would come up willingly to help you out. Do not feel shy about it as this is something which is for the good of everyone. 5. Some kind of therapy intervention may be advised but this need not be a costly program. You could access several online options in this regard or you could even read a good book on the subject to get full cure from this distressing situation. Catch up with your lesson in step 2 and start applying your learning from the therapy. I do hope that the 5 steps listed above would be effective in your quest to control your anger and make you live a far more happy and healthy life.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Step By Step To Converting Movie DVDs To Your Apple iPhone

Posted by patrick

By Aaron Davies

You've heard that you could watch movies on your iPhone, right? And youve each of your favorite movies on DVD already. But how do you get your DVD movies into your iPhone?

There're several different ways to convert your movie DVDs to your iPhone -- a long, difficult way, and a quick uncomplicated way. The easiest way so far is to pick up the large iPhone entertainment package over at Among the several entertainment choices, the iPhone DVD includes a one-touch DVD to iPhone converter. It is simple to use and converts your DVD movies to iPhone format in record time.

If you dont use the easy one touch DVD to iPhone converter, you can still use free software you could find on the Net to convert your DVDs, but the chore is a long, tiring, complex procedure. You require to locate, download, and install at the most three software programs to allow you to complete your conversion. If you use a Windows operating system, this are the steps :

Step 1. Utilize DVD Decryptor software to rip the DVD movie files into a single .VOB file.

For better results, you require to have a pretty new DVD-ROM drive, and use DVDs that are new, clean, and have zero scratches. If you try to utilise a scratched DVD, you would destroy your DVD-ROM. This part likewise uses up a lot of computer resources, so be certain to close every of the program you possibly could.

Step 2. Utilize the Videora iPod Converter software to convert the .VOB file into a iPhone compatible MPEG 4 file. This software uses a Unix programme in order to operate, and needs the newest version of CYGWIN installed on your computer. Say you don't have this, then you also require to get it.

Step three. Use the iTunes software to import the complete iPhone format into your iPhone.

As you see, every step of the converting procedure utilises a different software to do that task. Learning the alternatives in each software can take you a short while, too. Once you understand what to do, then the procedure itself can take few hours to convert each DVD movie.

And so that was the long, difficult way to convert your DVD movies to your iPhone.

Yeah, the easy and convenience of the one touch DVD to iPhone converter from is definitely desirable. It's graphical interface is user friendly. And you could clip, crop, and edit your movies to your wish. With all these great features, you would be considering that it must be costly. Quite the contrary! For the cost of dinner and a movie, you can be converting all your DVDs to your iPhone at the touch of a button. So skip the night-out, and head on over to to seize your entertainment package straightaway!

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Stress Reduction Tips

Posted by patrick

By Jeff Cline

Stress is all around us. We encounter it at work, in our families and in our social lives. You can not run and hide from it. You must learn to face it head on and deal with it productively so it does not cause adverse conditions in your body, mind and soul. Here are some tips to combat stress.

Recognize that stress is unavoidable. Identify what causes it and how you react to it. Use the extra energy that you would typically use for worrying and fighting it for your benefit. Channel the energy into a challenge or to help you meet a goal.. Find ways to relax, maybe a vacation or just an afternoon at the park.

Avoid stress talk. Many people like to constantly talk about their stress with friends and coworkers. This is not a good coping technique. It only causes more self talk and stress. This kind of self talk can be destructive. Avoid situations or conversations that may lead to doom and gloom talk.

This brings us to stress thoughts or mind garbage as I like to refer to it. We can put so much energy into the should a, could a, would a theory's. We can manipulate our minds to think things are worse then they are. Cut these thoughts off as soon as they start. They are usually unfounded thoughts anyways.

Everybody knows somebody that has had to deal with stress and they have pulled through it just fine. Learn from these people. Identify how they dealt with the stress. Let there techniques influence you positively. If they can do it you can. Many have even dealt with more.

Many people love the breathing technique. It is simple and is a great way to calm yourself when stress gets you anxious and excited. All you need to do is take lond steady deep breathes, inhaling and exhaling. Once you start to feel relaxed and calm you can breath normal.

Identify our stress triggers. Identify how we currently deal with them. find ways to improve the way we deal with them. We may need to try many techniques before finding one that works for us. Make note of this information and find positive de-stressors that work for us.

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and rest. Eat healthy foods and get some exercise. Enjoy lives little pleasures, so often we ignore them. Stop to smell the roses. Be good to your body and yourself and your body will thank you for it!

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The Best iPhone 3G Wallpapers To Use

Posted by patrick

By Jack Johnson

Are you sick and tired of looking at the identical old wall paper on your Apple iPhone? So get out of your doldrums, and spice things up abit by changing your wallpaper! Its simple and quick, and there is no tricks to it. A click here and a tap there, and youve got a new wallpaper!

You could turn virtually every picture you see on the Net into your next Apple wallpaper. When you see a picture you desire, simply right click on it and then select "SAVE PICTURE AS" in the menu that comes up. Choose a folder to put it in, example like My Pictures or whatever folder you want, give the pic a name, and click SAVE. You could collect a selection of images that you may require to use for your wallpaper. This is your 1st step - getting the pictures to use onto your computer.

In your search, you'll learn that a few of the internet sites don't permit you to simply take their pictures off their website for your own use. In their web page coding, they have disabled right clicking on their page. And so if you encounter this restriction, you could not use that image for your wall paper. Out of a million internet sites or so that are on the Net, you are sure to find some you like for your Apple wallpapers on the sites that do grant right-clicking.

