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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where to Locate Free Wedding Program Templates

Posted by patrick

By Michael J

Every bride would like for her wedding to be as easy and trouble-free as possible. One way to do that is taking advantage of Wedding program templates. Templates can be used for everything and you'll have invitations that look like they were designed by Martha Stewart, and all you have to do is provide some details about the wedding. A plethora of templates are readily available if you know where to locate them. Lets talk about the best resources and how to find them for free.

Invent the template

If you're the creative type, then you're already ahead of the game and you can create your own template using Microsoft Word. Why not make it a fun time for you can your partner and do it together?

That's What Friends are For

Not all of us have that creative bug. So why not ask a friend to step in and help? One of the reasons that they're your friend is because you help each other. Just take the time to ask.

Take the help of Bridal Magazines

Bridal magazines have some great ideas for wedding program templates and you can make use of them to save your time and efforts.

Searching Templates on Internet

One of the best FREE resources is the Internet. There are so many online web sites devoted to wedding templates and ideas. Try keyword searches for Free Wedding Program Templates.

Wedding templates are important and to be cherished for times to come. It is only fair that you take time to prepare these and give them your own personalized touch. As a last step you can hire a designer for a short time who can give a professional look to templates you might find at these resources. Just like the wedding photography, the wedding invitations say something about you.

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Go Fish! Omega Fatty Acids

Posted by patrick

By Christian Goodman

I grew up in Iceland where we would drink the pure fat from fish liver. It's called lysi and it was awful. Today you can get it in pill form.

As a child, all I really understood is that this horrible drink was somehow healthy for me. As an adult, I now care about validating these types of things. So, I chose to research the value of the fish fat.

Our bodies require certain vitamins and nutrients. Our bodies are not capable of creating many of them so we have to ingest them. Omega Fatty Acids is one of these essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Salmon, tuna, herring and some other fish can supply the fatty acids. However, fish can also contain toxins so we have to monitor the quantities we eat.

Flaxseed, walnuts, soybean or their oils also contain omega fatty acids. In fact, certain foods like margarine, baby formula and orange juice are now manufactured by adding the fatty acids into them.

Food is a great way to add omega fatty acids to your body. You might want to consult with your nutritionist to verify just how much is enough for you.

If your diet isn't providing you with a sufficient amount of fatty acids, supplements can be taken. You will want to research the brand of course as they are not regulated.

Why is all of this really that important? Research proves that developing babies require this.

Research even shows that some heart related problems can be reduced by regular intake of omega fatty acids. Blood pressure can also benefit from this.

Recent research even shows possible possible benefits for cancer treatments, specifically, breast cancer, prostate and colon cancer

While my Weight Loss Breeze program includes no special dietary requirements, it is very successful if a healthy weight is your goal.


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White Collar Rears

Posted by patrick

By James Gilbert Pynn

The dull hum of florescent lights, the buzz of a computer, the squeak of an office chair, and the smell of burnt coffee. Welcome to work. For a concept that is less than 150 years old, the office has managed to become perhaps the single best qualifier for what we consider white-collar employment. Though a staunch capitalist would claim the office started with the ancient Roman officium most archaeological evidence suggests these ancient offices were a dignitary's administrative staff and collaborators and wee often mobile.

The office as we know it today " stifling and soul crushing " did not take shape until the beginning of the 1860s. As the Industrial Revolution was driving more and more people into the cities, and as companies grew is staff, it became necessary to group people into a common room. With thirty people gathered to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into the business at hand, it became essential to organize the space accordingly and get the people behind desks and in chairs.

Situated in their chairs, management now had the monumental task of keep everone seated. For long, long periods of time. The thinking was a good office worker is one that stays put. The evolution of office chairs, therefore, is a never-ending quest to keep people working and at their desks. More padding, swivels, armrests " the obsession with ergonomics, in can be argued, had little to do with altruism and everything to with getting-rich-ism.

As anyone who has had the displeasure of sitting on a wooden chair for half an hour can attest to, sitting in a modern office chair is a dream come true. And as any company that has been sued for repetitive-strain injuries can attest " investing in a $300 chair makes great economic sense when faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit. And so a new market for office furniture was born.

And so too, did office chairs become a symbol of a persons station in the white-collar world. Sitting on a cloth-covered swivel chair? Probable salary range: $30,000. Sitting on a Corinthian leather wing back with built-in massager? Probable salary range: whatever you want to pay yourself. And though the office does not seem to have an end in sight, the politics of where you park your rear continue. How the ancient Romans would be proud.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Is Goal Planning And Targeting Important To Success In Study?

Posted by patrick

By Scott Edwards

Planning for a successful outcome is the basic requirement of any endeavour. Today's football superstars didn't get to become multi-millionaires without years of dedication to practice, planning and targets. For any life-changing event to happen, planning and goal-setting are paramount.

Prior to commencing your training course, take the time to think about your personal goals, and work out a study programme with targets or indicators of success along the way. To help you get started, use the acronym Smart to qualify the goals you plan to achieve. Smart stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and targeted.

To really get involved at an emotional level with the successful completion of your studies, compose a contract for yourself using the following headings:

DEFINE exactly what you expect to get from your efforts, in terms of possessions, income, lifestyle etc. Make a collage of pictures that reflects these things, and look at them regularly (e.g. before your study sessions). The more specifically you define what you want, the better.

DESIRE is what stirs us deep down. Think about why you've decided to take this course, and why it's important to you. The more emotionally involved you get with your desire, the more you'll stick with it. Pin point whether it's the job, the status, the challenge, or the control etc. that drives you.

DEDICATION is a measure of how commited you are to a successful end result. Plan your time each week so you know exactly when you're dedicated to studying. This not only helps you to get into a routine, it's also an indicator for those around you that you're engaged in something that's important to you. They won't expect you to get involved in different activities when your diary shows a study period if you've been consistently sticking to your routine. Setting aside 'official' study times helps you to concentrate, and prevents you from thinking about other things that you could be doing. It also frees up your mind to enjoy leisure time outside of study periods.

DETERMINATION. Having a contract with yourself will make you more determined to stick with the programme. You're the one who will lose out most if you give up on yourself.

DISCIPLINE. The goals and disciplines you put in place will give you strength to overcome any adversities that inevitably come your way.

Once you've done this, sign it and do NOT put it away in a drawer. This is a working document and should be read every day for at least one month so you buy into it and it becomes your new way of life. If and when things get tough, read it again for another month. Always have it close to hand while you study and show it to your partner, kids (if you have them), friends and parents. This will help you to see your goal through.

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The Eye of the Tiger

Posted by patrick

By Lynn Pierce

Remember the theme song from the Rocky movie, "The Eye of the Tiger"?

When Rocky fought his opponent he had the focus of 'the eye of the tiger'. When that song was written they couldn't have had any idea the significance it would take on when a new Tiger took the world stage and changed sports forever.

I don't care if you are a golf fan or a sports fan or if you think there is too much hype over this one particular athlete-yes golfers are athletes.

Tiger Woods is a force to be reckoned with. I could write a book about not only his accomplishments in the sports world, but also his accomplishments as a human being, but many books have already been written. In fact I wrote about Tiger in my book, "Breakthrough to Success."

Look at what Tiger does in terms of how you live your life. Could you stand up to the level of excellence that Tiger requires of himself? If you raised your expectations, do you think you would be performing head and shoulders above your competition?

I've always been a huge fan of his because not only is he a consummate professional, he has such intense focus that you can see it on his face when you watch him on TV. I have also had the pleasure of standing just a few feet from him on more than one occasion and watching that focus in person.

Over and over again I heard the announcers at the tournament talking about how nobody would believe this if it was a movie. It would just be too much of a fantasy and the whoever wrote a screenplay that played out like this would be laughed out of a movie mogul's office. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie or a sporting event with this many interesting characters and twists and turns.

Tiger is larger than life and his life is richer, more nuanced, and more interesting than any movie script. And this weekend he was Rocky, but he wasn't fighting an opponent, he was doing what his dad had taught him. He was playing full out because that's the only way to do it.

