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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Microsoft MCSE Training Providers In Detail

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By Jason Kendall

As you're considering studying for an MCSE, it's probable that you fall into one of the following categories. You're either just starting to come into the computer world, and you've found the industry has a great need for men and women who are commercially qualified. Alternatively you might be a knowledgeable person wanting to gain accreditation with a qualification such as MCSE.

When researching training companies, steer clear of those who cut costs by not upgrading their courses to the latest version from Microsoft. Overall, this will cost the student much more as they will have been educated in an outdated MCSE program which will have to be revised pretty much straight away.

Stay away from organisations who are just trying to sell you something. You deserve time, expertise and advice to be sure you're taking the right decisions. Guard against being rushed into some generic product by a second-rate college.

Charging for examination fees as an inclusive element of the package price then giving it 'Exam Guarantee' status is a common method with a good many training companies. However, let's consider what's really going on:

You'll pay for it one way or another. You can be assured it's not a freebie - it's simply been shoe-horned into the price as a whole.

Those who go in for their examinations when it's appropriate, funding them one at a time are in a much stronger position to qualify at the first attempt. They're aware of their investment and so are more inclined to ensure they are ready.

Don't you think it's more sensible to not pay up-front, but at the time, not to pay the fees marked up by the training college, and also to sit exams more locally - instead of the remote centre that's convenient only to the trainer?

Considerable numbers of questionable training course providers net big margins because they're asking for all the exam fees up-front and hoping that you won't take them all.

Re-takes of any failed exams through organisations who offer an 'Exam Guarantee' are tightly controlled. You'll be required to sit pre-tests until you've demonstrated an excellent ability to pass.

Spending hundreds or even thousands extra on an 'Exam Guarantee' is short-sighted - when a commitment to studying and the use of authorised exam preparation tools is what will get you through.

Proper support is incredibly important - ensure you track down something that provides 24x7 direct access, as anything less will not satisfy and will also put a damper on the speed you move through things.

Locate training schools where you can receive help at any time of the day or night (irrespective of whether it's the wee hours on Sunday morning!) You'll need access directly to professional tutors, and not a message system as this will slow you down - consistently being held in a queue for a call-back at a convenient time for them.

We recommend looking for training schools that use several support centres from around the world. All of them should be combined to give a single entry point and round-the-clock access, when you want it, with no hassle.

Never make the mistake of compromise where support is concerned. The majority of students who can't get going properly, just need the right support system.

Ignore a salesperson who recommends a training program without performing a 'fact-find' to gain understanding of your current abilities plus your level of experience. Always check they have access to a large stable of training programs so they're able to solve your training issues.

Often, the starting point of study for someone with a little experience is often hugely different to someone just starting out.

For students embarking on IT studies as a new venture, it can be useful to break yourself in gently, kicking off with user-skills and software training first. This can be built into most accreditation programs.

Accredited exam simulation and preparation packages are crucial - and really must be supplied by your training company.

Steer clear of depending on unauthorised preparation materials for exams. The terminology of their questions is sometimes startlingly different - and this leads to huge confusion in the actual examination.

Practice exams can be invaluable in helping you build your confidence - so that when you come to take the real thing, you won't be worried.

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