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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dating Tips for Men - Making the Correct Impression

Posted by patrick

By Janine Hanson

Dating tips for men is a difficult thing - guy's self-esteems and the usual desire to dash into things to get a date are the common problems that guys need to conquer.

If you already had a first date and thinks that the woman was really into you because you are amazing and you are attracted to her too. However, it does not always work that way you want it to be, sorry guys. Although if you handle your first date correctly, you can be quite sure that she will look forward to your second date and wants to know you a lot more.

Here are some dating tips for you guys that cover the basics, the fact that if you do not get a good impression on your first date, possibly you won't get a second a chance.

#1 Tip: Your get-up

You always heard that a lot of women are not really into men's good looks compared to men who always look for a woman's good physical appearance. This is definitely true for the reason that they understand that not all guys are has good looks like Brad Pitt. However, they still value the get-up of men in the sense that men should be properly dressed especially if they are not good looking. It also shows your good personality. You should always dress properly, guys should wear something that really suitable for them and looks neat. You should refrain from wearing ragged clothes and cheap looking. Make an extra effort to wear some stylish and matched clothes. Surely, she will appreciate it. You can easily make a good impression and she will admire you because of your great effort.

Second Step: The way you smell

If you are taking a shower, use a clean and fresh smelling soap with a masculine, minty scent. You can put some cologne as well but do not put too much. If you exaggerate pouring a lot of cologne, its strong effect is really a turn off. A lot of men cannot smell their selves accurately, so test your perfume for a few days before going out on a real date. Ask for an honest opinion from your family and friends. You should know if it is too strong or too sweet scented.

Choose a good scent that is citrusy or woodsy, those scent has the crisp and masculinity effect. Spray some on a few subsequent dates - and she is starting to be familiar with your signature scent and it will make a great response each time she encounters it. Follow this dating tip and absolutely you can catch her attention easily.

Third: Your good intention

The most important dating tip you should always keep in mind is to let her know about your good intention. Your aim in your very first date are: trigger her curiosity about you so that she will look forward to spend more time with you and have second date- make her feel like a woman and she will be very thankful. Make your precious time a worthwhile. Ask her about what she likes, her favorite hobbies, goals in life and other things. She will definitely enjoy sharing those stuffs with you. You should tell her about you as well but still keep the anonymity. And let her know your good reason why you date her in a good manner.

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