There were so many amazing shots from this one tournament. You can probably find them all on Youtube. But it's not about the shots. It's about the measure of the man. During the tournament some of his fellow golfers, who should feel really ashamed of themselves right now, wondered out loud through their pettiness and jealousy how hurt Tiger really was.

Tiger on the other hand downplayed his injury to not take the focus off the Open while he played through incredible pain that would have made almost any other player call it quits, especially when he was so far back that it didn't look like he had any chance at all of winning.

And yet, Tiger not only didn't quit, he forced a playoff and played another 19 holes on Monday. And then he made the impossible inevitable by winning...again!

Watching him play in the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines for 4 days instead of the usual 3 was a treat and at the same time painful. My heart ached every time I saw him wince when he hit the ball or when his caddy pulled him up by the arm when he couldn't get up by himself or when the pain of taking another stroke had him almost doubled over in pain.

And I wondered how he could keep going, where did he find the inner strength to focus enough to pull it out day after day?

Ironically during the tournament there was a commercial running with audio of his dad talking about how Tiger would never meet anyone else as mentally tough as him in his entire life.

He certainly proved his dad right that weekend. I'm sorry I won't be seeing him play the rest of the summer, but I know he'll be back next year better than ever because striving for excellence is just his natural way of being.

The question is, is it yours?

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The Eye of the Tiger

Posted by patrick

By Lynn Pierce

Remember the theme song from the Rocky movie, "The Eye of the Tiger"?

When Rocky fought his opponent he had the focus of 'the eye of the tiger'. When that song was written they couldn't have had any idea the significance it would take on when a new Tiger took the world stage and changed sports forever.

I don't care if you are a golf fan or a sports fan or if you think there is too much hype over this one particular athlete-yes golfers are athletes.

Tiger Woods is a force to be reckoned with. I could write a book about not only his accomplishments in the sports world, but also his accomplishments as a human being, but many books have already been written. In fact I wrote about Tiger in my book, "Breakthrough to Success."

Look at what Tiger does in terms of how you live your life. Could you stand up to the level of excellence that Tiger requires of himself? If you raised your expectations, do you think you would be performing head and shoulders above your competition?

I've always been a huge fan of his because not only is he a consummate professional, he has such intense focus that you can see it on his face when you watch him on TV. I have also had the pleasure of standing just a few feet from him on more than one occasion and watching that focus in person.

Over and over again I heard the announcers at the tournament talking about how nobody would believe this if it was a movie. It would just be too much of a fantasy and the whoever wrote a screenplay that played out like this would be laughed out of a movie mogul's office. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie or a sporting event with this many interesting characters and twists and turns.

Tiger is larger than life and his life is richer, more nuanced, and more interesting than any movie script. And this weekend he was Rocky, but he wasn't fighting an opponent, he was doing what his dad had taught him. He was playing full out because that's the only way to do it.

There were so many amazing shots from this one tournament. You can probably find them all on Youtube. But it's not about the shots. It's about the measure of the man. During the tournament some of his fellow golfers, who should feel really ashamed of themselves right now, wondered out loud through their pettiness and jealousy how hurt Tiger really was.

Tiger on the other hand downplayed his injury to not take the focus off the Open while he played through incredible pain that would have made almost any other player call it quits, especially when he was so far back that it didn't look like he had any chance at all of winning.

And yet, Tiger not only didn't quit, he forced a playoff and played another 19 holes on Monday. And then he made the impossible inevitable by winning...again!

Watching him play in the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines for 4 days instead of the usual 3 was a treat and at the same time painful. My heart ached every time I saw him wince when he hit the ball or when his caddy pulled him up by the arm when he couldn't get up by himself or when the pain of taking another stroke had him almost doubled over in pain.

And I wondered how he could keep going, where did he find the inner strength to focus enough to pull it out day after day?

Ironically during the tournament there was a commercial running with audio of his dad talking about how Tiger would never meet anyone else as mentally tough as him in his entire life.

He certainly proved his dad right that weekend. I'm sorry I won't be seeing him play the rest of the summer, but I know he'll be back next year better than ever because striving for excellence is just his natural way of being.

The question is, is it yours?

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Courses in Computer Support

Posted by patrick

By Scott Edwards

These days, many workplaces couldn't function properly without the help of support workers fixing both computers and networks, while advising users on a day to day basis. The desire for such skilled and qualified members of the workforce is constantly growing, as everywhere we work becomes more and more technologically advanced.

Making the most fitting career option is very difficult - so which sectors are important to investigate and what questions do we need to ask?

A ridiculously large number of organisations only look at the plaque to hang on your wall, and completely miss the reasons for getting there - getting yourself a new job or career. Your focus should start with the end goal - don't get hung-up on the training vehicle. It's a sad testimony to the sales skills of many companies, but the majority of trainees begin programs that seem spectacular in the marketing materials, but which deliver a career which doesn't satisfy. Try talking to typical college students for a real eye-opener. It's a good idea to understand the expectations of your industry. Which particular accreditations you'll be required to have and how you'll go about getting some commercial experience. It's definitely worth spending time thinking about how far you think you'll want to progress your career as it will often present a very specific set of exams. Always seek guidance and advice from a skilled advisor, even if you have to pay - it's much safer and cheaper to find out at the start whether your choices are appropriate, instead of discovering following two years of study that you aren't going to enjoy the job you've chosen and have to return to the start of another program.

Be careful that the exams you're studying for are recognised by industry and are up-to-date. 'In-house' certificates are not normally useful in gaining employment. From an employer's viewpoint, only the big-boys such as Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA or Cisco (for example) provide enough commercial weight. Anything less just doesn't cut the mustard.

Usually, trainers will provide a big box of books. It's not a very interesting way to learn and not a very good way of taking things in. Our ability to remember is increased when multiple senses are involved - this has been an accepted fact in expert circles for as long as we can remember. Programs are now found via DVD-ROM discs, where your computer becomes the centre of your learning. Video streaming means you are able to see your instructors showing you how to perform the required skill, with some practice time to follow - via the interactive virtual lab's. It's imperative to see the type of training provided by the company you're considering. You'll want to see that they include instructor-led video demonstrations with virtual practice-lab's. Avoid training that is purely online. Physical CD or DVD ROM materials are preferable where offered, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want - and not be totally reliant on a quality and continuous internet connection.

If you forget everything else - then just remember this: It's essential to obtain proper 24x7 round-the-clock instructor and mentor support. You'll definitely experience problems if you let this one slide. Look for training with proper support available at all hours of the day and night (no matter if it's in the middle of the night on a weekend!) Make sure it's always direct access to tutors and not a message system as this will slow you down - waiting for tutors to call you back at a convenient time for them. The very best training providers have many support offices from around the world. They use an online interactive interface to provide a seamless experience; any time of the day or night - help is just a click away with no hassle or contact issues. If you accept anything less than 24x7 support, you'll regret it very quickly. It may be that you don't use it during late nights, but you're bound to use weekends, early mornings or even late evenings at some point?

Adding in the cost of exams upfront then including an exam guarantee is a common method with a number of training colleges. But look at the facts: Clearly it isn't free - you're still footing the bill for it - it's just been included in your package price. People who take each progressive exam, funding them one at a time are much better placed to get through first time. They are mindful of what they've paid and prepare more appropriately to be ready for the task. Doesn't it make more sense to hold on to your money and pay for the exam when you take the exam, instead of paying a premium to a training company, and also to sit exams more locally - instead of the remote centre that's convenient only to the trainer? Paying in advance for examinations (which also includes interest if you've taken out a loan) is madness. Resist being talked into filling the training company's account with additional funds simply to help their cash-flow! There are those who hope that you won't get to do them all - but they won't refund the cash. Also, exam guarantees often have very little value. The majority of organisations won't pay again for an exam until you've completely satisfied them that you're ready this time. On average, exams cost around the 112 pounds mark last year through local VUE or Pro-metric centres throughout the country. So don't be talked into shelling out hundreds or thousands of pounds more for 'Exam Guarantees', when common sense dictates that the responsible approach is study, commitment and preparing with good quality mock and practice exams.

