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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Secret Techniques Of Keynote Speakers Uncovered

Posted by patrick

By Stacy Eddy Parker

What springs to mind when you think of a keynote speaker? A car stereo system? It did for me at least, until I learnt about keynote speakers. The job of a keynote speaker varies, so here's a little about them and their role.

Key note speakers- what do they do?

A keynote speaker is essentially the primary speaker at an event or conference. At a less formal after dinner event, they will proceed after dinner speakers, sometimes comedians. At a formal or corporate event, they will generally be the more senior and prominent public speaker.

At different events the keynote speaker's purpose can vary.

A public or conference speaker will stand up and address an audience. Normally there are intending to purvey a particular message. It might be a motivational message for a work force, or a humorous message.

How much does a keynote speaker charge?

The cost of a keynote speaker can vary dramatically. Generally it depends on the speakers reputation in the speaking circuit. A celebrity speaker for example will put a couple of naughts on the end of a local minor celebrity. Accommodation and travel costs are normally placed on top of the bill. If you feel nervous about this, you may consider approaching a speakers agency to help. There are lots of benefits to using a speakers bureau. They will quickly be able to pick out the good and bad speakers for you. If you give them a specific budget, they can work on this and negotiate on your behalf. The most suitable speaker can then be selected, as well as freeing you up from having to make arrangements for the speaker to attend.

What makes a successful keynote speaker?

Well it wouldn't make much sense to send on stage a boring and uninspiring speaker, to address an audience of thousands. Not unless you wish to wind up your guests! Professional keynote speakers will possess lots of positive traits.

Confidence by the bag full is a must. A keynote speaker that is addressing hundreds if not thousands of people cannot be phased and must be in control of their speech. After all, confidence will melt into the audience.

Charisma is vital. We don't pay attention to boring people. We do on the other hand pay attention to inspiring people. You want an influence on an audience, and a charismatic speaker can achieve this. When you are trying to sell a service or product, or motivate your staff, this is particularly useful.

Without knowing the topic at hand inside out- i.e. having the knowledge and experience, a keynote speaker will fail. Generally a key note speaker that is talking about motivation, will be a motivated person. Sports speakers should generally have won at least something. A business speaker should be a successful business person.

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