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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vision Boards - The Reason 95% of Resolutions Fail!

Posted by patrick

By Steve Charles

Lots of people make resolutions for themselves for every New Year; but rather than that, they should be using vision boards to help them achieve their goals instead. There is a difference.

Did you know that out of the 1000's of people from all over the world who make resolutions each year, by as early as the 15th of January, only a couple of weeks later, as many as 95% of those well intended resolutions are already forgotten about - Trashed.

Whatever happened to all those meaningful wishes and declarations of good intent? Well, strangely enough, the good intent is still there. All those people still want to change their lives but the only snag is they took the wrong approach to making the change. They made a negative declaration instead of a positive one. Visions Boards can greatly help with that wrong approach.

Usually most folks link a New Year with a brand new start in their life; the perfect time to get away from all the stuff you don't like and make a change for the better. Hence all those resolutions. But have you really thought what a resolution is? What types of resolutions did you make? Was it 'want to stop smoking', 'want to lose weight' or 'don't want to...' or similar?

Can you see a similarity there? Those resolutions have a common negative factor; they are moving you away from your pleasures and shifting you over to a negative aspect of 'no pleasures'. Furthermore, it's not because you want to actually stop the pleasure, not at all, it's because it's supposed to be the thing you must do because it's good for you.

The reasons why most resolutions don't work is plain and simple. If you make a resolution of something like "I don't want to smoke this year" First of all you are going against the Law of Attraction; you are saying you 'DON'T' and the Universal law just does not recognise a negative. When you say "I don't want to smoke" the Universal law sees that as "I want to smoke", it does not see the negative word 'Don't' and so what happens? You're right, the Law keeps you smoking.

The second reason why this resolution fails is because you are asking your subconscious mind to allow something to happen and it just won't budge from the old habit of liking to smoke; the subconscious mind LOVES regular habit. It will not align itself with your conscious mind just because something is 'good for you'.

Thirdly and probably the easiest reason to come to terms with is that you are telling yourself to stop doing one of the things you like to do; No one wants to stop doing what they like do they? That's why that 95% of all those New Year's resolutions fail within 2 weeks or so.

So what is the answer? How can you move away from doing things you know just aren't doing you good? Easy! What you need to do is take that 'thing' you don't want anymore and make a positive intent out of it rather than a negative one. By using a simple trick like that you'll have great success every time. Vision Boards will help with that.

Vision boards make sure that all your thoughts remain positive and upbeat, rather than being negative. Take the example of not wanting to smoke; you can make a positive statement about this quite simply by pinning up 2 or 3 images of athletes or your favoured sports stars and write out a big and positive affirmation to say ' I am healthy, fit and feeling great'. So if part of feeling healthy means no smoking then that's how it has to be.

Vision boards have turned a negative approach to a positive one; you are now drilling the positive thought down into your subconscious mind. Furthermore, each time you see that positive image you re-focus on your goal of being healthy and fit, and the beautiful emotions you get serves to enforce your determination and resolve in achieving your resolution.

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