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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Signs Of Brilliant Motivational Keynote Speakers

Posted by patrick

By Bert Sparks

Motivational speakers or inspirational speakers are professionals who specialise in making speeches that intend to engage, lift up and motivate the audience. A keynote speaker may deliver a new strategy and present it with clarity to allow the work force to come together.


Some similarities can be made about inspirational and motivational speakers. There are differences but certain people can be both at the same time. Inspirational speakers normally deliver a warm and encouraging message which is based on a story of overcoming obstacles. Whereas a motivational speaker may deliver a presentation that is more energetic in nature and encourages people attending to go and perform an action.

Great motivational speakers

There have been many great speakers over the years and some that have been great but have cut their careers short by some of the things they have said in their speeches. Great notable speakers include Canfield, Jack - co-creator to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that boasts close to 200 titles in it - all containing motivational essays and stories. Jack specialises in self-esteem seminars in the USA and has written a number of books on this as well as being the founder of Self Esteem Seminars in Santa Barbara and in Culver City, California. Deepak Chorpa born in India is now an American doctor and lecturer and author on yurveda spirituality and mind-body medicine. Late in the 80's he began to publish self help books on New Age Spirituality and the alternative medicines. Chris Gardner is a self made millionaire and entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as motivational speaker. In the early 80s he was struggling with homelessness when raising his toddler son. Chris released his memories in 2006 in a book called the Pursuit of Happiness, which was released as a holiday movie later that year. Tony Robins a American self help author and a motivational speaker has written some great books. Unlimited power was published in 1987 and discusses topics of health and energy, overcoming fears and persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. These people have been made so successful is what they talk about have written. They have gone through themselves or know people that have and researched and written papers on this. This gives them great energy to pass onto you and make your spine tingle.

Modern motivational speakers

Large companies often hire motivational speakers to gee up their employees so they are on task and focused on the end goal which means less waste and more profit. Compare with the people who lack the motivation to do their job and so do as little work possible to get the the job complete and thus waste time and lower profits. A speaker will always come prepared for this and their speeches may include some humour with messages to inspire the employee. A speaker knows that so many people today lack self confidence and so in some roles this can make there job harder especially in sales roles and so when given a new self-confidence they excell. This allows a renewed commitment to take place as well as new energy and positive thinking.

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