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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welding Has Changed

Posted by patrick

By Kat Craven

You might not know that welding helmets come in a number of shapes and sizes. Normally when people think about welding helmets, they think about their parents or grand parents and the old harsh metal mask that used to be in the garage.

If your parents had a welding helmet, perhaps you recall being a kid and playing with it. After playing with the welding helmet I discovered, I would eventually get tired of its weight. Today welding helmets have changed substantially. While they look quite a bit different today than they did years ago, you can still find two main varieties of welding helmet: Passive and Auto-dimming.

Whenever you picture welding helmets, you're probably thinking about manual, or passive as it's also known. The viewing hole is covered by a single rectangular piece of glass that has a fixed density or polarization as it is often called. And the shape of the helmet isn't extremely fascinating. A piece of iron or steel, a piece of glass affixed to the center and then usually a head strap to make it a bit more comfortable. While numerous of these manual helmets are cheaper the continuous raising and lowering can become a pain. For welders who work in numerous equipment, the intensity of the light will also vary, requiring investment into multiple helmets.

More recently, auto-dimming welding helmets have turn out to be popular. Not unlike their manual cousins, these are basically constructed of 3 basic pieces. The drastic change comes within the form of a circuit board that's attached to the inside of the helmet. There is really a sensor in the glass that can tell how much light is coming into the helmet and it automatically adjusts accordingly. No longer having to lift and lower his mask, a welder can now accomplish more efficiency or take longer breaks!

How do these miracles of modern technology accomplish their jobs? Utilizing lots of electricity to continually monitor and adjust. Luckily, numerous of the auto-dimming welding helmets now come with solar panels. That's correct, you can use the intense light generated from your welding to power your welding helmets. Isn't that ingenious?

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