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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mind Control Hypnosis That Makes You Strong

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By Mark Thomas

Ericksonian Hypnosis is far different than covert hypnosis. Ericksonian Hypnosis focuses upon the use of therapeutic language patterns and not the persuasion process that is required to abide by in order for you to get the things that you want. The Art of Persuasion can only be applied through the use of strategy. This means that in order to get the things you want, that you must be strategic and not linguistic.

Covert hypnosis courses rarely uncover how the lost art of strategy can be applied to social settings to increase your personal power. In recent times the concept of social engineering has been introduced into the mind control arsenal, but even social engineering is not fully understood in the persuasion community. The truth is most hypnosis programs don't even bring up the topic of social engineering.

Hypnosis secrets that give emphasis to social engineering rely little upon the use of words. A classic illustration of how social engineering is used by strong people would be to think about the way politicians campaign for an election. They use a massive amount of hypnosis secrets and combine them into one powerful force to penetrate the unconscious minds of the people whom they are seeking support from. Once the politicians have penetrated the publics unconscious mind, then they can begin to alter the publics decision making processes.

Advertising firms are also well known for using social engineering to make millions of dollars for companies and non profit organizations. They use billboards, images, and carefully selected sounds to create an altered state of mind in people in order to have control over their buying decisions. In fact, there is also a super amount of effort that goes into what colors should be used on their marketing pieces, because specific colors have proven to have an effect upon how people act and how people feel.

It goes without saying, words do have their place in the persuasion process, but words need not in any way mimic the therapeutic language patterns hypnotist use to help people lose weight and quit smoking. Mind control hypnosis and ericksonian hypnosis are two entirely different things. One style of hypnosis combines everything together to give you the things you want, whilst therapeutic hypnosis depends only upon the use of language patterns to assist others get what they want.

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