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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What You Need To Know Before Your Cabin Crew Interview

Posted by patrick

By Nick Dylann Andrews

A cabin crew interview is an interesting process that is a little unique. You can walk into an open call session that will interview numerous candidates during the day. You can also schedule an interview if you are invited to do so. Either way, the interview process is really nerve wracking for some people. You can expect different types of interviews depending on the airline.

Showing up to your cabin crew interview worried or nervous can work against you. You are applying for a job that will require you to be cool under stress. We've all seen the pandemonium that happens during the boarding and disembarking. This is a stressful time, especially for the passengers and new members of the cabin crew.

Some of these sessions are highly open to visual and oral presentations that show off your personable skills. It's normal to be nervous but you still need to show up ready to go. If you're hired you are going to be speaking to strangers, including irate individuals so being too meek, mild, or mellow is not going to sell well. Confidence combined with friendliness creates a stronger presentation.

The panel may very well ask you questions that are intended to frustrate you. For instance, they may ask you very similar questions repeatedly and then ask for additional details. The point is to make you repeat the answer without getting frustrated and hopefully, you will even find different ways to say the same thing.

Learn about the airline you are applying for. Most candidates have to listen to a basic overview or briefing about the airline and are then given a test of sorts that will reflect your knowledge of the airline. Pay close attention and do your best to focus your mind in order to pick up on small details that are offered in the briefing.

You want to look, sound, and portray the part while still retaining your own personality and being your own person. That means that you have many strengths that would make you a great candidate. You need to tell the panel about those strengths, especially those that fall under the customer service realm.

Remember that you are there to present and sell them on you. The more that you can sell yourself the better the likelihood is that you will land the position. Describe your strengths and let the panel know that if they pass on you they are passing on one of the best candidates. No matter what your resume says, remember that they are looking for someone who can handle stress. If you're sweating the interview, how are you going to handle stress related to joining the cabin crew?

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Your Beauty Salon - A Place to Relax...

Posted by patrick

By Shelley Travis

Stress is the curse of living in modern times. Everybody suffers from stress. And the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, feelings and minds.

Feeling strung out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having an unhappy day, the neatest thing to do is relax, but what's the simplest way to relax?

Watching TV might be a sort of relaxation for some, but is not a recommended methodology by experts. When we watch TV we are bombarded with commercials, adverts, sounds and pictures. So how can we achieve relaxation?

If there are thousands of ways we are able to get stressed, one of them is not meeting cut off dates, there are some ways we can relax.

In recent studies, experts have determined that heart problems is interlinked with anger and bad temper and linked to mental stress. Too much stress brings about high blood pressure that can lead to or cause a heart attack. Relaxation takes on added significance in light of this matter.

Managing your fury and point of view is significant to heart health, and relaxation will help you manage stress.

One way of relaxation is transcendental meditation.

Fresh studies have also shown that this system might reduce artery blockage, which is a major cause for coronary and stroke. People practice transcendental meditation by repeating letting out calming sounds while meditating, this is to achieve total relaxation.

The researchers discovered that followers of transcendental meditation significantly reduced the thickness of their arterial wall compared to folks who didn't practice transcendental meditation.

Another study on another method of relaxation, acupuncture, appears to reduce high blood pressure by initiating many body functions for the brain to release chemical compounds known as endorphins. Endorphin helps to relax muscles, ease panic, ease pain, and reduce hysteria.

One superb way of relaxation is getting a beauty massage with natural aromatherapy essential oils at your local salon.

To gain full relaxation, you need to totally surrender to the handling and touch of a professional specialist.

There are some types of massages that also give assorted levels of relaxation..allowing the warm oils to penetrate your skin delivering total relaxation, while you are there your trained consultant will debate with you different sorts of beauty treatment and body care to compliment your beauty regimen.

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How To Make My Ex Desire Me?

Posted by patrick

By Lilliana Haley

Are you a lover who has found themselves the victim of a broken relationship and now you keep asking yourself: Is it possible to make my ex desire me again? People tend to find themselves trying to find ways to get their ex back and repair their relationship.

There is nothing absolutely wrong with wanting to get your ex back; however when you allow yourself to stress about the situation then it can be terrible. People who become stressed about the situation will usually find themselves doing something embarrassing such as stalking their ex.

It is terrible isn't it? Nothing is more upsetting than letting your ex watch you lose control chances are they will not take you back anyway.

So instead of going that route, it would be best to relax, chill out, and have some fun.

Yes, a counter-intuitive approach to what you feel is exactly the solution to your question which is how to make my ex desire me. By temporarily allowing yourself to forget him, you start becoming mature plus you actually make him miss you.

When you begin to show your ex that you really do not need them then they will begin to become interested in you and they may even begin to pursue you.

It is important that you begin doing things that you love with your free time. In fact why not consider going camping with your friends. As you begin doing these types of activities and keeping yourself busy; then you will not notice how sad you are because you are apart and eventually your ex may try contacting you.

Visit the site below for some valuable tips and advice that is guaranteed to help you get your ex back.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Will an Online Degree Help Your Job Prospects in the Current Economy

Posted by patrick

By Jane Apple

Even though numbers are getting for Wall Street, jobless rates continue to hurt the economy. While job opportunities do exist, the competition is getting tougher as more people in every industry imaginable vie for select positions. Its well known that having a higher education will give most candidates an edge over those without. As online college degree programs gain in popularity due to their convenience and often cost advantage, questions come up concerning how they compare to the traditional campus based university degrees. While the U.S. Department of Labor sees some light at the end of the downtrodden economic tunnel, predicting that all seven of the major job categories will expand in terms of job opportunity over the next decade, many future students will ask themselves if their diploma was earned online or at a campus university?

The Trends: While the internet has been around for some time now, online schools have not. And those that were around didn't draw the same number of applicants as did campus-based schools. In the last seven years though, those numbers have changed. According to a Sloan Consortium survey of online courses the number of people enrolled in online courses has more than doubled since 2002 and that the number of enrollees increased by more than 12 percent last year to nearly 4 million.

While in years past some employers cast a negative eye towards applicants with online degrees, the number of quality online schools has significantly improved the general perception of degrees from these schools.

How Grads with Online College Degrees Can Flourish: Employers concerns over an online degree generally stem from whether or not its from an accredited degree program and the teaching methods utilized. Fortunately for students currently looking for accredited online college degree programs, there are a number of resources to assist with the filtering process. A simple online college search of accredited degree programs will deliver a host of results, including resource sites that show provide information on several accredited colleges at once. Sites including the Council for Higher Education Accreditation's maintain databases of more than 7,000 degree-granting and non-degree-granting institutions in addition to 17,000 programs that are accredited by United States accrediting organizations.

Businesses Educate Online: Online training courses have become more commonplace in businesses " especially large corporations. It saves costs as employers don't have to pay for travel or training facilities, and it classes can often be attended a few hours at a time meaning lost time shouldn't be much of an issue. wrote, Today there's a good chance employees at a large corporation are themselves online students, maybe even the hiring manager. In a 2007 research study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) over 70% of the respondent companies offered tuition reimbursement for online degrees from regionally accredited colleges,.

Its all about the interview anyway regardless of whether a degree came from an online school or campus based institution, its important to showcase ones academic track record and how it pertains to the position applied for. Showing a potential employer the actual hard copies of transcripts, graded assignments, and research will serve well during the interview showing tangible evidence that highlight an online learning experience.

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An Honest Look At Rocket Italian

Posted by patrick

By Marvin Steol

Some people find learning a new language as an ultimate ambition of theirs. The only problem standing on their way is their busy schedule. We have never really been given a set of options that appeal to our own preferences when it comes to learning. Some options are just to boring or too demanding.If you are one who is really serious about learning a new language like Italian, then you may want to consider enrolling in a special class or employing a tutor.

However, this option does not always work especially that we dont always have the time to accommodate a class or to meet with someone.

