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Monday, February 7, 2011

Holistic Healing Grounding Techniques For Your Day To Day Life

Posted by patrick

By Nicole Lanning

Working with grounding your energy is so important to your life as this can help you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through some simple exercises. You have to understand that you are an infinite energetic being and this energy needs to tap into other sources of energy to help keep it clear, clean, and vibrant, along with replenishing this energy.

Grounding your energy are simple techniques that mean you are channeling this energy into a stronger source than what your energy is already at ? a matter of plugging in if you will, to balance this out and keep the energy from being flighty or dispersed. The Earth has a strong vibrant and higher vibrational energetic source for us to ground our own energy into. By drawing upon this to work with our energy it also removed negative issues from within our own energy fields and is replaced with positive energy.

Physically our bodies love to have this connection established with the Earth. This helps us lower our blood pressure, drop our stress and anxiety issues, feel more down to earth and relaxed, better connections with reality and our higher self through our intuition and meditation, and many more benefits, as each persons issues are going to vary based on their grounding circumstances. When you experiment with your grounding you will see which ones are more common in your life.

Grounding exercises are easy to work with too! You can walk barefoot outside in your backyard and feel the energy from your feet going into the ground and pulling positive energy back up through your feet chakras. You can visualize roots growing from the bottom of your feet and into the earth to draw upon this energy and release the negative energy from within. You can even take some time and refocus and connect with nature, and for those who love them you can even go and start your tree hugging techniques! They are fun ways to ground your energy, as trees are connected straight into this vibrant energy of the Earth.

Grounding exercises are meant for you to enjoy and should not be work or challenging to do, so really have fun with them. You will feel more energetic and be happier when you ground your energy on a day to day basis.

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