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Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Get A Girl's Attention

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By Chase Chandler

As most guys perceived it, flirting is having fun. Yet, it is also one way of imparting that you want to know a particular girl better.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes several things to get it right and be satisfied with the outcome.

Does flirting require a set of rules or standard guidelines? Well, you may not call them as such but indeed, there are elements that are essential to flirting such as sense of humor, high level of confidence, and excellent communication skills.

Although lots of guys do it for fun or for whatever reason, flirting requires certain skills to get it right and attain the result desired from the beginning. It does not only center on body language but on how well your verbal skills are.

On the subsequent paragraphs, you will see the primary factors needed to be an efficient flirt.

Fluent and Spontaneous

As implied early on this article, words has a lot to do with flirting. YOu must be very good at it and you must be versatile enough to deal with any possible topic under the sun. A magnificent talker makes a good flirt.

Normally, guys are assessed based on what they say and how they say them. Therefore, flirting is more effective if you know how to talk and communicate.

High Level of Self-Esteem

In almost everything, confidence is vital. It certainly begets wonderful blessings in return. Flirting does not make any exemption for this. The more confident you are, your chances of winning her attention will prove to be really high.

Primarily, a proper boost of confidence enables you to approach any girl you want to flirt with, at the same time, makes you capable of getting your act done. As you master the art of talking, also build up your confidence every now and then.

Sense of Humor

If you think of it, humor serves as the foundation of the whole flirting game. Without humor, flirting will never be fun. Rather, it will be boring.

Let any woman laugh and you will not have a tough time setting an appointment with her. Aim the same when you flirt. Let her laugh. Women love to laugh. They enjoy it and it makes them good good.

Thrive to be a regular expert in flirting instead of being just an occasional flirt. Unless, you want to be rejected occasionally.

Again, flirting is meant to be fun. Therefore, always stay calm and relax. Never put any pressure on your part about doing it right. Obviously, with less pressure and stress, you will be much better and peaceful.

If you know what you are capable of doing, then you have the advantage of using your potentials. Smile, dress up and be charming. But above all, flirt with impressive fashion and do it with graceful ease.

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