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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Greatest Dustin Hoffman Performances In Years Past

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By John Roberts

It is easier said than done to make a list of the best Dustin Hoffman films of all time. This distinguished actor has been starring in amazing movies all the back to the sixties. He continues to star in great roles to this day, and his catalog of films is something for young actors to aspire to.

While everyone has their own favorites, this article will list my top 5 favorite Dustin Hoffman movies.

One movie that starred Dustin Hoffman that I absolutely loved was I Heart Huckabees. This is an incredibly bizarre film, labeled as an existential film about nothing. This is a light hearted film that also stars Mark Wahlberg, Jude Law and Lilly Tomlin.

One movie that was surprisingly enjoyable was Stranger Than Fiction. This movie also stars Will Ferrel, and is essentially a story about an actor who can hear an author in his head telling the story of his life. It is a dark, yet humorous movie.

Another great film that features the great Dustin Hoffman is Confidence. This is a heist film in every sense of the word. In a role unfamiliar to Hoffman, he stars as the villainous King, a gangster who is owed a large sum of money.

On a more comedic note, one role that I loved Hoffman in was Meet The Fockers (aka Meet The Parents 2). Hoffman plays Ben Stiller's father in this follow up to the smash hit Meet The Parents. My expectations are not too high for the third installment.

One movie of Dustin Hoffman's that I have yet to see, but have been meaning to for quite some time, is Kramer Vs. Kramer. Although I have not seen it, I can respect its place as a classic in American cinematic history.

Hopefully there are one or more films on this list of Dustin Hoffman films which you have yet to see.

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