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Saturday, December 5, 2009

"How Can Something Inside Of Your Head The Size And Shape of An Almond Stop You Taking Control Of Your Fear?"

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By Jane West

When it comes to tackling fear head on and seeing how we react in different situations we have to look back a few hundred millions years to get the answer. The brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain; this is where our basic emotion of fear is stored. This is called the 'lizard brain'. It is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles.

We all make quick decisions when cornered, some of these decisions are irrational and afterwards we wonder why we reacted the way we did! What made us do it, why did we have a panic attack and become feared in an irrational way? We use something that is called the 'emotion of fear'. It is something that is stored within all of us. How do we overcome such irrational fear like public speaking for instance? We have to start by working on changing the stored emotions.

So when you are in a tight spot and take instant fight or flight action, it is the lizard brain which sits at the base of the skull that takes over. Evolutionists tell us that we've had this 'lizard brain' since we were, well, lizards. In the context of fear, the lizard brain's reactions to everything are limited to: eating, attacking, running away and mating. That is why you sometimes make irrational judgments.

Accommodating these fear emotions is like feeding a hungry lion, it will only become hungry again and you have to go through the same cycle. So why not just rid yourself of these fear emotions for good, as that is the answer to the fix you require. You wouldn't get out of your car when travelling around a wild animal park and embrace a wild lion, and that is how you have to see your fear. Do not embrace it as it will bite you nastily. Yet some therapists say you should embrace your fear! Well of course now you can see that this advice is very risky, as unsafe as asking you to embrace a wild lion! Why? Well because all what you are doing is storing that fear emotion within your lizard brain's memory banks, and then it can be drawn on again and again to make you feel just as bad the next time you are confronted by what it is you are feared of. So do be warned.

Fear can often wrench your mind into an unreal, impending situation where you have fear of failure. It is brought on because your brain over evaluates a probable set of circumstances. This in turn drags you into a downward chain of events that blows up and feeds your fear even more! Hence you become paralysed in the grasp of fear.

How do you overcome this and escape being the grip of fear? Self-help guru and best selling author Stephen Richards says, "When fear strikes you it is your lizard brain, scientifically known as the amygdala, which takes over. Your nervous system is flooded with powerful neurochemicals. Hence your senses, such as hearing and vision, become heightened. The amygdala blocks out anything that competes for your awareness, this why the fear grips you so much. Naturally at this stage all of your resources are devoted to keeping you alive. The number one fear is public speaking followed by asking someone out on a date. This is fear of rejection."

What is fear? Fear has been described as a neural circuit that has been designed to keep the organism (you) alive in dangerous situations. The amygdala determines the significance of the stimulus and triggers emotional responses like freezing or fleeing. This is a process that would best be described as the 'emotion of fear'. The amygdala is the storage area where the memory of fear is kept.

The very basis of fear stems from a heightened state of anxiety, not unless of course it is a very real life threatening situation and then you need to retain those particular fear emotion memories, as they serve to save your life. So there is good fear and bad fear, now we just need a way to stop the bad fear patterns from being stored or to empty them from the amygdala's memory banks. Now there is a way to do that, a very clever way that has been designed by top selling self help author and therapist Stephen Richards.

When you are focused on an impending situation you have wrongly construed as 'dangerous', like public speaking or going on an aeroplane when you are feared of flying, the body undergoes many changes that prepare it for intense action, albeit this is a falsely activated call to arms. This brings on symptoms like: difficulty in breathing, increased body temperature, localised sweating, decreased motility of the stomach, constrictions in the stomach and intestines, as well as making your hair stand on end.

Once the floodgates of fear are opened it is a tough job to get them to close. What we need is a way to stop the false fear response. Many therapies are listed as a means to resolving this, but some are a little extreme. Immersion therapy whereby you are confronted by the very thing that sets off the fear is quite forthright in what it does! Of course it's not a very nice or acceptable way to go about fixing fear! Then there is cognitive therapy, slowly exposing you to the trigger of your fear! But what if there was a way that you didn't even need to confront your fears?

Why are there so many self help books and why do they all read the same? Surely they can't all be telling you the same thing about overcoming fear? What if only one of these was right for you, which one out of the hundreds of thousands out there would it be? Well to save you the search and to give you something more direct than just a book, there is something far more potent than taking pot luck with a book that may not fit your needs.

A specially designed fix has been devised and tested, the result is something that is far more powerful than hypnotherapy or even subliminal messages. Now the barrier to overcoming irrational fear has been lifted. The most up to date technology has been used to create a solution to your problem. Top self help coach and best selling author Stephen Richards has created a simple method that beats just about anything you will lay your hands on at the present time of writing.

In order to really make inroads into eradicating your fear a specially designed audio was formulated that uses techniques to get right to the core of the problem, and in rapid time. By using up to date methods with brainwave technology it was found that it defeated the need to use outdated self-hypnosis or subliminal messaging.

There must be 1001 ways to overcome irrational fear, but none so fast as this method. This method overcomes the need for frequent visits to your hypnotherapist, and of course saving you the immense cost too. The specially made CD by Stephen Richards zones in to the heart of the problem, and the best part is you can hear every word being spoken. What would have been thought impossible ten years ago is now reality. In less than 30 minutes the primary track on the CD targets the area in need of help, simple as that.

This remarkable up to date method designed by Stephen Richards used in the "Releasing You From Fear CD" is unique because it targets the zone of the amygdala. It totally disarms the harboured memories of the specific fear emotion that is causing you distress. Methods previously used to target this area did not take into account the fear emotion and how your lizard brain reacted in certain trigger situations. Minor obstacles and irritations which were once magnified and a cause of the cycle of fear can now be fixed.

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