We're regularly asked to explain why academic qualifications are being overtaken by more commercially accredited qualifications? As we require increasingly more effective technological know-how, industry has moved to the specialised core-skills learning only available through the vendors themselves - for example companies like CISCO, Adobe, Microsoft and CompTIA. This frequently provides reductions in both cost and time. Of course, a reasonable amount of relevant additional information must be learned, but essential specialised knowledge in the areas needed gives a commercially educated student a distinct advantage. It's rather like the advert: 'It does what it says on the tin'. The company just needs to know what they need doing and then match up the appropriate exam numbers as a requirement. They'll know then that all applicants can do what they need.

Massive developments are coming via technology over the next few decades - and the industry becomes more ground-breaking every year. It's a common misapprehension that the increase in technology we've been going through is cooling down. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are huge changes to come, and the internet in particular will become an increasingly dominant part of our lives. Should lifestyle be around the top on your goal sheet, then you'll welcome the news that the regular income of a typical IT worker is much higher than salaries in other market sectors. Experts agree that there's a great UK-wide search for certified IT specialists. In addition as the industry constantly develops, it is likely this pattern will continue for a good while yet.

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Massage Treatments for Assisting Your Health and Wellbeing

Posted by patrick

By Steve Esquire

Most people I know say that their health is one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, the reality is that is what they say, but not necessarily what they do. This is sad to me, because we all know that we have to take good care of ourselves. The reality is that we take our bodies and health for granted. Well that is until something happens. Then we kind of just wake up and then maybe we take care of ourselves?at least for a while. We have to make health a priority. We need ways to counteract the affects of stress and find balance in our lives. One method that helps people decompress from stress is massage therapy and the most convenient way to receive it is from a massage chair.

Stress can come from work or it may come from home. We react to the situation and our bodies defend the body by a release of chemicals. These chemicals will build up in the body if not consistently released. One very effective method of release is massage therapy.

If you have not tried a massage chair or not tried on in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised. Current massage chairs provide full body relief. They have incredible technologies that effectively apply massage therapy to relieve soreness and tightness in muscles.

What are the benefits of massage therapy? There are many studies that continue to show that receiving regular massage therapy helps in the following ways: It helps to remove toxins out of the body; it increases blood circulation; relaxes the muscles; increases muscle and joint flexibility to name a few. Also note that the studies point out that to obtain these benefits, massage therapy must be received on a recurring basis.

The convenience of a massage chair cannot be understated. The biggest obstacle we hear for receiving regular massage therapy is the time involved with going to a massage therapist. We just simply do not have time in our busy schedules to do this on a consistent basis. This is precisely why having a massage chair can be very convenient. You can get a 10 minute warm up massage before you hop in the shower or just before you go to bed. No appointment need and you have access around the clock.

We do want to point out that if you can get regular massage therapy from a masseuse, then that is certainly a great way to go. The relieving and soothing hands with the human touch are certainly fantastic. However, the convenience is where this can be a challenge.

A massage chair is an excellent time saver. You get a massage in parallel with a massage chair. A masseuse works your body over one part at a time. The massage chair can massage your back while it massages your legs, buttocks, feet and calves. All the parts of the chair are working and the total time is significantly reduced.

The second biggest obstacle to receiving regular massage therapy is the expense. Seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis is not cheap. In fact, in time it is expensive. A one hour session runs about $50 per hour plus tip. A massage chair on the other hand is much cheaper over time. A $3,000 massage chair has a minimum of 1,000 hours of life and many have 2,000 hours. If we use the 1,000 hours, then an hour of massage therapy is $3 per hour. No tip required. This is a huge economic advantage.

We all say that our health is a priority, but few take the necessary action required. How hard is it to sit for 10 minutes and relax your body and mind? For some impossible, but for most of us, it is very possible. Why not start to establish a routine that helps to reverse the effects of modern day stress. Your health is not a luxury, and neither is having a massage chair to help you bring back that critical balance in your life.

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4 Core Blueprints to Reclaim your Life Pt. 2

Posted by patrick

By Lynn Pierce

In part 1 of this series we talked about the quick fix people are looking for as opposed to taking responsibility for creating your life.

And I asked you...

So where do you start if you are ready to take responsibility for your life and create your future?

There are 4 core areas, or what I call core blueprints, that require your attention if you want to have a life that is in flow with your true passion and purpose. When you've created all 4 of your blueprints and you have all 4 of these areas functioning at a level that satisfies you, then your life will be more peaceful and effortless than you have ever imagined it could really be...

No magic bullet required!

In the next 4 weeks we will discuss each of these areas:

*Introspection and Discovery of Purpose *Blueprinting the Life of Your Dreams *Sales/Marketing/Communication Skills *Mentoring for Your Life and Your Business

First I'd like to have you go back and look at how you reacted to the assignment I gave you at the end of part 1. You remember, the four lines I asked you to read out loud and then look at what your reaction told you about yourself.

I'm making the assumption that you've at least taken one simple action towards creating your life by doing this. So how did that go for you?

What came up?

Your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings, situations real or imagined, all the time but most of the time we aren't aware of it, or you'll look for a pill or a drink to cover the reaction.

Why do you think people refer to your 'gut' reaction?

When your stomach gets butterflies or starts swirling do you reach for an antacid or do you go inside and ask yourself what's really happening here?

Because now, in part two of this series, we're talking about Introspection and Discovering Your Purpose.

Introspection does not require hours of meditation or trekking to Tibet. You can start very simply by just listening to what your body is telling you.

For example: When you notice your body having a reaction, take a minute and see what was just happening that you are reacting to. Was it a phone call, an email, a conversation, or seeing something you don't want to do coming up next on your calendar?

Or was it a daydream, a thought of fear or doubt that isn't even real?

First you have to know what is driving your life now before you can make a shift that will move you in the direction you want to go. Why randomly make changes in your life if you don't know where you're actually at or what your truly want?

It's like shooting arrows at a target while someone is spinning you around instead of planting your body, taking a proper stance and aiming at your target. That would be silly, wouldn't it? And yet you're basically doing the same thing every day if you haven't created your first blueprint of Introspection and Discovery of Purpose.

So how do you get started figuring out what your purpose is?

These are criteria that I use to qualify every opportunity that comes up in my life. I believe they will serve you as well as they have served my clients in the last several years.

7 Criteria for Recognizing Your Passion and Purpose

1. Doing it makes you feel good about yourself 2. You would do it for free 3. You loose all track of time when you do it 4. You love to talk about it to everyone 5. You are happy to teach others 6. If this were how you spent all your time, it would be a good thing. 7. It makes you want to get out of bed in the morning

If you are truly living your purpose and doing what you are meant to do in this life, you will easily be ale to say yes to all 7 of these criteria. And just as importantly, you will be able to confidently say no to any opportunity that doesn't rate a resounding yes. And I mean all 7, every time.

If you say yes to 6, but 1 of these criteria is a no or a maybe for you, then say no to whatever it is. It's not worth your time and effort to do anything that isn't a perfect fit for you. You don't want to be coming from a place of lack and grabbing on to something that isn't meant for you.

I can hear all the "yes, but.." now. It doesn't matter how good the opportunity would make you look or how much money it could bring or what your friends will say if you don't do it. Just say no. Your life will start working on such a higher level as soon as you really embrace this concept of saying no to the good to say yes to the great.

That's the first step to creating your life and creating the first blueprint.

You must have a place that you confidently stand in your life. Your own personal line in the sand. And only you know what that is. I can't give it to you and neither can anyone else.

Another good tool I would suggest you use is creating your own personal manifesto. If you haven't done that, you can go to and sign up for this ezine, and you'll get an email with a special report on how to create your personal manifesto as my gift to you. I take you step by step through how to create it and how to use it. It's a powerful tool.

To be living your blueprint of introspection and purpose you have to be in a place of abundance in terms of confidently saying no to an opportunity that may be a good one to have the space available in your life to welcome a great one.

