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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chinese Symbolism And Peace

Posted by patrick

By Lucy Xiu

The most unique thing about Chinese script is that they are in fact thoughts expressed through the symbols or characters rather than letters forming words with phonetics. The writing script which is known as Hans uses a huge number of 47,035 characters which are actually symbols and are put together in Chinese dictionary called Kangxi. In reality most of these character symbols have become obsolete.

Amongst the many popular symbols is the Chinese peace symbol. Peace is something that everyone is in search for. The meaning of peace as represented by the Chinese character does not automatically mean the absence of war. Rather peace is a feeling of contentment in the heart which is one of the most valuable things in life.

The Chinese peace symbol is therefore presenting one of the most valuable things to man. Different people have different impressions about the ways of acquiring peace. Some will go bungee jumping for it whereas others will turn to God in repentance. The Chinese however have their own concept and ways of acquiring peace.

The Chinese believe that the ancient symbols hold the virtue of attracting positive things and they use them very often to get good fortune. Peace is something we all desire and the use of the peace symbol is very common throughout China.

You may speculate how the Chinese people strive to use this symbol of peace. The history of China shows clearly how the Chinese people as a nation used the peace symbol. They have used the symbol of peace by surrounding themselves with it to achieve peace in their own hearts rather than anything else.

In fact the peace symbol is not the sole character that has been used to attract good things in the lives of the people. Good fortune and blessing symbols of different kinds can be found in people's homes, shops, cars and offices.

Today the Chinese peace symbol is amongst the most popular characters used not only in China but also around the world. The west is particularly infatuated with Chinese symbols and peace being a universally appealing idea is right on top of the list.

As it is the concept of peace is considered to be cool in the eyes of the western youth. When the same concept is represented in the form of a Chinese symbol that looks amazing because of the way it is composed the symbol gains even more credibility and appeal. Hence we find a wide range of fashion accessories and clothing gear featuring the Chinese peace symbol and selling like hot cakes in the western world.

Of course there is a big difference in the perception that the westerners have regarding the Chinese peace symbols and the perception that has been prevailing in China for centuries.

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