What most of us would then opt for seeing as the first isnt viable is to go for cassette tapes. These cassette tapes have been the staple when it came to learning new languages in the past. The only problem with them is that listening to the same material over and over again can be quite boring.

The latest option available to learning Italian is Rocket Italian. It is a course that uses a number of platforms to help its user learn the language easier. The user must start with audio lessons. There are 31 audio lessons included in the Rocket Italian course. When youre done with a lesson, youll have to proceed to conversational books.

For every audio course that you accomplish, there is a corresponding chapter that you will have to read in the conversational books included which will help you with aspects such as grammar.

After which, you can move on to the software games that are included to reinforce your learning.

Rocket Italian can be made available to you in a two ways. You can opt to download everything off the internet which will cost you lesser than the second option which is to get the hardcopy.

You will notice that Rocket Italian claims to help its users learn Italian in just three short months but the pace absolutely depends on your level of interest and dedication.

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5 Tips For Personal Transformation

Posted by patrick

By Jason Schultz

She looked at me and a smile crept across her face. "There's something different about you," she said with a smile. All I could think at that moment was, people really do notice you when you get a great haircut.

The moment people notice your new hair cut, is the moment you start to look at yourself in a new light. The idea is to change your personal style one article at a time and use that momentum to carry your life in a new "better" direction.

A hair cut is just the beginning. The inner confidence that develops over time, can be taught to anyone who is interested.

Persistence and dedication are the only tools you are going to need to achieve results. Listed below are 5 guidelines that will help you attain your goals and overcome obstacles.

TIP #1: Embrace the Pain

Leave you ego at the door. When you take on a new path in life, remember it is the "journey," not the "destination," that is important. When you embark on this new voyage remember that it is okay to fall. Embrace failure, push past the pain, and keep trying.

Quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger, "The last three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens."

Vow to push past the pain, and you will be one step closer to achieving greatness.

GUIDELINE #2: Take Off the Lid

Stop questioning what you "can" and "cant" do. Just do. The majority of fears, anxieties, and limitations are started by self-imposed beliefs. Break the habit of limiting yourself. Start small and then aim big. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish, by talking yourself into believing you have no limitations.

Start monitoring your limiting beliefs today and begin to see what you are really capable of.

TIP #3: Understand that Obstacles are Part of the Journey

Its cliche saying but its true: "Failure is inevitable." We only learn from what we do not know. Embrace the challenge ahead of you willing to fail.

They are made to keep all of those who don't want it badly enough OUT. You however are the exception. You will find a way to continue forward and make it past that wall.

ACTION #4: Be a Beginner and Be an Expert

Be humble with the knowledge you are gaining. Develop that mindset that any information you receive is priceless. You are by no means too superior to learn something new.

When working at developing any skill, bear in mind you are never above the fundamentals, yet keep your ears perked for expert level tips as well. Keep an open mind and be ready to learn at every opportunity.


No matter where you are from, we all dream of something better. With hard work, persistence, and time, anyone can achieve their dreams.

Take a moment and ask yourself "What did I want to be when I grew up?" Did you answer an astronaut or professional sports player? You need to reactivate the dreamer part of your personality.

Perception is reality. Change your perception and you will achieve you dreams. You will. Start now.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ensuring School Success for Your Child

Posted by patrick

By Lori Radun

Whether you are sending your child off to preschool, middle school, high school or college, a new school year has begun. While some children love school and anticipate the first day with excitement, others groan when they think about school. For me, I looked forward to starting school, and especially loved the day I went shopping for new clothes and school supplies with my mom.

Education is an important value in our home. For my boys, I model and teach good success habits so they can be successful in school. With these ideas, your children can be well on their way to experiencing a successful school year.

Develop and Follow Morning, After School and Bedtime Routines

Morning, after school and bedtime routines provide consistency and structure for a child. They help children stay organized and instill good lifestyle habits. Post routines for your children outlining each specific step you want them to take. Be consistent and help your children practice these routines. When my older son Kai was diagnosed with ADHD in 3rd grade, routines kept him organized and contributed greatly to his success in school.

Goal Setting is Not Just for Adults - Children Can Learn Too

Once your children are old enough, give them a beginners course in setting goals for themselves. Keep it simple with children under age 12. Ask them to set one academic goal and one behavioral goal. For instance, I will work to get a B in Math this year or I will read 15 minutes every day. Good behavioral goals can focus on respecting other people, increasing confidence, or being more helpful. As your child gets older, he or she can learn to set larger goals that require more action steps, or increase the number of goals. Help your children create a colorful goals sheet or vision board as a reminder of what they are working on.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Last year was a challenging year for my younger son. Constant communication with him and regular check ins with his teacher were critical to helping him be successful in school. A child will not always readily share what is going on at school. While some may openly share the ups and downs, for others it is necessary to ask open ended questions that encourage them to talk. Children will share more easily when parents are emotionally available and can listen without judgment. Create a space during bedtime or playtime to allow your children to freely communicate with you.

Help Your Child Identify His Interests and Talents

Every child is special and different. Some children seem to be born natural athletes, while other children have natural intelligence, humor, or artistic abilities. How do you know what your child enjoys? Pay attention to what gives your child energy and what activities she naturally gravitates towards. Help your child identify what he is good at rather than always focusing on where he needs work. There is enough competition and comparisons going on in schools today. Children should be encouraged to compete with their personal best rather than comparing themselves to other children. Instead of worrying about what Johnny got on his spelling test, teach your child to try and beat his last spelling test score.

Keep Your Child's Stress to a Minimum

There are so many things that can cause stress for children today. Whether its the pressure of difficult or excessive schoolwork, bullies at school, or intense competition in extracurricular activities, stress will affect the entire family. Pay attention to what might be causing stress for your child. Eliminate the stressor or teach your children effective stress management techniques. Learning how to plan better can help minimize some homework stress. Minimizing extracurricular activities keeps a family balanced. Teaching your children how to control their mind by thinking flexible thoughts, and keeping fears and anxieties under control can go a long way towards alleviating stress. Educate your child about the importance of healthy eating, exercise and proper sleep. But most important, take care of yourself so you can model peaceful family living.

My first born is a freshman in college, and my youngest is in second grade this year. We are anticipating a successful school year, and with these tips your family can enjoy the same.

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Beyond the Classroom: The Lessons Parents Must Teach Teens at Home

Posted by patrick

By Byron Jonas

Math, science, language, history - these are all subjects covered in depth in secondary schools. Children learn about nature and physics, about calculus and trigonometry, about novels and poetry in these important formational years of their lives. Their adolescent years are marked by the knowledge they gain in an institution meant to form their minds academically.

Nevertheless, secondary schools are not the only entities responsible for the education of children - parents must work in this area as well. Parents are responsible for teaching children about topics that are not necessarily academic in nature but that regardless are important.

Drugs and alcohol are two subjects in which parents must definitively take the lead in the education of their children. Secondary schools often bombard kids with an attitude of zero-tolerance to such substances - an attitude that is ideal but not always realistic. Most adults enjoy a drink of alcohol at least every once in a while, and it may be difficult for students to reconcile such behavior with the strict mandates they are given in school.

It is the responsibility of parents to speak with their children about drugs and alcohol in a manner that is more plausible and acknowledging of reality. This by no means encouraging them to partake in the abuse of such substances. What it means is to open up the lines of communication regarding the subjects. Parents are responsible for setting their own guidelines for teens. They must explain the possible negative outcomes of drugs and alcohol but make sure that their children know they're always available to talk.

Another question often answered with a zero-tolerance attitude by secondary schools is sex. Abstinence may be the best option, but it is usually the most realistic. Furthermore, families have different ethical codes that may not include abstinence as the best and only solution. And even family morals do encourage abstinence, teens are not always likely to abide.

Parents must engage their children in a conversation about sexual activity, from birth control to STDs to safe sex. Kids must know what options are available to them and feel comfortable with talking to their parents.

