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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Memorable Leonardo DiCaprio Performances So Far

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By Steven Howard

Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. This is undeniable truth. You can argue it, but you'd be wrong. The guy consistently gets to choose the best roles available and it is no secret that he's Martin Scorsese new favorite actor to work with (the previous of course being Robert De Niro).

This article will highlight some of Leonardo DiCaprio's best movies to date.

The first movie I will discuss happened to be directed by, surprise surprise, Martin Scorsese, and is none other than Gangs Of New York. Being a native New Yorker, this film depicted the early days of New York City like I had never seen before.

Another film of Leonardo DiCaprio's that is definitely worth seeing, if you haven't already, is Shutter Island. This is a different type of movie for both Leo and diretor Martin Scorsese; it is dark, it is scary and it has a twist that will blow your mind.

When it came out, The Beach was one of my favorite movies. This movie is paradise turned into Lord Of The Rings. This film was also one of the first that Academy Award Winner Danny Boyle directed.

I would hate to make a list of Leonardo DiCaprio movies without including Inception. Simply put, this movie is absolutely awesome. If you like films that make you think and are based on original ideas that will have you questioning scenes weeks after you view it, Inception is for you.

One other movie of his that I feel the need to mention is Revolutionary Road. This movie was directed by Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame) and also stars Kate Winslet in a story about a frustrated couple living in 1950s suburbia.

I hope that there is one or more movies from Leonardo DiCaprio's impressive catalogue on this list that you have yet to view, but now will consider seeing.

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