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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ideas To Help You Confront Procrastination Head On

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By Travis Dawson

Procrastination is a problem that impacts quite a few of us in one way or another. To get a grip on it and manage to stay ahead of things takes some discipline, but there are a couple of things to do to help you on your way to freedom.

Before anything else will work in terms of solving the problem, you need to admit to yourself that you are indeed a procrastinator and that you need help.

The next thing to do is to see how big a part of your life procrastination plays, and to notice how it interferes with you accomplishing a lot of things. Start to think about all the things that you could have accomplished if you just got up and did them.

Now that you have noticed how procrastinating has influenced your life, the next thing is to turn this into a positive exercise and start to think about how you can fix this situation.

Procrastination needs to be conquered by timeliness, and the only way to do that is by not procrastinating anymore. This is the most difficult part of getting over this problem and it will take a lot of effort and discipline on your part to make it happen.

Any of a million tasks that you need to get out of the way are fair game as far as taking things one by one and getting them done. The key here is to do things, not worry about them and put them off. The more things you do, the less you will want to delay getting things done.

Finally, after a little bit of time and experience, take a little while and take stock at where you are at and where you still need to go to get your goals accomplished. Don't forget to notice how easy it was and that you should do this more often.

Dealing with procrastination cannot be managed overnight, and it will take some time and a lot of setback before you are really getting the upper hand. In the meantime, don't be too hard on yourself as you are developing these new habits, and remember that the less you procrastinate, the happier you will feel about yourself and your life.

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