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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Reminds Us to Respect God's Will and Follow Jesus's Example

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By Kenneth Taylor

Many believe that God is a faraway God. He does not appear to respond to their prayers. And he seems unapproachable because he does not show himself in person. They cannot feel his manifestation, hence, because apparently there is no direct contact. What they do not comprehend is that God desires to be nearer to us. As Kenneth Copeland Ministries would put it, God desires to confirm a personal and intimate affiliation with his people. But he cannot compel us to abide by his will. Only when we are all set and enthusiastic to receive him in our lives will he become a personal God in our personal lives.

God, from the very beginning, has been a present and warmhearted God. His hands have always been outspread afar to welcome folks who want to take refuge in him. He has been waiting for us to notice his call and abide by his way. But it seems that his call falls on deaf ears. It is essentially us who distance from him. But he is not one to relent and permit us to go astray and be gone. That is why he sent his only son, Jesus, to show us his miracle and stateliness.

Jesus came to the world to fulfill God's promise to deliver us from sinfulness and bring us back to his holy fold. But Jesus did not come in a godly form. Instead, he became human. As Kenneth Copeland Ministries would say it, he took upon himself flesh, and he became one of us, an ordinary human being. He was delivered to us by way of Mary, with the authority of the Holy Spirit, and was born in a modest place, not in a majestic palace. But not like us, he was exempt from the original sin because he is the begotten son of God.

Although he was the son of God, Jesus did not live an easy existence. He was not born to a regal family; instead he became a boy in a poor family with genuine hearts. Mary and Joseph gave him the parental direction each kid needs so that he would get ready to minister to God's people when he matured. As a human being, he was subject to human desires, anguish, and temptations. But he resisted them all and showed us the stateliness of God. And as an extreme sacrifice, he followed God's will, took his cross, and died in order to redeem us from immorality and award us redemption.

As the son of God, Jesus did not have to do all those sacrifices. He did not have to follow God's will. He did not have to die on the cross. He could have lived a life out of his own will. But he chose not to, Kenneth Copeland Ministries reminds us, because he loves us so much that he laid down his life so that we may live. And as the obedient child of God, he followed God's will. He gave us a perfect example of how much faith we should have in God.

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