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Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Use Step By Step Guide To Goal Setting

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By Hanne Klein

Some people set goals for themselves while others would like to accomplish something but really haven't got the ambition or are not organized enough to set goals for themselves and go for what they want. They just put it into the too hard basket and forget about it.

To set goals for yourself is a great way to reach your desired goal in a much shorter time than if you just plot along and expect to get to where you want to one day in the distant future. Goal setting is actually quite easy, it is just like organizing yourself and make a personal plan of what it is you want to accomplish within a certain time frame.

Follow a step by step goal setting plan

You can set your goals in different ways to suit the individual person but it is a good idea to start with what you want to achieve as your lifetime goals first. Next you break your long time goal into smaller manageable goals that you can easily achieve without loosing interest.

Now that you have got an over all perspective of your long time goal it will not seem so difficult to reach when you break it down. For example what you would like to have achieved in 5 years from now. Then you can cut that down to a 1 year goal and write down as much information as possible about what you will need to accomplish to get a step closer to your goal.

The next step you should take is to cut your goal down into much smaller measurable goals that you can easily achieve. Take one month at the time and write down a plan for what you can do towards reaching your long time goals.

Your written goals should be placed in a place where you see them often so you can follow the progress you are making towards them and this will also motivate you to stick to it. By writing your goals down you are setting a powerful and very forceful energy into motion.

What are the benefits for goal setting?

It will be a boost to your self-esteem when you realize how much goal setting will benefit you. You will become emotionally connected to your goal after a while if you keep reading your goal setting plan. It will increase your confidence to see what you have already achieved towards your goal.

When you experience the wonderful feeling that come with achieving something you will get a whole new respect for yourself and the people close to you will also start to respect you more. The fact that you are sticking to what you have set out to do will add to your self-confidence and motivate you to follow your dreams.

Most of us want to succeed with the personal vision we have for our future. If you use a step by step method for your goal setting it should be possible to make it happen for you, so stick to your plans and you will get there.

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