Another way to collect photos to use for your wall papers is to do a search for the web sites which allow downloads of photos to use as Apple iPhone wallpapers. Numerous of these are free of charge, and numerous cost you some cash.

Now that you have a couple of pictures to use for your wallpapers, the next step is to connect your iPhone to your computer. Simply plug in your iPhone's USB cable. This'll launch iTunes. Click the PHOTOS tab.

After that click SYNC PHOTOS FROM. Browse to your photos folder and choose the ones you will like to copy to your iPhone. Then click SYNC. Your pictures are immediately on your iPhone.

Now tap the PHOTOS icon on your iPhone and you'll see each of your new photos.

Go to your SETTINGS menu. Tap on the WALLPAPER icon. Once more, you'll see each of your photographs displayed. Choose a picture that you want to use for your Apple wallpaper. Tap OPTIONS. Tap USE AS WALLPAPER.

Now you can pull your image round on your screen, or zoom in or zoom out to place it however you prefer. To zoom in, just tap the picture with two prompt taps. When it zooms in, do the same and it will zoom back out again. When youre delight with how it looks, then tap SET WALLPAPER.

That is it! You presently have a new wallpaper on your Apple iPhone.

If you wish to save some time and cash in this procedure, you could get a massive selection of Apple iPhone wallpapers entirely in one swoop at By large selection, we actually mean you get twenty thousand wall paper all on one DVD! Imagine! You can use a different wallpaper everyday. You can use a different wallpaper for every single mood if you wish to! Got a minute? Change your wallpaper!

With the iPhone DVD, you'll have a whole library of photos,landscapes, people, animals, cartoons, still pictures, animated clips, abstract designs, funny pictures, sexy pictures - pretty much anything you can think of. You'll never have to go searching for another wallpaper for your Apple iPhone again! And you'll be thinking of your iPhone as a whole different animal! See it now at

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mineral Makeup Ingredients: Good Stuff Inside

Posted by patrick

By Marilyn Etzel

All mineral makeup is not identical. Before choosing cosmetics, decide what you desire in your mineral cosmetics. Mineral makeup is designed to be sheer, lightweight, and natural looking at any age. Beyond that, the ingredients are nourishing to your skin.

Read the ingredient list of the mineral makeup products on the market. Some have added fillers to their formulas. The fillers make up a larger portion of the cosmetics than the minerals do. Know what you are getting before you make a purchase.

The good stuff in mineral makeup not only keeps you looking natural but adds to the health of the skin. As such, your makeup won't harm your face. Here is a list of some of that good stuff.

1. Mica - You'll see this ingredient in most mineral preparations. Mica has many forms, the most common of which is serecite mica. This mineral helps the other components to adhere to your face where they are supposed to stay and stay nicely. Mica also uses the reflection of the light to hide wrinkles, large pores, and lines.

2. Titanium Dioxide - If you have any skin problems you want to hide, this is the mineral you want to have on board. Titanium dioxide adds a matte finish to the skin which is more natural. A component of sunscreen, this mineral protects the skin from harmful solar radiation. It reinforces the work of sunscreen, which should be applied before your makeup.

3. Zinc Oxide - it's just like that white stuff you see on the noses of surfers on the beach. Zinc is a mineral that aids in naturally healing the body without chemicals. As zinc oxide, it provides protection from the sun (as an ingredient found in most sunscreens) because it stays on when your face gets wet.

4. Iron Oxide - There's nothing wrong with a splash of color to make a women noticeable in a crowd. Iron oxides add color to mineral makeup naturally. The pigments come in several shades useful for eye shadows and blushes. More subtle pigments are used to match foundations to all skin tones.

5. Silica - Oily skin is a problem for many people. Silica adds a silky finish to the skin as well as sopping up excess skin oil that can make your face shine. The powdered silica reduces the appearance of pores and those fine lines we wish were finer and less visible.

6. Boron Nitride - Another natural mineral that absorbs excess oil similar to silica. It smoothes the skin and provides a natural look like mica and silica. Women would rather have a glow than a shine and boron nitride helps mineral makeup to accomplish this.

To be natural, mineral makeup must contain natural ingredients like the minerals named above. Other products like kaolin clay or rice powder are added also. Whether you choose to use these ingredients is up to you.

Choose carefully depending on your skin issues and choices for ingredients. Try more than one kind and compare.

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6 Annual Photo Contests That Could Bring You Fame And Glory

Posted by patrick

By DeeDee Dobson

Entering photo contests is not only fun (especially when you win), but it also helps get you take your photography to new levels. Look at the different categories as assignments and try to get as creative as possible - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with.

Below are 6 annual contests that will challenge your creativity and hopefully bring you worldwide recognition:

Leica's Newcomer Award For the past 30 years, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (for pro photographers only) has honored outstanding photographers from all over the world as the winners of this prestigious contest. This year, they decided to add a new category, the " Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award", open to "prospective professional photographers" under the age of 26. To enter, submit a series of max 12 photos depicting "the interaction between man and the environment" on or before March 1. There is no entry fee, and the Newcomer Award is $2,500 Euros, and your work exhibited in Leica's online gallery.

