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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Hypnotize Someone and Get More Sales

Posted by patrick

By Jack Smith

"Yes momentum" technique is one of the most commonly used hypnotic techniques. This is a simple yet powerful technique to ask a person few questions related to your offer/objective, which all are lead to say "Yes" as an answer.

This is a very powerful technique to break people's defense mechanism, paralyze your rationality and get rid of their sales barriers. I will explain it by assuming that you are my customer as an example.

You must love your family, correct?

"You of course cherish their companion, don't you?"

"Do you want them to be in the best of health always?"

"Would you like to receive a FREE consultation on how to stay healthy and prevent sickness for your family members?"

Did all of your answers come out to be "Yes"? I think they did. Let's take a look at the first question. You can see that I used some words like "love" and "family" in that question. They are "emotional" words that triggered you to come up with some happy thoughts about your family.

Whether you believe it or not, your rationality gets paralyzed or go down to the maximum level as your emotions will take over your thoughts. This is the reason why many people buying things on emotions then try to justify with their rationality (logic). Naturally, the rest of the questions triggered you to answer as "Yes" and took you to a hypnotic state.

Because of those questions, my last question naturally became good enough to pre-sell you and give me an opportunity to present what I offer, especially by using the word "Free". Now can you see the power of this technique to brainwash people?

Of course it is up to you to change this technique slightly to meet your business or personal needs. But no matter what you do with it, please use it for good and legitimate purpose only as it is a sin to misuse this type of persuasion techniques.

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