While sex, drugs and alcohol quite obviously fall in the arena of parents' responsibilities, other subjects do not. Take, for example, the question of the future. Of course, secondary schools are institutions formed upon the idea of preparation for the future. That said, the way in which they do so is often by way of an instructional monologue. Though adolescents may seem too young to even think about the future, parents may be surprised to find out that they do have a fair share of anxieties. Parents must talk to children about their goals and dreams, about what they really want to do with their lives. Parents may not get any definitive answers out of their teens, but they will most definitely get to know them more.

Secondary schools cannot be depended upon to provide adolescents with all the tools they need for adult life. Parents must also play an important, more conversational role in a child's formation.

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How To Sing Confidently On Stage With Karaoke

Posted by patrick

By Johansson Smith

The greatest decision that anyone has to make for karaoke is what song they should attempt on stage. There are literally hundred of thousands of tracks accessible with most karaoke sets, so it can be intimidating looking through the great book of songs, but if you keep in mind a few hints it will make your night simpler, and allow as much enjoyment as possible.

First, it is crucial to only select songs that you can sing well and suits your vocals. Whether it is your first time or 101st time, you have to ascertain that you can achieve at least majority of the tones you need. If you have a low voice, there is no point of opting music stars like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, and the same goes for high-pitch voices; Barry White should be out of the question. Instead choose karaoke tracks that accommodate within your range, and that way rather of worrying about if you can hit that difficult note coming up, you will be able to loosen and just savour the song.

Selecting the right karaoke song also depends on what you are getting up stage for. If you are with friends, and looking at getting up as a group for a bit of fun, it is advised to pick out an up-tempo song that fits your mood instead of a slow ballad. If you are a regular, and want to take something a bit more challenging, there is nothing inappropriate in choosing a slower song if you can cover it.

If you're celebrating an adult / older folks birthday with a karaoke party. You need to know what songs to opt. Do your homework. You don't want to take any old karaoke song; you require to choose karaoke music that arouses a sensation of nostalgia. Find out what songs were favourite when the party honoree grew up. Your easiest bet is to hear the top 10 songs of each year or decade and build your play lists around those karaoke songs.

But a small tip to remember about most karaoke bars is that most people are out to have a great time, so picking out a slow and sombre song that does not really fit the ambiance of the room can have sharp impressions.

Last, when choosing your karaoke song it is best to find a song with a melodic phrase and lyrics that you are at least intimate with. You do not have to recognise every song you get up stage for off by heart (thats why the karaoke screens are there to aid you) but picking out a karaoke song that you have listened more than once or twice will give you a bit more assurance in performing.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get Rid of Acne With These 3 fantastic Herbal Remedies

Posted by patrick

By Randy Gator

Herbs have been used for years to combat many different issues. Acne is just another problem that can be cured with herbs. Herbal remedies for acne are completely safe and effective as well as for various skin types.

Herbal remedies for acne actually target the liver because the liver is the organ that cleans up the troubles of our hormones. Many of the more natural methods are safer and better for you due to the fact that there are not any harsh chemicals or negative side affects that can occur with many of the over the counter skin products. In order for many of the over the counter products to work they require constant use.

The body seems to respond best when using a natural substance. Let's take a look at some natural remedies that can help you obtain the skin you always wanted


Lavender is really effective in soothing the skin and reducing any redness that may have occurred due to your acne. Lavender oil also can be used as a preventive measure against acne. Dilute 1:10 with water, witch hazel, rosewater and lavender essential oil. Finally this treatment is best applied when the skin is clean using a cotton ball.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is used for many skin problems, such as chicken pox, blisters caused by shingles, warts and acne. This method is very simple to use it only requires just a few ingredients. 1st mix the tea tree oil with diluted 1:10 water, witch hazel or rosemary. Then apply these ingredients to clean skin with a cotton ball.


Infuse calendula with a pot of boiling. The most common infusion is called a standard infusion which is prepared by using 1 to 2 teaspoons of dry herb or 2 to 4 teaspoons of fresh herb to a cup of boiling water. This process must occur for 10 minutes the strain. Finally after this process has finished apply to freshly cleansed skin preferably with a cotton ball and sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse

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Do Your Goals Have Enough Gravity?

Posted by patrick

By Michael Angier

Big goals are not only more fun and exciting; they carry more weight than small ones. Ambitious, serious, ?weighty goals? have attraction power.

They attract others into the process and magnetize ideas and resources. Big goals pull you along. They pull you through the difficult times and help you remain diligent. They inspire you to greater innovation and effective action.

I?m not a scientist, but from what I understand, the bigger the mass, the greater the gravity. Larger planets like Jupiter have more gravitational pull than Earth because of their greater mass.

And so it is with our goals and dreams. The bigger they are, the more they tend to attract what?s needed for their fulfillment.

And it?s not just the SIZE of the goal that matters. It?s how important it is?how badly you want it. Your passion and your desire infuse your goals with magnetism.

An inspiring goal that benefits many will grow in size and weight. And the greater the good, the bigger the goal.

Let?s say you have a goal to improve your credit rating. It?s not that big of a goal, but it?s a worthy one. Your credit report impacts your ability to obtain loans?even your job opportunities. But when you realize that a higher credit rating could save tens of thousands of dollars because of lower mortgage rates, it becomes a much more important goal. It gains weight because you see how it affects the livelihood of you and your family. It?s emotionally charged.

What about starting a business? You?ve always wanted to own your own enterprise. Another good goal.

But when you have a VISION for your business, when you write a business plan and launch the enterprise, your goal becomes serious. Everything and everybody pays attention to it. It begins to draw to it all that?s needed to bring it to fruition.

We are unlimited in what we can choose to achieve. But our time IS limited. We must think carefully about what we really want and why we want it. This way, we can choose wisely and invest our time and energy in goals worthy of our best efforts.

When we do this, we become aligned with our goals. By choosing and working toward weighty, worthy goals, we allow their magnetism to work in our favor. They?re easier and more fun to achieve. There?s less frustration and faster progress.

Make sure your goals have gravity.

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Control Your Anger

Posted by patrick

By Mark Spencer

If you know how to control your anger, it could make a big difference to your personality. When you throw enraged tantrums, you damage not just your own health, but spoil your relationships, bring hurt to the family and destroy your career. In fact, angry individuals can not attract people, and on the contrary, every one leaves them alone. Many find it tough. They could do with some counseling and I hope this article can be of assistance.

Means to control your anger: Know the source " you can fully bring anger under control if you as a first step know the source of such irritation. What is it that drives you off the handle? They could be just about anything under the sun, but at least know them. Of course you are making efforts to control your anger otherwise you would not be glancing through this article, and so it is natural for me to believe that you do have a few issues in mind which make you raving mad.

What are you really angry about - often, our first impression isn't like our second or third although the same can be true for your anger sparks. Sometime when something irritates us, we can not understand why. To get to the real reason for your vexation, perhaps you have to delve a bit deeper so you have to really think hard about the situations which you identified in step 1 and remember what exactly caused you to flare up that time. Now you start to view things in another angle which reveals the truth behind the things.

You have to be single-minded in approach to ultimately control your anger. You can do it because you weren't born angry, but this may be a difficult process and you need to be willing to put a lot of yourself into it.

Get all of them together as part of your healing process and they would come up willingly to help you out. There is nothing here to get red faced about as whatever you are doing is a great activity. 5. I recommend that you get some sort of treatment because they don't have to be costly therapy sessions. There are a number of easy online options to choose from and even a book on the subject can help you on your way to a complete victory over this condition. Take your learning from step 2 and put your learning into practice. It is my earnest desire to see you happy and healthy after following these 5 steps to control your anger.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gary Young: Making A Difference A Little Bit At A Time

Posted by patrick

By Jason Willard

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is the principle Gary Young lives by. His courage to grab every opportunity as it knocks on the door led him to found Young Living Essential Oils and the D. Gary Young Foundation.