Does that make sense?

Too often whether it's a relationship, a job, or a dream; you're limiting your own ability to live your purpose by fearfully holding on to things in your life that, upon introspection, you would realize are not serving you at the highest level.

The law of attraction is not the only Universal law. One that has always been a very important one in my life is the law of creating a vacuum. Nothing new and great can come into your life unless a space has been created for it to occupy.

If all the available space in your life is filled with things that are less than perfect for you, there is no room for anything better to show up.

So you can use the law of attraction and sit and wait, or you can beg and plead, or you can stand on your head, but you will not get your desired end result.

Until you let go and know that the Universe will bring into your life exactly what you need to fulfill your purpose, you'll have no space available for it come into your life.

Have you ever been in a bad relationship and wished for a better person to come into your life, but you wouldn't break up with the first person because you were afraid you'd be alone?

How did that work out for you? Eventually, if you suffer enough and the pain becomes great enough you'll make the leap and leave. Then, lo and behold, someone else shows up.

That's the way it works in every area of your life. You can always take the slow and painful route and wait to be so miserable that you make a change out of desperation or you can choose now to actively listen to your body when you have a 'gut reaction' and begin to create blueprint #1: Introspection and Discovery of Purpose using the tools you've learned here.

Next week we'll move on to my favorite part, Blueprinting the Life of Your Dreams.

So get to work right now on discovering your purpose and creating your personal manifesto so you'll be standing in a place of knowing who you are, where you're starting from and where you want to go so we can begin to create that life for you next week!

Until then, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post on my blog.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Understanding the Basics of Anatomy & Physiology

Posted by patrick

By Bob Hathman

When you first decided to study the human anatomy there must be a reason.. Perhaps you are planning on becoming a Doctor or Nurse, or various other type of health aid professional. In Reality several people opt to read it just out of own sake. In Any Event you were probably reckoning that you will be reading the other systems, the organs and maybe various unwellness.

You in all probability didnt make very much idea to the basic principles. For instance, to be able to study the right way, you will want to study how to split up the body into pieces. I did not mean the systems. When you have to learn about how something exercises, you must dissect it to see what its constructed of up. The same applies in human anatomy. Visual Image is going to mean everything in your fields. By reading how to visualize the body in sections, will help you when it comes time for the subject in the another arenas. These segments are peculiarly fundamental when it comes to medical visualizing.

When you come to this segment of your learning, take a piece of clean paper, and draw it into four equal boxes. As you start with a section put a sketch , along with the selective information for that particular segment in 1 box. Immediately do the same in the next three. You will have 4 separate cubes of selective information, but when yousee the paper as a whole it is the whole human anatomy. This is an outstanding way to start educating your mind how to visualize.

You will probably then go on to learn about positioning and direction. What this implies is what the relationship of one organ is to another. A good way to study this is to have the full body drawn on a piece of paper. As you learn the other views and directions draw a box arrow on the plot indicating its direction. (a box arrow is a fat pointer that you can color in).

Lets take an exercise. Suppose you are given the terms, cranial, superior, rostra. What are these terms relating to? You in all likelihood got a tip from the word cranial, as it is a somewhat standard term. So what these terms imply is, they refer to a structure being closer to the head, or above another structure of the body. So draw a pointer pointing up from the top of the head. Color the pointer in, (now you can write the explanation in average writing, point form beside the arrow. Place a box around the writing and color it the comparable color as the arrow.

Lets do one more. You are given the term anterior, ventral. This means that the structure is more toward the front than another structure of the body. So draw a fat pointer on the chest placing out. With a different color, fill in the arrow. Once Again in reasonable alphabetic characters write in the significant, and put a box around the writing in the comparable color as the pointer.

Carry On doing this for each of the terms and views you will be reading. At the last you will have a concentrated study sheet.

It must be shown that when referring to these terms it is when the body is in the standard anatomical position, which is the body standing erect, limbs extended, palms of hands facing forward.

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Important Facts You Should Know About Muscle Building

Posted by patrick

By Ricardo d Argence

It should be an important part of any person's healthy exercise routine, but a lot of people think that weight training is just for bodybuilders. No matter what is your reason for working out, maybe to improve your health or the definition of your muscles, the tips here will help you in reaching your goal.

Protein is necessary in order to build muscle, if you do not have enough protein you could go on lifting weights forever and still not build any new muscles. However, the question has always been how much is enough? Bad news are: protein sources like red meat and milk are high in fat. And fat is not desired in bodybuilding.

Those who are serious about building muscle eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight. That means if you weight 170 pounds you should be eating 170 grams of protein every day in order to build muscle mass. Foods containing low-fat protein such as skim milk, chicken and fish provide the protein you need without the high fat content of foods like red meat.

Some exercise and weight lifting buffs almost become addicted to working out. You can see them in the gym almost daily doing their routines. While that dedication may seem impressive, they could be doing their bodies more harm than good. The reason is that medical research is showing that building muscle isn't all about the exercise.

You need to let your muscles rest for a time after exerting them like that. In order to recover between sessions, a person should eat well-balanced meals, drink plenty of fluids after working out, and take a day off before another sesssion.

You won't build muscle if you don't sleep enough; it may seem like the antithesis to the weight lifting, but it is true. This is due to the fact that many body functions still continue to go on while you are asleep. The reason is quite simple, your body can redirect energy resources because it is not in use anywhere else.

One of those processes is protein synthesis which is necessary for muscle development. If you're only sleeping a few hours every night, you're not giving your body enough time to do the work it needs to complete. Make sure to sleep for at least eight hours every night.

Compound movements, such as lifting weights, are going to build muscle faster than other types of exercises which target isolated muscle groups, such as squats. However, you need to know how to lift properly in order to receive the expedited muscle building benefits.

It is very simple: just choose weights that feel heavy to you! That doesn't particularly mean that you want the heaviest available on the rack. If you're going to really benefit from your efforts, it just means that you need to feel the muscles working when you lift that weight. It could be as much as 20 pounds if you are new to bodybuilding.

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Tithing - Starting your stream of enchanting encounters

Posted by patrick

By David Anttony

Chronicle of Tithing

The origins of tithing can be found in the Bible, yet many Christians and non-Christians alike, practice some form of tithing today.

The word tithe has Christian connotations, referring to the contribution of a tenth of one's income for charitable purposes to Church as a kind of Church giving. Anyway, the idea is a part of most world religions. In Islam the word used for this is 'Zakat.' In the Indian religion of Sikhism, there is a rule of keeping apart one-tenth of one's income for spiritual purposes and it is called 'Dasvandh.' The practice has been initiated by the tenth religious head Guru Gobind Singh. According to the Indian scriptures of the Upanisads and the Bhagavadgita, the 'perfect alms' are that which is offered with a sense of obligation in a correct place and at a correct time to a deserving person from whom the giver does not expect anything in return.

The origin of the word tithe can be traced to the Hebrew work 'asair' which also means to give one-tenth of a thing, generally an individual's income. Today, tithes, or tithing, is a cash payment and is voluntary in nature. Nevertheless, in certain European countries there is still the provision for enforcing tithing by allowing the church to make it mandatory.

Denmark is a case where the Church of Denmark members have to pay a church tax, which is different in different municipalities. It is commonly about 1% of a person's taxable income. The situation is similar in Finland where members of state churches have to pay a tax which can be anything between 1% and 2.25% of income and these taxes form a part of the common national taxation system.

But still tithing as a confirmed tradition was established only after Exodus. Tithes were routine in the olden days through much of the Near East and also later in Carthage, Lydia, and Arabia.

The Hebrew custom of giving tithes finds mention in the Bible, starting with the gift from Abraham to Melchizedek, the Canaanite king and priest (Genesis 14:20). Tithing was also common in former Lydia, Carthage and Arabia. The practice of tithing was espoused by the early Christian church, and was discussed in councils at Tours in 567 and at Macon in 585. Formal recognition to these was given under Pope Adrian I in 787.