IPA - International Photography Awards This competition is open to professional, non-professional and student photographers, and there are lots of categories to choose from. A few examples are Bridges, Underwater, Self-Portrait, Micro and Digitally Enhanced, and the cost to enter (for non-pros) is $25/single image, $50/series (2-5 photos), and $15 for each additional category. The jury selects 21 category winners, and each receives a Certificate of Achievement, tickets to the Lucie Awards ceremony, and the annual IPA book. In addition to that, the top three winners get cash prizes ($10,000 and $5,000), Lucie statues, and exhibitions of their work, and The Photographer of the Year also gets to travel to the Czech Republic and be featured in and shoot a portion of a Pilsner Urquell documercial. The deadline is March 27, 2009.

Underwater Photo and Video Competition This competition is open to amateurs only, and if you enjoy diving and snorkeling, it's definitely one to put on your "submit list". There are 5 photo categories: Conservation, Majestic, Togetherness, Macro, and Wide Angle, and they are obviously looking for photos taken underwater. And check out the prizes: diving trips to the Solomon Islands, the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Honduras, hotel stays and dive packages in several different (exotic) locations, equipment, gift cards and much more. The entry fee is $10/image, and you can enter as many as you like. The Underwater Images competition is a non-profit corporation and all proceeds from this competition go to marine conservation, education, and scholarships, so this is money well spent. The deadline is April 1, but for an additional $5/image, you can enter as late as April 10.

National Wildlife Magazine 2009 marks the 39th annual photo contest at National Wildlife Magazine, and as you can probably gather from the name, they are looking for nature and wildlife photos (no pets). Pros, amateurs and youths (age 13-17) are invited to participate, and you can submit up to 20 photos in eight different categories. The deadline for 2009 is July 20 and prizes include gift certificates, cash, and publication in National Wildlife.

National Geographic What's National Geographic famous for? That's right, great photography. It goes without saying that competition is fierce at "World in Focus", their annual photo contest, but give it a shot (no pun intended) anyway, you never know! Amateurs and Professionals compete separately, and the jury selects 11 winners from the amateur group and 6 from the pros. The 2009 contest has not started yet, but it usually runs April - September. Last year's categories were "Spontaneous Moments", "Travel Portraits", "Sense of Place", "Outdoor Scenes" and "Photo Essay" (up to 6 photos), and prizes included trips to Patagonia, Chile and Maine, photography workshops and camera gear.

Islands Magazine Islands' annual photo contest is on its 20th year, and if you like travel, this is one to enter for sure. They are looking for island-based travel photos, and the entry fee is only $3/photo. Prizes this year include trips to Fiji, Oahu, Iceland and Aruba. The 2009 deadline was January 31st, so set your sights on entering next year (something to keep in mind while vacationing this year).

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Dealing With Weakness and Strength Questions in your Interview

Posted by patrick

By Michael Farquar

When you attend your interview, you can find yourself in a situation where there are questions flying at you - left, right and centre. It can appear unbelievably bewildering. Try to stay focussed as your next few responses may be life changing. I once had an amazing interview that led to one of my most enjoyable jobs...

I had applied to be a teacher at a local preschool, and now sat across a table, being questioned by my prospective boss - the director of the school. "What would you consider your greatest weakness?" she asked, once the intros were made. "I am a very shy person when I initially meet other people," I answered, smiling a little. "It becomes a little detrimental, because it gets misinterpreted as conceited, or a better-than-thou attitude." She agreed and laughed softly. "I have had just the very problem!" She answered. "I have had countless people tell me that they thought I was a witch when they initially met me!" Of course, the "witch" word she was talking about had actually started with a "B".

Never be frightened of your weaknesses. Never lie and don't just re-use the ones that you have heard before. There are some really tired responses to this question, such as the "I just can't say no". If you use one of these "standard" answers - you may come across as being a liar and untrustworthy.

What eventually got me the job was a response that I wouldn't have planned in a hundred years! The headteacher stopped suddenly and just stared at me for a few moments and then asked - "If I had a class of children that you didn't know on the other side of the school in a room that I haven't yet shown you and I needed you to go in there and deal with the situation quickly - what would your initial response be?" At this point, I thought that the interview had already been lost, so I was paradoxically super-relaxed. I just laughed and told her that I would go into the centre of the room and start laughing loudly until they all went quiet and get them playing the hockey cokey or something mad like that.

Funnily enough, I was chatting to her a little while later (after I had been in post for a bit) and she told me that it was that precise answer that secured me the post. She knew that I was honest and had the ability to rapidly establish rapport with the children. So - go with the truth...

Don't forget to practice your answers with your friends and family. It can be a little embarassing going through your strengths and weaknesses with them, but it is better to get teased by those that care about you than risk looking silly at your interview.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Cure for Despair

Posted by patrick

By Joe Vitale

During dinner the other night, one of the people in our group looked at me and asked the question I didn't want to hear -

"How did you become homeless?"

By now most people have heard my story of being on the streets of Dallas in the late 1970s and struggling in poverty in Houston for many years after that. Some of it is explained in my new audioprogram, The Awakening Course.

But I had never explained exactly how I ended up in such dire circumstances.

When I answered the question at dinner, everyone at the table stared at me.

The woman who asked the question sat there with her mouth open and eyes un-blinking.

She asked, "Why have you never said this before?"

My friend Mark Ryan was sitting there, also staring, and said, "As long as I've known you, you've never told this story before. It's riveting. This changes everything."

Changes everything?


They all said I had to tell the story now.

"Given the current financial crisis and with people losing their homes and their jobs, this story needs to be told more than ever before," Mark said.

I heard them and realized I agreed.

So here's the story...

