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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kenneth Copeland Ministry As Supported By Partners And Friends

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By Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Copeland Ministry or KCM have created programs under the light of the vision of KCM which to reach out to Christian believers all over the world, particularly for those who are residing in very distant places. The ministry is also synonymous to EMCI or Eagle Mountain Church International (Ltd.) which has been preaching to over one hundred twenty countries worldwide through mass services. Several ministries have been formed in many parts of the globe in order to be able to execute their outreach programs for those who are in dire need.

To be able to expedite the spiritual mission, various ministries are organized in several parts of the globe in strategic locations which are accessible to the believers. In the process of evangelization, the lines from the psalms, parables and writings of the Bible are adapted since these are Christian teachings based from the words of God.

The ministries have facilities created in order to reach out to people from all walks of life especially those who are in far off places. With these facilities, Kenneth Copeland Ministry is able to share the words of God to more followers of the Christian faith. Spreading the good new is the noble mission of KCM and has been successfully carried out through these outreach programs and facilities especially for those believers in some distant places free them from their miserable lives.

Kenneth Copeland Ministry has continuously and strongly survived because of the earnest support extended by partners and friends. This unfailing support has greatly contributed to the creation of more ministries and facilities. Through these ministries, valuable support has been extended to several churches, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and programs for the youths.

A good number of orphanages have been built to provide assistance to orphaned or abandoned children. Through these orphanages, these unfortunate children are provided with an environment where they would experience of being in a family and being loved. In here, they are nurtured to become good and reliable persons and to be model citizens as they mature.

At an early age the Christian doctrines are already introduced to the children in the orphanage in order to nurture and mold them to become good influence and models of the society. The orphanages have provided the children the atmosphere of love that they have missed from their own parents. In the orphanage, the children have been provided with an environment where they can experience of belongingness and having a great family.

The orphanages have taught the children how to enhance and develop their natural talents. They are groomed to possess a positive outlook in life has been given so that someday in their adult lives they will live happily in a good Christian way. As for the meantime, their daily needs in terms of food, clothing and shelter are being provided by the ministries through the orphanages.

Kenneth Copeland Ministry or KMC and other existing ministries in more than a hundred are doing their earnest spiritual mission through evangelization. Their avid supporters are instrumental in the propagation of the vision and mission of the Gospel truth. In fact, support from such partners and friends is rapidly and this has allowed the ministries and their facilities to reach out to multitudes of believers to share the words of God.

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