Gary Young is an eager advocate for essential oils. He and many others who joined him in Young Living Essential Oils believe in the benefits of natural healing and herbal medicines. Gary Young made a mark with his own name in the essential oils community by proactively travelling the world looking for essential oils and promoting physical and emotional wellness through these essential oils.

Previous testimonials and even medical practitioners have the same opinion that Young Living products have top notch quality and effective essential oils. These essential oils offered by his company vary in different blends and therapeutic claims.

Young Living essential oils are widely used nowadays. They are soothing in aromatherapy, used in massage therapy, personal care, cleansing, weigh management, emotional health and nutritional supplements. These are just the few good things that essentials oils can offer us. Another good highlight of his products is that they are all purely natural and conventional to use.

Travelling the world, he had been exposed to poverty and poor health care from various places and thus led him to establish the D. Gary Young Foundation. This is a non profit organization he has founded to help the neediest communities he has encountered. His organization has built schools, promoted health care and encouraged nutrition. Gary Young's success can be attributed to all the years of his abundance and contribution to essential oils.

Gary Young has shared his knowledge and compassion with many Young Living believers. Among his works are books published like "Aromatherapy: the Essential Beginning" in 1994 and "Essential Oils Desk Reference" that was based largely on Gary Young's clinical research. This book is now in its 4th edition.

Being a degree holder in nutrition and having a doctorate in naturopathy under his belt, still Gary has received criticism and reviews about his works. But Gary had displayed a humble and positive outlook even among the critiques.

They say that the purpose of life is not to be happy- but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, and to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. And Gary Young has lived that. Through his work on essential oils, it's unbelievable that he has come such a long way.

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Choosing Adobe Web Design Training in the UK Clarified

Posted by patrick

By Jason Kendall

Should you have aspirations for being a web designer, find a course in Adobe Dreamweaver.

In order to use Dreamweaver commercially as a web designer, an in-depth understanding of the full Adobe Web Creative Suite (which incorporates Flash and Action Script) is something to consider very seriously. With these skills, you have the choice to become either an Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) or an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

Knowing how to design the website just gets you started. Driving traffic, maintaining content and programming database-driven sites are the next things. Aim for training that also cover these skills maybe PHP, HTML, and MySQL, in addition to search engine optimisation (SEO) and E-Commerce skills.

Review the facts below very carefully if you've been persuaded that the marketing blurb about 'guaranteeing' exams sounds like a benefit to the student:

In this day and age, we tend to be a tad more knowledgeable about sales gimmicks - and the majority of us ought to grasp that it is something we're paying for (it isn't free or out of the goodness of their hearts!)

If it's important to you to qualify first 'go', you must pay for each exam as you go, focus on it intently and give the task sufficient application.

Find the best exam deal or offer available at the appropriate time, and avoid college mark-up fees. You also get more choice of where you take your exam - which means you can stay local.

Including money in your training package for exams (plus interest - if you're financing your study) is bad financial management. It's not your job to boost the training company's account with your hard-earned cash just to give them more interest! A lot bank on the fact that you won't get to do them all - so they don't need to pay for them.

Re-takes of any failed exams via organisations with an 'Exam Guarantee' are monitored with tight restrictions. You'll be required to sit pre-tests until you've demonstrated an excellent ability to pass.

Prometric and VUE exams are around 112 pounds in the United Kingdom today. Why spend so much more on 'Exam Guarantee' fees (most often hidden in the package) - when a quality course, support and a commitment to studying and the use of authorised exam preparation tools are actually the key to your success.

You have to make sure that all your qualifications are current and also valid commercially - you're wasting your time with programs which end up with a useless in-house certificate or plaque.

Unless the accreditation comes from a big-hitter like Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA or Adobe, then you'll probably find it will be commercially useless - as no-one will have heard of it.

Let's face it: There really is very little evidence of personal job security available anymore; there can only be market or business security - any company is likely to fire a solitary member of staff whenever it fits their commercial interests.

We're able though to locate security at market-level, by searching for areas in high demand, mixed with work-skill shortages.

A recent United Kingdom e-Skills analysis demonstrated that more than 26 percent of computing and IT jobs are unfilled due to a huge deficit of trained staff. Accordingly, for each 4 job positions that exist across the computer industry, businesses can only find enough qualified individuals for three of the four.

Accomplishing full commercial IT certification is accordingly a fast-track to a life-long as well as satisfying profession.

Undoubtedly, now, more than ever, really is a critical time to retrain into Information Technology (IT).

Don't accept anything less than accredited simulation materials and an exam preparation system included in the package you choose.

Confirm that the simulated exams aren't just asking you the right questions from the right areas, but ask them in the way the real exams will pose them. It throws people if the questions are phrased in unfamiliar formats.

You should make sure you test your depth of understanding through quizzes and mock ups of exams before you take the actual exam.

If your advisor doesn't ask you a lot of questions - the likelihood is they're actually nothing more than a salesman. If they push a particular product before learning about your history and experience, then you know you're being sold to.

With some work-based experience or base qualifications, your starting-point of learning is different from a beginner.

It's usual to start with some basic PC skills training first. This can set the scene for your on-going studies and make the learning curve much easier going.

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Learning About Anger Disorder

Posted by patrick

By Cindy Drake

We all get angry every now and then and usually express it in some sort of way so that the headaches and stress level that eventually will make you sick are alleviated. The so-called "getting it off your chest". Well, there are thousands of people that can't do that effectively and suffer from what is called anger disorder.

You could be suffering from some sort of anger disorder if you get angry on a regular basis by yelling and screaming at your family and friends, or shouting matches with your co-workers. Name calling, ridiculing, blaming and more aggressive types of actions like huffing, bullying, door slamming, and finger pointing are all part of the picture.

On the other side of the room, we have another type of anger disorder, and that is the total suppression of anger----so much so that the anger is internalized to the point of exploding inside you where you and your health become the victims of this disorder, because you cannot express it outwardly. You suffer from depression, you are tired all the time from holding all that in, and eventually your immune system becomes affected and you will begin to suffer from illnesses that could have been prevented if you could have released that anger in a productive way.

Another type of anger disorder is that where the person with the disorder is addicted to anger and rage and enjoys the good feeling they get whenever they express that rage so much, that that expression becomes an addiction----a compulsive-addictive pattern. This will happen over and over again, and quite often this disorder is the result of unresolved grief.

Passive-aggressive behavior is a term we hear a lot when referring to an anger disorder or a psychological diagnosis; but it is a very real disorder and sometimes referred to as "sideways anger" because folks just can't help doing it and the behavior operates on an unconscious level. Things like kidding someone unmercifully, or teasing and teasing until the person who is the brunt of this action ends up with hurt feelings. You are using humor as a weapon and you are attacking a victim with it. Other manifestations of this anger disorder are sarcasm and cynicism----making a statement about your victim but doing so in the form of a seemingly innocent question like "Are you sure you want wear that dress?"----a loaded question.

Another type of anger disorder that manifests itself all too often in today's society is that of intermittent explosive disorder; an actual diagnosed disorder where the sufferer becomes so out of control with his anger that he goes off the deep end, or over the top. The anger and rage are so out of control that they do not match the situation, and quite often can lead to dire consequences.

The folks suffering from any one of the many anger disorders that are out there need to get some help to alleviate the stress they are feeling, and to prevent something of dire consequence from happening as a result of this disorder. We all have stresses and have our buttons pushed now and again, but most of us can cope and resolve the problem without too much trouble: not so for those other sufferers of a disorder of some type and their lives sometimes are shortened by the stresses they feel and the inappropriate ways they react to those stresses.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

How To Become A Clairvoyant

Posted by patrick

By Simon Pegg

Clairvoyance is considered to be a paranormal term that originated in the French language. In the French language the word 'clair' means 'clear' and 'voyance' translates to 'vision', so a 'voyant' would be known as a visionary. Therefore, 'clairvoyance' translates to 'clear vision' and a 'clairvoyant' would be known as an individual that is a 'clear visionary.' However, the literal translations are neither very helpful nor accurate.