I knew I wanted to be an author when I was a teenager. I wanted to write books and plays that made people happy. Everywhere I looked I saw un-happy people. I believed I could help them with humor and stories.

During that time of the mid-1970s, I watched sports. I don't today but back then the Dallas Cowboys were the rage. Roger Staubach and Tom Landry were heroes. I got caught up in the excitement and felt the place for me to make my name was in Dallas, Texas.

I lived in Ohio at the time. Born and raised there. I worked on the railroad as a trackman, doing heavy labor all day long, working weekends and summers since the age of five.

I saved my money, packed up my bag, and took a bus to Dallas. It took three days to get there.

I was lost in the big city, of course. Being born in a small town in Ohio didn't prep me for the hustle and bustle of a city the size of Dallas.

Before long, I wanted out.

But I still wanted to be an author.

At that time major companies were building oil and gas pipelines in Alaska and the Middle East, and offering to pay big bucks if you were willing to go to either place.

I wasn't keen on going to a foreign country and doing more labor, but I saw a chance to make money, save it, and then go on a sabbatical where I could write for a few months or even a year.

It seemed like a brilliant strategy.

I answered one of the newspaper ads that promised to get me pipeline work at a extraordinary hourly wage. I went in their office, met an upbeat sales person, and ended up giving him all of my money - my entire savings, about a thousand dollars at the time - based on his promise that I'd have overseas pipeline work in a week or two.

You might guess part of what happened next - but you won't guess all of it.

Within a week or so, the company that took all of my money went out of business.

Their doors were closed, no one answered the phone, and no forwarding addresses could be found.

Shortly after that, the company went bankrupt.

And not long after that, the owner of the company committed suicide.

There was no one left to try to get my money back.

I was alone.

I was broke.

I was in Dallas, far from home.

I confess that my ego got in the way here. My family back in Ohio would have taken me back in and welcomed me back home. But I was head strong and determined to somehow survive.

Well, I did survive - by sleeping in church pews, on the steps of a post office, in a bus station.

It wasn't an easy time, as you can imagine, and I never used to talk about it. It was too embarrassing.

When I told this story at dinner, everyone agreed I had to share it with you.

They said that people are finding themselves in the same situation - they trusted a government, or a corporation, or a person, or a bank, and now they are losing their homes and their jobs.

Hearing that I went through the same thing three decades ago and not only survived but prospered to a level that the Joe Vitale of thirty years ago could hardly imagine, ought to be inspiring to you, too.

I got off the streets and out of poverty by constantly working on myself - reading self-help books, taking action, scrambling at times by taking whatever work I could find, but always always always focusing on my vision: to one day be an author of books that helped people be happy and stay inspired.

If you're in a place right now that doesn't feel so good or seem too safe, I urge you to remind yourself that this is only temporary.

This is the cure for despair.

As I say in my book, The Attractor Factor, this is simply current reality, and current reality can change.

You can help it along by doing what you know and need to do.

But remember, the sun will shine again.

It always does.

Your job right now is to focus on what you want and keep it in sight.

Yes, keep taking action;

yes, stay positive and surround yourself with positive people;

yes, be of support to others.

But remember, if I or anyone else can survive homelessness, poverty, job loss, or any other hard time, then you can survive it, too.

Please hang in there.

One last thing:

I admit that there were times I wanted to throw in the towel and get myself out of this life.

Thank God I stuck around. Had I left early, I would have missed a life of magic and wonder, success and fame I never dreamed of before, priceless relationships and experiences, and more.

I have no idea what wonderful good is headed your way - and neither do you.

What you have to do is stay the course and follow your heart.

And remember -

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,

Dr. Joe Vitale

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Healing Childhood Abuse Issues

Posted by patrick

By Laurice F. Egerton

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the majority of us have horror stories from childhood. I doubt that any of us escaped childhood without scars from some sort of dysfunction. I'll won't go into details, just say that I endured abuse.

My father has always been an alcoholic. Rather than being angry with him, I felt a bit sorry for him. He is a good father to the extent that he can be. He taught us some good values. But, his addiction and relative lack of social skills led him to be distant, unreliable and angry. My mother was perpetually depressed about the whole family situation, and was therefore not very emotionally present herself. As the oldest of 6 children, I felt responsible for everyone's happiness and well-being. I'm not looking for sympathy. Actually, I am grateful for my trials and the empathy and determination they have given me. I won't deny that my childhood left me with scars, however.

My fist marriage was ruined by my lack of self-love and trust issues. Then, the divorce, nearly killed me. I had sworn that my children would never have to endure divorce, but didn't know how to do anything different. The truth is that we only know what we live until we learn something new, and we either change or cave. The pain made me cave, and then change.

Although healing is a lifelong process, I can say that I can talk about my past now without tears. Opposing statistics on marriages, my second marriage is really good. I believe this is because I took a good hard look at what I needed to change, and how to work through my ego and get to my true self.

I have always looked for ways to overcome my severe insecurities and deep-seated beliefs of being less-than or unlovable. I could recognize them, but had no idea how to change them. I am a very religious person, so I turned to my teachings there first. But, have been open to any new teaching or method that aligned with my current beliefs and offered hope.

I won't go into each of them in detail, as I would have to write a book (maybe I will). I have found yoga, meditation, service to others, extreme exercise (marathons, 100-200 mile bike rides, tri-athlons) a business that helps me personally and financially, and loving 8 children unconditionally to be helpful in my journey of healing. I wish I would have learned long ago what I know now through my business that has taught me a lot about the Law of Attraction. Maybe I wasn't ready to accept these concepts until now. Its funny how life throws things your way when it does.

