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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Excessive Underarm Sweating Disorder

Posted by patrick

By Boston S. Luchessa

Excessive underarm sweating is unpleasant experience. When you are working in the company and endure such condition, people are easily noticed you, because having that condition can greatly show through having foul body odor. So it is not uncommon sight to see and smell someone who is experiencing that condition. Sweating sufferer can turn your life into humiliation and social outcast. If this kind of condition left untreated it can lead more to serious troubles like psychological, emotional, physical and social problems. Other than this, it can give you bad impression; lower your self- confidence and depression.

However, even if this is the case and you are one of amongst suffering in this condition, never lose a hope. So many people are also suffering from this condition and there are available treatments. Knowing the main cause of sweating can determine the right treatment. Iain some cases, the sweating in underarms can occur and develop again. But, if you know the root cause, then it will be easy to alleviate the symptoms.

Many medical experts say that there are causes of sweating in armpits like strenuous activities, too much water and food in take and stress. Another cause is due to overproduction of the sweat glands in body that leads to sweating. Likewise, several other causes can be poor hygiene practices, hereditary and pre-existing medical conditions and so many others that can lead to over sweat.

The sight and smell of it already makes you feel uncomfortable. Imagine if the person with that condition comes near with you, would you want to feel the wetness and smell the odor? Of course not. Even if sweating is natural and it maintains the body normal temperature, it is still a fact that sweating too much is obnoxious. Now that explains why sweating implicates bad impression towards others.

One away to change all these bad impressions is to make yourself free from sweat as much as possible and look and smell fresh. Everyone can invest with antiperspirant deodorant and take a bath regularly. You can also use oral medications, anti-sweat lotions and creams to help you stop sweating. If you want you can also consult a doctor to advise you with the right treatment. Although some people opt for natural method as alternative and can provide success rate.

But if you are searching for a least expensive cure and natural way of treatment for your sweating in armpits, then you can find it by reading the book titled "Stop Sweating and Start Living". This book is written by Michael Ramsey a former sufferer of sweating.

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