Further complicating the definition is that the term 'clairvoyant' has been used to refer to different things over the years. 'Clairvoyant' gradually emerged as a term applying to someone who displayed a range of paranormal, or psychic, abilities. The only all-encompassing definition that really fits is that a clairvoyant is someone with the ability to know things about a location, object, person, or event by means others than the five physical senses. In other words, clairvoyance refers to a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Clairvoyance usually involves a clairvoyant person knowing about something that is happening right then, but far away or otherwise out of range of their physical senses. However, there have also been documented cases of a clairvoyant knowing of something that happened in either the past or the future. Because of this, clairvoyance is considered by some to be a form of precognition, or prophecy.

The means that a clairvoyant uses to discover the mysterious information can vary, but it generally breaks down into 1 of 6 different categories. Clairvoyance is likely associated with the first form, the phenomenon of remote viewing. While engaging in remote viewing, a clairvoyant is able to see a location, person, event, or object that is not in their view. This can take the form of some sort of visual hallucination or may be seen in their mind's eye.

The second form is called clairaudience. In clairaudience, the clairvoyant gets their remote event information by sound. They might hear noises or voices that people and recorders are unable to hear. There have been cases where the clairvoyant hears voices of the dead. In this case, the phenomenon could cross the line into mediumship.

The next kind of clairvoyance is known as clairsentience. With clairsentience the individual is able to gain knowledge of remote events through touch and feeling. There are cases that have taken the form of feeling and actual object that is not really there. In other instances it is more of a feeling or a vibe that is felt from locations, events, and people that are remote.

The fourth type is clairalience. In clairalience, the person gains knowledge of remote locations and events through their sense of smell. For example, they may smell the grass and wildflowers of a spring meadow, followed by gunpowder and the tang of blood. Of course, no one else around can smell these things, and there is no apparent source for the various scents.

The next type of clairvoyance is clairgustance. With this type of clairvoyance, a person that has an empty mouth is able to distinctly taste different flavors even though there is no evident source. They may also be able to accurately describe the taste different things from a distance.

The sixth and final form of clairvoyance is claircognizance. This is perhaps the most hard to define or explain. In claircognizance, a person knows something about a remote person, object, location, or event, but can't explain how they gained that knowledge?they just know it. To some extent, claircognizance is a catch-all category of clairvoyance.

There are many documented occurrences of clairvoyant people throughout history for various cultures from across the world. Clairvoyance has also been incorporated into various religions across the globe.

In Buddhism for example, clairvoyance is considered of the six special senses humans are capable of at advanced levels of meditation. In this case, it refers to being able to feel vibrations put out by other people.

In the Catholic religion, clairvoyance often been considered to be miraculous. Saint Francis had a disciple, Saint Claire that had a vision of his death even though she was miles away. This case took place over 500 hundred years ago. As a result, the Catholic Church made her the patron saint of 'television' which means 'seeing over a distance.'

There are, of course, many who are sceptical of clairvoyance. It is part of human nature for people to deny the existence of something just because they do not understand it. For example, even the existence of magnetism and electricity was denied by 'scientists' not that long ago historically.

No matter what the skeptics are saying, nobody has ever been able to completely disprove that clairvoyance is possible. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that shows that there are many genuine clairvoyants among us. In general, parapsychologists, scientists, and the public is starting to become more open minded and seem more ready to accept the fact that clairvoyance is very real.

Despite the fact that we do not quite understand how it works, this is no reason to ignore its existence. It has been suggested that in the distant past, all humans used to be clairvoyant but for some reason lost their powers. It is thought that everybody could again become clairvoyant if they make the effort and choose to develop these powers.

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Healthy Ways To Lose 30 Pounds Naturally - News

Posted by patrick

By Scott Edwards

Trying To Lose Weight Can Be Frightening! And huge business empires have grown out of this. The turnover of the weight loss industry is colossal - it amounts to billions of dollars - and so there are plenty of opportunities to profit from our ambitions to be slim.

Just How Much of a Problem Is There Then? Whether you personally are obese or not, the chances are you'd be happy to lose some weight. It's now believed that in the USA alone, around seventy percent of people are too heavy. Which amounts to some two hundred and ten million folks... But overseas it's not much better - a startling sixty percent! It's a sorry state of affairs.

Surveys in the UK show that getting on for one fourth of all adults suffer from obesity. But what's worse - In just 40 years it could reach 90 per cent of adults.

And yet why should it be that way? No-one wants this trend to continue. Sensible dietary advice is the key - not expensive products that line the pockets of big business.

It's a well known fact that obesity can lead to many major problems - Type two diabetes; mental health problems; high blood pressure; heart disease & heart failure; cancer; liver disease; osteoarthritis and high cholesterol. This illustrates that we don't just need to lose weight so that we can look more attractive.

Losing the pounds doesn't have to mean getting STICK THIN! You just need to aim for the right weight for you. Although that's going to be different for each of us, we should look to maintain a comfortable weight for our height.

When we have a family, we need to consider how they can learn to eat well. It's our responsibility as the adults in the house to help our children adopt sensible habits where diet is concerned. The odds are on that our children will grow to be obese if we don't change things now. Who wants to be that kind of benefactor?

This means we MUST get to grips with healthy eating. Understanding good and bad nutrition is paramount. We have no chance of teaching our offspring how to eat well for good health if we don't know how to do it ourselves. Look at this over the long haul. Generations down the line will be impacted on the actions that you take right now.

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Healthy Dog Food

Posted by patrick

By Frank Williams

The requirement of healthy, organic food seems to apply just as much to pets as to humans, because a lot of animal owners would rather buy organic foods to feed man's best friend. One could be forgiven for being taken aback by the large variety of organic dog food on offer in the market. Just as for humans, there are a lot of pet illnesses that one could cure or even prevent completely by the use of organic pet food.

For instance, organic dog food could reduce the chance of the dog developing skin diseases and allergies. The explanation for the positive health impact is the absence of additives, chemicals, colourants and pesticides. Instead there are just grain extracts and high quality proteins for ingredients in organic dog food. Organic dog food also contains more nutrients, which is reflected in the higher levels of energy and the normal weight of the dog.

Regular dog food can cause diabetes and excess weight with all the other problems that accompany these illnesses: back ailment, organ failure and decreased mobility. How can organic dog food help here, then? Well, because organic pet food does not contain bulk filler; they are nutrient-packed products that create energy not fat. Moreover, it is far better and definitely a lot easier to prevent health problems than try to treat them later.

Good digestion and a stronger immunity system are the other main benefits that come with the feeding of organic dog food. Because of the lack of chemicals normally present in regular pet food, your dog will no longer vomit or experience wind or diarrhea. A healthier metabolism is what you will achieve with a healthy diet. Furthermore, the quality of the nutritional substances in organic dog food, boosts the immunity functions, thereby reducing the risks of infection and all sorts of specific diseases that affect dogs on a routine basis.

In general, veterinarian experts claim that organic dog food significantly increases the life of any animal, not to mention the fact that it will go through old age a lot better. It is quite common that pet owners who choose organic dog food, are also interested in eating organic foods themselves, sticking to clean natural products that boost bodily functions and avoid toxins and disease.

Ask your local dog food supplier about organic dog food and if there isn't any at your local shop, try to order it online. There are plenty of web pages that offer such products at fairly good prices.

One last bit, be very, very wary of dried dog food like biscuits, no matter what the label says. I used to have a dog called Becky that stayed at home alone during the day, while I went to the office. I didn't like to leave 'wet' food, because of flies, bacteria and vermin, so I bought dry food, which would not deteriorate during the day. However, within six years she had contracted diabetes, which meant that I had to inject her with insulin every morning. The veterinary said that it was very common for dogs fed only on dry biscuits to contract diabetes, so check with your vet first of all or feed organic wet food.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Back in the Game

Posted by patrick

By John Berling Hardy

If life is a great Game, we are all familiar with the Players. They are the self-assured success stories always looking out for their own interests. They do business with a slick handshake and a smooth tongue. They write the rules, and we have to live by them. For these Players, losing is not an option. Which begs the question, what about the rest of us?