The bottom-line in actually changing my MIND -that is all of those deeply ingrained inhibiting beliefs was quite simply gratitude and the decision to be happy. Yes, it sounds simple and it is. Why is that so hard for so many to find and grasp then? I think it is just that we think we are going to get something out of being miserable. Like, sympathy or revenge. We don't want to let our abusers off the hook. Well, guess what? WE weren't the ones who put them there, and we cant take them off. They'll have to do that for themselves. And, we think that healing takes so much time and effort. It really just takes a decision.

Gratitude. Yes, we can all be grateful for something on any given day, and probably in any given hour. If you start feeling sorry for yourself again, think of the approximately 5 billion people in this world right now that you wouldn't trade places with!

You are a human being, not a human DOING. So, stop trying to do things to make yourself feel better. Just BE. We learned more about what this means when visiting Ethiopia to get our two youngest children. In the face of poor living conditions, lack of food, and an orphan epidemic due to AIDS, most people were happy. They had discovered through tough circumstance that it is not circumstance that determines happiness, it is your mindset (or soulset), and a decision to be happy.

Believe me, I am not judging anyone who may be depressed, or has gone through difficult circumstances and is not happy. I have been there. I know that pain, and the work it sometimes takes to get through. I'm just hoping that my experience will help someone get to joy a little faster. It is how life was meant to be lived. "Men are that they might have joy.

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This Is How An Executive Coach Can Help You

Posted by patrick

By Bart Icles

There are many benefits that come from being promoted inside an organization. You get a higher salary, more respect, and better job description. Many times, promotion brings you a more relaxed working environment. When you are in a lower level job, you get a lot of feedback on your performance. This leads to better productivity and overall efficiency in the work place.

One of the draw backs of being promoted is you lose the opportunity to get other peoples suggestions on how you can improve. Overall, the higher you climb the ladder in the organization, the less chance you have of getting feedback about your performance. Companies need to find ways to evaluate and help their top executives develop.

In today's modern business world, executives have a very unstructured and uncertain work pattern. Because of this, it can be challenging to have a focused and productive schedule. Many organizations have come to the conclusion that executives at all levels can benefit from coaching discussions with those in a position to observe the results of their actions. It is also good to get feedback from the people that get to see your everyday work patters and overall behavior. It is very important for people to hear how they are performing. If they are doing well, it gives them encouragement to hear about it. If they are doing poor, it is very beneficial to get feedback.

This is the same for people in management positions as well as lower level employees. Many times, people are intimidated to give constructive criticism to executives. Obviously, it needs to be done in a respectful manner, but usually the executive will be appreciative for the comments.

When executives fail at their job, they usually encounter one of the big four problems. These issues have derailed top management all over the globe and will continue to be a problem to all major firms. These problems are: failure to meet business objectives, inability to change or adopt during transition, problems with interpersonal relationships, and failure to build and lead a team.

These four themes cry for personal attention of an experienced business coach. When a company hires a business coach, he has the opportunity to step back and look at things from a different angle. Executive coaching is a new trend in the business world. One-on-one attention can assist in obtaining feedback from direct reports, developing teamwork, and collaboration of skills.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Ease The Pain Of Breaking Up - 5 Tips

Posted by patrick

By Marc Sandford

The pain of breaking up is a very profound type of injury that is very similar to the grief felt over someone who has passed away. Your significant other has left, leaving a hole in you that refuses to heal. Your relationship with your ex has died, never to be experienced again.

As with all of the pain that people around the world must endure, life goes on. For your own well being, it is important to get though this pain successfully. Getting your life back on track means more than mere survival, you want to thrive in your life. Below is some advice for putting the pain behind you and moving forward.

1.) Immerse yourself in with other people and your friends. Even without your ex, there are other people in your life who also matter. Don't try to be a lone wolf.

Trying to go it alone will only make your efforts at getting past the pain much harder to do. So give your friends a chance and let them help.

2.) Don't spend your time brooding over the break up or on the relationship that was lost. It is a normal thing to want to analyze the details of the breakup, but this can soak up too much of your emotional reserves and energy.

As was mentioned before, it's important to be with other people. However, some discussion about your breakup is healthy but don't over do it. The main reason for being with others is to get involved again with life and to enjoy it.

3.) Be careful with the type of music you play. Avoid any music that may resurrect old emotions associated with your break up. Music can have a strong effect when it comes to pulling on your emotional strings. So play something more happy.

4.) Stay clear of the sadness, self pity trap, otherwise you may get lured into the living death called depression. Believe me, you don't ever want to be drawn there. Depression is a serious mental illness that shortens and even ends the lives of it's sufferers.

Often, music or cinema portrays sadness as a kind of sweet melancholy that can be very moving and may feel "good". But this sadness is a kind of temporary empathy reaction that ends with the song or movie. But there is nothing sweet or romantic about personal sadness which is a trap that can destroy the quality of our lives.

5.) Finally, have a sense of optimism about where you want to go in life. You also need to be optimistic about your prospects of finding love in the future. People everywhere have suffered through breakups and still got past the pain.

There may be a good chance that you can get back together with your ex. If not, there will be other lovers in your future. You only have to make the effort and just do it.

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5 Reasons To Buy The New Apple iPhone 3G

Posted by patrick

By Ruby Evans

The current news reports prove that the new Apple iPhone 3G is taking the universe by storm! It's presently one of the top selling and most requested products on Ebay. Are you getting yours soon?

