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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Successful Ways How To Save Marriage.

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By Areelitaha Joahlanski

Number one- It is absolutely essential that your spouse is number one on your list of priorities, especially if you want to know how to save marriage. Make a list, giving special attention to where you husband or wife, work and family fits in. If your spouse is on any spot except one your can prepare for problems sooner rather than later in the marriage. Although work and children are very important facets of your life they should not take-up the majority of your efforts, thoughts and emotions, your spouse should.

Make time- For your marriage to sail smoothly on stormy waters it is imperative that spouse-alone time is scheduled. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making an appointment with your spouse to do things together that you love and enjoy. Chat feely and openly. However depressing, sad, confrontational and fight provoking subjects should be avoided.

Look after yourself- Marriage doesn't have to mean wearing a sack and smelling like old socks. If you feel and look good, your spouse will feel proud and much more attracted to you. Nothing is as great as rekindling those funny, familiar, forgotten feelings you had when you first met. Loose a little weight and eat healthily. Buy his or her favourite aftershave or perfume and apply generously. Put on that sexy outfit and remember the clean underwear or even no underwear. Mmm, makes you think hey?

Be trustworthy and dependable- Nothing on earth is as disappointing and heartbreaking as having a spouse you cannot rely on. Trust takes a very long time to build and once it's broken it's near impossible to re-build. Put yourself in his or her shoes, you want someone to lean on not a person who lies and cheats his or her way through life.

No one is perfect- Forgive and forget little mistakes and leave things from the past exactly where they are-in the past. No one is perfect. You are not a perfect spouse, how on earth can you expect your husband or your wife to be? Your expectation should be positive and within your partners' reach.

Small things in life- The small things in life make it special and your spouse so unique. Take time to do the unnoticeable things you often take for granted to show your appreciation and love for them. Bring him or her breakfast in bed or do the laundry without being asked. By just going that extra mile you will naturally know how to save marriage.

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