At first glance, the Players seem to have an absolute hold on the Game they created. They are the majority; they hold the higher ground and with it a permanent, built in advantage in. What then is the outsider to do against such insuperable odds?

What we need is a new way to play the game: a way to reverse our positions of power and take the advantage from the seasoned Players. They base their plays on their existing power, on their surety that we are the underdogs. Herein we may find our way to undermine them, since it is this confidence in their mastery which is at once the source of their easy profits and their greatest weakness.

Meanwhile, they become dependent upon this advantageous position; and when the trump is removed from their hand, they really have no idea of how to cope with the situation they find themselves in. They will usually resort to what they know; bluff and bluster, which only serve to worsen their predicament, as they amplify the downward spiral in which they find themselves. The outsider, on the other hand, has no such advantage. Therefore, we must rely upon intelligence and stealth, to create our good fortune.

Fortunately, Players are particularly susceptible to being played. The great majority of Players are nothing more than one-trick ponies. The Players never expect the sheep to use their own tactics against them. The reason for this is twofold.

Firstly, they are fully convinced that the rest of us are fools, and as such, incapable of believing that they could be up to something. Secondly, they do not believe that those outside their ranks have the requisite shrewdness to come up with schemes to counter their own.

For our strategy to work we must first convince the Player to buy into a false sense of security which we will create. To do this we must study our Players, learn what makes them tick, and adjust our approach to deal more specifically with the individual or group concerned. We must then watch how they operate, basing our movements on theirs. Players are never long idle - their constant agenda to seek out more wealth and power is forever propelling them on.

Because a Player thinks of himself as supreme he takes no notice of his own mistakes, believing himself incapable of making any. In addition, his unwillingness to take an interest in anything which will not benefit him materially makes him remarkably shallow. If problems do arise he will have no way of thinking creatively in order to address them, and will therefore be reduced to a state of panic, and so the downward spiral begins.

Finally, not being able to engage in any situation in which they are not guaranteed success makes the Player into a coward and further restricts their range of movement. It is little wonder that the Players need this elaborate ruse, called the Game; for without it they would have nothing, and be nothing.

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Guidelines On The Value Of Giving

Posted by patrick

By Masami Sato

A new development is revolutionizing many lives in the hamlets of India by bringing brightness where there used to be blackness.

The New York Times published an article titled, "Husk Power for India". Electricity, which is prevalent in the lives of many in developed nations, is a pure luxury in remote areas of developing ones. What was once fed to animals now is used to generate electricity - rice husks.

Being brought up in the pastoral Bihar State, Manoj Sinha knew what it was like to be without light at night. Being an engineer with Intel Corporation he had all the competence to bring a life long idea to fruition. He led the creation of his power generation equipment from rice husks and other wastes from farms and now he sells power to rural areas across India.

Sinha is what could be called a social entrepreneur because he feels business is a solution to key social issues. "Business leaders must realise that the world's poor need investments more than handouts," he says, adding, "these are customers, not victims."

The article motivated me to think about offering things in a different way that made me ask myself, "what is the most perfect form of giving?" Is it edification, commerce or disaster aid? There are so many ways to create a difference. One way of giving can seem more productive or practical than other ways depending on the way it is given expression, viewed or put into practice.

I then came to identify there were eight sections to giving as a form to perceive this. So, let me outline the eight methods; which in effect are often 'phases' of giving as well.

Stage one: Necessity - saving and helping others who are afflicted by natural catastrophe, contagious diseases or other unmanageable conditions.

Phase two: Respite - providing respite from enduring need, poverty, ill-health, disadvantages or prejudice which otherwise would continue or deteriorate because of the lack of awareness, training or resources.

Phase three: Curing and defending - morally, bodily and spiritually. Many people carry scars that may be invisible but strongly constricting their lives. Giving the cure to release the long-standing suffering creates more chances for them while giving necessary defense gives them a feeling of security.

Phase four: Edification - giving better edification, awareness and skill imparting to create empowered and innovative solutions to generating resources while helping people to discover their exclusive talent to succeed.

Stage five: Inspired investment - giving a help, capital or resources to those who have great talent to alter the situation. This gets used many times as the resources become more and passed on to other people who again produce more out of the prospects given.

Stage six: Tenability - working together with the people in the local surroundings, creating tenable groups - ambience-wise and reciprocally.

Phase seven: Empowerment - enabling and motivating the people to release their true ability and power to make a change. In this group of sharing, the aim of giving changes from 'giving to the people who want' to 'giving people a chance to give to others' and to the society.

Phase eight: Caring - just doing whatever we want to do to cherish and care for others. No tactic or expected result exists in this phase of giving. 'Giving' does not even exist here in the conventional sense of the word, as there is no sense of ownership or reasoning or yearning to alter anything. This is where we do not even have to worry about anything, we give as a part of our own delightful sense of being.

What we also find is that at each of these eight stages of giving there are different things that the giver receives.

One: Sense of relationship

Two: Sense of wellbeing

Three: reprieve from ache (our own)

Four: Thankfulness for our own ideas, gifts and conditions

Five: Long-term sense of involvement and fulfillment for our own life

Six: Better ambience for our own life and for the lives of others we treasure and revere

Seven: Soul fulfilling inspiration and dedication to our own purpose

Eight: Love

Sharing has many stages and sensations based upon the donor and getter. And the 'phases' do not detail which one is of more importance than the other. All are mandatory.

I was fortunate to have an experience early in 2008 while travelling with a group of dedicated businessmen through India to see how we could be more useful in our giving. I was blessed to have one exceptional happening that made me think about what 'effectual giving' actually meant.

We were in a little town one day. Four of us had just booked a taxi to take us to another town nearby. We negotiated with the driver carefully as our hotel staff had warned us in advance about the rip-off we might experience seeing we were not local.

We stopped in front of the local train station for a short break on the way. While the others disappeared off to use the bathroom, I started a conversation with our taxi driver standing next to the taxi. With very limited English and a full smile exposing his blackened front teeth, he told me that he had a house on the outskirts of the town and he had a young wife and two children who went to the local school - I started to feel connected to him.

I patted him on the back for having an affectionate family and told him that I also had two kids of the same age as his. When the others came back the driver instantly asked us to come to his house for food. I thought it was just a formality he wanted to convey at first. However, after leaving us at the centre of the town, he was particular that he would wait for us till we were done with our traveling around the town. And he actually did. I was in fact quite taken aback to see him still standing by the side of the road next to his taxi even after an hour. We hopped back into the taxi and he whizzed off up the road to where his home was.

When we reached there we were really quite taken aback to see how he was living. It was more or less similar (if not worse) to the standard of people dwelling in slums we had visited before. From the gleaming new taxi he was driving, who could have thought this

As he drove into the narrow unsealed street between small houses that were made with roughcast concrete blocks and mud painted walls, we almost regretted about saying yes to his invite. For a brief moment I felt pangs of guilt. "How could I go to this man's home who didn't seem to have anything and I didn't even bring any food or gifts for his family", I thought.

As we walked into his house, we saw a pan and small stove on the mud floor. His very shy wife nodded blushing in surprise and disappeared into the small storeroom (a cupboard size) next to it. As I looked in, I saw the next-door neighbours handing over some teacups to his wife over the crumbled concrete fence. They didn't even have extra teacups in their house. There was only one small room fitted out with one single bed and an old galvanised chest next to it.

The cab driver swiftly took out three hand-woven rugs from the galvanised box and placed it neatly on the small space of the mud floor keeping one on the bed.

Steaming cups of tea and hot snacks arrived soon. Both his kids as well as kids from the neighbouring houses came to see us and remained at the doorway. The six of us could just squeeze into the tiny room. I was curious to know where his children were sleeping. I thought maybe they had another space somewhere. To my astonishment, he just pointed at the chest and said with his happy smile that it was their bed.

