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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Executive Career Services - Tips On How To Interview For 100k+ Jobs

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By Jason Lee

Interviews should be always taken as a purposeful and highly focused conversation. Always discuss why you want both this type of work and a position with this particular employer. Identify your strengths in relation to each job for which you interview. Always back them with examples to make your answers more credible and memorable. Whatever you put in your resume is always gives scope for discussion. Be ready to explain or discuss any item on it. Interviews offer you the employer the opportunity to learn whether or not there is a "fit" between you and the employer's organization. Preparation is vital

Be prepared for questions that will be asked in terms of superlatives. Typically the questions are What was your most challenging experience? Your best job? Your worst mistake? Anticipate and prepare for such questions. It's always good to learn as much possible about the organization, industry and position. Ask for the name and the title of the person with whom you will meet and inquire as to what the day will entail. A full day will often include a group interview and perhaps a meeting over lunch. If you're a doctoral student applying for a research position, you'll usually also be asked to give a talk. On-campus recruiters typically make a great deal of information available to you in the library. If you have questions, be sure to ask the executive recruiter or headhunter who helped setup the interview. You can find a free list of recruiters who hire people for executive jobs and executive level jobs at JobConcierge Best Executive Recruiters.

When appearing for interviews obtain appropriate clothes. A conservative suit is standard interview attire for both men and women. In some settings, dress is somewhat less formal. A lively, friendly and confident approach to a first meeting can set the stage for positive impressions. In some settings, dress is somewhat less formal. A lively, friendly and confident approach to a first meeting can set the stage for positive impressions. Approach the interview situation with enthusiasm that is expressed in your body language and demeanor. Make transportation plans and arrive early so there is no chance of unnecessary stress being created by a late arrival. Prepare questions that are not answered by the employer's annual report or brochure. They should relate to what you need to know: the scope of the job, the reporting structure, and how the position develops over time.

Always remember that you have a brief time to discuss your qualifications so keep your answers job-related. Initial screening interviews, whether on or off campus, are usually brief, lasting about 30 minutes. They range from highly structured question-answer formats to open-ended conversations. In either case, try to establish as much rapport with the interviewer as the situation allows.

Designate a time and arrange a quiet, orderly and private space at your telephone for the telephone interview as many companies use it for the initial screening. Always prepare for the telephone interview in the same way you would prepare for a face-to-face meeting by researching the organization, reviewing your resume and knowing your own strengths and professional goals. You should have notes and resume nearby. Use positive body language and facial expressions to be sure that your voice expresses your energy and enthusiasm. Some people find it helpful to dress up as they would for a face-to-face interview. If you are interviewed by more than one person, take notes as they introduce themselves so you can remember who is who. For more job search advice and job interview advice, check out the JobConcierge Best Job Search Advice on the Internet. JobConcierge collected some of the best job search advice on guerrilla job tactics, interview advice, and common job search mistakes and resume advice and ranked the best articles on the executive job search website.

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