Tithing in certain Christian churches is a disputed issue as it deals with an Old Testament process to a New Testament institution (the Church). There is no proof in the New Testament that tithing can be applied to Christians. In fact, it was obligatory only on those Jews who were living in the Promised Land to pay the tithe according to the Old Testament, as it was in reality a form of income tax required to support not just the government of the Israel of the Old Testament, but also its religious institutions and priests.

Current day Tithing

Despite it's origins in the Bible and ancient Christianity, today it is a special way to give every time you receive. Giving EVERY time you receive is such a powerful form of giving because it allows the giver to experience something incredibly powerful - more on that later.

Let us have a little more of history. Malachi 3:10 is the section of the Bible that Christians hold in importance when they deliberate on tithing. Many Christians do tithe to their church as they feel that they are duty bound to do as per the rules of the Bible. Many Churches have all throughout maintained that their members should tithe to the church to help it conduct its activities. The core of giving is its voluntary nature and its delightful experience, without which it does not get its ideal effect - if in fact you are hoping to create an ideal effect by giving.

Disagreements about Tithing

Tithing has often been a disputed issue. The subject of should a Christian pay tithe is often brought up in many Christian get-togethers.

An article has been published in Wall Street Journal about tithing under the title 'The Backlash Against Tithing', in which the writer Suzanne Sataline says, 'As Churches push donations, congregants balk; 'that's not the way God works'.'

Unfortunately, the mix of ideology, desire to control, and a limited perspective, can often create a Jekyll and Hyde result - the simple purity of giving being lost in the mist and confusion of theology. Despite the controversy, tithing is still a totally and amazingly powerful action that anyone can do to turn their lives around to face a more abundant direction.

For those who wish to understand a Christian perspective in tithing there is no limit of materials to read. For those who want to understand the reason WHY tithing is so powerful read on.

Why is Tithing so compelling?

This is indeed a very forceful question because if you just heedlessly take a certain path without considering what the whole process entails you may be advancing on the wrong road.

If more people who are in the habit of tithing knew exactly why it works when done with the feeling of total giving, then it is likely to make people eager to give even more. And for those who do it intermittently, it could encourage them to give first every time they are in receipt of something.

To analyse the real 'why' of how routine giving leads to more we have to understand something about Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics. The laws of these realms vary a lot from that of our own material or Newtonian world.

The movie 'What the Bleep' describes the quantum world through simple examples. The movie segment linked below describes a little about how matter becomes waves and acts like fluids when observed from a quantum physics perspective :

The movie paints the picture of a startling world visible from a quantum space. When a line of electrons is fired through a plate with a cut in it onto a wall - predictably, it would hit the wall straight across the cut in a single line.

If you repeat the experiment but this time using an energy wave that behaves very much like a water wave would do you get a predictable result. As the wave hits the plate it bounces off the place but where the slit exists some of the wave goes through the slit. On the other side of the slit the wave opens out in an arc fashion forming a new wave just like the old experiments you would have done at science school with waves patterns. As the wave hits the wall it hits with the most intensity in the middle right opposite the slit then hits with less intensity all along the wall. This is similar to the line the electrons make.

If we added a second slit in the plate, again we would get a predictable result with the wave experiment - two small waves would appear through the slits and when those new waves touch each other they would cancel each other out creating an interference pattern. Several waves would now hit the wall making a stripped affect on the wall. All this is as expected for wave energy behavior, so nothing new here.

Here is where the whole experiment takes on an entirely different direction. When electrons are sent through the two cuts in the plate, what should ordinarily result are two lines in the wall opposite. On the contrary what one sees is a stripped appearance with an intersecting pattern. This is unbelievable. The matter seems to have been turned into a wave. We can perhaps imagine that electrons were hitting against each other and ricocheting and causing a wave pattern; so if electrons are sent across separately the result should be different. But it is not, it is the same. The explanation has to be that the electron leaves as a single particle, and splits into a wave on collision with the plate, then goes across through the cuts and intervenes with itself after that on the other side. This idea of solid having fluid properties -or mattering acting like a wave - is totally surprising. The world is much more than we understand it to be.

Though the world that we live in appears to be hard and solid, it is perhaps possible that in reality we are living in a place that has more properties of a fluid - liquid energy or persistent movement of a fluid, which reacts more like the fluids in our material world. According to the rules of physics, similar fluids have a tendency to congregate, while those with dissimilar properties tend to diverge and remain separate. A typical example of this is oil and water. Chromatography explains how a single substance can break up into its individual components in clear bands the way groups of people break up into smaller ones with common interests, potencies or aims.

The essence of it is that we feel total fulfilment when we give a thing to another. The act of giving, the sense of bliss of it, is the greatest of all gifts. It is wrongly understood that he who is in receipt of the object is the only receiver and people fail to notice that it is the one who gives who is the real recipient. If you're not still convinced, then look at yourself among children and see how fulfilled you become when you give to them whatever their reaction be.

When we understand that we are first giving to ourselves when we give and that we do this because we want to feel joy then we have a key. This key unlocks the door of understanding to giving. And when we give repeatedly the momentum builds up just like a wave getting bigger and bigger the more we add to it with our giving.

The fact that we feel joyful when we give changes our energy literally - we feel better and in that moment we are more attractive to other people. Have you experienced someone on the street selling something that you don't want such as tissues and normally you do not buy, but one day you do and the only reason why is because the person is happy and smiling? You may have experienced the same with buskers playing music on the street.

A happy person exudes a natural warmth that attracts others to him and in doing so he becomes rich in life's lessons. It is so easy. They draw to them those who have never known that sensation and so want to feel it, or even those who have fully known the pleasures of that feeling.

Exactly like water and oil, those who give and those who do not give are compartmentalised in different groups. And the ideal place where one can receive something is there where givers congregate! But you can remain in that group only as long as you gift things! Givers enjoy giving to others who give.

We may be able to look at quantum physics for resolving things, but these are very much in front of us all the time. Alike attracts alike - right. See what is going on all over the world. Lions like to be with lions, students like to be with students, women prefer the company of women, guys like other guys, 'poor' people prefer to be with 'poor' people and 'rich' people like to form groups with 'rich' people. And yes - givers like to make friends with givers.

So those who give out of remorse cannot benefit from it - it will only help in attracting to him others with similar guilt complexes who are not able to sense joy or ecstasy. Guilt is very close to anger in the ladder of negative emotions; for those who give out of a sense of self-reproach anger might be their next step in understanding things. Joy is very near the pinnacle of human sensations - you can graduate from there only to love - something that everyone is trying to do.

When a person starts giving he is just a couple of steps away from love - rather surprising to realize that isn't it. Particularly because most people are frantically searching for love. Now we know the answer is straightforward -start giving! And giving money is not the beginning and end of it, it is only a small part of giving - it will generate a niche of joy for us, however small what is given.

There is also an emotional aspect to giving consistently. This aspect might not in the beginning appear to have connections to the sensation of joy - in the end it completely bonds us to the absolute bliss of joy.

When we give something - especially something we don't feel we have much of - then we send a powerful signal to our brain that life can be trusted. When we give something and later on we look back and we observe that all worked out well we connect with trust. The opposite of trust is fear. So again, a party of fearful people would not be a happy and joyful one so their attraction point would be pretty darn low. However, a party of trusting people would be a joyful experience and would attract others seeking that experience. So in the end when we trust it converts to joy and again we are only one step away from the number one thing that most of us are seeking - love.

So the essence that has been forgotten over the ages is right here today for anyone to connect with simply and easily. My son received a lot of money for Christmas and I asked him what he was going to do with it. He said he was going to save most of it. I asked him how much he was going to give. He had not considered that an option until I shared it with him. What would happen if the first thing we did when we received was to give some away - do you think we would experience more joy

Transaction based charity - or transaction based generosity

This shows us the way to the potency of transactional giving. Many organisations give when they have plenty of money. When they do not have extra they choose not to give. Due to this their level of happiness rise and fall on the basis of market fluctuations - they have no regulation over it. But those who share EVERY time they get are in command and bond with their feeling of joy consistently.

