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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Studying dream interpretation by reading the Bible

Posted by patrick

By John Shi

Many believe that God still talk to man with dreams even today. Dream interpretation is mentioned in different stories mentioned in the bible. So how to interpret the dreams we or others have? Let's look at Joseph's life.

The most famous example of dream interpretations is probably the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph was the youngest son of Jacob who had eleven more sons. Jacob, who is renamed by God as Israel, loved Joseph more than all his children. He made Joseph a coat of many colors. But this provoked the jealousy of his fellow brothers.

Joseph's adventure began like this. One night Joseph had a dream. He saw himself and his brothers binding sheaves in the field. Then he saw his own sheaf stood up and his brothers sheaves stood around it and bowed to it. Joseph told his brothers about his dreams which had a clear meaning which is that so how his brothers would bow to Joseph someday. His brothers hated that dream and hated him some more.

In another night, Joseph had another dream again. This time he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed to him. Without stopped by the fear of further provocation, he told the dream to his father and brothers. They were all angry because they can all understand the implications of the dream, which is Israel, his wife and sons, are bowing to Joseph. All the brothers are filled with envy. But Israel pondered about the dreams because he knew, feel that the dreams have some significance.

The dreams and the attitude of little Joseph irritated his brothers. The terrible sinful hearts of the eleven brothers were even thinking about killing this little brother together.

In this story, we could learn some significant spiritual principles. First, we can see how vicious is the sin of envy, which can even motivate brothers to slay each other. Second, we know that in the end the interpretations of the two Joseph's dreams were correct. They really would bow to their little brother Joseph in Egypt. We can see that the dreams of Joseph are really foretelling the future. However, I think it is not wise for Joseph to tell people about these two dreams. I believe that he can clearly understand the meanings of the two dreams because he has the spiritual gift of interpreting dreams plus the two are easy to understand, even his brothers can immediately know. He also knows that his brothers are jealous of him since they didn't speak peaceably to him normally. Joseph knew that telling the dreams would provoke his brothers but he did it anyway. The only reason is that he did it in pride, which did not give rise to a good result.

We must pray for wisdom and revelation for the interpretation of dreams and also for the timing and attitude of telling the meaning of the dream to others. Great is the mystery!

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