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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thinking About Getting A Dog? Getting Some Information From A Good Book Can Spare You Considerable Pain

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By Tiffany Finkelstein

Picking a breed of pet is usually a challenge. While you may well be drawn to say a Dalmatian for the style you might be shocked by the activity requirements of the breed. Maybe a good dog book can help.

Before embarking on choosing a hound, it is wise to do some thinking first. Lots of publications provides you with the characteristics of various breeds. That is really helpful. The requirements of a puppy are quite different from a grown dog and so should be considered. Chances are there exists a volume for every consideration out there.

Those wonderful questions about who, what, when, where and why are a great place to begin. Who you are has a pretty big impact on what type of pooch you might get. Are you busy? Do you insist on running 4 miles a day? What are your basic requirements and hopes for what the pup will be like for you?

Why is a pup the answer? This question could fill a library shelf all by itself. So there is some homework to do. There are other questions that you will want to address that concern the care and attention requirements your chosen one may need.

Amazon will winnow down how many volumes for you. They will sort by breed or characteristic or by size. There are publications that cover all the bases. One such book is, clearly enough titled, Choosing a Dog Breed Guide. The author, Eric Nolah, covers characteristics of various breeds plus the questions you ought to be asking yourself before you make any decisions.

However, if getting a mix from the local rescue shelter is in every thought, do not ignore the homework. A good book on basics is a superb bet. You still wish to know if the mix you are considering is a mixture of every bad habit that ever haunted a pet owner.

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