Transactional giving rather than lump sum giving is tied into the business profit cycle so it is a 'no-brainer' way of giving. Now every time you receive something you give something - simple. If you have a slow month you still give, but less based on sales. And as your business booms you can give more.

One of the key powers of transaction based giving is that you can share the joy of giving so easily with all stakeholders - customers/community - staff - and business. Because a customer knows that when they buy from you they get to give without it costing them anything except the energy to choose and shop with you they feel ownership of the giving - hence traditional CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, coverts readily to Customer Social Responsibility, with your customer being able to powerfully respond to the giving by talking about you and have an additional emotional albeit intangible reason, for choosing to continue shopping with you.

Your personnel will also be able to partake in the happiness of giving as every time they manage to close a sale, they realise that they have managed to give something to a needy person. This is an extremely satisfying experience especially in a team as it can get converted into motivating the team and encouraging the staff.

Any commercial transaction, including profitless ventures, can do Buy1GIVE1 transaction-based giving - there are absolutely no prohibition to entering and the business decides most of it. The charity amount per operation starts from just a single cent and rises up to any amount of dollars with each venture choosing his or her own level of donating and giving to help and support completely based upon their business type and productivity. There is absolutely no reason to refuse to donate in this manner when the advantages of giving are so endless. Commercial ventures that are presently giving to a purpose can change very fast and without difficulty to Buy1GIVE1 transaction-based giving while continuing to support the same issue delivering more visible results to their enterprise.

At the end of the day commercialised giving is the current day reincarnation of tithing that is simple and manageable for any person, anywhere. Now that we recognize that it is not about the amount that we give such as a specific percentage, but only about the fact that we are giving that is making all that effect. When we enter the brotherhood of givers we move into a restricted and exclusive world that only those who give can enter. And if you do not begin giving today, you may not 'get' giving and never will till you begin. So get going.

'We're not here to donate to 'get back.'. We're here to give more and more.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Massage as a Healing Therapy

Posted by patrick

By ann chester

Many ancient civilizations used massage as part of their health procedures, and in the Middle and Far East massage therapy has been in use since 3000BC, and possibly even longer. The origins of massage therapy are unknown, but it has been around a very long time and is possibly the oldest therapy known to man.

An oiled massage every day was reccommended by Hippocrates who is often refered to as the 'Father of Medicine'.

To allow the hands to move over the body with ease masseurs will use oils no matter which form of massage they use, essential oils are sometimes used after being mixed with a carrier oil.

Scientists have shown that essential oils can penetrate the skin, maybe through the sweat pores or the hair follicles. These oils when massaged into the skin are absorbed into the body's bloodstream and other fluids to work internally.

Although used for centuries in the Middle and Far East, massage therapy did not reach the West for thousands of years. In the 19th century it became increasingly popular especially in Europe, but was limited to the health spas that were patronised only by wealthy people.

Massage became so popular that Western forms of massage were developed. The Swedish gymnast Per Henrik Ling developed what we now know as Swedish massage, although it is still based on ancient massage principles. Swedish massage involves the use of exercise as well as massage, and is mainly used for the benefit of joints and muscles.

In the Western world massage did not become popular until the 20th century, by then it was more affordable to the ordinary person. Massage therapy had been popular for a while in Europe and gradually the USA followed suit. In the early 1970's a ground breaking book was published called The Massage Book. In this book George Downing showed massage therapy in a more holistic way.

Hippocrates 460-400BC always looked at the body holistically, that is he always took into account the mind,body and spirit when treating someone.

One very good way to rid the body of accumulated waste and toxins is to have a deep massage, this gets the blood and lymphatic circulation working really well. As well as working on the physical level, massage also works on the mind and spirit by relaxing the physical body, the mind and spirit can also be relaxed.

As massage relaxes the muscles and releases tension from the body, the person is able to relax and let go of all the stresses of everyday life. This in its self is a hugh benefit to the body, as endorphins are released creating the feel good factor, the persons spirit is lifted and they feel wonderful.

In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine it is believed that energy flows through the body along meridian lines. It is also thought that certain factors can block these meridian pathways and in the process cause illness. The restriction of energy by stress can be resolved by having a massage.

The majority of American hospitals now offer massage therapy as part of their treatment of patients. Although it has taken a while for this to happen, as massage therapy had been on the fringes of conventional medicine for a long time.

Although hospital do now use massage therapy as part of their treatment of patients it's usage is somewhat limited. The uses range from stress relief, management of chronis pain, and easing joint and muscle problems for greater mobility.

New research suggests that massage therapy helps to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and manage pain.

By passing from the fringes into main stream medicine it now is available to a lot more people, who are now able to benefit from the improvement in their health that massage can give them.

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The Human Circulatory System Demystified - Anatomy

Posted by patrick

By Daisy Williams

If you take a closer peep at theIf you take a see If you look closely at the circulatory system, it will look like a big ball of fleece that a kitten has gotten hold of, and played it into one big knotted mess. Actually the circulatory system is probably a lot easier to sort out then that wool would be.

Our average wisdom of the heart is, we know if its not working right we may suffer a heart attack. That there are 4 rooms in the heart, and that there is a entire string of veins and arteries We don't really know that much besides that fact, that if we cut an artery we could easily bleed to death. Another fact that is pretty common to us, is we know that if we have a great deal of fat in our blood, then cholesterol has something to do with it, and its not good for us. That may be what we know of the circulatory system.But if you stop and think, that's is quite an a sum of knowledge.

If we had just a few more details to our wisdom it may have many us to consider about how it really involves our full bodies, and that by learning what it wants, and why it needs certain things, we will be all the more likely to ensure it gets it.

Sometimes to thoroughly interpret something it helps to paint a an image. So permit me do something the same to that here ,and give you something that is simple to visualise.

Visualize a two lane highway. One is going North the other Southward. At the beginning of the expressway going southward is a hugh constructing industrial plant (the heart). In this plant are four rooms (four chambers of the heart) that each produce a material, for the final product that this party makes(the enriched oxygen filled blood cells). This good product is pumped out into containers (arteries). These containers are straightaway transported away from the plant (heart) down the highway (the blood flow) to various storehouses on the way(body organs that need the enriched cells.)

Now in the other direction coming down the North expressway is containers (veins) arriving back toward the plant. These containers are delivering waste stuffs (blood that requires to be re oxygenated) These are dropped off at the industrial plant (heart) where it will be refurbished(re oxygenated) and then placed out once again in the good containers (arteries).

This procedure takes place over and over again incessantly. This scenerio is only represented this way as a visualisation, to simply help you know how the circulatory system goes.

If we required to, we could carry on with this visualization as to what occurs in the four rooms (chambers of the heart) in order to get the good merchandise ready.

Hopefully this has given you a little more understanding of how the system works and the grandness of it . For example going back to our visualization, if one item were to fail then it would have a direct affect on all the other steps. This is exactly would occur in our bodies.

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Daily Pain Relief with a Massage Chair

Posted by patrick

By Steve Esquire

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people will suffer from back pain? That is 80% of the population. Our backs take a beating and pain and discomfort is the result. Of the 4 people only half will actually seek treatment. The other half will live with the discomfort. If that half only knew that Hawaiian massage therapy is a great way to get relief, they might be more tempted to actually get help.

Hawaiian massage has evolved from the ancient healers of the Hawaiian islands. These master healers developed specific massage methodologies through time to relief problems throughout the body. One particular method is the Lomi Lomi massage. This Hawaiian technique uses the hands to work gently, yet firmly over the entire body. This therapy is particularly effective in relieving back pain, since it penetrates deeper and deeper.

The medicine men of old from the Hawaiian Islands saw healing holistically. They understood holistic relationships to problems and to cures. They viewed the body as having energy flow and that certain conditions could impede this flow. Through much trial and error they developed ways to manipulate the energy flow in the body. They could get the energy to flow where before it was blocked. This brought back healing to the affected areas.