The much anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 3G surpassed every of the expectations, with features that blow away the 2nd generation iPhones. Here are five reasons why everyone is so energized :

1. The number 1 reason for the ruckus is that the new Apple iPhone 3G can presently provides you the capability to add third party applications. Already the iTunes App Store has a huge number of applications for either business or entertainment. Opening it up to various organizations to develop authorized iPhone applications has began a frenzy of corporations clamoring to provide you the greatest and the best there is in the way of increased functionality. This one capability means that what you could do with your iPhone is virtually unlimited, as better and better applications get formulated.

2. As special as the 1st reason, the new Apple iPhone 3G could now gives you access to higher Internet speeds. Supersonic is simply one other way to describe it. Compared to the second generation models, every thing you do on the Net is presently better and faster. Web pages show up quicker, audio and video media download faster for an enhanced experience, and file downloads do not take up as much of your time.

3. The enhanced e-mail functions of the latest Apple iPhone 3G give you a couple more choices with your e-mail - more accounts and quicker, more trusted email service.

4. If you are someone who loves to play games, you'll really enjoy the latest gaming capabilities of the Apple iPhone 3G. Better controls and exciting new iPhone games released for this hottest model means that you can now take your games with you. The chills of gaming are now portable. No more are you shut away to staying at home to finish a game on your home-bound game console. Be it on the bus or on the train, queueing for your food or waiting for your friend, you can now take out your trusty iPhone and enjoy a game. Dull moments are your past, thanks to this latest iPhone.

5. Besides all the awesome new features, the Apple iPhone 3G also delivers improved call quality and speakerphone quality over the second generation models. You could hear the individual on another end of your call louder and clearer, without that distracting buzzing in the background!

There is nearly no comparison 'tween this new model and the older ones. The Apple iPhone 3G almost makes the second generation models look like toys. That's how much difference there is. Try one out for yourself, and discover the pleasures of this wave of the future.

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Using NLP Training to stop smoking for Good

Posted by patrick

By Melissa Buncarli

So you want to quit smoking once and for all. Well what is quitting, really was that easy. All your thoughts and views on how hard it is to quit are completely incorrect. What if I told you after just on session of NLP or hypnotherapy that you could happily go on with life, a non smoker. Not missing it in the least.

Well it really can be that simple for you. The reason that NLP and hypnotherapy are very successful in most cases, is because our beliefs about smoking and our needs for it are kept in out unconscious mind. So well consciously you want to kick the habit, your unconscious will not allow it.

When someone first gives in to smoking, its because they are believing in what other have told them about it. For example, they may have heard it relieved stress or somehow made them more confident. After sucking back that first smoke filled cigarette, the newborn smoker ponders on this and put these unhelpful thoughts into their unconscious. What the also are putting into their unconscious is that smoking is difficult to stop or quit.

At this point the smoker is making the conscious decision to gain the benefits they heard about by sucking poisonous fumes into their body. As time goes on, uncomfortable physical reactions from the cigarettes start to surface, this is a result of their recently formed nicotine addiction. They then find themselves feeding the the need of the drug, as some sort of feeling of confidence or relaxation. When really they are simply filling their newborn need to get back to the level where a non smoker already is at.

After years of smoking thousands and thousands of cigarettes, the smoker has really pried these unconscious beliefs deep within their mind. This includes the belief that is hard to quit.

Hypnotherapy and NLP let us get into the unconscious mind of a smoker and retrain their unconscious beliefs of how hard it is to quit, to the benefits of not smoking and and how fulfilling it can be to feel absolutely great again and not feel the need. After this retraining session occurs, the smoker will slowly loose the withdrawal pains, craving for cigarettes and mood swings and replace them with feelings of overall happiness, relaxation and confidence.

So if you are ready to kick the habit once and for all and are tired of failing, it is time for you to consult with a NLP or Hypnotherapy expert. I wish you all the best in your journey and have confidence this method will give you the results you seek.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

Posted by patrick

By Chrisitan Goodman

A friend of mine loves chocolates. He especially loves chocolates which have been frozen.

My friend's wife, however, suffers from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Her condition is exacerbated by the cold of the frozen candy. When asked, she was quite eager to share the symptoms of her condition.

I'm not generally surprised by the symptoms described, as I've performed much research on this condition to create my TMJ program. Some symptoms though, are surprising.

TMJ is actually just the temporomandibular joint. When people say they suffer from "TMJ" what they mean is that they suffer from a disorder or disorders of the joint.

This joint serves an important function by allowing us to chew food, yawn and talk. Made up of blood vessels, muscles, nerves and bones, TMJs are located on either side of the face in front of the ears. The TMJ is what connects the jawbone to the skull.

You can find this joint by placing your finger in front of your ear and then opening and closing your mouth. The jawbone can perform two movements - opening/closing the mouth and acting as a hinge and also a gliding action which allows you to open your mouth wide.

TMJ syndrome can occur when the joint becomes eroded and then slides out of alignment. Some medical conditions such as arthritis can cause damage to the cartilage making up the joint. An injury can also cause this syndrome.

TMJ syndrome can also be caused when the joint gets over used. When your dentist tells you not to grind your teeth, he or she is also referring to TMJ in addition to tooth erosion. Some people have this condition from birth due to over improper development of the joint.

Triggers which can bring on symptoms include: grinding one's teeth, drinking or eating cold things, lack of sleep, poor neck and face posture, exposure to cold air and stress.

