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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ways To Get My Boyfriend Back

Posted by patrick

By Gracie Edwards

Are you wondering is it hard for you to get your ex boyfriend back to you? It all depends on whether you are prepared or not, whether you have a effective plan or not. If you broke up with your ex boyfriend not a long time ago, it is crucial for you to find out whether your ex boyfriend still wants you back or not.

Then you might ask how to know what is he thinking at the moment? Is it okay to contact him or not? If so ,when and how? There is rather a proven way recommend by lots of relationship experts to deal with this kind of situation. That is the no contact rule.But we are not gonna waste our time to define what no contact rule actually is here. Remember you want to find whether he still cares about you or not.

The good thing is that it is actually fairly easy for you the find that out. If he still calls you one time after another and ask you how have you been without any specific reasons. You bet that he still misses you and wants you back in this case.It is possible that he always tries to spend more time with you on the phone and he is not willing to end the conversion. This is a great sign that he still cares about you a lot. Maybe he still wants you back but he's probably thinking about how to tell that to you that

If he send you a lot of text, that' s another good sign. That also means he still misses you a lot and just wants to get close to you. So you might be get back with him if he decide to tell you that.

The greatest sign is that when he asks you go out for a dinner or movie. You get to spend some personal time with him and you can feel if he is still interested in you or not when you talk to him in person. Actually that's even better. You will have to understand that all the situation may vary from different people. You will have to find out the most effective for you.

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