The Lomi Lomi massage uses gentle swaying motions, just like the wave lapping up on the beach. These gentle swaying motions loosen tight muscles. They also help to stretch and elongate the muscles. This restores elasticity back to the muscles. Hawaiian style therapy makes use of deep tissue techniques to penetrate deeply. Gentle pressure is initiated in the beginning and gradually more firm pressure is used. These helps to provde deep relief to aching muscles.

The premier massage chair brands like Panasonic and Omega have Hawaiian massage therapies. Panasonic has a full Hawaiian massage program in some of their recliners. Omega has Hawaiian massage therapy with gentle swaying motions. The gentle swaying motions help to loosen the muscles around the shoulder and neck. This releases stiffness and built up stress. The gentle swaying motion is effective for loosening the compression on the lower back. These flowing strokes of this massage help to lessen the pressure on the discs elongate the muscles and release built up tensions.

You may be surprised how far massage recliners have advanced. They provide full body therapy and an astonishing array of massage techniques. The Lomi Lomi massage is the one of the latest to be integrated into these tireless mechanical masseuses. If you have back pain, check with your health care professional about a massage chair. They offer tremendous capability and with the addition of Hawaiian massage can take to higher states of relaxation and tranquility.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Highly Recommended iPhone Extras For Your 3G iPhone

Posted by patrick

By Dave Sanders

Wondering what all you can do with your new iPhone? The choices are unlimited! You can now get Apple extras that give you a different look every time you walk out your door, customize your voice mail messages for every mood, and provide you with non-stop entertainment. You can use your iPhone to make sure you never get bored again! Use it to draw a crowd or impress someone. Use it to make a statement. The list goes on and on. Make your iPhone uniquely yours, and your iPhone will make sure you stand out in a crowd.

How can something so small do so many things? The magic is all in the extras you use to turn your iPhone into something more!

What are some of the best Apple extras?

One of the most noticeable extras for your Apple iPhone is your wallpaper. Your wallpaper can define you. You can portray any image you want to the world with your wallpaper. You can be serious, funny, outrageous, happy, sad, whatever. You can even coordinate your iPhone's wallpaper to match your outfit! If you want an incredible deal on a great selection of wallpapers, then check out Their entertainment package includes 20,000 wallpapers - all on one DVD. Now that really gives you a choice!

Another popular Apple extra that allows you to uniquely customize your iPhone is ringtones. Using a different song for every friend or family member also lets you know who is calling without your even having to look at your iPhone when it rings. Your absolute best deal for ringtones is also over at They've collected 30,000 mp3 ringtones, and put them in one incredible package!

What about your voice mail message? Does it really say what you want it to say? There are some nifty Apple extras with sound effects you can use in your voice mail messages to get your point across without a doubt. Where can you find your best deal on a great voice mail collection? Sorry to be redundant, but it's also at

Speaking of the iPhone DVD, some of the best extras for your Apple iPhone bring you great entertainment. And that is where your iPhone DVD package really comes in handy. TheiPhoneDVD brings you the best in converting your DVD movies over to your iPhone quickly and easily. It also includes 1500 video clips ready-made for your iPhone. And you'll discover links for your favorite games you can download from the Net in iPhone format.

Even better, all these Apple extras are included on ONE DVD at TheiPhoneDVD. They've stuffed 4.7 gigabytes of wallpapers, ringtones, sound effects, pictures, animations, software applications, and fun into a disk that fits in your DVD-ROM. It's the most incredible Apple extras deal out there! Never spend another dull moment. Be the envy of your friends. Check out TheiPhoneDVD now!

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Getting The Most Out Of your Physician - Anatomy & Physiology

Posted by patrick

By Timmy Jones

Its no secret that we are confronting a medical shortage. Doctors are becoming over booked and waiting times to see medical specialists, is sometimes extending upward to a yr. So just what are getting by way of medical treatment in todays age? 1st off the anatomy of the human body never shifts, only our expectation and what we study does.

It can be slightly crossing when we have to wait for 2 hr in a crowded Docs office, where children have everything from a awful cold to a awful bout of the flu. Or children are crying because they are worn and nostalgic. Finally when you get past all this, and in reality get into the Doctors examining room, in an hr clock time you eventually get to meet the docface up. Well you had best make the following 15 minutes count, because that is in all likelihood all the time you are going to get with him. Don't get me wrong ,I am not making lightly of this situation, but the picture I just colored is quick becoming a realism.

It has at present come to the place where you need to become innovational with your medical care set to get the most benefits from it. If you have had to wait three weeks to get in to see the doctor, then be organized and prepared when you get there. The anatomy of the human body can be tangled but it can be hands-down when you learn to visualise it a little more. Here are numerous pointers to learn for your next visit to the Doc.

Keep the greetings short This is difficult when you have had the one home doc for yrs, Its easy to get into a ten minutes. talk roughly how the folks are, and the youngsters in universities, and so forth. There is nothing bad with a few minutes of enjoyable conversation, and it is essential to form a bond with your health care provider. Maintain it brief, you require your time to discuss your matters. Remember there are individuals out in that waiting room, just like you were.

Get to the point Give the doctor a common thought of why you are there, inform him in as short as way as possible what your symptoms are. For example if you have had a fever of 102 then tell him precisely that. Do not go into a long-term definition of like, well when I got up yesterday morning around 10am and I felt kind of heated up so I ..and on and on. If you continue your conversation to the point, you will have given the Doc a lot more selective information, and rapidly open the doors for him to narrow down the likely trouble.

Simply the Facts Now your doctor will begin asking you queries. Answer them the same way, short to the point, and accurate ,butdon't leave out several significant points.

You have now covered all of the preliminaries to the doctors examination and you have done this rapidly. This gives him more time to study you thoroughly. Your doc has spent various yrs learning the anatomy of the human body, and equipped with the correct data, he will be able to make a very educated diagnosis.

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So You Want To Be A Lucid Dreamer...

Posted by patrick

By Lesley Groft

So you want to lucid dream. Well that's a good start, at least you know what you want to do; but how exactly do you go about it?

Knowing why you have chosen to pursue lucid dreaming is important. How can it benefit ou personally? To know this we can work backwards from what it considered normal sleep.

When you go to sleep, you get into bed, close your eyes for a certain length of time, and either dream or just see black for a few hours and then wake up! It isn't very interesting now is it?

Normal sleep just seems to serve the purpose of simply refreshing ourselves in order to live out the next day. But what if you could control that period of time that you have dreams?

What if rather than being an active observer, you can be the one who can lead your dream to be whatever you want, rather than your dream leading you? This is what a lucid dreamer is; someone who is in total control of their dreams; able to explore new worlds that are not bound to the physical, societal and time-space laws of the real world.

So if you want to become a lucid dreamer how do you do it? There are actually two ways. The first way is having a dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD), which is where the dreamer is in a dream and then realizes that they are, restoring their sense of consciousness within the dream.

The second way is having a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD); where the dreamer goes from being awake, to being asleep with no change in consciousness. In other words, the dreamer enters their dream as if it were a door, rather than just "waking up" in a dream.

How exactly do you induce either one of these lucid dream states?

Dream Recall

If you're interested in being a lucid dreamer, one of the most successful methods you can use is dream recall. This is the ability to remember your dreams. By developing this ability, you'll be more readily able to recognize them while you're asleep. That's because you're likely to have the same dream or dream elements on more than one occasion.

The way to practise dream recall is by keeping a dream journal. The dream journal is meant as a tool to write down anything you can remember about your dream, in order to recall it for the future. This should be done right after waking up; otherwise dreams will become harder to remember.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

This technique was developed by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, one of lucid dreaming's lead scientists. The method used here is telling yourself that you'll remember something in your dream. Once in the dream, you'll see this object, recall what you told yourself, and realize you're dreaming.

Wake-Back-to-Bed (WBTB)

To use the wake back to bed method you need do little initially beyond setting your clock to wake you up. Set your clock for about five hours sleep give or take an hour, once the alarm goes off get up and do something. Read a book, your dream journal anything but going back to sleep, after approximately an hour you may go back to bed.