He gleefully told us that he was a dancing champion in town and pointed to some trophies on the shelf above the bed. Keen to show us his dancing skills he suddenly dashed outside. From nowhere music filled the tiny room. He didn't have any music system in the house, it was coming from outside. I was curious so I stood up to see him reversing his taxi right against the back wall of his house with the doors wide open with car radio on full volume!

The time quickly passed (dancing together and having more cups of tea) and it was finally time to say thank you for their great hospitality and head on our way. As we stood up to leave and thank him and his wife, he reached to the best looking rug on the bed, rolled it up and handed it to us. It was one of the only few things he had. I could not believe he offered it to us.

We all courteously begged off his gift and moved out waving goodbye to all the people waving back at us. We got real baffled about the whole affair. Should we have paid them something as they surely had only too little money? Should we have consented to take the cherished gift he made us?

As I was thinking about this awe-inspiring experience after a few days, I considered our begging off his gift. He looked crest-fallen that we didn't accept the gift. It wasn't only the rejecting of the gift that remained in my mind.

I realised that the sense of discomfort I felt was actually coming from perceiving him as less fortunate. I was thinking that I couldn't possibly take anything from someone who had so little.

But did he actually have modest means? Maybe he had other things - a lot more.

Maybe the real present we could have given him then was to receive his present in utmost deference and thankfulness.

Every act of sharing and taking are indispensable for us to fill our world with profusion and satisfaction in equal measure for both sharer and taker. We can start doing this instead of evaluating and validating one over another. The beautiful act of sharing and taking requires no additional elucidation.

Manoj Sinha's words echo in my mind once again, "these are customers, not victims." I can imagine the smiling faces of the villagers who are now proud to have electricity in their villages and the children who now can read books and learn in their homes at night.

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Get What You Want Using Affirmations

Posted by patrick

By Peter F. Duncan

Do you know how to use affirmations? As with just about any subject, there are a lot of nay sayers when it comes to affirmations. Many will state that affirmations do not work. Well many people will tell you that investing in the stock market did not produce positive results for them as well. Yet there are people that have made a killing in the stock market.

What is my point?

Nay sayers just do not know how to make affirmations work for them. Pick any subject and you can surely create and affirmation on it. But the magic to getting them work is how they can change the way you feel. After I am done with an affirmation I am buzzing. I think most people have some inner self talk that just cancels out the good. You probably know what I am talking about. You say a nice affirmation and your inner talk says "that is just not true".

Does you ego argue with you: "rich're broke", "you don't look lean to me", "looks to me like you are alone." This is when you need to take control. You need to take control of your mind and get it to focus on WHAT YOU WANT. You need to say your affirmations and feel the feelings of what you are affirming. So if you say "I am rich" over and over again, you need to feel like your are rich. The affirmation is your re-programming your subconscious mind (and drowning out your ego) so you do get what you affirm.

Your words have no power. It is the feeling that the words provide that have the power. So choose the words that inspire and excite you - as if it is already real.

I often use just one word affirmations like "love", "energy" or "riches". As long as the word invokes a positive feeling change then I affirm it. Often when I am feeling I need an energy boost, I will affirm "energy" and in a short time I have the energy I desired.

To make affirmations really work for you - you need to practice each day. Set aside some time and really do them. Make sure you invoke a feeling change for the better. You can even write out affirmations or even type them out. The key is a feeling change. Without it, you are likely wasting your time.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bodybuilding Advice, No Sleep Leads to No Gain

Posted by patrick

By Ricardo d Argence

Going to to the gym, you will think you can get relaxed and muscles will grow by themselves. Working your muscles through weight training is not the only factor, neither is physically working out.

Don't underestimate the effect that sleep has on your workout. You need to rest properly, and that's not just between workouts. Altering your sleep schedule to ensure getting a steady and sound night's sleep each night can produce drastic transformations in the outcomes you observe with bodybuilding.

There are actually several reasons why sleep is so important to be successful at bodybuilding. For starters, your body recovers and rebuilds muscle while you are asleep. This is the crucial time when other parts of your body are shut down and not consuming energy or internal resources that your body uses to repair damages from bodybuilding.

You must rest or your body won't be able to heal and add new muscle. You will be adversely impacting your gains by not providing enough time for your muscles to heal, recover, and continue to grow in the proper manner.

Sleep is critical for body builders because without it you may have difficulty focusing and become lethargic. A lack of mental focus can destroy your results while you're in the gym. It doesn't matter how motivated you are, if you can't focus in what you have to do, you will not get the results you want.

Although you might not have the energy or be motivated enough to have a great weightlifting session. There's only so much your body can handle over the course of a day with a tiny amount of sleep. With everything else going on in your life, its working out that often takes a backseat.

Finally, the unseen reason why sleep is so important for great bodybuilding results is that sleeping restores and maintains a natural rhythm with your body's hormones. Sleeping releases some hormones into your bloodstream that are essential for proper metabolism and muscle gain. At the same time, sleep also inhibits other hormones that can lead to fat gain and other unseemly consequences.

Irregular sleeping habits are detrimental to your efforts to get in shape. Sleeping 3 hours on Monday, and 11 hours on Tuesday, is not the same thing as sleeping 7 hours on each night. That's what you should shoot for, at least 7 hours a night. Keep in mind, that no sleep will ruin your efforts at bodybuilding.

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The Many Faces of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Posted by patrick

By Adam Tomlinson

You may find it hard to find the perfect tungsten carbide rings. There are different styles to choose from. And to go through each one of them can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Even though they're just rings, you still need to make sure that you pick out the one with the most appeal.

To find the ring that fits your taste, you need to know first what the different types of tungsten carbide rings there are. Here is a list of the different types of tungsten rings and what makes them different from the others.

Original Tungsten Carbide Polished Rings "Simple yet elegant" is how you can describe this type of tungsten carbide ring. Most tungsten rings are made this way. The thing you will notice about this is that it has a natural shine that attracts most people.

Metal or Laser Inlays You can choose the more daring types of tungsten carbide rings: those with metal and laser inlays. These are a notch higher than the usual round, polished rings. Gold, silver and titanium are commonly used metal inlays. When it comes to laser inlays, certain designs are sort of printed on the ring. Though these are more nice-looking, their shine may not last that long.

Studded Rings You can put different stones or gems in these rings. You can put diamonds or other precious stones in these rings, making them look more beautiful.

Faceted Rings Tungsten carbide rings are also styled with an edge. And when I say edgy, I mean really edgy. This type or ring is the regular type of rings that is cut to achieve a gem-like look. The cut gives the ring a multi-angle look which makes it unique and attractive.

Brushed Tungsten Rings These rings are characterized by rugged finishes that makes the rings look more like titanium. This design has a more rebellious-type look, which people with artistic inclinations like.

With all the different styles if tungsten carbide rings, it should be easy to make your choice. But no matter which type you choose, you can be sure that you will enjoy wearing these rings.

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Real Secrets Of Manifesting

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By Claire Skaysbrook

We have all heard many new age gurus tell us that life is what we make it. If most of us spent a few moments and thought about it, we heard those sentiments before. Perhaps it was our grandmother that was trying to encourage us when we were down and out. It may have even been a Jiminy Cricket as he sang when you wish upon a star.

Somewhere, someone in our lives has told us that it is us, who are the master of our destiny. We are the ones who create our lives. We have it within us to manifest abundance. We are the only person that can manifest an abundant life for our self.

You need to face the fact that the reasons for your life being the way it is right now is due to your wanting it to be just as it is. Yes, all those dead end jobs, mounting bills and unhappy relationships were all your making all by yourself.

You need to realize, it is you who has created the life you live. Then you need to know that the power is within you to make a change. You can begin right now to manifest abundance in your life. You simply need to change your way of thinking.

Your thoughts are you most powerful possessions. The way you think creates the life you live. If you think about how to pay all those bills while worrying about them, you will simply create more bills. You create money problems when you worry about money. You create relationship problems when you focus only on the bad things in a relationship.