TMJ syndrome affects women more than men. Experts say 5-15% of the population but agree the number is likely higher due to misdiagnosis.

Symptoms include: Headache, neck pain, difficulty opening and closing the mouth, pain or tenderness in the jaw, earache, pain in the face and a clicking sound when opening or closing the mouth.

Surgery is rarely required and most of the things that cause this condition can be corrected. For example, your dentist can create a "bite guard" to help you keep from grinding your teeth.

In my friend's wife's case it was all about temperature. Eating cold food or drinks or direct exposure to cold air or air-conditioning were triggers for her condition. Thanks to my TMJ program she was able to learn good habits to bring about relief to this disorder.

I've received excellent feedback about my TMJ program as well as my Migraine and Headache program from TMJ syndrome sufferers so I'm confident my all natural programs can work for you!


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Life Path Unlimited Review: Why Top Leaders are Joining

Posted by patrick

By Jenn Lawlor

Life Path Unlimited is capturing the attention of top industry leaders, especially from people considering Liberty League International. At two years old, Life Path is six years younger than Liberty League. Experts in the personal and prosperity industry suggest that LifePath picked up where Liberty League dropped off.

Life Path created a product line with the intention of being the best available before designing the compensation plan attached to the business opportunity as a direct sales opportunity.

I've been in direct sales long enough to watch lots of products and companies go under after the initial excitement and hype. You can bet that I do my research before recommending ANY company.

There are really only two major contenders in the personal and prosperity development industry: Liberty League and Life Path. I reviewed both through research and interviews with affiliates from each company. What I found was that several top leaders from Liberty League went over to Life Path because they considered the Liberty League product to be almost an afterthought.

There are many outside similarities: both companies have product lines that begin with a home study course in personal and prosperity development. Upper level packages offer 3 day and a 5 day conferences with "luminaries"--world renowned experts in their field. You'll see that some luminaries went from Liberty League over to Life Path.

In direct sales, if you're involved with a company that has a SOLID product, you have happy distributors who are motivated to promote them. If you have great products that are INNOVATIVE, the company has the opportunity to hit traction in the market place.

When you position yourself on the ground floor of a company poised for success, you can see some amazing results.

...If you know how to MARKET.

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5 Secrets of the Female Mind

Posted by patrick

By Stylelife Coaches

The secrets to her mind have been unlocked and i'm going to share them with you. Knowing these will make you more attractive than every man she's ever met.

1. She Wants to be Emotionally Swept Away, Not Just Impressed

Have you ever gone out with a woman and told her all sorts of impressive things about yourself only to discover she just wants to be friends? As modern men, especially Americans, we are led to believe that women have a checklist and we need to meet their criteria. Truth is that a woman wants more than anything else to feel emotion. The male mind processes language more in terms of facts and outcomes where the female mind responds much more to emotion and empathy. The key is to create a way for her to feel something. For example, draw her into your world by sharing stories in a way that she can associate into; she can experience the story as you tell it.

2. She Relies on You to Make Her Feel Comfortable

Girls hate awkward moments and will do anything to stay away from them. If you aren't comfortable with yourself, there is no way she will be comfortable. Only then will she share herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Steer clear of talking about sex, weddings and children when you first meet. And don't come off as try hard as that will make her uncomfortable as well.

3. Dont Argue, Its Pointless. Often She Doesnt Even Know Why Shes Feeling Emotional

When a girl gets upset, the things she says may not be what's bothering her. The main thing a woman wants from a man is reassurance. She needs to know you're there for her. Once she calms down, listen carefully and you'll be able to figure out what the root of her problem is.

4. She Is Just As " If Not More " Sexual Than You Are. Its Just Compartmentalized

We're not the only ones guys. Women love hot sex too. They're just a little more sexually complex and put all those urges into one place in their mind. When you unlock that spot she will be as charged if not more excited about physical intimacy as you.

5. She Expects You to Respect Her and You Better Respect Yourself First

This becomes more true when she shares her entire self with you. Trust and respect are essential. Never try to control her. Respect her by following through with promises. When she can rely on you, you know there is special bond.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Are The Most Popular Brands Of Contact Lenses?

Posted by patrick

By Amy Nutt

Contact lenses have become the most desired form of vision correction available today. This is largely due to the fact that they are not as obtrusive as glasses and can be fairly easy to use with training. Individuals who are looking at purchasing a pair for the first time may be a bit perplexed as to what to expect. Thankfully, many optometrists and ophthalmologist as well as their assistants know how to teach people how to apply and remove contacts.

Another consideration for new users is what brand to use and for what purpose. For instance, if a person has astigmatism, what company should they investigate in order to find the best contacts available? Also, if one wants contacts for mere aesthetic purposes (i.e. to change your eye color), who has the best color hues and prices?

There are numerous companies that make both hard and soft contact lenses, so what you choose could merely be a matter of pricing and selection. For instance, some companies do not make contact lenses for astigmatism, which may narrow you options. Others steer clear of color contact manufacturing.

Below is a list of the top contact lens companies and the kinds of lenses they offer. Which one you choose will be based on your prescription and preferences during the time of purchase.


Focus contacts offer a variety of styles and choices for any one who is looking to procure contact lenses. Not only do they offer a color line called soft colors, they have lenses designed for daily, weekly and even monthly wear. Focus also offers Toric lenses which are designed for people with astigmatism. You can buy Focus contact lenses in packs of 30 or 90.


