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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Of The Best Films Directed By The Action Packed Director, Tony Scott

Posted by patrick

By Bruce Mott

Any time I discuss my favorite directors with friends, one person who I usually forget to mention is Tony Scott. Tony Scott is a good director, but he doesn't have a legacy attached to his name like so many other great directors. But when you take a closer look and go through all the movies he has directed, you will see that he has definitely had his share of gems.

But which films are his best? The following movies are my top five favorites directed by Tony Scott.

One movie that I will definitely include on this list is True Romance. Supposedly, up and coming screenwriter Quentin Tarantino (this was the early 90s) sold this script to the minimum amount to a studio who put Tony Scott at the helm. Scott may have directed this movie, but its got Tarantino written all over it.

Another movie that is certainly worth mentioning in this article is Man On Fire. This movie tells the story of real life bodyguard John Creasy, who tore up Mexico City after a girl he was protecting gets kidnapped. I'm not sure how much of this film is actually true, but it is awesome nonetheless.

Crimson Tide is another awesome Tony Scott film. Like Man On Fire, this movie also stars Denzel Washington. Gene Hackman plays a controversial character in this film and this movie is as suspenseful as any film I have seen in recent memory.

Another fantastic film of Tony Scott's is Days Of Thunder. This movie was released in 1990, but in my opinion has the 1980s written all over it. Regardless, this is a great racing movie starring Tom Cruise.

Top Gun definitely makes the cut for me. Few movies have as much nostalgic value as Top Gun has for many middle aged men. I don't know why there have been so few air force based films since this one. Maybe it is because it is tough to beat Top Gun.

As it stands, this is the Tony Scott best-of list. I am holding out hope for Unstoppable, which looks awesome and also stars Denzel Washington. Excessive much?

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