In studies done this method has 60% of the time. When you are interrupted in the middle of sleep, you are interrupting rapid eye movement sleep. This is the time when dreams are the most active. Therefore, you stop in the middle of your best dreamtime only to return to sleep a short time later, improving your chances of entering lucid dream state.

Cycle Adjustment Technique

This was created by Daniel Love, and what it is, is setting your alarm to wake you up an hour and a half before your normal time. Once you've adjusted to waking up early, alternate your alarm to wake you up normally and early. During times you are to wake up normally, you're body will already be ready to wake up early, and therefore, you will be likely to be awake in your dream.

Wake-Initiation of Lucid Dream (WILD)

This method was described before. If you would like to achieve a lucid dream this way, all you have to do is to keep your mind awake while you body falls asleep. This is perhaps the most interesting way of entering a lucid dream. It is as if you are getting ready to watch a movie. You are in the real world, you sit on your couch, you turn on the TV and press play (starting to sleep), the screen is black (in the same way as when your eyes are closed), and all you have to do is wait for the movie to actually start.

Several ways to stay aware but not awake include imagining descending or going up stairs, chanting, counting, breathing control, counting your breaths, and relaxing your body from head to toe. This all falls under self hypnosis. Don't do this when you're tired, or you'll simply fall unconscious.

Recent technological advances mean that dreaming masks and other useful devices have been developed. They contain strobe lights and other devices that are believed to induce lucid dreaming.

Definitely the easiest and most reliable way of inducing a lucid dream however is by listening to binaural beats sound frequencies via headphones.

These work by synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain and have the effect of almost instantaneously changing your brainwaves to the REM frequency needed for a lucid dream to occur.

With self-hypnosis and a conscious preparedness before you go to sleep anyone can practice lucid dreaming.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Customizing Apple iPhone Ringtones Without Hacks

Posted by patrick

By Dave Sanders

One way that you can really make your iPhone unique is through customizing your iPhone ring tones.

There are actually eight ways that you can get free iPhone ring tones. If you want to personalize the way your iphone rings then you can quite simply do this by following either if the methods below.

For these methods you will require Jailbreak

Option A

If you want to use old wav sound pages from 1999 then can be changed into a format that your iphone will understand before syncing. IBrickr is what you would use because it will transcode the files Finally a new windows application that will let you add your customized iPhone ring tones then manage them

Option B You can use anything that the ipod that is on your iphone supports. For example you could use either protected or unprotected AACs. Then you could also use Mp3s or M4As. Whatever you have or whichever you choose. Once you have decided then you drop the compatible ringtone into the/Library/Ringtones directory. This is utilizing SSH/File Transfer.

Option C For The iFuntastic v3 you no longer have to keep switching between unfailing and rejailing so once you have unshackled your fantastic? . All you do is just drag them into the correct folder which would be the Library Ringtones folder. This is the same as the Ssh/File transfer option.

Option D This is a really simple method is you use AppTapp to Sendsong. It will show you how to take any song you want from you ipod and simply move it into your ringtones section.

For the next four methods you won't have to use jailbreak

Option E If you have songs that you have converted to AAC format or even some itunes that you purchased you can place these into the proper iTunes Ringtones folder provided it has the right file extensions.

Option F You can use any editor to make AAC ringtones. Then obtain the free software MakiPhoneRintone. Then all you have to do is drag and drop the iPhone ringtones onto the application. Then all that is left to do is sync your Iphone.

Option G This one is not free but has a minimal cost currently at $15. This application will bypass the itunes and copy the ringtones to your iphone. Go to iToner for this software. This is a mac application.

Option H If you use efksoft software its really simple to get your new ringtones. This application allow you edit your tunes so you can get them to the perfect size to transfer. This is a windows application.

Option I iPhoneRingToneMaker (Windows): Transfers ringtones to your iPhone, but lets you edit them beforehand in its editor so you can chop down long songs to a manageable clip

This give you a good selection of options and they all work quite well. Of course which you choose will depend on whether it is Mac or Windows you require. They are all straightforward to use, and those with applications will walk you through the process.

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Clutter-Free Move, Stress-Free Move

Posted by patrick

By The Affordable Storage Guy

The cardinal rule of moving should be, Dont pack anything you dont absolutely need or love. This is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your possessions, and find out whether you own them or theyve been owning you. Most of us hang onto things we dont use or need for far too long out of sentiment or lack of time. Be ruthless; do it right this one time and you may never have to do it again.

Clearing out your house not only lightens your moving burden, it can lighten emotional burdens as well. Having too much stuff lying around weighs you down and keeps you from being as productive as you know youd like to be.

Shred old receipts and other papers that no longer need to be kept on hand. Most documents only need to be retained for from one to three years, while a few, such as tax records, should be kept for up to seven years. Check with local and governmental agencies to find out how long each type of document should be kept on hand.

Start the decluttering process early. This not only gives you time to do a thorough job, but you can also post items for sale online and hold a garage sale. You may not be moving again for a long time, so take the opportunity to really pare things down to the essentials, and pick up some pocket change in the process.

Others can benefit from your purging process as well"toys and clothing in good condition can be donated to charitable thrift shops, blankets and cookware can be put to good use at homeless shelters, magazines and crafting supplies can be given to the local senior citizens center, and many other items can be recycled.

A great trick for getting rid of all those do-it-yourself articles and project ideas that you cant quite bear to part with is to use a scanner to save them in digital form. They wont be taking up any space, but youll still have them handy.

Knowing that items you no longer use will be supporting a good cause and/or contributing to the family finances helps make it easier to let go of those items, and to approach the project with a positive attitude. It may take a bit of work, but it will be well worth the effort.

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3 Questions To Ask Before You Become A Paramedic

Posted by patrick

By Doug Baker

Probably one of the most trusted pros, that we may come in liaison with is the paramedics. Our lives can rely on how responsible these individuals are, and what type of paramedical education they have been open to. These are the front professionals reliable for the primary aid, when an individual is in need of instant medical attention. Why I say we trust them, its because very rarely do we question their actions, at the least at that serious time. In hindsight we may have several issues when the emergency has passed, and more logical thought takes over.

Credit must be gave when credit is expected. These extremely trained people are required day in and day out, to be clear headed well ground individuals, confident of making split second decisions. Some times these decisions can conclude the difference between someone living and dying. How they respond in their occupation, is for the most part based on the type of qualified and intense paramedical coaching they have been offered with.

Qualifying for paramedical training can be attained in 2 ways. 1 being, by learning supporting courses to the university level, and the sec, by working as a ambulance technician for a period of time. In addition to the medical aspects of the training, they are also required to have a clean driving record. This is understandable because of the type of instant reaction driving proficiencies that will have to be applied. They must be physically healthy, because often their services will be essential in unfit and critical circumstances, Plus eye sight is vital as well. Although most states will allow prescriptive specs.

The most general or traditional methods to becoming a paramedic is by gaining numerous hands on experience as a ambulance attendant. This is probably most advantageous during the paramedic coaching because the educatee will have had numerous field training. They also know what to expect when in the field. This will provide them to visualise where their paramedic education will fit in.

Most classes will want at least one years experience in the ambulatory field. Once the certified educatee has been granted for training, the class usually lasts about twelve wks. It is a very intensive twelve week program. Experience must be reached in all major sections of the hospital. In addition to this, it also requires the book study of anatomy and physiology, as well as pharmacology. Once every area of study has been completed satisfactorily, then the student is a fully trained Paramedic that can apply for enrollment as such.

Being a paramedic is a exceedingly rewardful but stressful career. Not only is the paramedic training extensive but the expectations of high assessment in the different areas of study is high. Ambulance drivers are often the 1st ones to make it at the scene, but the paramedics are commonly not far behind. They are responsible for assessing the patient s condition, deciding on an emergency course of treatment and notifying the hospital of the situation. Not only are they faced with the wants of the patient, often they must deal with the family and friends, that are accompanying the patient to the hospital. This requires compassion as well as firmness in keeping the situation in control.

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