Like Focus, Acuvue offers a wide variety of lenses for daily and weekly wear but they also have lenses for those with bifocal prescriptions. Their color lenses, which are said to be easier to wear than most, have a two color grid that makes them appear more natural. These colored lenses come in opaque, for a complete color change, or in enhancers, which highlight the natural color of the eye.


Freshlook contacts are well known for their shades and have the most natural looking color lenses in the industry. Their color brands include Colorblends, Dimensions and Freshlook colors. Freshlook Colorblends are the most popular because they offer a 3 in 1 technology that blends three different shades for a more realistic look. Dimensions by Freshlook on the other hand, are used to enhance your natural eye color while Freshlook colors are opaques that can alter the eye significantly. Freshlooks are often the most referred contacts for those who wish to use lenses for cosmetic purposes.


Pure Vision is actually a line by the well know manufacturer Bausch and Lomb. It includes contacts that can be worn for up to 30 days. Pure vision comes in Toric and multifocal styles for people with special vision correction needs.

If you truly desire to learn more about your choices and options ask you doctor as he can most likely recommend a brand that will best suit your needs.

Caring for and cleaning lenses

One of the most important aspects of buying lenses is buying the essentials necessary to keep them clean. Lenses that are not properly kept up can cause eye infections that, if left untreated, can further damage your sight.

When in doubt, ask your eye doctor about the proper solutions and methods you need to keep your contacts in tip top shape. If you follow your doctors advice, your contact lenses should last for their duration of implied wear keeping you and your vision healthy and vibrant.

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Get Your Ex Back Using Play

Posted by patrick

By Johnnie S Laney

It is fairly normal to want your ex back after a break up. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and we often realize how good we had it. And the pain of the break up teaches us lessons on how to act differently when we get them back. The break up can be a good thing.

So now you may find yourself wanting to improve the relationship, if only you can get them back. How do you go about getting them back?

There are a number of methods you can use to help you get your ex back into your life and your heart. Happily, millions before you have made mistakes and gotten their ex back. And some solid strategies have been developed and tested on how to make this happen.

How you get your ex back is determined by what caused the relationship to end. If you cheated on your ex, you need a different approach than if your ex just isnt that into you anymore and dumped you because they were bored. Each situation requires different relationship repair.

Here is one strategy that will work in many cases, particularly after a few weeks or more has passed since the break up. If things have calmed down and your ex no longer flies into a rage when you talk to them, this approach can work wonders. The approach is PLAY. Playing with your ex is a great way to begin to get them back into your life. By that I mean you call them to do fun things together that you think they might like. If they like to ski, you can call and say Hey, I know were broken up and all, but I want to go skiing this Saturday and need a buddy, will you fill in, no strings attached, just a ski day?

The key is to tell them right from the beginning that you know they've broken up with you. That way, they are less likely to be suspicious about your motivations. If they get that you understand and aren't trying to manipulate them or pressure them, they are much more likely to say yes. Then you go have fun and play together for a bit. The more you have some playtime with your ex, the more happily they will think of you. After a few dates, you may find yourself naturally getting back together.

Play can be a powerful tool for getting back with your ex. Whether its going to a museum or a ball game or to a dance club, you can probably think of some ways your ex might like to play with you some. Play is one of the best ways to bond or re-bond with your ex. There are other steps you may need to do first to get to a place where your mate will accept your invitation, but play can be a big help in getting back with your ex.

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Are There Any Real Panic Attack Remedies Out There?

Posted by patrick

By Stephen Jablonski

Stopping a panic attack after it's started is not an easy task. Mostly, you have to ride it out, stay calm, and lean on your experience. Certain drugs can provide immediate relief, but they usually have some severe side effects. So the question is, what types of panic attack remedies truly work? Here are some real ones that do.

Exercise would be a good start. Even the lightest exercise done on a regular basis can have very positive effects on your life. Aerobic exercise in particular increases the heart's capacity for work and just knowing that your heart's in a little better shape can ease your mind about facing your next panic attack.

Eliminate certain substances that are known mood changers. Alcohol and caffeine in particular can have negative effects on your mood. Certain food allergies can have similar effects too. Be alert to how these can trigger a potential anxiety attack and handle them wisely.

Consider including certain natural, herbal remedies in your diet. Certain teas like Passion Flower tea or Lemon Balm tea are well known for their gentle sedative properties. Chamomile is another calming tea often used to ease away the stress of the day. A cup before bedtime can help you get a restful night's sleep and be more prepared to deal with tomorrow's problems.

Teach yourself some stress-management techniques. There are hundreds to choose from and they can be easily found on the Internet and self-taught. Guided imagery, meditation, yoga, simple breathing exercises, they all have benefits. Find something that feels right for you and add it to your daily or weekly routine. You'll be surprised at the results.

Begin including more activites in your life that you actually enjoy. Make plans every week, to do something and follow through. As an example, maybe you enjoy eating out, well then set up a regular "date" and go to one of your favorite restaurants every week. The important point here is that you're doing something you enjoy and when you're having fun, you're usually anxiety free.

Talk to someone. This can be as formal as seeking professional counseling, or as informal as just talking to a close friend about what you're feeling. Sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone can be cathartic and make you feel more capable of handling the next anxiety attack.

The best panic attack remedy is the one that works for you. In order to discover what that is, you're going to have to take an active role and do some homework. Some techniques will work better than others, but your experience with each will teach you something and bring you closer to a solution. Remember, if you stick with it, things will get better.

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