You need to think about all the positive things in your life, since this is the key to manifesting abundance. Focus on the good things you already have. For instance, you woke this morning breathing on your own; you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and something to eat. Take the time to realize that you are fortunate right now and be grateful for those things. When you are thankful for all those good things, you can more clearly focus on manifesting even more good things into your life.

It is you who creates your life by what you think and say; therefore, you should never try to blame others. If you want to be happy, successful and wealthy, you need to focus the things you think and say that will create happiness, success and wealth.

They these experiments, they will work for you. They can help you change your life. Do not spend another minute worrying about money or even how to pay the bills. Start right now, thinking about how much money you do have and how it helps you pay for the things you need.

Think and believe that you have plenty of money. You have to consciously pay attention to your thoughts. You dont want to slip and let the old thoughts sneak in. If you want to manifest abundance, you have to think that you already have everything you want in your life.

Like attracts like, which means if you are focusing on the good it is going to bring more good in your life. You can improve your life, you can have the life you want you and only you can manifest abundance in your life.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally in 12 Steps

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By Christian Goodman

Even medical people who have studied how to lower blood pressure for decades admit that the cause is unknown for about 95% of high blood pressure problems and you could have it without even knowing, even if you're otherwise healthy. That's why it's important that you know what your blood pressure is and have it checked on a regular basis.

As you know, smoking and coffee causes a temporary rise in your blood pressure, so don't smoke or drink coffee for at least thirty minutes before you have your blood pressure taken. If you're a smoker, you should know that you have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure than a non-smoker.

Other reasons that increase your risk include high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, or other medical conditions, or if you're over the age of 60, or if you are of menopausal age. When you check your blood pressure, it is normal that there will be fluctuations, and a one time high reading doesn't necessarily mean you have hypertension. Be alarmed when those readings are consistently high, because that is the time when a diagnosis is made. The medications that you are taking may also contribute to the rise in your blood pressure.

There are changes you can make in your eating habits and in your lifestyle that can help reduce the risk and possibly even prevent high blood pressure. These are listed below. The more you can adopt into your life, the more you lessen your risk for developing hypertension.

Limit alcohol to two drinks per day or even less

Maintain a healthy weight and lose weight if needed

Cut your fat intake to less than 30%

Limit added salt and be mindful of sodium content in prepared foods

Exercise regularly at a moderate level of intensity several times a week

Stop smoking

Be sure you get at least 1000 mg (milligrams) of calcium every day. Good sources are dairy products, broccoli, canned salmon, figs, tofu and kale

You also need 2500-3000 mg of potassium daily. Get that from fresh veggies and fruit, nuts and dairy products. Look for low fat brands of dairy products.

Get 350-400 mg of magnesium daily. You'll find it in dark green veggies, whole grains, seafood, legumes, nuts, and soybeans.

Get a good night's sleep. Inadequate sleep can actually raise your blood pressure even higher if you already have hypertension.

Relax more. Reduce the stress in your life, particularly if you have risk factors for high blood pressure. Consider taking up yoga or meditation to learn how to relax.

If you drink a lot of coffee (more than 2-4 cups) every day, consider cutting back or eliminating it altogether. It can help lower your blood pressure, but only slightly.

One more thing that you can do to lower your blood pressure is by utilizing my Natural High Blood Pressure Program. I developed this program to help you lower your readings naturally.

It involves learning a few simple exercises that you perform on a daily basis that only require a few minutes per day. It has been highly successful in helping hundreds of people lower their blood pressure in a safe and natural way.

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Four Simple Ways to Ensure Your Child's Education

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By Byron Jonas

All parents want what's best for their children - the best values, the best experiences, the best belongings. What is at the top of that list of "best" wishes is education.

As parents, we know that a great education is key to our children's future.

As parents, we are highly aware that a solid education is of the utmost importance in rendering our children happy and successful adults. What kids learn in school is vital regardless of age or level.

While a solid base of knowledge is important, it is not always a sure thing. It is our job as parents to be active in our children's education and to make sure that they are getting the tools they need for happy and successful lives. Find out how now:

1. Ask for References The decision of where to send your children is a vital one, one that should be informed. The best way to make a good decision regarding where to send your children to school, all the way from preschool to college, is to seek out references. You'll want to guarantee that the place you'll be sending your children is highly-regarded and safe. Ask friends and acquaintances what they know about institutions in your area, ranging from direct experiences to rumors. While you're at it, request a list of references from schools themselves - they should be more than willing to help you.

2. Encourage Involvement School is not just about what goes on in the classroom. In fact, many of the most important experiences children get in school comes from extracurricular activities. Encourage your child to get involved in at least one activity - a sport, a club, a student government entity, whatever interests them. There's no need to be too forceful, but let them know how important such activities are. Not only are they great ways to make social connections and learn new things, but they also look great on resumes.

3. Know What's Going On Simply knowing what your child's doing in school is extremely important to ensuring the smooth running of his or her education. There's no need to be too overbearing - just talking about school is probably enough. At the end of the day, ask your children how school is going. Find out what classes they're taking and offer to help them out wherever you can. Know who their teachers are and talk to them if you feel that your son or daughter may be struggling.

4. Learn About Your Child You may be surprised to find out how complex of a creature your child really is. Talk to him or her about future plans and dreams, about interests and hobbies and likes and dislikes. Ask your child about what he or she sees in the future. There probably won't be many definitive answers, but he or she is sure to have something in mind. What's important is getting a general conversation going about the future.

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The Symptoms Of Nicotine Withdrawal

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By Barb Hicks

Ask anyone who smokes and they will tell you it is a hard habit to break. It is very interesting to note that nicotine is more addictive than harsher drugs such as cocaine or heroin. However, although the symptoms of withdrawal vary quite differently, quitting smoking can still be a very harrowing and nerve racking endeavor.

Nicotine is found in all tobacco products, as well as thousands of other chemicals and toxins contained in cigarettes. The good news is that the withdrawal symptoms are temporary and peak after two days. Your body begins a healing process within thirty minutes of quitting smoking. If you can just stick with it, your risks of heart attack and other conditions associated with smoking are significantly reduced and can add years to your life.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

Nicotine cravings Tension Irritability Headaches Inability to concentrate Drowsiness Sleeping difficulties Increased appetite Weight gain Depression

The above symptoms can be made to be less intense if you try switching to cigarettes with less tar as well as cutting back on how many cigarettes you smoke in a day. It is very important to remember that there is no such thing as a "safe" cigarette. Just because it contains less tar or nicotine does not necessarily mean your body isn't receiving the same toxins, especially if you smoke more of these cigarettes to compensate for the amount your body used to receive with the regular cigarettes.

How to cope:

There are ways for coping with nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine replacement therapy such as gum or patch can be useful. Other methods include medications such as clonidine, antidepressants such as fluoxetine (Prozac), and buspirone (Buspar). The use of these agents may increase the likelihood of successfully quitting cigarettes. These medications do not cause an added addiction to them, and are helpful in dealing with the cravings for nicotine.

Many people become discouraged when their first attempt to quit smoking ends in failure. However, it is very important that you keep trying. Research suggests that the more attempts made to quit smoking, the more likely you will eventually succeed. So, keep pushing ahead and know that you will beat the smoking habit.

Coping strategies are very important in the journey to quit smoking. Te symptoms are only temporary, so having a good solid plan in place is imperative.


Weight gain is by far the most complained about complication of quitting smoking. You must remember that you should anticipate both food and nicotine cravings. To combat these effects, try increasing your physical activity as well as supplementing a healthy diet along with fresh fruit and vegetable sticks for snacks.

Get in contact with your health care provider who can help you with ways to give up the cigarette habit. You will find that your senses of taste and smell will return to normal, your lung capacity will increase, which will enable you to increase your physical endurance. Increasing your exercise will burn more calories, keeping off the weight gain that can occur while quitting smoking and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

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